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Amir @Am1racle Los Angeles, CA

Product Manager @FACEIT. Product Lead for @Flashpoint and @FPLCircuit NA //Former Pro CSS & CSGO Player (Played @ESEA Invite 2012-2015)

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@MonteCristo :D together we do manage to pull off some wizardry lololNow I’m embarrassed that my troll mage is the avatar. But yes. Contact me. I’ll be checking my DMs daily and forwar…
#NewProfilePic my wife doesn't leave me on this very precious week where we give thanks to friends, family, and most of all… @BackToBee Twitch has the better platform overall for unique creators - but actually for Esports I much prefer YouT… @EmStreams and now I'd stream with no expectations or stress, but rather just for fun. @EmStreams way more self conscious, worried about how I was perceived, I felt judged alot more often. I LOVED strea… @EmStreams It was the opposite for me actually. When I first started streaming (2012? God the old twitch page was…
@BethCarriuolo hey me tooo! See you out in the world :D @BethCarriuolo Server, Race, Faction?PLEASE VOTE you’re from North America and have any ambitions what so ever when it comes to Counter Strike; Now is your time…
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Damn, @AOC with the flawless victory: FATALITY
Retweeted by Amir @EmStreams MEETING..we need to free @vsmzin right the fuck now. SO many good rounds out of this guy. @mibr get th…
Gratz to both of these two. EXTREMELY deserved and happy for both of them. @jamesbardolph Wife got it for me on Etsy actually LOL you know these budgets require the 10key :POr get you a man who can do both @Flashpoint @jamesbardolph pls judge me #keyboardreview @sophiekeen Congrats :DDD Well deserved!Succession Episode 1 what a fucking roller coaster.
D O P E @smooyacs @ESLCS @FPLCircuit Sent a few messages! @smooyacs @ESLCS @FPLCircuit FPL NA has 16k, not sure why EU doesn't. I can look into it. @FredStreams Zen 3 tho JK, yes I agree. I was one of those people complaining about a 3080 not being available, bu… @JJLiebig @EsportsMurphy You think im joking. I have too many weak auras that don't even sync properly between ch… @mobilesinper Curtis we're almost to the weekend - but we both know work doesn't stop on the weekend! Have a good day man! @JJLiebig @EsportsMurphy As long as this includes character specific Weak Auras as well @JJLiebig @EsportsMurphy Yes please for the love of god. I've been copying my entire WoW folder and carrying it on… @connor_norris_ @raulrosas @rahulvohra @Superhuman @conradirwin @Grammarly Thanks! Thats helpful insight. I do very… @connor_norris_ @raulrosas @rahulvohra @Superhuman @conradirwin @Grammarly Any update on this? I am new to superhum…
@m0E_tv Its really amazing. I've been using that for a while now. Very happy. @LogitechG @mynerahl Which region has pre orders? @benitanov Maybe for Xmas if they're in stock it will end up under the tree, but lately I've had the actual WORST l… @benitanov I don't have that kinda moneyyyy, LA housing is sucking your boy dry. I have 2 perfectly working GPW's (… just bought a house, I do not need a mouse. I just bought a house, I do not need a mouse. I just bought a house… @HyperX Thank you :) @caseyfosterTV @Impos1bl3 @adreN_Hoag It’s an 850watt Corsair and the issue was that it was a new build. New instal… @caseyfosterTV @Impos1bl3 @adreN_Hoag Last GPU I had that was AMD was the 5700xt red devil about 7 months ago. 60%… @Impos1bl3 @adreN_Hoag Because drivers suck. I've been an AMD fan because of how they're working the market, and… Logitech super light is the dream. Love the GPRO and if they aren’t fixing what’s not broken that’s even better. Fucking HYPE.
