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Your Internet mom, Mai. Manager at @ComfyCafe_Team Promise I'll try, without saying good bye.

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Valorant for who knows how long but I'm here ; ; anyone wants to hear me cover by(e) from Mina $: I released a video
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅Made some discord emotes for @_seandee
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅Hi! My name is teeny, and I am a tanuki vtuber who runs a little manga café. I have been streaming on twitch for a…
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@itsVelVT @Das_TODA i dont kNOW? YOU JUST BRING BETTER PLAYERS MANGI'm a stinger goddess, is what I'm learning these few days. Cred: @Das_TODA @uguubear stay safe uguu!ay look its your favorite support zooming down to make your life better. Cred: @Das_TODA, I am not and will not be doing okay.I watched you hold the blades as I bleed out in your point of view. You who had once said nothing but sweet words.… just sittin’ on a bench
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅:)LMAO IM CRYING why 😭
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅;^; oof. who dubbed this anime 😭
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅Dating a girl whose ex was broke be cool af. I buy her a bag of chips and sum soda and she think I'm the one
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unfortunately i do find everything funny
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅baby bunny 🎀
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅still working on the sizing for these (': are there any other designs you'd like to see? ✨
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Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅My card is done with samples! :)
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅My dumbass was really waiting for lyrics in an instrumental
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅Duoing/Hanging out with @Das_TODA today :) @Das_TODA IS A RAPPER @amokitize Holy shit you're hella smart then????Yesterday reminded me I am capable of making people around me happy. Its the best feeling. I hope I am able to keep doing that.Soft lil scrunkly
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅You make me happy. You make me the happiest. With every hello, every how are you, every inclusion, every worry, con…
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅You cant see the 4k however if u watch the kill feed. it is still worth it. you for hanging out on stream o/ and thanks for the raid @itsVelVT we got 4 subs today :D 4/20 feels great.
sorry but......
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅Every time I see a frog I think about her and I get sad.🌿🥀 #froggyfall
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅I want to try to reach 200 followers by the end of this month, I am at 178. I have been growing since I came back and that's all I want to 🥹 @eugenevlr I love you too 😭😭😭😭😭AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHthe fact that I watched @eugenevlr grow up, from struggles with valorant to life struggles and then seeing the vide… because Glen died came back because is that baby Glen right there?????
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅Fuck it. I feel good. I'm allowed at least that. @SereneShadow @Das_TODA Gonna use this as blackmail @suipeachjustine I'm in lesbians with you 🥺 @SereneShadow No you honestly feel so guilty for feeling good about myself these few days and it's so unfair because I feel like I des… joined twitter. ↓ You didn’t understand. ↓ Forgot about it for years.…
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅Me waiting for my friends to ask me if they wanna valo knowing damn well I could ask them myself but I'm a shy baby… morning ; ; stay safe out there!Day 2 of missing her.. I need to just sleep tonight off.i wish i had friends i could text my boob pics too before i post them 😔
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅ @itsVelVT I fucking forgot to download overwatch 2 and I will mow do that in the morningI have designed an inappropriate t-shirt
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅911 season 6 is out and I don't even care if I cry watching it he can't ruin everything for me its a damn good show… @sammy21290_ Thank you very much t tJust reminding myself, I will be okay and so will you.What happened and what now? Read: 2 @valleyorion hell yeah im here all day everyday u-u @suipeachjustine @_seandee so we going out now or what??steal clips off his stream part 1 cause I kinda popped off today idk its a Mai diff @suipeachjustine thank you for blessing me @itsVelVT @_seandee @suipeachjustine 🐜🦗🐜🦗 @SereneShadow @_seandee @suipeachjustine leTS FUCKING GOOO GOLD HERE I COME
THANKS FOR THE CLIPS BOOOOOOOYS, (and girl) gotta show them what's up with the stringer (sorry for screaming)… I CANNOT HANDLE ALL THESE COMPLIMENTS LOLI'm really happy for the people who are reaching out and trying to talk to me. It's pulling me out of this hole I'v… hope today is also a good day. @starlightttt__ tell me when im down to play with you!What a nice way to end the night.SPY×FAMILY ヨル・フォージャー 🥀
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅ @Classical_Jinx @itsVelVT @_seandee I look forward to that jinx!!really happy I got to play valorant today with @itsVelVT @Classical_Jinx & @_seandee and others :) It was fun! I…
Welcome October, welcome spooky times! 🎃🎃
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅🔮✨Don’t mind me I’m just-
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅ah yes, time to put on the hat...
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅im not the same person i used to be im worse
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅Sheep cakes
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅guys... I'm in my first 5 stack lobby and I'm just- is this?
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅I just want to hit S3 again :( ... twitch . tv / alunxryI am not in anyway trying to dodge people or replies I just get overwhelmed easily. ***I haven't been happy in a long time. My mental is deflating and I'm just trying to get back on my feet. That's the…;^; all the art drama being released is making me panic. I hope my clients understand I am taking a break from draw…"are you busy" that depends on the information you give me
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅Tiff is cutemy daily routine is simple i wake up and regret it
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅ @teafiee_arts MbHi everyone Comfy Cafe has a #INKTOBER edition! feel free to tag us on Twitter and also post in our discord! Anyone…
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅I miss her but she let me go..
maybe no words will ease or undo your pain right now, but it’s enough for you to be here. right here. there is noth…
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅successfully wasted 9 months of 2022
Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅i want more "run errands with me" friends. no i do not want to spend $85 on a dinner to catch up. but i will go to…
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Retweeted by Alunxry •᷄ࡇ•᷅could really use an animal crossing cookie in my life rn
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