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Aly 🌧️ @Aly_Amess Los Angeles, CA

writer @ santa monica studio | 🇲🇽 | 🏳️‍🌈 | human disaster | opinions my own | she/her

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@rnoelliams might be a broken link?A reminder that applications for #GDCReliefFund close on the 31st of March (that’s in 4 days!!) So if you’re an i…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️You know why America can’t “flatten the curve”? Because for too long, the “majority” have never had to listen to th…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Advice to young writers: outline if it works for your process. If it doesn’t, don’t outline. (And don’t listen to…
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Retweeted by Aly 🌧️ @StickPunch so cooking will have to do... for now. @StickPunch cooking not baking. all the flour is sold out everywhere. and yeast. 😥if nothing else, this safer at home measure has helped me get back into cooking. 😪College students: - Don’t qualify for $1200 check if claimed as dependents - Don’t qualify for $500 bc over 18 - D…
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chu but also cat
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️“Reverse racism” is a funny ass phrase because white folks don’t realized they’re implying ownership of regular racism lol
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️ @NES_Alina Weber is being *too* realweber pls #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
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Retweeted by Aly 🌧️weber pls #AnimalCrossing #ACNH Crossing/DOOM Eternal fan-made animation takes the tributes to a whole new level
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️a pixel artist, I am not.“You don’t need to wipe the butts of the entire neighborhood!” @kumailn wants all Californians to stop hoarding to…
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@AljernonBolden Gay men as well as a huge percentage of trans woman.
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️RLT: Donating blood can save so many lives. Which is why we cannot keep ignoring the fact that gay men STILL cannot…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Portrait of the artist as a single mom with Corona
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️ @corytwonames friend 👏 code 👏**#COVID19 Update (3/27/20)** @lapublichealth announced 257 new cases & 4 deaths. Total cases in LA County=1465 To…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Doris Burke joins The Woj Pod to reveal she's tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. She details her symptoms, her…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️The pantry program run by @lacountywdacs is distributing food twice a week to those in need. To learn more, visit…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Live in Westchester, PdR, MdR or PVista? Running low on food!? Get a food box delivered to your home this Saturday.…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️some botanical bulbs to support you in these trying times
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️writing on my bed because my desk collapsed yesterday I am Eeyore the famous punching bag of god
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️ @GhostHeart_ @TateOrtena talking to Isabelle just resets their outfit and favorite wordWatch to the end #PostThePups
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️me trying to work from home during a global pandemic
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️As you sit in your house contemplating "When will things go back to normal?" "Are we gonna be ok?" "How will I…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Oarfish
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Me vs my art
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️ @maryknews @alexjkane wait. you can be dark side? suddenly interested...Blobfish hat for your blobfish needs
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️ @maryknews @alexjkane is this Jedi academy?
do not tease mario
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Them: Everyone should have weeks or months of savings to get them through a tough time. Covid-19 HAPPENS. Them: W…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️✨itsnicolebee's Animal Crossing New Horizons/Pokemon Custom Design thread! I hope you have a blast being your fav…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️BAT #599 Tomes's sword-nosed bat (Lonchorhina aurita). (Photo: José Gabriel Martínez Fonseca)
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️eggdog quarantine
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️The first seasonal event for #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons is on its way! From 4/1 – 4/12, participate in Bunny Day…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Just in case you need it, here’s a dog doing yoga in Italian. You’re welcome.
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BREAKING! @StandingRockST just got a win! Federal judge has just struck down DAPL permits and ordered a full EIS! E…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️This is Bogey. He was pupset about the Olympics being postponed until he realized that's just more time to perfect…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️ @Trailer_Tim I see you have given into the peer pressure. 😈This is The Bad Place. This is The Bad Place. This is The Bad Place. This is The Bad Place. This is The Bad Pla…
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@lapublichealth Announces Three New Deaths Related to COVID-19 & 128 New Cases of Confirmed #COVID19 in LA County.…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Reminder that "I'm playing devil's advocate" usually means "I'm saying a shitty thing I actually believe, but I wan…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️another photo of me and my hero✨ #ACNH
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️This has very much improved a difficult week 💚 I love it so much!!!!
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Locations of #COVID19 cases in LA County (3/23/20). **Please do not assume that one location is safer than another…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Today might be rough, so take this.
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️good morning. well is it really
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Sudden existential crisis. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️I had a moment where my brain said "hang on, I had to wait for the ladder, and you're just going to give it away to…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️more examples about casual representation and the incredible impacts it has on underrepresented communities ❤️ (and… are essential workers. Farmworkers are essential labor. Farmworkers are skilled labor. But where is t…
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BREAKING: Almost 100 cars here on multiple blocks, surrounding the Hudson County Detention Center in New Jersey! T…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Time to be absolutely clear with people.
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️I miss my friends. I miss work. I miss youth baseball. I miss major league baseball. I miss regular life. But we do…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️💚Painting Chameleon🦎🎨 Watch till the end, my son deserves it 😜 I’m trying hard to keep my anxiety and phobia of ill…
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when i tell you i SCREAMED #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Be like The Mandalorian: - Avoids mass gatherings - Maintains constant distance from others - Never touches his fa…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️i didn't expect lesbians to even be referenced, so this was nice #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️no touch me i social disty
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️BREAKING: Tonight, Never Again Action showed up at New York’s immigration courthouse, to demand that @NYGovCuomo us…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Dominos is hiring 10,000 workers to meet increased delivery demand. Please RT for people whose hours have been redu…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️A good illustration of why the surgical hand washing technique is really very important
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the last batch of pokefusion commissions ✨
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️**REMINDER** CA has waived the 1 week waiting period for those unemployed or disabled as a result of #COVID19. If…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️ @liitt_art share the pears!! @MtHamiltron I have apples :( I want peaches!!! @liitt_art yup. seven times too. after i sold him his friends came for me. you can die to a swarm of wasps, scorpio…'m taking your *** to tom crook and selling you. you horrible, wretched thing. times. wow. I think I must have the most deaths in animal crossing...five times I have died to this fool! I will get my revenge!!!this island is deprived of any life except this mofo spider. my true nemesis.this mofo spider on my island is out to get me! he was waiting outside tom crook's house! I have died four times! 😭
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️시차 때문에 13시간 후에 모동숲 플레이 할수 있는 미국 거주자... 집착 광공력 맥스찍음 돌아버리겠음
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Examples of essential businesses that will NOT be closed under #SaferAtHome order: -grocery stores, markets -banks…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️#SaferAtHome order for control of #COVID19. Temporary prohibition of events and gatherings of 10+ people and closur…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️every state should be doing this.
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super forgot to tag people buut... @theorionwalker @leftie @munin_in_error @StickPunch @qorquiq sorry in advance… Boba Shop Barista/Kitchen Staff/Cashier 4. Kindergarten Teacher's Assistant (for ESL students) 3. Video Game Rev… BUT PRINCE ZUKO’S VOICE ACTOR IS NARRATING AND I MAY JUST COMBUST
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️The first #COVID19 case in the US & South Korea was detected on the same day. South Korea has tested 290K people an…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️Stay. At. Home. That means you, too, spring breakers.
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Shout out to sea cucumbers 📣!
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️sleep will not evade me one day...just wanna sleep...Project: COMPLETED Fluffy, Pokey, and Aurora model all 30 MLB batting helmets I collected when I worked at Carvel i…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️My Syrian mom on watching people hoarding and fighting over groceries in America: we lived through worse, including…
Retweeted by Aly 🌧️ICE arrested a 56-year-old man in LA at 6am in the morning yesterday he was going to work & a *grocery store* to b…
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