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Producer- The Boomer & Gio Show-WFAN Radio & TV on The CBS Sports Network. That’s Right...Instagram: alsboringpics

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Whimsy wanted to be walked 4 times so far during Tropical Storm Fay... @woodman325 All good @TMZ_Sports Shocking. He’s normally such a rule followerLove the submariners @johnnymarcas their stage show is boring...their music is great...but they are a boring ass concert @LetsgoMetsgo I am @RealGarryC it is...steady rain right now @GolfNRoll never even noticed until you mentioned itTotally agree...interacting with an account you run is sad! they say Millennials are always on their phones 🤣🤣 @WFANmornings
Retweeted by Al Hughes Dukes @TIMKOLEE 630am today @NickleStilletto @CBSSportsNet correct...just for today @michaelscarn77 @JerryRecco I think so @LibyanFootDoc @WFANmornings Same happened to me when I was younger and my dad would let me put stern on @Alsboringtweets and Eddie post game podcast! Dog anal glands? Lmaooo classic radio this is!!! Al your sound effects are great 😂😂😂😂
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@LibyanFootDoc @WFANmornings That’s just bad timing @RealGarryC Did he do goodfellas? If so, goodfellas @AndrewRGuy @CLoprestiWFAN That is awesome @JohnBinner9 Yes. Al & Jerry’s Postgame Podcast has both combined in one podcast @bricodd loves him @Amadeus2123 that's a good onePost-game will be me and Eddie Scozzare today. If you have any questions for Eddie, ask them here and I will ask him in the podcast. @michael11366757 @BMonzoRadio I use the same cup all morning...just rinse it out between cups @BMonzoRadio I ran out of mugs a few weeks ago @Local28Mc love that song...Bruce used to play it over the sound system just before he came out for the Tunnel of Love set @UltimateDad24 I have not found a specific time for those @jez7oo @JerryRecco @WFANmornings I knew on Tuesday...5 hour anxiety was way I don't think I have anxiety with either one
I'll be with @Alsboringtweets for the warm-up show the next two days...5-6am on @WFAN660 followed by @WFANmornings
Retweeted by Al Hughes Dukes @DonBarzini I prefer the Jackie era @ACAPNY Yes @RealGarryC They were already past their prime at that point and did not save the day @JTurningJr He did @RealGarryC Booker’s @HenryW611 I do not. He stopped returning emails @LisaLan13 @BelmarKev Same here @mikesagos It is rock @HenryW611 Howard in the morning, O&A afternoons, R&F at night @RealGarryC Did not work with them... @BigJoe68 You will never see it @vegasbeersales I did...they were boringI miss 1990’s era radio shock jocks @ReporterJim @rohannpatel @SeinfeldTV @NJ_MVC @briandonohue The real story is a high school kid driving a porsche @Mleegan I would @RealGarryC I don’t have a favorite series...I like their specials they run, but I will watch almost anything on there @johnnymarcas I did not watch The Eagles concert...they are a bit boring on stage @johnnymarcas Actually I do not have access to that info...just radio ratings @UltimateDad24 no...there are no rules for that @VinnyTort330 strangely I have zero anxiety about coronavirus @EPerezNYC masks inside stores and restaurants, none we have been doing @VinnyTort330 no...masks were not required outside. encouraged, not required @realmikebecker same here @VinnyTort330 was not required outdoorsThis requirement is too vague...nothing will change @eman1215 you don't have to let me know. I was asking for people to let me know in case I missed it. Did not want to be misinformed @GSDStax I don't @ReporterJim @News12NJ What are people doing there that is not available online or through the mail? @angrybondtrader It’s a good one, but believe it or not I’ve had double in the past @ReichardLuis It’s all free speech just means the government will not punish you for saying something…
@SheriDonJuan @MatthewBerryTMR Just went and looked. Good @ManFrizzle I go as the world goesMany individual NFL players came out against Drew Brees’ comments a few weeks ago. I have not seen any individual N… @PessimistiCynic I bought plenty yesterday. I think the Bobby V one is cooler because of the disguise @ParricelliPete @EvanRobertsWFAN @7BOOMERESIASON @GioWFAN @MandMWFAN Nobody cares @sblandinojr I’ve heard about him but have not watched him yet @JoyEValente1 @ReporterJim @News12NJ Only fun things get blamed for covid numbers going up...going to the beach, ea… daughters favorite TV characters: Moana, Blues Clues, Daniel Tiger & @Alsboringtweets. @WFANmornings
Retweeted by Al Hughes Dukes @MartinDLarsen Pig Spank! @ericseldin @WFAN660 @7BOOMERESIASON restart the app @njcroatian @HowieRose I see it now...thanks for the heads up @njcroatian @HowieRose he must have deleted it @LukesHereNY @GioWFAN They are terrible at that sometimes @TomIzzoWFAN @Astern51 They will be posted Tuesday
@sjones230 I wear a mask when required. @HarleyATC Nope. Friday was a company holiday. I did a 5 hour show so I took today instead @cmt127 Or even better, Multigrain Clorox Wipes @GaryWeingarten Not sure. Took pic in store. Didn’t buy themThinking of getting these as a snack for myself @kevins08816 4 months into the virus, do you think a person who was not previously wearing a mask saw this Jon Roth… @GinoNargi They were only producing their most popular kinds because of having less people working @michaelscarn77 Newman’s other salsa will do @kevins08816 Did I say he was? @BigLou45 We are going to post it tomorrow @The_Big_Kool The problem is people are either wearing them or not based on their own decisions and requirements wh… took them away for a while, but multigrain scoops are back baby! was no way wearing a mask until Jon Rothstein told me to @ethan_gorsuch Used to go every summer when I was a kid...would never go to a place like that today @Steve_Hirsch I’m still on the ‘we didn’t have to shut down the entire economy’ side @abates04 I’ve been many times over the year...they just opened a gelato shop next door and it is awesome @AndrewRGuy No video exists
@DrewDolan5 7pm @RealGarryC Tonight at 7pm followed by best of B&G at 8pm
@PessimistiCynic @backt0nature I hope so. That’s love @santino213 I movedFinally, a sport I can physically compete in’m seeing a lot of super burnt people up at the beach. Going to be a painful night @HOMAGE @itsjustcaitlin @WFANmornings @JerryRecco Absolutely
@terpheel1982 @ACAPNY @JerryRecco @CLoprestiWFAN @WFAN660 That is a great point @rL_Stammer That’s right @ccru73191 @BackAftaThis @JerryRecco @craigcartonlive Sure does @yamraw Nice!