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this was a fucking JOURNEY @TKDano @HKSurrey 🙏🙏The Meme improves!
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @HKSurrey also, tracy remembering traumatic childhood memories in the stairwell is one of my favorite 30 rock momen… @HKSurrey in the process of reporting this i discovered two new awards show terms: EGGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Golden Glob… and @HKSurrey put together an oral history of the time tracy EGOTed on 30 Rock. which, quite amazingly, led to w… @robertmays @HKSurrey that might be my favorite detail of the whole storyline! @ecgenc @MJ_Baumann all of our slack chatter has been leading up to this dayare its cheeks pepperonis??
just a friendly reminder that Saudi Arabia is the largest investor in the SoftBank Vision Fund, which is the larges…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakOn #NationalLoveYourPetDay, spend some time with Ringer staffers’ furry companions: @SheaSerrano’s Younger Jeezy…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznaksamsung's new S10 has an "instagram mode.” bracing myself for a stream of #sponcon from influencers about this is this sorcery? should really create an emmy category for guests who own fox news anchors did a fireball on a grape
@jspace_man yeah i have so many questionsdon’t sleep on mobile pelotons, uber Ringer's YouTube channel is 1.5K subscribers away from hitting 100,000. I've been a part of this channel since…
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we are all variations of “damn, i’m old” once we cease being teens! @KateKnibbs lifetime warranty! @SethAbramovitch it kinda reminded me of instagram hair. proof my mind is truly in the gutter!, an oscars hosted by the rock would be so great is dark! within 3 seconds of using a self-checkout stall
@robertmays @DannyBKelly you’re doin’ great mays! @juliareinstein i would read a 2,000-word oral history on how this thumbnail came to beoh my god this art @lrnlrsn i wholeheartedly co-sign this take"The National Weather Service issued a “small dog warning” to animal lovers in Ohio and Pennsylvania that strong wi…
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loved this story on the woman who helped create joshua tree, aka “the apostle of cacti.” her instagram would’ve bee… love my large eyed wife. My review of Alita: Battle Angel
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakdear @amazon
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakreal estate speculators, my bid for your now useless LIC condo begins at $4happy valentine's day!!! do you believe in love??? these galapagos tortoises dated for almost 100 years and then th…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakmy condolences to amazon cuomoooh wuuuuuut years, Ryan Adams has used his influence in music to lure in and emotionally torment women @melenar & I talked…
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@sportsgooru i need to see vice before i cast my final judgement!"if ‘bohemian rhapsody' wins, I’ll quit the academy” @hollybdc don't worry he is getting plenty of recognition @TDZayas you gotta be subtle sometimes, you know?separately, as you might recall, i campaigned hard for olivia the westie, who appeared in GAME NIGHT and WIDOWS. i’…'s another photo of him that his trainer, kim, sent me. “towne was more like a dog then a cat,” she told me. “e… ringer handed out dog oscars, and i insisted we have an “in memoriam” interlude in which we honor towne the cat… LIVING for this drama
This has been...the longest few months of my life! But I am so proud to stand with my colleagues.…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakWow this cover is so brave
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakNew ‘Bachelor Party’! @julietlitman brings in @andrewgrutt and @alyssabereznak to recap tonight’s episode of…
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😍😍 really smart nugget in this important story about the way apple treats its contract employees like shit… @chengela this is an amazing photo
@verma_30 no but that one has a special place in my heart : ) @JHWeissmann that is an extremely generous interpretation!! @JHWeissmann they are definitely a Decision“average 1 amazon package per week” h-- Netflix's social media: Moira Rose is iconic -- don't @ me! "One Day at a Time" makes me laugh AND cry. Get…
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wrote about the rad new album from ARIANA GRANDE, who is, incredibly, giving fewer fucks than usual
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakp.s. all of this was put on by @blackmad who is an extremely creative party planner! ♥️ @Twitter i’m gonna hold you to it classic’s even a twitter cake examples (we all had to dress like birds)’m at a twitter-themed dinner party and they’re passing out famous tweets on notecards
This is phenomenal
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakmad men is the story of a man increasingly finding himself left behind by the world
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakif you cock your head to the north and listen closely, you can hear the sound of a thousand real estate speculators… surprised there aren’t more love songs about the fenty beauty kit
help, my family is dyinghow do u delete a whole news cycle!?me: jeff bezos: AMI wants to publish a picture of me in "tight black cargo shorts "  with my "semi-erect manhood p…’s like he *wants* us to see his dick @kgittleson CARGO SHORTS AND A SEMI-ERECT MANHOOD, LITERALLY WHAT COULD BE WORSE??just when i thought i'd successfully forgotten that the bezos nudes exist, they have come back to haunt me tenfold only awards-season gala i choose to recognize the hell.
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @sheepfilms no. 3 because a proper baguette has stiff and crunchy crustIf baguettes could move, how would they move? Give your reasoning pls
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakglenn close to lady gaga’s distressing to *me* is how many former nytimes editors seem to be so chill with “carelessness in attribution… @andrewgrutt 'bout time i dust off my hat damon and take it for a walk around the neighborhoodwondering where moviepass went? @andrewgrutt’s got the scoop wow i am downloading this game immediately @maryps @thekibosch yes, consider it done! @thekibosch @maryps @AdamSerwer (especially about the time she went viral) @thekibosch @maryps @AdamSerwer i will gladly take any opportunity—whether in a professional or casual setting—to talk about chloehow is it that i am just now learning about this podcast, which, based on its title alone, is clearly the best podc… @ringer about Steven Soderbergh's High Flying Bird and the past, present, and future of moves made on smartph…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakthis week’s Jam Session started as a Real Estate Corner and ended as a discussion of celebrity and personal aesthet…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakhaha if you only saw the slack convos!! @conniewang this reminded me of that infamous lunch between princess michael of kent and meghan markle… @aherman2006 also “Egg?”, please reveal your true identity immediately mom’s recipe book is marked up with diagrams, cooking tips, and substitution suggestions. @aherman2006 has a fa… @hshaban babe i love you with or without your plumage but maybe next time ask the barber to use a longer clip??