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A Andrews @alyssashmalyssa Minneapolis, MN

comics @autostraddle, creator of QUICK + EASY GUIDE to SEX + DISABILITY (out now!), @tin_house 2020! opinions and good looks all my own. louder irl.

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@AEOsworth @ElectricLit bro i love you. you’re a handsome genius with great hair. but tuna melts are disgusting.i genuinely cannot imagine living in a world without the @autostraddle community. we are currently fundraising so w…
Retweeted by A Andrewsbaby’s getting good at haircuts. i’m baby. we please for the love of all things stop giving this awful person and her awful books a platform.
interesting. @dat_briguy SOUL i??? do i????? think... i miss... my hair??? @KaeLynRich i’ve got the market cornered, my jordan’s ARE the baby sized ones. @KaeLynRich ok but have you seen baby jordan’s?
@figwidow everyone who’s ever written so much as a haiku rn: life game of cops and robbers out here. @danascullyirl also, VERY florida. @danascullyirl honestly i'm just glad it's real bc i couldn't explain why ken would have access to an alligator in… was five. and terrified of alligators. and swimming pools. because appears i have found it. also corroborates ANOTHER memory i have of my ~father~ being bitten by a rattlesnake th…'ve been trying to connect the dots of a vivid childhood memory of my ~father~ taking me to feed an alligator—name… am SO EXCITED to announce that Odessa is a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard selection! Thank you so much…
Retweeted by A Andrews @UnaDispatch sure sure but impact ≠ intent and i get that. thanks for bringing it up! always a good reminder to kno… @UnaDispatch for transparency, it was brought to my attn: that this has traces to AAVE, and my critique of it is in… @UnaDispatch oh interesting. thank you for the share, i appreciate it.strongly dislike anyone who calls covid-19/coronavirus, “the rona.”i have never wanted to have a child. but i absolutely thought that i did in the brief moment that an ad for these b… @itsteensy i just want to say that i read this entire letter and the FIRST sentence was “i quit.” LEGEND. a good article about healthcare professionals on wheels ❤️ The club is growing, slowly but surely!…
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@Reneicespieces coconut chips.💀💀💀 a lot* of internalized ableism about independence and interdependence that continues to take a lot of work to unravel. p m*th*r once categorized herself as “a m*m that sat on her hands” every time i struggled with access. and she is… i gain or lose weight in a disproportionate way, my legs pull from my hip socket. i’ve broken all kinds of bon… number of entire surgeries i had as a kid, so that my legs would look ‘more typical’ + had a better chance at w… is Pete Davidson asking Aziz Ansari what he wants from Subway
Retweeted by A Andrewstired: shouting about how terrible cis men are on twitter dot com with all your friends who agree with you. wired:… body: i’ve decided to reject all the foods you like, so you better get creative! coconut: don’t worry. i’m here… that when you’re trying to eat better the only taste you’re gonna get out of all of your food is coconut. @oneofthejohns this is so relateable. i’m sorry you’re in it this morning.cartoonists: can we talk about blisters? do you have tips? tricks? or are your hands also that of a 900 year old r… @danascullyirl my queen. @IsabellaRotman @MathewNew @MixtapeComics @grease_bat thx bb. it is definitey a bummer but i’m i’m good company. so… @IsabellaRotman @MathewNew @MixtapeComics @grease_bat i did some podcast interviews but honestly, it’s been hard. i… @grease_bat @lilcachito @adrianwhiteTX @IsabellaRotman @stefschwartz i dunno i’m p busy. gotta check my. bustling schedule.
@adrianwhiteTX @lilcachito @IsabellaRotman hi everyone 👋Women owning sexuality gets exponentially more scrutiny than men expressing their preference/tendency for physical violence/murder.
