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Producer- The Boomer & Gio Show-WFAN Radio & TV on The CBS Sports Network. That’s Right...Instagram: alsboringpics

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@dahlers56 @BigBlueComing4U We don’t have $8000 @baroness_beer My instagram story has clues @baroness_beer No Fray and no Bruce in there @96Triple Sad! @Mr_Krunch_ Agree. Not great @KlydeLangster No billy joel @rzamb @batson82 Moved from there 3 years ago @superman1955 Couple years learning from youtube @gppccc Roland @antny33 I don’t know that one. I will check the sheet music to see how involved it is @Shawn_NJ I’ve had very independent dogs who go to their own place at night @tim_wait Not a fan of the flea market show @BigBlueComing4U Do they not do inspections on these places?Turns on the news for an update Death, death, death Turns back on HGTV @batson82 I am...when I move in a monthPiano practice and trying on hats @hoyeaaa 75% of my twitter followers evidently @Geeeeemen Staying in the room is creepy. If they’re like your kids, would you let your kids do that? @Dimasthe3rd He stays in the room? That’s creepyFor all of you freaks that sleep with your dog, what do you do when it’s time to make whoopee? Kick the dog out and… @AAll1776 Do you make love with your dog in the bed? @King_WallyBallz So has your generic profile pic @mfrangipane415 And you must follow for a reason...trying to be all sexy in your profile pic @MLand716 A couch for a dog...what a concept @zerofan I would not. But I also wouldn’t want a family member crapping in the yard, and I certainly wouldn’t pick… @MrMattWolf Ever hear of a dog bed? @jeffyrules1 Have owned many dogs. So there goes that tweet @NycRye Why is the measure of getting or wanting a dog letting it on the furniture? So weird @ProfessorKNurse Will be moving late next month...plan on getting one thenYes @D_Grande84 Being a kid and raising a kid are 2 different things. I’ve had dogs for well over 30 years of my life. 30 years experience @MetsSouthFla @Tkreruns All people allow their kids on the couch @mfrangipane415 You’ve sent me multiple ‘i’m the leader’ tweets...sounds like you’re trying to talk yourself into it @bseegmuller Nope @MrMattWolf Had dogs my whole life. They are very happy. They want a leader @mfrangipane415 Maybe you’re the one that needs obedience training @VaLover69 Same hereThe Dog Whisperer is the most ‘dog person’ ever...he does not allow dogs on the couch or in the bed @Alsboringtweets reality..people who allow it are just lazy and dont wanna put in effort to train..they…
Retweeted by Al Hughes Dukes @bballdad44745 GenericYour dog wants you to be the pack leader. It wants you to be the boss. When you set no rules for your dog, the dog… @VP5699 I’ve had dogs most of my life. They don’t go on the couch or the bedTerrible take. I don’t curl up and sleep in the dog bed. Dogs shouldn’t go up on the couch or in your bed. @VP5699 @ABC7NY @AmyFreeze7 Dumb, because somebody is touching those to make them and get them to you...thus, spreading germs @Joe_Flipperhedd How did it go trying to teach him since he always had free reign before that? @jgutierrez56 Cats do whatever they want @Realronmexico99 Good job @Alsboringtweets My dog lets me on the couch, not the other way around
Retweeted by Al Hughes Dukes @broccolierobb That’s funnySunday morning poll question: If you have a dog, do you allow him/her to lay on your couch?
@WrestleSketcher Where at and why was it terrible?Boomer was Joe Exotic before there even was a Joe Exotic #TigerKing ⁦@7BOOMERESIASON⁩ @YonnerNYC @GioWFAN @7BOOMERESIASON @JerryRecco @WFANmornings @Nicoley_41 @dproskin1101 Ok cool...I will tweet it out from the show accountWe have seen peak boredom by @Alsboringtweets during this Quarantine
Retweeted by Al Hughes Dukes @YonnerNYC @GioWFAN @7BOOMERESIASON @JerryRecco @WFANmornings @Nicoley_41 @dproskin1101 Did you make this? @DBCSage Not at all @GODJ2 Love it @JayZario @WFANmornings @JerryRecco Sadly, no @BrianBKH 5 min or’s all online...simple @SouthDegnan Justin’s @BrianBKH I save about 185 a week...that’s tolls, parking and gas @MetSteveKrzyz I would love to sit on a jury @BrianBKH Sort of @creatorbaker There is one place on 34...forget what it’s called...they are open 24 hrs @SteveAndrusko99 @NJD107_ And I’ll probably wash them later today out of boredom @PatrickMiles31 I have a new pod with jerry every weekday @creatorbaker I’m not really a big bagel guy...haven’t been to any in the Matawan areaI just completed my 2020 Census questionnaire. So to say I’m getting stuff done over here, that would be an understatementI have a lot less laundry nowDoc Antle is the perfect combination of @7BOOMERESIASON and Eddie Scozzare. #tigerking @GioWFAN @Alsboringtweets
Retweeted by Al Hughes Dukes @ARutledgeVTNJ Yes sir @MarcMalusis I hope to see a roided up Trump at the next presser @SportsTVRatings I would say most people consume their podcasts while commuting, so not surprising at all @CLC8283 Not at all. That book is 100% against storage units. Anything going to a storage unit should just be thrown in the trash @DeeJayEs89 @BigL_eazy7 That means you have too much stuff...get rid of it @nobz1342 I would say zero @therealpcus @7BOOMERESIASON @GioWFAN You are not wrong my friend @Jimenecb A little sloppy with the coverage
People with storage units are probably up to no good @lwilbs13 My chicken order was delivered today. Awesome @wmonroe69 That’s a real song...not sure where he got it @Bossman140 @GioWFAN Oh no @Squid22 @WFANmornings Just search trump impression here and it comes right up @SchuetzKarl @7BOOMERESIASON @GioWFAN @JerryRecco Thanks Karl! @PARMIGIANCARLO @7BOOMERESIASON That’s exactly why he does it @njgina Seems a little bougie @MikeRusso1416 Of course it is. Its cupcake icing @victoriarvsz That is a problem. It’s good if you refrigerate the PB. But the healthier PB does not refrigerate wellHey @Alsboringtweets .. why are you on CNN posing as a doctor .. this isn’t the time to clown around.
Retweeted by Al Hughes Dukes @MikeRusso1416 Yes, but not for a sandwich @khingstman Give it a try @MariaAccardi No...I have to keep some normalcy in place @metsrockit @DavidAgostino4 If you look, 99% of peanut butter is labeled that way @CWadeMMA I’m not familiar...will have to grab a jar @MikeRhodes43 @AdamBuschman55 @ArtVandelay91 That seems disgusting @victoriarvsz That’s right @miggy2374 I did see it...thought it was pretty good...not great, pretty good
@nk704 I have kept it the same @SLpolicenj Fake News! Sad! @nyc120west It does