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@Twitter is trash for locking my old account. IU Alum Political Science| Psychology. All views are my own.

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@JacobTrace3 @JaySoLate @KingShadP @cheesewizbandit The assumption is that’s she’s not bettering herself. And that’…
@Temet21 Lmao she indeed does. Apologies!Lmao does anyone know if #AirCanada is good company? I want to know before I buy this ticket. @Temet21 If u say this man is cute as hell is some girlfriend gonna come out the woodwork to try and beat my ass?… @SummerSalts @jacalata @bee_wardlow @_ihermosa I don’t think you’re reaching tho @smtingfshy This man is preparing for her death and nothing more. He also allow her father to bully her about thing… @SummerSalts @jacalata @bee_wardlow @_ihermosa Ok weird I recently got my ID renewed maybe a year or so ago and the… @zero85545 @scarletjadebabe @jc_prodi @dream_theatur @antonio_rudeboi @PRlNCESSCHERRY @LunaLotton Yet my reply was… @SummerSalts @jacalata @bee_wardlow @_ihermosa What is REAL IDs?This is insane @acupofrain Our first way of communication is through images that eventually is translated to language. Not a stret… @jacalata @bee_wardlow @SummerSalts @_ihermosa Solid question. I don’t drive but have a state ID all I’ve ever been… @Taeethabrat @sharipettiii @cannabitestt @_ihermosa Can confirm. I don’t drive and never needed my BC for my state ID @Janasaofficial Denim heels are 🔥 @Papizayyyy @HighOffMemories I know y’all aren’t up under this post talking about “they eat anything” like black pe… anyone have an idea where I can get a small backpack for backpacking. I need it to fit a water bladder and a f… @unknown_Tamz
Retweeted by a girl with many facesCalled a lot people idiots last night. SowwwyNo potato slander will be tolerated @AryaCode @SavageRandyy @mih2u @bakaelf_ @Twitch_Pink @PRlNCESSCHERRY @amandaasette What you are continually failin… @AryaCode @SavageRandyy @mih2u @bakaelf_ @Twitch_Pink @PRlNCESSCHERRY @amandaasette EYE didn’t say that the above p… @AryaCode @SavageRandyy @mih2u @bakaelf_ @Twitch_Pink @PRlNCESSCHERRY @amandaasette I said what the “battle” is abo… @AryaCode @SavageRandyy @mih2u @bakaelf_ @Twitch_Pink @PRlNCESSCHERRY @amandaasette End of the day * @AryaCode @SavageRandyy @mih2u @bakaelf_ @Twitch_Pink @PRlNCESSCHERRY @amandaasette Not paying for a service and us… Duo, same and disinterested @XJackson29 @moniiilee @Shakima_Lachell It wasn’t clear but thanks for the clarification. @XJackson29 @moniiilee @Shakima_Lachell That’s the point.Listen up idiots; if someone says “men” in a tweet they are not saying ALL men. Men literally means more than one… @SavageRandyy @mih2u @bakaelf_ @Twitch_Pink @PRlNCESSCHERRY @amandaasette No you idiots she wasn’t taking to you di… @Grazi_2385 @scarletjadebabe @jc_prodi @dream_theatur @antonio_rudeboi @PRlNCESSCHERRY @LunaLotton The implication… @zero85545 @scarletjadebabe @jc_prodi @dream_theatur @antonio_rudeboi @PRlNCESSCHERRY @LunaLotton This convo isn’t… @dannygoslingLFC @moldy_RYe_bread @abbott_meg3 @PRlNCESSCHERRY Further more she didn’t generalize it to “all men” g… @dannygoslingLFC @moldy_RYe_bread @abbott_meg3 @PRlNCESSCHERRY It’s only interpreted that way because you (and othe…
@moldy_RYe_bread @abbott_meg3 @dannygoslingLFC @PRlNCESSCHERRY I’m not understanding this logic, when there was a t… @HighOffMemories Does niggers even make since in context of what she was saying? People are clearly reaching, and w…
Five-time #NBA champion 20-year career with LA Lakers 2008 NBA MVP Two-time NBA Finals MVP Two-time NBA scoring cha…
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This is why my tweets are a mess. GO BABY GIRL! A single mom in North Carolina taught her young daughter Kinley, who has cerebral palsy, to walk…
Retweeted by a girl with many facesMegan & Doja 💕 #BirdsofPrey
Retweeted by a girl with many faces @dub_rice @JesseBudlong @xvxCandyManxvx @My_Moment95 @dub_rice POC trying to protect their neighborhoods because the racism o… @Comment72579592 @peep2mylou @seph_O @Pyrowoods @dub_rice Like ikr??? I can’t imagine why people would be upset at white gentrification?? @blemi99 @UPS I mean he did what he was taught in training 🤷🏾‍♂️😂
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@_mvrlie @noangellikeher @HennyThaJet @AB_MUFASA @DarionOCoolAss @fendifaguette I’ve read both threads and at this… @C_Macaroni_32_ @BtSquared2 Lol it’s not to hurt him. It’s to enforce the responsibility he committed to once THEY had a child. @austinBlount4 @soulmadeabanger @XoxoFree_Hugs @AllycatOriginal @viewsfrom35th @MEANGIRLTRROII @WAFB A 13 year old… @BundleOfBrat @viewsfrom35th He has dummy. @austinBlount4 @soulmadeabanger @XoxoFree_Hugs @AllycatOriginal @viewsfrom35th @MEANGIRLTRROII @WAFB He does not li… introducing the very 1st HBCU Spring Break Box🔥 This box can be CUSTOMIZED for your HBCU. What’s in the box? •…
Retweeted by a girl with many facesHe got a settlement from a race discrimination lawsuit. A bank wouldn't cash the check
Retweeted by a girl with many faces @sudzero6bc The heel slam was the icing on the cakeThe video for Everything I wanted 🥺THIS is what I expect when somebody says it’s a sax 🎷cover of The Box 😤
Retweeted by a girl with many facesAnd this is why you can’t let everybody into your house.