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watching love on the spectrum and if someone doesn’t date my boy mark, i stg. @grease_bat @carlytron @jlmasterson love, like this 2020 fever dream, that ellen p*ge has “gotta be gay” written into the contract. respect. @dat_briguy pandemic over! we did it everyone!MN set a new record high for number of reported #COVID19 cases today, with 924. Testing is decent, up slightly, but…
Retweeted by A Andrews @oneofthejohns it’s so... confusing? one: ppl on the timeline: currently booking for my upcoming trips to pittsburgh 8/15, seattle 8/20, and i plan…’s gonna be a no from me, dog. edited out that part in the last dance about how depressing it can be to live in mesh shorts every day. @robinshoots the dream.In the hit song WAP, when Megan Thee Stallion proclaims “when I ride the dick, Imma spell my name”, she is advocati…
Retweeted by A Andrews @kristinnoeline if it makes you feel any better pee wee’s death scene in the buffy film version had tremendous influence on me as a child.The realest G. #SellingSunset
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It's embarrassing how obsessed I was with popularity when I was in high school. (don't forget to like, RT, and follow!!!!!)
Retweeted by A Andrews @dat_briguy not a helmet in sight either tho. so. 🤷 @dat_briguy saw a huge harley meetup on the north side a few months ago. not a mask in sight. @Reneicespieces i would die for one: archie: ew, taste this. it’s one: me: archie sniff my pit, i smell so bad!that hyena episode is the best episode. send tweet. you all do this shit. and worse, you use the premise of your* health and your* deserved care as an excuse. 🤡it’s not enough to point at a thing and call it mean. that doesn’t do anything for disabled bodied people are always outraged by how “others” treat disabled people, only to immediately feel put out when… bodied people can miss me with the fake outrage over ableist op-eds about dumping disabled/chronically ill par… not even imagine how shitty you have to be to walk out of a home that you’re privileged to have, see a tent acr… Black children are “old enough” to experience racism then white children are “old enough” to learn about it.
Retweeted by A Andrews @isa_alcantara @alaraemonts @dufrau who throws a shoe?honestly a biden against god, guns, AND energy sounds metal af.ily @vanessapamela ♥️♥️♥️tfw your hot friends are your hot family. @grease_bat @grease_bat as in if you play it i will break up with you? @grease_bat archie. @adrianwhiteTX @stefschwartz @robinshoots @grease_bat @grease_bat you wanna throw a party?This is abuse.
Retweeted by A Andrews @stefschwartz @robinshoots @adrianwhiteTX @grease_bat trade you sylvan esso for ur saddest song. right here right now. @robinshoots @stefschwartz @adrianwhiteTX @grease_bat robin i am also old. we’re all old. @robinshoots @stefschwartz @adrianwhiteTX @grease_bat it’s technically already happened. @robinshoots @stefschwartz @adrianwhiteTX @grease_bat i hope quarantine gets weird enough that i make a video of me… @robinshoots @stefschwartz @adrianwhiteTX @grease_bat hahahaha i know i know.
@robinshoots @stefschwartz @adrianwhiteTX @grease_bat the only close up of a beautiful woman’s crying face i will e… did you realize you were gay, mine was when my then-boyfriend and i had our first movie night and ~sleepover~… really fucked up truth is that if i’m being honest? it’s ellen page in hard candy.this picture of chloe sevigny. @robinshoots @stefschwartz @adrianwhiteTX @grease_bat i have never in my life had to yell at a girl like this! @robinshoots @stefschwartz @adrianwhiteTX @grease_bat not even the prince version?! robin! @LSBerke i do currently have “I once received feedback that described my life as ‘absolutely horrific’—which feels… maybe “and yes, i know this entire bio is just a single run-on sentence with misplaced commas. i will be needing a good editor.”thinking about adding “in my 20s i once got ghosted by a long term partner and dealt with it by getting blackout dr… @AriYarwood @grease_bat oOoofirst person to pick that alanis song is boring! (jk, be the angry gay of you (and my) dreams if you must)me and @grease_bat are not breaking up, but i want to know everyone’s number one go-to breakup song. please and tha…