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I saw that, too. Democrat' Congress can't even run their own damn show. Dr. Evil tells Jerry what to do. And he is…
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaider @joehenry333 @matt_campau @whale_alert What an absolute permatard. @andromeda_IX @realDonaldTrump Did trump pull the trigger for him as well? @CNN @Cisco Where are the white men? Only a white woman, who looks lesbi-ish. @andromeda_IX @realDonaldTrump Dont fuck with the 2A. They want u to budge.Yea right, motherfucker. I hope they catch u. And just for the twitterfags out there, no, i dont hate him because… @_PurposefulStud Buy $matic @All_Things_Vain @belay_my_last @CreateChainlin1 You would have to run an impeccable operation, in order for the bi…
@PeterSweden7 He should use epoxy based paints.In 2019 Guess who got crowned? No diss...but there is clearly an agenda...they are both beautiful....but one is m… @bdubz74 @planetofMarsbar @LadyAodh @InEgoVeritas @ScottMGreer University > Country @ScottMGreer I personally liked the viking and celtic roots represented by Miss Ireland and Miss Iceland... @bdubz74 @planetofMarsbar @LadyAodh @InEgoVeritas @ScottMGreer And its not Columbia, u wet fart, its Colombia. @nullpackets @TrustNodes $mobius? Or $Link? @Ohambleton Hows ur $matic bag holding bro?Now do if Mary & Joseph accidentally wandered into Gaza
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaider @Xaviololo @ChainlinkSpain 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 @Xaviololo @ChainlinkSpain Good for u. Welcome to the marines. $Link And remember, $Link will resolve ur financia… @Xaviololo @ChainlinkSpain U look it. @Xaviololo @ChainlinkSpain Gracias mexicano. @zerohedge @aquinastheory Shouldve moved to blockchain @squatch_crypto Mf’ers name is Sandeep. Its the second most meme’d name on /biz/ after Pajeet, sir! @joemaccarone I understand $SNX, Also i understand derivatives, dont need u to mansplain that as well. Im asking a… Tweet. Guy’s a totalfag, but a legend nonetheless. @boblister_poole About fucking timeLabour is on the brink of the most seismic wipeout in British election history
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaider @TheLinkMarine1 @AmpleforthOrg @chainlink Oracles will also provide the CPI metric as measured by the Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) from t…
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaider @JackPosobiec tRuMp DiD tHiS @JackPosobiec Lmfaaaaooo. @andromeda_IX @bavaro57 @Daskyisfallin Topkek u fucking degenerate. @andromeda_IX Because people will finally realize that its the foundation for the next economy. It will take a whil… @SirgayN Yep @applianceguru Please elaborate
Can somebody please explain elastic synthetic currencies to a brainlet like me? Thanks. $Link $AMPL @TimJDillon @CNN Because u dont choose chooses you....and unless people go down for this they will be able to do it again. And that's what will end up happening I be…
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaiderMatt Gaetz just DESTROYED Democratic counsel, Daniel Goldman, with just one of Goldman’s old tweets
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaiderAyyyyeeeeeee lmfaooo @SenSanders What about the people that were working in your campaign who started demanding $15/hr?? U didnt fire th… @ComfyCharlieL >dOracles#faganon at it again... doing god’s work mate. $Link #derivatives #insurance #chainlink Once in a while u find a g… @ByFisted Please take a snapshot of the economic indicators right now. And then take another one, when their term e… wont replace us.
@DemLeftBehind @varadmehta @BecketAdams Nah.. “NowThis” is the distilled essence of rat cum. @kekspawn @Ledger U can do the ghost protocol upgrade if u put it in the microwave.So, let me get this straight. Canada lost 71,000 jobs last month (equvilent to US losing 500,000) and Paris is s…
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaider @HueyD_Linkley How much is mek it stack? @chainlinkmarket @synthetix_io Now do $Link when streaking goes live.
Dude who lives next to the Epstein place bought the property via some convoluted real estate swap involving Les Wex…
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaider @Bitboy_Crypto I know a purple haired guy, who only wears hockey jerseys...who disagrees with u, and will fuck u up... @BjornLomborg @JaggerMickOZ Excellent, if i wanna fly from my house to my maids room.