@Pyrowoods My mom actually gave me erotica books to peruse . If I have kids I’ll do the same. Having a healthy relationship with sex is key.y’all know the feeling of coming home and not having to speak to anyone? sensational.
Retweeted by a girl with many facesI made that anon account 😂. So if you want the handle, DM me @imdaddyofficial Old enough 🥺 @Kamifaine @StoneyThaGreat @mentally_chilll one is obligated to help, but don’t offer assistance then renege multiple times
@TheRealSabian @Bavuma__ @chicpeakandbe @MayaTheeePapaya For reference this is what I thought I was replying to ht… @TheRealSabian @Bavuma__ @chicpeakandbe @MayaTheeePapaya I think in this context I actually agree with you that som… @TheRealSabian @Bavuma__ @chicpeakandbe @MayaTheeePapaya I actually think I got two post mixed up in replying 😬. Apologies“it’s just hair!” “no race owns a hairstyle”
Retweeted by a girl with many faces @Bavuma__ @chicpeakandbe @TheRealSabian @MayaTheeePapaya No one but you is saying that a relationship is solely abo… @Bavuma__ @chicpeakandbe @TheRealSabian @MayaTheeePapaya So are you asking me if i ask friends and family to occasi… @Bavuma__ @chicpeakandbe @TheRealSabian @MayaTheeePapaya No one is saying you shouldn’t have boundaries. You in fac… @Bavuma__ @chicpeakandbe @TheRealSabian @MayaTheeePapaya Sir that’s what being in a relationship is about. It SHOUL… @Bavuma__ @chicpeakandbe @TheRealSabian @MayaTheeePapaya Y’all are using extremes of emotionally manipulative peopl… club vibes 🖤
Retweeted by a girl with many faces @GorillaMamaWho I thought my TL was quiet 😂 @xoxofromlesly I actually think there’s a grain of truth to it. I believe sleep specialist discourage sleeping like… @Pyrowoods @_FemGod A man of culture? Followed.This is so Florida @Pyrowoods @_FemGod The description 🥴 is a big ass reach. Trying to help someone through a bad day through solutions is NOT rooted in a lack of empa… @chicpeakandbe @TheRealSabian @MayaTheeePapaya This. If you don’t want to support. Get out of the way for someone who will. @FrequentInhaler’re all voting like good citizens 📩🦕 📩🦑 📩🐋…
Retweeted by a girl with many facesDamn I lowkey love my body. @Nayaxleire Some people deserve to be bullied. People like this are one example
@MarikoSiewenie 🥺🥰🥰tysmMousetrap
Retweeted by a girl with many faces @drewdollars97 Yeeting myself down the stairs @gos1ings @charliebarbers Oh so that’s what this.Stop teaching girls that sex is a filthy act that results in a loss of purity or value. Stop centering “the talk” a…
Retweeted by a girl with many faces @NicoKartel Y’all could have just got her fired and moved on. @NicoKartel Exactly why gun girl has a platform. If y’all don’t block and go about your day smh @PhillipsShaasia Many of our parents didn’t so we never learned properly. I also think some believe their feelings… learned this the hard way 🥴 To this day, because of the massacre, on school applications and other various papers in Florida, they ask if…
Retweeted by a girl with many facesmy manssssssss — I’m so excited. New Show with #andre3000
Retweeted by a girl with many faces @NasirPremier Some of y’all are dense lmaoPeople can misinterpret this and think that people with depression are looking for a savior (most are not) People w… @FabianCabllero @teelevonn But people invite baggage into a relationship all the time. No one is ever going to be t… students need counseling
Retweeted by a girl with many facesJust spent 20 mins watching someone make a knife out of resin and🧐