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i suck at this :D

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@raehackerr mf.not even gonna lie, a hug from olivia rodrigo would solve 99 of my problems rn 🥲❤️‍🩹
Retweeted by alyaa🪰 @raehackerr OKOK @raehackerr I AM I WAS DELETING MY NOTIFS @raehackerr so sadfine night. bird app. @raehackerr are they sugary? @raehackerr *dislike* @sleepsbad ly
@raehackerr i got it from ustile from jello @raehackerr beautiful @raehackerr crazy @raehackerr WHAT @hackersdevora @raehackerr HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @hackersdevora @raehackerr WDYM U DID @hackersdevora @raehackerr HAHAHAHAHA @raehackerr @hackersdevora @hackersdevora @raehackerr NOT POWERSLAM @hackersdevora @raehackerr why am i not surprised at all😭😭😭 @hackersdevora @raehackerr PLS HAHAJAJAJAJAHAHAHHA @hackersdevora @raehackerr BITCH IT WAS CREATED 10 YEARS AGO GO CHECK @raehackerr @hackersdevora OMG @hackersdevora goodness @hackersdevora oh my fucking goodnes @hackersdevora HAHAHAHAHAHAH @hackersdevora U ALREADY DID** @hackersdevora @raehackerr am i the drama? i dont think im the drama? @hackersdevora NOW WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT @hackersdevora @raehackerr oh em gee @hackersdevora HE CUMMED @hackersdevora u already are 🤯 @hackersdevora oh god. im scared. @raehackerr @hackersdevora OH??? @hackersdevora @raehackerr HAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG DRAMA @hackersdevora HHHAHAHAHAHAHA @hackersdevora @hackersdevora @hackersdevora STOP @raehackerr @hackersdevora OH SHIT @raehackerr @hackersdevora it was only so that she thinks were still together SHHHHH @hackersdevora @raehackerr ⚠️this is a joke⚠️ @raehackerr @hackersdevora OMG MY BABY WANT ME BACKcum over. @santaaad__ HAHAHAHAHAHAH @hackersdevora @raehackerr shut the fuck up im breaking up w u @raehackerr @hackersdevora heart been broke so many times i dont know what to believe.😞😞😞 @raehackerr @hackersdevora omg . alexa play traitor by olivia rodrigo @hackersdevora ask el oh eez @raehackerr @hackersdevora ur my mommy @raehackerr @hackersdevora ok then pick. me or her? me. @hackersdevora @raehackerr 🙄🙄🙄 @hackersdevora @raehackerr muh fukka @raehackerr @hackersdevora what? ur not down? @hackersdevora @raehackerr U KNEW I WAS MARRIED TO HER🙄 @hackersdevora @raehackerr okok @hackersdevora @raehackerr ur the drama. @hackersdevora @raehackerr omg threesome?? @raehackerr @hackersdevora UR MI WIFE @hackersdevora @raehackerr BUT U PROPOSED TO ELLO KNOWING IM ALSO MARRIED TO HER???? @hackersdevora @raehackerr since when🙄🙄about to fight over eloiseboutta throw hands @hackersdevora @raehackerr BITCH @hackersdevora @raehackerr omg CHEATER @raehackerr @hackersdevora i already am🥺🥺🥺 @raehackerr ur so hot omg lets make out @raehackerr hey wifey @hackersdevora @raehackerr the both of you are cheating on meTIT LIFE @raeeilish omg TIT LIFEOlivia Rodrigo.
Retweeted by alyaa🪰charli d'amelio.
Retweeted by alyaa🪰 @raeeilish YES @raeeilish HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @raeeilish ITS NOT ME ITS BITLIFE @raeeilish bitlife has some explaining to dohow is ELOISE tired at 11pm?? @Simping_Griff me more @raeeilish okPENIS PATRICK
@raeeilish was expecting a “shut up” or “did i ask” @raeeilish he melted one but u melted my frozen one 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 @raeeilish u did first baby gworl @jackmanswh0re HAHAHAHAH @HaileyMcLean_ so crazyblows my mind. @vinsconcubine so crazy. @yslophelia ur so beautiful @theresastlouis WHERES MINE @theresastlouis big fat WOlivia Rodrigo is beautiful
Retweeted by alyaa🪰he melted my ice cream @Simping_Griff goon night hottie
@whosmichela weirdos @vinniehacker my lightbulb needs fixing @vinniehacker fix my lightbulb @vinniehacker okay2 months later.. @quacnap SAME