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water always finds its level

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Do you ever hear the price of something and go: "Wow that's cheap! I still can't afford it, but it's really cheap"
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Nope, wearing an anklet on the left means you are an assassin. On the right means you want to be a professional foo…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑you people get up and spew rubbish all around as facts. is there a reason for jewelry other that beautification?? e…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑I’m going to get a job and be so successful, I wouldn’t have to depend on anyone
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Whole lotta truth rightchea
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Evil eye is too real you need to watch who you share stuff with. It be the same people who are smiling and acting happy for you.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Jack, sikap3 3nda f)m! Nyame ma y3n aho)den na to y3n nkwamu. Amen!
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Every so often when you think a man is sane, he will show you that he is in fact very mad
Retweeted by thickiana🍑happy birthday 🎈'Avatar: The Last Airbender' creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have exited the live-action Netflix ser…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑this pot of beans life responds to almost every discrepancy with violence. Shatta Kelvyn Boy Sarkodie Almost every time! Why?!!…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑What type of example does say, Future, set for young boys? Never heard it discussed.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑i managed the Ghana part of this production last year, My only sister died about a week before the shoot began. The…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑The questions you ppl ask tho
Retweeted by thickiana🍑this daddy/daughter relationship 😍
Retweeted by thickiana🍑After his dance in the rain captured the eyes of millions, this 11-year-old Nigerian boy has earned a scholarship t…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑I thought someone had this tortilla up against a tree
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Lmao. if this isn’t me. THIS AIN’T THE TRUTH🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
Retweeted by thickiana🍑 @yawgeezmusic 👌🏾👌🏾 @dedeayeh @_grey_area__ a concept. phone just reminded me that it’s a “friend’s” birthday in a week & i had been setting some money aside to buy he… the top of my head...2 people on this list have a song called “I wanna fuck you” lyrics include “It's cool, we…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑King Promise x My Lady 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by thickiana🍑
Open for a surprise
Retweeted by thickiana🍑miss you ho! #WAP is not an acceptable form of payment 😔
Retweeted by thickiana🍑sis, SAME! biggest joke about 2020 is that we all somehow think everything will be better when the clock strikes 2021
Retweeted by thickiana🍑No. People need time to process things so they dont say something that will hurt you even worse. plus theres no exp…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑I think the opinions of men accused of sexual assault are EXTRA fcking void here.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Babysitters Club guys, so the video is up on my channel. Kindly watch🙈🙈and RT for others please Ghanaian Serial Killer[The Accra…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑I hate “DM for price” so much cause 100% of the time, I don’t have the money ready yet I’m now coming to budget and…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑why y’all think every time a black person gets something it loses value lmao
Retweeted by thickiana🍑On this day in 1973, Hip Hop was born at a party in the Bronx at DJ Kool Herc’s Back To School Jam.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Ghanaian Serial Killer[The Accra Strangler] The Killer or A Scapegoat??- Crime,Folklore & Hairdo
Retweeted by thickiana🍑I promise you WAP don't offend nobody that had their ear to Hip Hop through the Lil Kim, Trina or Khia eras lol
Retweeted by thickiana🍑I’m corny asf because I’m cracking the hell up 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Dzakpata b3 devi menya ku o
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Sabala le nogoo gake mɔ le me ~Ewe
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Du ƒuƒu le amegaxi dzrom xoxo hafi wo be lɔxoa ƒe gbɔ tso ka.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Anyɛnko anyɛnko ntsi na kɔtɔ nnyi tsir.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Abonsam koti wa nanso Nyame scissors adi nkunim
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Adu konu ɖɔme le vo "The smile does not reach the stomach." It means not everyone who smiles with you has your we…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Devi si nya asikoklo nyuie lae duanu kple ametsitsiwo.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑“nusike dadi kpor hetsor nku dade adzoge, ye avu kporna anor wowom” just because the cat bias did not start today
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Whew.Green hand bag available for GHS 100
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Available for GHS 100.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Available in the two colors below for GHS 80
Retweeted by thickiana🍑When does the back pain go away?
