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i wrote about the technological and cultural and forces that made game of thrones the last piece of monoculture ever
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All hail the God Emperor Pod! By @alyssabereznak , a great piece for @ringer talking about the history of #ASoIaF f…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznaki wrote about the technological and cultural and forces that made game of thrones the last piece of monoculture ever
i don't even know what to say except that my coworkers are wonderful freaks with broken brains (but like, broken in… 👏 POPE 👏 FUCKS 👏
i wrote about Old Town Road, the purest example of chaotic good to exist on the internet in a very long time
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@weaselpm from one asib stan to another, thank you. and fuck rez gavron @joshuaUMWW court street r station!
whoa the phone swiping mta turnstiles are coming @KaelNewton thank you for your sympathy
live look at my tabs as i fall deeper and deeper into a game of thrones writing vortex
I talked to the creators of KILLING EVE about its pop culture inputs — including a fragrance ad, a jailhouse interv…
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bless @rodger for patiently teaching the olds what instagram is, and that it's part of many journalists's jobs to u…
we live in disturbing times
Damn, hate when I'm trying to post a photo to Facebook and I accidentally hit the "Delete All My Posts From 2007 an…
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New @thewatchpod w/ @alyssabereznak on Blair Witch Project's innovative viral marketing, 20 years later;…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakI've been covering Qanon for a year, and the amount of pro-Q people in this video from yesterday's Trump rally line…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakLiterally Nobody: 90s Corporate Graphic Designers:
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakpopped by the watch to chat about the blair witch project
This very well be my favorite piece ever from @ringer. It’s a fascinating deep dive into how Hollywood’s modern day…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @TaylorLorenz omg yes, this happened on an episode of “dating around” toothere was apparently ANOTHER faux blair witch doc, a blockbuster exclusive called "sticks & stones." artisan really… concerned about the direction of a website i once loved and trusted, the ringer dot com ‘Blair Witch’ Became a Horror Sensation—and Invented Modern Movie Marketing prostřednic…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @marklewismd @ringer thanks for sharing mark! @beejoli this is a story that i pitched on my own because i love the series. i started watching it/loving it way be… @beejoli lol hihi! have you bonded with someone random on the internet (or IRL) over game of thrones? do you have a funny/heartwar… @adegiulio the ringer’s ny branch is based in a wework and now i’m just imagining everyone hooking up on the communal west elm furniturethis is horrifying feel seen. I saw The Blair Witch Project when I was…14? I *knew* it was a movie, but it was early Internet, the…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @mikemonello @rushkoff he was a perfect source for the story, and said v. smart things!Here’s a great, detailed look at how the producers of The Blair Witch Project (including Campfire founder…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakfor comparison here are some of the actual handcrafted blair witch project fan sites from the time, courtesy of pro… this is the coolest story art i have ever seen?? props to mario zucca for really capturing that late 90s, ~bro… blair witch walked so the momo challenge could run. for our 1999 movies week i wrote about how the blair witch…
sally rooney crying profusely over a semi-random henry james book on an airplane is extremely relatable… yeah @dannychau ! <3 shit this story (and it’s insanely good art) on the most fucked up teen movie of my childhood is *chef’s kiss* erotic short story in three acts
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @DPD_ i reminded me of this, from 2007!
we're finally getting loverboy 2.0, starring none other than @noahcent !!! (sad it's a PG version though), austin powers is definitely the spiritual predecessor to logan paul, so we can’t fully blame the algorithms for his existence, sorryi rewatched not one but TWO austin powers movies for this list, so you better read it @kellybourdet from one bitch-ass coward to another, thank you for saying this
Apple brought vaporware to a content fight smh
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakapple, hmu when you have the trailers…thxSo it seems like Apple has... not made these shows yet. No trailers, no teasers, just, like, a picture every once i…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznaksteven spielberg, reese witherspoon, jennifer aniston, steve carrell: "cinematic experiences! compelling narratives… did i just spot the elusive jony ive in the audience!!!'s one big question we still don't have an answer to: did comey go into the woods specifically to take that ph…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakthis ant >>>>> literally all the dudes in triple frontier“The power of memes is crazy. Who would have thought that memes would have got me to do something? We live in a wei…
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@patmuldowney @kirbiejohnson lol thank u pat for recognizing my genius
welp, i guess tomorrow's gonna be… *looks both ways* *puts on sunglasses* *does a *dope kick flip* ...mueller’s day offno one: me: no one:        me: no one:                me: no one:                       me: no one:               …
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @melvillmatic lol k that’s a level of chaos i don’t dare to mess with"In total, the 134 minute ride only cost me $34.50...It’s a low cost, considering that I’m pretty sure I have accom… @melvillmatic why are u using firefox @HKSurrey are u ok
Date My Mom (2014) @lindsayzoladz yessssssssStacy Spikes, the co-founder of MoviePass, wants movie fans to watch 15 to 20 minutes of highly produced ads and ot…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakthis is a really great deep dive on how instagram is designed to spread conspiracy theories and misinformation, jus… @WilbonsHottub not yet!niiiiice healthy ratio on this one the @ringer’s GOT “loose ends” series i did a deep dive on tyrion’s love life (it’s tragic)
@andrewgrutt lmao is she holding a juul
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak @Knibbs oh my god
beto at the first dem debate
Retweeted by alyssa bereznak.@chengela first high thai, now this!! @mims @dcseifert this one is probably the most QVC of them all @alyssabereznak as @dcseifert quoth, who knew Instagram would become QVC for millennials?
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakyou can now buy stuff within the instagram app. pray for my bank account on Instagram Checkout, which turns the app into one-stop-shopping
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what could go wrong? me again how many blockbusters are lefti just signed this petition and so should you!
*extremely tom delonge voice* WHERE ARE YEW
Less than 24 hours
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakthe truest tweet the YouTube makeup tutorial Kayla is watching at the beginning of Eighth Grade is OLIVIA JADE
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@WillOremus @Medium congrats!!my dog has been radicalized by the youtube algorithm
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakAn important note: The tech and platforms will inevitably draw a lot of blame in this, but most of the designed vir…
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If you’re in park slope pls keep your eyes peeled for this dog. Her name is Deb, she has one blue eye. She went mis…
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakRIP to this iconic tweet. We will always have the Chrises.
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakTRIPLE FRONTIER had its flaws but wow, what a powerful ending FRONTIER (2003) creative process
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakapropos of nothing, here is my story about how entertainment companies all started tweeting dopey shit
yep!! @John_Hong it’s just an incredibly embarrassing thing to tweet!!Wow, he's really going for it
Retweeted by alyssa bereznakseems like a huge oversight friends! if any mutual has connections to VC's or angels and wouldn't mind making an intro, i have a deck + i…
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i'm feeling a little winded just thinking about it