'Rise Of Skywalker' To Introduce First Lesbian AT-AT
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaider @ChainlinkSinga1 Penis12/10/17 you had literally two years #chainlink $LINK
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Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaiderBREAKING: Emergency crews called after man says he suffered burns while working on a "quantum physics generator" in…
Retweeted by ⬡RektumRaider @TurtleScooper @Charles02411212 @CryptoBaneX @myster_hex @8urr311 @PsychedelicBart @WhiteRabbitBTC @coindesk
@JudsonSapp @RyanAFournier @realDonaldTrump @andromeda_IX yea....but lets impeach him, because fuck the US Workers,… @piersmorgan @JackPosobiec He shouldve known, u dont mess with the supreme noble religion @LINKNewsOracle @EnigmaMPC Doesnt Mixicles make ma ‘Nigmas redundant? If not, im very interested in ma Nigmas. Were ma Nigmas at.... @giraffetrades @Sakuraasdf Fuck that. Dont troll me bro. @andromeda_IX @CNN @brianstelter Im black...wussup @Sakuraasdf @giraffetrades I wksh i could trade i swear. Everytime i try and do something i feel like the market is… @andromeda_IX @CNN @brianstelter >LeTs bAn 4cHaN! @giraffetrades U got me bro. Im down 50%. Such is life. Good call. Did u sell? @andromeda_IX U regurgitate @CNN feels like im talking to @brianstelter same talking points. -right wing -white nat… @andromeda_IX Republican U mean? Dude u are so fucking brainwashed @ScottMGreer @PrisonPlanet Ohhh my god. Poor kid. You should all go to jail, ur gonna make that kid suffer u fucks... @godblesstoto Get the fuck out of nottingham u fool. Nobody wants ur shitty politics, u fucking socialist.Biased. @RepMarkMeadows Wow, what will @Stanford do to this ‘woke’ professor... i hope she gets demonetized, and taken of t… @bcgregory @Omcgill1 @SaraCarterDC @BarackObama U are retarded @bcgregory @thehumanxp This is why terrorists hate us @saturdaybegins @Charles02411212 We need fast as fuck coins @HueyD_Linkley I need a hobby. Masturbation just doesnt cut it for me anymore. Doesnt feel as inspiring as it ised to. @CryptoJu1c3 @Dr_Crypto14 Nah, ur the one angry at life, because it dealt u a shitty hand. This ‘i called it 🤫’ bs… @nullpackets @skykingskyking3 No señoorrrrr mi familiaaaaaaaa @skykingskyking3 @nullpackets Why is price domping fren? I have lost mirrions.... @SeanCoinnery @ChainlinkSpain Jajajajaj. Basado. @ChainlinkSpain Hola que interesante. Que es esto de $Link? @nullpackets Señorrrrrrr mi familiaaaaaa por favoorrrrrer!!!! @andromeda_IX @zerohedge LOL. @7777LINK7777 Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck @Techies4USA @BofA_Tips Based Soyboi @Techies4USA @BofA_Tips Fuck u faggot.
@chainlinkmarket Expanshiun dude. @permabulltard @chainlinkniger greetings from Niamey, Niger! Welcome all enthusiaststs! @andromeda_IX @zerohedge He was born in Kenya though...and he killed Loretta Fuddy as well. @myster_hex @8urr311 @CryptoBaneX @PsychedelicBart @Charles02411212 @WhiteRabbitBTC @coindesk @WolfieZhao @myster_hex @8urr311 @CryptoBaneX @PsychedelicBart @Charles02411212 @WhiteRabbitBTC @coindesk @WolfieZhao @nypost Based @IlhanMN Accountable for fucking what? Making america great again? U and the democrats are so derranged that u are…
So out of touch. I remember how ‘brave’ they would portray michelle obsma, when she dressed up and looked like a… @aksi_ne @MasterChangz Bitch said ‘oink!’ @trustednerd @cpsbc_ca Where will u go where u discover that the cancer u have is prostatal and not ovarian? Who are u gonna blame? @thelastnamehere @awstar11 @trustednerd @cpsbc_ca Dammnnnnnnnnn @chainlink @blocklords
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