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it does not surprise me that over 12 million people have watched this texting my friends about lover
@minakimes also me! but also he’s generating plenty of content for it!! talk though @verma_30 is super exciting!! congrats mal! 💕🐉 whole fiasco was a reputational blow for instagram not because they were slow to catch the hoax, but because i… @TaylorLorenz omg SO goodthis is so embarrassing
this will never not be triggering @pardesoteric @daveyalba don’t do it arielle, it will take at least a week to get it out of your head
@daveyalba lucky for u i instagramed it way back when @daveyalba remember when you emojied out all of the lyrics to city high's “what would you do?” good times @daveyalba lol me???🤗🤗🤗 don’t show dorsey this tweet wonderful @GenevieveGW jam about the politics of aesthetics, and the haunting female question of “where do i shav…’m that plaid type Make you kinda sad type Fill your lungs up mad tight Played by a good lad type I’m the baaaag…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @kait_tiffany this is awesome, congrats!yes i do realize the irony of having a typo in a nitpicky tweet about headlinespretty disappointed succession's set people for not more thoroughly researching headline capitalization guidelines5 Reasons Why Drinking Milk On The Toilet Is Kind Of A Game-Changer
Who are “influencers” and how exactly do they make their 💵? We investigate on the latest episode of #RingerPhD. W…
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this tiktok is my new religion
wrote a lil ringer PHD about the ~economics of influencing~ it’s hard work!
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakjust when i thought this takedown of wework couldn’t get any more vicious he goes in on goop @katehalliwell know there are no scrunchies but tbh this is a v. VSCO-girl look @SeanFreidlin @MalloryRubin 🙏🙏🙏Lots of awesome stuff on The Ringer this week. Just from today: @TylerRickyTynes on how the NFL is neglecting blac…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakhorrified to learn that rich people really do hire motorcycle chauffeurs and it’s not just an amusing concept that… techcrunch ok @realchriswilson hey thanks!thanks @MalloryRubin for lending your iconic voice, @akdobbins for helping me write a vid script (!), and @D_Berkey @SheaSerrano @MalloryRubin 🙏🙏🙏wrote a lil ringer PHD about the ~economics of influencing~ it’s hard work!
like many youtube channels, i truly did not know i wanted this content until i saw it @BuddyRuski of course! this is stuff that practically anyone with a smartphone has to think about now. thanks for readingso real
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @glenposs i am sure the growers see both of those things, i just meant literally ice cream can't see because it doe… @TheNewNeeldown hey thanks dude!separately, i’m sitting here snickering over this quote from the founder that ice cream “doesn’t see gender” and “d… seems like only yesterday that i was writing about how the museum of ice cream phenomenon signaled a shift in ho… FOR @ToxicTikToks!!!
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @andrewgrutt did colton underwood do wardrobe on this shoot @jakesugarman thank you!!this is what an absolute unit looks like yes!!
@TaylorLorenz @NYTStyles woo! congrats!!
We're thrilled that our union has sparked a larger conversation about labor rights and organizing. You can read our…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznaksnapchat has updated its spectacles from "flimsy frat bro kegger" shades to "i'm co-renting a hampton's summer home… one of the more viable plans i’ve read for shutting down 4chan once and for all unions are the reason the weekend exists, allowing Saturdays to continue to be for the boys, therefore unions…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakyou love to read it @verma_30 thanks dude! @sokane1 don’t thank me, thank the man, the myth, the legend adam wood!!fyi kendall's motorcycle guy in succession s2 is also the gimp in the sparkly mask in vox lux...a regular cliff boo… footage from when i joined @ringerunion
proud of everyone and all of our work which has made the ringer a truly great website
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakTo clarify: Our union comprises all editorial departments of the company — writing, audio, video, and social. Toget…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @TaylorLorenz tia and tamera would be proudI am a: ⚪️ male ⚪️ female 🔘 proud member of @RingerUnion Interested in: ⚪️ male ⚪️ female 🔘 creating a better, mo…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakIn case you're curious what we're after as a union, here's our letter of intent.
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakWe're thrilled to see the staff of The Ringer join @WGAEast! Welcome to the union! ✊💪 #1u
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @RingerUnion "follow @RingerUnion"
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak"follow @RingerUnion"
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakevery day i feel lucky as hell to work at a place as creative and smart as the ringer. i want it to be the best it…, we’re far from the shallow now
@BiffButler honey hi in echo park @joshgondelman my hair stylist told me to get a water filter for my shower head yesterday to avoid “gross la water… @joshgondelman i’m just as confused as you arenobody: la restaurants: epstein body double
The Top 5 #Longreads of the Week: @NYTmag, @thegoods, @ringer, @CalSunday, and @NewYorker
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakmr mac is so fucking cancelled. go to penguin jail bitch
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@JodiMcA 🙏 @JodiMcA um, can u share me on a draft!i still stand by my exhaustively researched theory about their relationship btw @katehalliwell like…...what will their secret love child think?love is dead has finally gone too far
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oh wow the bit about the eyelash extensions
@weems thanks dude @mhdempsey 🙏🙏🙏 @DaveWuzzHere awesome, thanks! @jakeks19 thank you!hi, hello, what's the best thing you’ve read on deepfakes thus far?read @Knibbs’s very comprehensive report on the fight for overdose-prevention spaces in the US, which is really abo… @jspace_man lol no! she just visited and saw the dark stairs @SeanYoo just like… the attention to detail is stunningamazon prime: for mothers kept up at night by the thought of their children tripping on a dark staircase @aherman2006 UGH I CAN’T WAIT"I know the world is bruised and bleeding, and though it is important not to ignore its pain, it is also critical t… ON since "the egg is bigger than before” have i heard a phrase as poetic and repeatable as "30-50 feral hogs"
@MilesKlee the oprah bees gif but with feral hogs
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakyoga teacher: now take this moment in the meditation to repeat your own personal mantra me, in my head: 30-50 fera… feral hogs go on desktop