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.@tomdelonge and @markhoppus are trying to determine which member of @blink182 is most like Joe Exotic from…
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#sponsored This fact makes my brain hurt 🤯 - @DustinALTAZ . . . #random #fact #childrensbooks US UP!, who thinks Carole fed him to the tigers? at Home Order takes effect at 5pm. Here is what will still be available: MoFos! My friends at @UATedu have a few great ideas on how to keep yourself busy doing our social distancing.…
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Now I wanna play real bingo!! 😯 @altaz933
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Probably the best podcast out right now and it's only 5 minutes 😂 #TheMoShow on @altaz933
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Honeywell in Phoenix is looking to hire 500 new people to help make N95 masks #TheMoShow on @altaz933
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3 will be donating an additional $500,000 to support areas in need during this time, particularly to help those in…
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3.@TameImpala have shared an “immersive” new alternate mix of The Slow Rush
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3We thought we could all use a good laugh during these crazy times, so we decided to release the brand new #Boomer C…
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#sponsored How many alarms do you have set to wake you up? I used to use 3 now I get up on the first. 😴 -… SAID NO SPORTS? from his living roooooom... Billy Joe Armstrong! Eilish crushing the Living Room Concert:'s your quarantine anthem??’s working. In Seattle. Stay home.
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#ad Haven’t left the house in days. Took the RAV4 for supplies. - @DustinALTAZ @ValleyToyotaDlr indoors, avoid crowds & share your sanitizer, don't be a hoarder. #CoronavirusAdvice
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3As we roll into another week of social distancing, that's one more week of people at your favorite music venues bei…
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3The rookie move was watching tiger king this week. I’ll be saving that for week 30.
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Help @blink182 with their next video!
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Weezer Unveil Unbeatable ‘The End of the Game’ Game
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3We’re excited to release this limited edition silkscreen poster for Ben’s Live From Home livestream shows, designed…
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Welcome back 🙏🏼
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3A monumental dip in global air pollution has occurred due to the world economy coming to a virtual standstill.
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3 can feel overwhelming. But it will be ok if you just pick something small you CAN do, and then try. We are going…
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#sponsored What’s everyone playing right now? - @DustinALTAZ . . . #random #fact #gaming #gamer to go @twentyonepilots ! @daxshepard It is already in the works.
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3If I don't get cast as Joe Exotic in the eventual biopic, Hollywood is broken.
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Probably my least favorite cover of paramore... Fight me if you think I'm wrong, but also... please keep your dis…
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3I love me some Dyson products, but this just put them on the Christmas card list
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3We should have been making these sooner... is anyone else hungry for waffles?
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#sponsored What music are you living right now? I’m kinda obsessed with @ArrestedYouth at the moment 💖🔥 -… we already finished it but for anyone who hasn't watched it yet... this playlist! at the Disco #StayHomeBands
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3The first season of #SolarOpposites premieres on Hulu May 8.
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Not the news I'm looking for right now...
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Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3I’d you need a break and wanna watch something extra silly, enjoy this - @robpetriIIo
#sponsored What’s your favorite dessert? I’m thinking brownies. 😈😋 - @DustinALTAZ . . . #random #fact #dessert Glow Slime for the kids in quarantine! a bit called out... lol is a must follow 🚨
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Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3 is offering free guitar, bass, and ukelele lessons so you can learn in lockdown:
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#sponsored Well you got your wish! Now show me the last pic u took of ur dog 💖🐕 - @DustinALTAZ . . . #random #fact breeds creativity! @MoRoRadio Yessss.Turn the kids craft into an adult one with just one ingredient! #QuarantineCraft Play-dough for the kids! #QuarantineCraft for individuals and business that need assistance right now: @GarrettAMay @MoRoRadio Batman is on there... 🧐 right below Star WarsI've been rewatching all of the #MarvelsAvengers but then started wondering... Which is the best movie series? -…🚿👏🏼 "Wash Your Hands Again" by @InfiniteSignal
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#sponsored No new friends for a while ☹️ who’s your last ‘new friend’? - @DustinALTAZ . . . #random #fact or nah? Joy is going on Instagram LIVE at 3pm for the #TogetherAtHome concert series. Make sure you're following him! related activities to do! ya gonna call? Mo Show: Stay At Home Edition 😷 featuring special guests: my dogs! Chunk and Britain and musical guest... 93 mi…
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3#ad Last trip to the nursery for a while. It’s amazing what I can fit in the back of my Toyota RAV4 😎 (mango tree)…
There's a butthole cut of Cats and people want it. #ReleaseTheButtholeCut
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3...incoming...tuesday... love dave x
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3AI-powered robots are now making pizza
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Well, this isn’t great.
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Watch Glass Animals' Dave Bayley cover Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box" in quarantine:
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3These pens have unlimited color options
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Sonic really IS fast. #SonicMovie
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Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3First responders and medical professionals will carry us through #COVID19 & need our support. Tomorrow @PHXFire and…
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#sponsored Did you spend too much on your wedding? - @DustinALTAZ . . . #random #fact #wedding tracker. This has a very comprehensive overview! places are down to only a days worth of blood supply. important message from our Chief Party Officer: Join our 80's Virtual Brunch this weekend from 6:30am-2:30pm!…
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3To support musicians during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bandcamp is waiving our revenue share on all sales this Friday,…
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3I really hope she got her hands on some actual soap 🧼 #FacepalmNews on @altaz933
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Right now, I'm all about helping out our local restaurants but if you don't have that luxury... @BurgerKing can hel… a break, enjoy this.
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#sponsored Well introverts are living there best life right now. Probably wouldn’t, even notice if you’re post were…'s still on... so far! State Department will warn Americans not to travel abroad, come home if overseas
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3What's on your list of things to do while in isolation? Here is ours! total of 44 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Arizona: you're curious how many days your TP supply will last... you should check this out 👀 #TheMoShow on @altaz933
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Has anyone actually made these?! #FacepalmNews on @altaz933
Retweeted by ALT AZ 93.3Oh snaps! This is awesome Blue Clover Distillery 👏👏👏 #TheMoShow on @altaz933!
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