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warrior princess @amaarae the angel you don’t know

the angel you don’t know. easy, breezy, beautiful thugger girl 💜

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Just came 2 say Munchies vid out. Stream plenty 💜 ok, going back to album mode now 💃🏾
Exclusive Interview: @amaarae - "I'm a rap head because of my time spent in America, especially southern rap".…
Retweeted by warrior princessHappy New Year loves. Holidays are over, everyone’s settled now. Hopping on IG at 6pm on Sunday to rock the new jam…
My pastor has spoken pls.
Abeg someone should send me UK drill beats. I’m ready.New JACKBOYS is hard. I can’t believe they didn’t call me for a verse on GANG GANG & GATTI 🤧The pressure ppl can give you on whatsapp is so someway. The painful part is that im not even owing anyone money. 🤧The voice that says "juls baby" on juls songs is amaarae.
Retweeted by warrior princessWe have a game-changing panel of music industry leaders Moderated by @amaarae & a Q+A with superstar @davido! We a…
Retweeted by warrior princessGHANA! 🌍🇬🇭 My platform @melaninunscript will be curating a panel and day party with @RCARecords On New Year’s Eve f…
Retweeted by warrior princess💜😍
@karel_tweets Oh chale, im sure it’s all just bants at the end of the day. Ppl should cool down 4 her small.Why won’t y’all let Wendy Shay be great? @tdnewyork97 @bevtgooden UW! Here’s what they said bout it in case ur interested @tdnewyork97 @bevtgooden that’s crazy! I guess everybody’s got their own story then. Poke & Tone (Trackmasters) pro… @tdnewyork97 @bevtgooden Actually, Coco is uncredited b/c she didn’t want to be. She thought it was wack & a blow 2… @GimmieABeat @bevtgooden @IamRvdical so it’s not just us @magic5x Looool I can’t afford your lifestyle right now give me like a year lool we will link up heavy @magic5x Magicccccc it’s okay! ebei we are sorry 🤦🏾‍♀️
Merry Christmas 🌲❄️🌺
Retweeted by warrior princessRSVP Email is in the flyer 💜 a Christmas Gift to all of those who love and support amaarae, I will go live on IG sometime this week and play… a ting w. @sonymusic x @MelaninUnscript on the 31st. Chatting about African Music and it’s accelerated j… Christmas 💜 God Bless you all & your loved ones. @doitlikedua @iamBeatMenace @yung_d3mz 😂😂😂😂 lol but kofi what are u planning on using it for ... me I just want to learn to shoot
I don’t need a spaceship to leave this earth Because your loving is out of this universe
Retweeted by warrior princess @WhoKIKO Would like to overcome my fear of guns by learning to use one 💜 @bevtgooden Michael Jackson wanted ‘The Thong Song’ but it missed his deadline submission, so producer Tim Kelley gave it to @OfficialSisQo
Retweeted by warrior princessAll I want 4 Christmas is a Glock 40😏 @bless_ings1 @Lasundayabidjan You’re energy was crazy, I can’t believe we didn’t get a pic🤧. There should be one of…
Today in 2003 Juvenile drops Juve the Great ft the first #1 single in Cash Money history Slow Motion
Retweeted by warrior princess @Jeunelio Lio 💜 Thank you for having me, great working with you guys. Big loveMuch love to you Ama 💜💜💜💜
Retweeted by warrior princess @stingg_ Fastest, I didn’t even waste timeEven caught some concerts in Nigeria and @amaarae’s perfomance in Ivory Coast 🤩
Retweeted by warrior princessBig love to @Lasundayabidjan for having me this weekend. Honestly the best team I have ever had the pleasure of wor… @Kus_Pat Lool OMT4L @amaarae
Retweeted by warrior princess @jodye1912 💜💜💜💜 Bless u 2 luvL’homme a chillé avec @amaarae et @DJ_TUNEZ le reste la Tchai mdrr
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ABIDJAN IS LIT!!!! FORGET 8PM THESE PPL ARE JAMMIN LIKE ITS 1am @whoisjohnli will do :)2night 💜 from the top of the year, we saw both new & established artists make their mark. Here are the 20 Best Ghanaia…
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💎ANNOUNCEMENT 💎 🇺🇸 🇨🇦CHICAGO- LA - NY -TORONTO 2020 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 Next year is looking beautiful alr…
Retweeted by warrior princess @MrOgaaa Happy Birthday! Jah Bless 💜 @LadyDonli 💔🤧 @karel_tweets the pricing doesn’t make sense odo. they want to take us for mumus in this countryThey selling Lipton and milo at cafés for 14 cedis, u hate to see it. @the_KwesiHassan lol they are the ones spreading the gospel if they decide not to support me I can’t go far @ajisafemayowa_ whole new project in the works luv 💜 @JennnSaidWhat its already in the works mama 💜
Mariah Carey, aside from being a pop icon, is also one of the greatest r&b rappers to ever walk this earth. Check t… @DiQueku @MutomboDaPoet abt your party. That’s why we don’t work together anymore there’s no vendetta against you.… @DiQueku @MutomboDaPoet 🤦🏾‍♀️ I hate public drama. Never good vibes. You can mention me freely and im chill but thi… @illestmcTOBI Thank you this is amazing 💜 @illestmcTOBI Gonna use this as my profile pic 💜🔥🔥🔥🔥’t make it to this 💔 but love to all the fans going. Rage your hearts out 💜 the last project, can’t wait 2 get into the next @Ayuu_Safi 💜 Sunday this weekend. See u soon Abidjan 💜 @Lasundayabidjan @na_na_yaah @me_phish My speaking voice is actually much deeper than my singing voice @1blacwave !!!!
@lildesstt @Saraswati__ 😂😂😂The best way to reach me is in person tbhInternet data is the new crack @aleeyutemmy_ that’s gonna b my first stop 😈 @nikfromtheblock yea @fauxdenzel I really shock. I was expecting it by Dec 1st tbvhThis jam. HMPH. still goes hard in the paint till this day! @Passenjar__ whewwwwwLove Yours xo @kwophy Pls drop the link to this playlist b/c wowwww 🔥 @The1TheyCall_E 😂😂😂
@ChimdiBAM Thank you 💜💜💜
there is no money in the system tbvh
im afraid to put out new music because it’s me at my most vulnerable, most excited, most frontin, most expressive. I just want to be @officialidavid ilu222222Scarlett Johansson is an extremely mid actress dawg2 if I’m feelin classy, 7 if I’m tryna turn up to announce the first ever NIKE SHOX collab with @footlockereu and @nike in Ghana🇬🇭🇬🇭. Highlighting our cultu…
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@1blacwave I’m gonna go & live one of these days and play all the jams @1blacwave Naw all singing but just saucydon’t ask me for a 2nd favor when u wouldn’t return my 1st 🙅🏾‍♀️Smino is the only person i fear when it comes to flows & pockets, i learned from young thug so obviously i can’t fe… @aderoju_a luv u 2blonde thugger with the life lessons
Retweeted by warrior princess @AdaezeFeyisayo 💜 u so much :)Cuz she’s gonna own that shit.
Retweeted by warrior princessIf you’re gonna feature amaarae on your song then you might as well make yourself the feature.
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@iAmAClipse there’s lots of other artists that will give you balance, i just want to enjoy the new bag that im in 💜Black creatives from the diaspora come back here and undervalue the work of creatives here, gatekeep even worse tha…
Retweeted by warrior princessKelis’ caught out there is one of the wildest most unorthodox but also fire r&b songs ever made. like how do you e… slow songs 2020... only songs 4 enjoyment & quick knacks *💋*