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Traditional Husband || Father of four || Neo-Reactionary || God - King - Country || Pro ✝️ 👑🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐿 || Anti 🌈🌙 ✡️

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Will you wear a ‘face covering’ in shops in Scotland from July 10th?
@frankslater89 @Ray_Sheff @5RiversMorris Indeed. They hadn’t had their minds poisoned with post-war Marxist shite l… @MAS01529902 @thisislaurat @Wotadini Care not about what is ‘racist’. Care only about what is true.A door mat at the USA embassy in Mosocw.👍👍👍
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @melvyn_waters PG tips used to use dressed up chimps to advertise their brew. Dunno where they stand on kikes though. @tomasth89 So he’s not as eloquent as some, but he’s spot on. For those who think this is funny, what is it that ma… @N3v3rAgain_
@CCbucko Racist is an invalid term. I couldn’t give a shit about who or what is ‘racist’. I care only about what is true.Right on!
Johnson the Jizzmaster wants it to be mandatory for all kids to be back at school in September. Just to be clear,mi…
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻Now you're going to find out who really has power...
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @londontodevon @ukblm This is priceless! The wizard spell of ‘racism’ meets the wizard spell of ‘antisemitism’. LOL… rite! @Dimo_K_17 The scriptures are ‘inspired’, by the Spirit; that is to say they have the breath of God in them. The Ho… @melvyn_waters A whoring daughter might at least bring a brief moment of pleasure to a paying client. There is noth…
Wow sky didn’t expect the truth there did they, well well well @adamboultonSKY be shown for the shit he is 😡😡😡😡
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻#WhiteLivesMatter @BurnleyOfficial #WhiteLivesMatter
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻I love this.
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻Submission begets domination. Get. Off. Your. Knees.
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @Katiep_7272 Well tally ho!Voices condemning 'White Lives Matter' banner: BBC - Check Sky - Check C4 - Check Voices condemning #Brixton riot…
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @prwhittle @BrushPercy @metpoliceuk Peaceful vehicle refurbishment. @melvyn_waters I believe the mail online prefers the term 'reveller' over 'rioter'.#Brixton
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻Stand with Jake via @YouTubeIt's raining redpills.... @CagedBirdSingin @joolsdurrant @britishbullybee I was merely pointing out that our world is so inverted and so lawl… @bloodcicle @CagedBirdSingin @joolsdurrant @britishbullybee 'Christian' in inverted commas? Imagine thinking that t…
@CagedBirdSingin @joolsdurrant @britishbullybee Because men and women are different, which is why they play in thei… @TomBuck Agreed! The qualifications for elders go well beyond having a penis. 😬 @CagedBirdSingin @joolsdurrant @britishbullybee At least the first 3 had the decency to play against other men. @thomas_roysdad @TomBuck 🤣 Closer to glory than most! @TomBuck I’m old enough to remember when evangelical leaders actually understood what Romans 13 means. @britishbullybee Indeed. Pubs need to take a stand. Tell their patrons that they WON'T be permitted entry with a face covering. @EternalEnglish I'm reminded of this. Stick with it until 1:42 really hope they take the bait. 😝 @JackHwite Prove outer space exists first, then we'll see.I'm so pleased my favourite retailer has chosen not to bow the knee to the political tyranny & supremacy of BLM. Th… :-) to see @Colgate haven't endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement. Feels good using their products to whit…
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻It’s raining torrential redpills in the UK right now. Those who aren’t getting soaked but remain bone dry are only… @NiallAnglo I’m Scottish through and through. It was an easy choice for me. I voted Scottish. I married an English… @melvyn_waters 🤣
@ami_crackers @fatpedlar @BBCNews It’s the Marxist retards who are foaming at the mouth at the statement ‘White Lives Matter’. @LivesMorgoth
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @LivesMorgoth #IStandWithJakeHepple
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻The media punditry have now gone into ''Clap for Stalin'' mode on the Burnley banner. Nobody wants to be seen not c…
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻#IStandWithJakeHepple
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @SkySportsPL
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan An imaginary figure has caused suffering.... You think that something imagi… @LondonUK84 @BlueArmyFaction @SkySportsPL I am not trying to disrespect your opinion or freedom of speech; but what…, you mean a cultural discourse infested with identitarianism leads to white people also adopting identitarian r…
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan Best of luck in your quest for 'social justice'. The bad news is, you'll nev… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan I'm don't demand that anyone kneel before anyone else and I'm very wary of a… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan Based on your own relativistic thoughts?What a philosophical colossus you are! 🤪 @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan 🤣🤣 @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan Ah, so it’s all determined by you? You believed the lie! ‘You will be like G… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan Who are you to determine what is useless and what is useful? Why should we l… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan And by what standard do you make these judgements if not by God’s? @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan What garbage? I embrace the true equality narrative, not your post-modern co… if you agree...
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan Is that the (fake) voice of care and concern again, or is it just the usual… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan I'm a white enthusiast. Learn the difference. The rest of what you wrote abo… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan Vile acts? Emm Marxism? I don't 'have' a morality any more than you 'have'… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan It is disturbing - very. My 'version of diversity' involves allowing all peo… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan There are a great many hard truths that you won't even begin to entertain, s… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan Yes. I know who is supreme. Christ is supreme over all. I'm a Christ suprema… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan Oh I know you will. The reprobate alway have done what they feel is right. C… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan You think white people can’t be anti-white? You’ll be telling us next that s… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan God isn’t political but he created ‘the Nations’. Marxist Globalism seeks to… @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan Interesting though that you seem to be calling for help particularly for bla… @nastymutant 🤮🤮 @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan A self-loathing, anti-white, anti-God, NPC who thinks that someone who dares… is the modern terror. They will destroy you because they despise you. @SG_McTaggart @Metro_Ents @piersmorgan
@99freemind Auto-generated fake media articles based on whatever number value you searched. Copy and share the arti… @Orwellian_EU @3rdPositionKeri I have no time for conspiracy theories like ‘White Privilege’.Sam Hyde on BLM
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @stewpotdudders It’s the group doing the conning that is the problem. @BilgeCrungus @TownsendMark Their morality is truly inverted. Nationalists are motivated by Truth, Beauty and Goodn… @TownsendMark There’s no more pathetic individual in the world than the communist activist. Whilst he gains immense… At Its Finest “Mark Townsend is an activist, not a journalist. He is the product of a system that rewar…
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @defendtradition They need to be told that ‘white privilege’ is a conspiracy theory. Use their own weapons against them.Brilliantly produced video from @GroyperUber 🇬🇧
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @BaronStrucker E.S.T.Every leftist must be labeled as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ Make it so 😉
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @EchoesDustin @zoomersriseup @nagidaikazoku The bendy guns is my personal favourite. @newgrange333 @ClassicalTheis could make the UK great for a decade, Oswald for generations.
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So BLM are in no way responsible for the stabbings in Reading as it happened two hours after their protest finished…
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻 @AyoCaesar When three people have died in a terrorist attack, and after ash posts a rather strange insensitive atte…
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻George Floyd killing: Nonstop worldwide coverage about “systemic racism”, huge protests, bids to change laws and ab…
Retweeted by AltChristianMan 🐻An important message from Pisspoof again. @TownsendMark is an Anti-White activist. @TownsendMark is a fake journalist. @TownsendMark is Anti-Truth.… stand with The Iconoclast #ScumMedia
@Odyssey_Fiction These people will not learn. They cannot learn. They will believe their delusion right up until th…