Retweeted by thickiana🍑I don’t believe that “nothing good comes easy”. Sometimes we have access to good things that don’t require much wor…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Exhaustion will turn off your brain till you're kind to yourself.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑My debut album SAME EARTH DIFFERENT WORLDS drops next month
Retweeted by thickiana🍑The way y’all continue to associate Africa with failure is beyond me. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by thickiana🍑am I tripping or is WAP not even that nasty for y’all to be doing this much 😭 any opportunity to be in Women Business
Retweeted by thickiana🍑“meka titi dzodzo na ʋu ga o” don’t jump before the main drum. patience is a virtue. fav! really like having money. Like, even when I don’t need the money for anything, I just like knowing that I have money.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑#JusticeForJibril The worst child abuse of our time.. This is a story of a boy called Jibril Aliyu, who hails fro…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑 @agyaponglydiaa not everything is meant for everyone and that’s okay.My Twitter family kindly help me promote my business!
Retweeted by thickiana🍑some of y’all have no idea how much OC are & it shows. go to restaurants you can afford.why? an adult I understand why my parents restricted me from doing certain things and I thank them for it
Retweeted by thickiana🍑My problems are pebbles compared to the mountains of greatness I have in my life
Retweeted by thickiana🍑LMAO I get the idea but my women, don’t send any foolish kobo to a single man to prove anything. Collect their mone…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑doing natural hair is a whole work out herh
Retweeted by thickiana🍑 @andray_blay @Raselihu @selkofiga @Judicaelle_ @Akon lmao. you know what, go ahead. @sisiogelagos @TheRealDaytime A village in Senegal 🇸🇳 IS NOT EQUAL TO Africa!
Retweeted by thickiana🍑 @andray_blay @Raselihu @selkofiga @Judicaelle_ @Akon you never had electricity in Africa?Good morning @Akon. I guess congratulations are in order for bringing electricity to Africa. Thank you in this vi…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Y’all ...
Retweeted by thickiana🍑So I jumped on the #InfluencerChallenge and my MUM didn’t let me breath for A Sec😩😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Surprised I got any reaction #InfluencerChallenge
Retweeted by thickiana🍑My mom⚰️⚰️⚰️I’m selling her😭😭😭 #InfluencerChallenge
Retweeted by thickiana🍑 @keitumetse_xo_ So I did the #InfluencerChallenge on my mom 💀 yho these people are mean 😂
Retweeted by thickiana🍑
@LabellaBrooks 🥰🥰Why do I overthink about what I post on my private story? It’s MY PRIVATE STORY.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑red really is my color 😍being sleepy and traffic don’t mix at all 😩whain girl nie??? 😍😍😍 a bunch of notifications is annoying to me
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Lol they do. can confirm that this is true. Hushaunty herself talking about irresponsibility and negative societal values
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Make NOBODY lie you... Running your own business will break you... Everyday... A 9-5 shields you from soooooooo muc…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑AFUA
Retweeted by thickiana🍑How is this happening 😢🙏🏿💜💯
Retweeted by thickiana🍑Arch Thread 😍 @internethottie1
Retweeted by thickiana🍑I don’t care if you like me or not. But you would respect me
Retweeted by thickiana🍑PS: This works if you’ve been filing your taxes with GRA
Retweeted by thickiana🍑GRA Tax Reliefs u can apply for 1. Marriage Relief (for married people) Gh¢1200 per year 2. Children Education Re…
Retweeted by thickiana🍑 @OleleSalvador yo!! she used to message me. and she still posts to Forba’s status updates on whatsapp 😩Never trust a man who simultaneously wears suspenders and a belt.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑i say “this is my song” to about 50 songs
Retweeted by thickiana🍑back on my bullshit. However , the bullshit is a bit more mature and refined.
Retweeted by thickiana🍑