@WillFPS Damn I take back what I said on steam @GODaZeD Not me, just me drawn LOL i went 50/50This! google nest auth system being down is just scuffing my homebridge system completely. @HyperX Any differences other than aesthetics from the first drop? That's what I have at the moment. @MLGPuckett In order of priority (that i respond to): Email (Everyone) Slack (Internal) Whatsapp (Contractors and…
@StacheMasters @tolkienfanatic @steveduden @DarfMike STEEEEEVE
ALEX wooooowieeeeee
@ThunderTierOne How can I get access? @_psmk_ :D been waiting since 2017!
big F-You to everyone who thinks this virus is fake and is not social distancing and making the problem worse for p… my mom/brother/sister (whom I've not seen since my wedding over a year ago) that it wouldn't be safe for them… @mahone_tv @NiPGaming Don't stop the content though!Hey USA, Thanksgiving is coming up. What better way of showing you’re thankful for your friends and family in your…
Retweeted by Amir @ericfbrinkley @MLGPuckett Yeah it’s basically an overhauled email system. It seems a bit daunting but they do a 30…
SuperHuman is life changing.LMAO
@FACEITDuran What are you lookin for?
@DonHaci @CSGO 5alas gooooooood damnit
@SchviftyFive ez 20
My electrician fucked up all my ceiling fans and I have no power... BUT WE DIDNT FUCK UP THE ELECTION. @bullseyeroger 100x better than trump. A step forward for sure.THANK YOU AMERICA THANK YOU. FUCKING FINALLY.
Go watch the queens gambit. Episode 1 teaches you how to resign properly. this thread. Don’t be confused. GEORGIA GIVE ME SOME FUCKIN GOOD NEWS YALL GOT THE CENTURION LOUNGE FOR DELTAS BIGGEST AIRPORT, BOMB ASS BBQ,… we gotta recount but the numbers will still add up wait, he only wants to stop the count where hes losing? or what? Because if we stop the count right now, big do…
@boqcasts @Cody_Dragon @Kevin_Hitt @MegamanTV This might be pretty new, but randomly enoug… @boqcasts @Cody_Dragon @Kevin_Hitt @MegamanTV Internet isn't THAT bad from what I hear, its just routing. Like Im p… @Kevin_Hitt @Cody_Dragon @boqcasts @MegamanTV Island Fever is real.Data visualization insights: Land doesn't vote. People do. #USElection2020
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Hello @vanitycsgo what is your steam name I cannot find you and its not pretzel. @renee Raise* not raised. He’s about as educated as his vote.Trump: “COVID cases are up because we test.” Also Trump: “Biden votes are up because they keep counting ballots.”
Retweeted by AmirCount every vote.
Retweeted by AmirIt will never stop being bizarre that the 55 million Americans who live on the West Coast - Democrat, Republican, I…
Retweeted by Amir @lights New song, old song remixed, virtual show, original meme, throw a knife at a certain persons portrait, light… @lights Please just give us a new song or something - we need a fucking saviour (see what I did there?)My ex-girlfriend voted for trump and I just realized at that moment that there would be monumental issues in the re… @m0E_tv biden woulda fixed thisStay in line, folks.
Retweeted by AmirDonald the type of dude to say GG after a loss but wont leave the server because you accidently hit "play out all r…
Games can pause. If you haven't already, please vote.
Retweeted by Amir @mbCARMAC I’ve not even moved in yet! I think the root problem is that they have 5 cars in California. @f1ukie Yeah I know just making sure no one takes it out of context :DBUT YOU KNOW, YOUR BOY WILL GO OVER AND JUST BANG OUT THIS ARGUEMENT IF TWITTER SAYS ITS THE ONLY WAY. NO but forr… of a notification that they should leave more space in the future and wait it out once they see us moving in… have done this with 3 cars (so we should be able to fit 4-5 cars total). Since we just moved, we've not intro… twitter, here is my daily Dilemma. Looking for advice on "polite confrontation" My neighbors have 4 cars, bu… @f1ukie I don’t let my political beliefs impact products I manage. @Manpons I disagree. I think you do your country a disservice by not utilizing your voice when so many others would… fuck this guy and his delusional ego trump and the hatred he allows people to show and do to others with no repercussions. Say it… @KyleThatKyle @Alchemister5 Alright I’m going to give this a go. Will follow up in a week with the patchwork RFP fo…