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Queer artist/writer. I wrote/drew Heathen. EAT THE RICH and such. She/Her. Repped by @inthesestones @bookendslit

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I should just donate those.Also taking up space are comp comics for which I did no work on and feel real weird about putting on the table at a… to thin out my comics collection is so hard, cuz I barely have any. I just have one short box and it's packe…'ll be our first Halloween party, not just in 2 years, but also in this house!! So much space to decorate! Even outdoor space. OooooRewatching old Halloween Baking Championship and getting myself stoked for our Halloween party.
@sgonzalesauthor My cat does this with the DVDs.We grew some taters! Holy shit, we actually grew these. to have a concept of freedom that includes the right to not get vaccinated but not the right to food and housing
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡 @TBonvillain Our HVAC leaked recently, turned out to be a blocked drain pipe, but there are a number of things that…
Hey, if's lunch time. Get yourself some food and a drink of water, and perhaps also some comics I made?
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡Oh, and Patrons you've got a discount code in your inbox. ;)Stock is extremely limited and sales close next Saturday (Aug 7th) at midnight. Orders will ship out the following week.And yes, I'm offering Heathen #1's. Also offering a mystery grab bag which includes a random Heathen, zine, and 3 c… sale is live! big summer blowout sale starts in less than one hour. 💛🐐🦖💀🍪🔪🐻‍❄️🌻💛 @JeremyCShipp That's awesome!!
Made a new comic about a recent health episode. Before Mr. Wolf’s Class I would do autobiographical stories like th…
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡 @redemptionarcs @horse_disk Might I recommend Killing Eve as well. Villianelle is an explicitly bisexual sociopathi… @EricaSchultz42 @ringoawards Thank you Erica!EEP! @DarkHorseComics will be releasing the print version of #ForgottenHome next Spring. It'll be so great to see o…
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡 @julesrivera Yeah! Nicole got it for xmas from her brother I think, so I'm not sure where it came from. @jamesbemmett Sounds like he read something wholesome and is mad about it. :/Can I go back in time and name her Noodle?My lil maruchan brand ramen noodle., honestly, how many times have I used this gif specifically? answer, tbh. @clementeworks This Blue Apron recipe is kind of amazing: long have you denied yourself... Puppet YouTube
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡I want to hope that people will start taking the pandemic seriously with all the children getting sick, but, uh....…’s a good thing the Governor of Oklahoma is in [checks notes] Azerbaijan.
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡Jeremy, you can't this book for me, the keyboard isn't designed for your tiny hands, it'd so inefficient. like early on in the pandemic, we’ve all got to do our part to stop the spread of this virus. Luckily we now h…
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Stay hydrated, y'all. is salty today. Goodness.Uh-oh. A girl crashed the party. party in the studio this morning. @adampknave Sick! 😀600k people died and the government made no attempt to improve the quality of healthcare at all in the country.
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡I wish I had one of those goofy reading lights you strap to your head for late night reading, but I'd use it for sk… @sterlinggates With rates like that I'd only have to do like one page a month to cover all my bills. 2 a month and…
Drone program whistleblower Daniel Hale’s statement today is gutting
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡I have a decent amount of stock leftover from the convention and the Oksana paper doll zines will be in by next wee…
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡Some signs from the anti cop rally
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡it has begun
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡 @robpilk I am intrigued. @indiedynamo @sleighbells I'm so ready. @indiedynamo @sleighbells Oh my god, I had no idea! 🤩Before, halfway, after. I love doing home repairs late at night when it's not so hot, and then taking the coldest s… @yoshisquared What an absolute ass. @indiedynamo Ah, that's the best!
I was in a cooking mood today. Ealrier I made spicy peanut butter ramen for lunch, followed by the calizone for dinner. Good food mood.This thing is 😙👌! Calizone. @Stella_di_A That's great! You're on the path! @Stella_di_A Glad it's working for you! @kevinjaystanton Living the high life! @rycady @susanlbridges @EricaSchultz42 I think mine came around that time, maybe earlier? Not exactly sure. @EricaSchultz42 Grazie. 😁 @dorkland Destined to be a calizone. I also made the dough from scratch! @dorkland Homegrown roma tomatoes, italian sweet pepper, garlic shallot, fresh oregano and basil, and other spices.What would my Italian ancestors say if they could see me sweating over a pot of homemade red sauce, made with veggi… dear friend is raising $ to cover their post-surgery recovery and upcoming student visa expenses. Please help out…
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡My brain is on fire. But not in the fun way. @Artreyusdraws I just can't function in this heat.A ton of corporate media, including the Financial Times, Fox News, The New York Times and The Guardian have used a…
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡 @VaGentlenerd Holy moly! That's an impressive bite. Hope you're feeling okay.This is vile
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡The sexual tension between you and the only other person wearing a mask in the store. 😅
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡 @solusandra @PortraitOfMmeX Yeah, I try to keep in mind that for pretty much everyone this last year has been the w…
@jeffvandermeer Oooooh nooooo.... @Drudenfusz Well shit. @leighlahav Damn, that would be great. If you figure out how, let me know.I'm gonna start reverse scheduling, sleep during the day, up and working overnight. It is just too hot. @PortraitOfMmeX Yes. think a lot of people need to hear this: You just went through 1.5 years of a profound ongoing threat to your he…
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡 @alexdecampi That's incredible. @tonybreed is traditional in sports, so it's fine that I'm being derisive to this majestic creature.This horse can't stay on the beat. What a loser. I could stay on beat back in my marching band days. And I also had to play an instrument.I accidentally watched some Olympics: Dressage specifically. It was deeply stupid and beautiful. @hershelself That people hate flyover states or that I went skinny dippin'? I will neither confirm nor deny.I have a decent amount of stock leftover from the convention and the Oksana paper doll zines will be in by next wee… @syleegrrl Yeah, I mean... yeah.Some of you never went skinny dippin' in the crick and it shows. Great plains slander.'s plan is to sleep, swim, sleep, swim, eat, sleep, sleep.NWCC was an absolute blast, as always. Thanks to everyone who came out! 😚 @Luke_Buchanan It was New World Comic Con. Sorry, I just now got a chance to check my phone. Lol
I'm having a good time. No longer sleepy. @EricaSchultz42 Oh no!Oh my god!! about an hour and twenty minutes left. I want a nap. If you see a lump behind the table, do not panic! It's ju…’m SHOCKED, and so grateful to all of you and very grateful to my rep as well. A lot was sold in matter of minutes…
Retweeted by Natasha Alterici 🧡Saw someone with a shirt that had a picture of a can of Campbell's that said "CNN: bullshit soup" 🤣🤣🤣😑 @MattHTaylor Wha--? rack is nearly full, I love it. Just a couple more and I can get a matching one. @redrawnoxen P-prison themed?