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If Amy March was alive today. Skincare, socialism, and shitposts. Sometimes I podcast. (She/They)🌹

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@Joshy206 @colonelnemo @tmbg13 I’m sorry. This is going framed in our house.
Seriously, @disneyplus, we need a RESTART option. @colonelnemo This dog? @colonelnemo Ah. The other Goodfellas.Guys...I don’t think I can watch Timothee Chalamet movies anymore...
@DSAanimecaucus @colonelnemo I mean remove the coke, heroin, abuse, cheating and eventually having me killed...How many times can I watch Goodfellas in 2021? First viewing: January 14th. Netflix.
Same. Same. only acknowledge Josh Pence...the body double.I don’t think I can be Winklevoss trash anymore.Again, Pete Wentz’s parents met fundraising for Biden back in the day. So not sure why it’s surprising? I feel like… if I start cataloguing the colorful collection of people I meet at the dog park? 1) A Brazilian, former Play… do subscribe to our National No Snitching Policy unless it’s this. Let me find out you were there. I will tell on…“The queen stays the queen.” No lie, but Bark Box’s customer service is an actual delight to work with.The Undertaker @THE_Stefano_DLC It’s all downhill after this... Read. A>E
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I will be passing away now.*furiously writes Samantha/Paulie fan fiction*We will not be silenced. @colonelnemo @DieRobinsonDie @DivisionPost Hi, guys. Here to collect Andy. He needs a Snickers bar.Here’s my idiot son trying to eat a flower off a carpet pattern: song by a 17 year old hits harder than anything I’ve heard in the last few years. @colonelnemo My mom’s plants are from my grandmothers’ FUNERALS, Andrew. He’s eating Helen.My dog keeps eating my mom’s plants.For this week’s maxi challenge, you’ll have just 7 days to pull off a successful impeachment.
Retweeted by Amanda AshleyAnybody remember when STEVE SCALISE WAS FUCKING SHOT?
20 years ago today, 'Lizzie McGuire' premiered on Disney Channel. It was nominated for two Emmy Awards in 2003 and…
Retweeted by Amanda AshleyY’all think I’m gonna watch SatC without the only character who has an interesting sex life??
Retweeted by Amanda AshleyHas a person watched That Thing You Do for 14 hours straight? Yes, it’s me. Thank you.Also, I didn’t watch The Sopranos till this year. I spent most of my summers watching the same movie off illegal PP… dad chipped over 100 cable boxes for friends and family. We weren’t loaded. We just stole it. it ~depression~ or is is the 14 gallons of iced coffee I exist off of?Let’s listen to MCR and ignore my depressionI will chose Christopher and Silvio AND still have a dollar. @colonelnemo I walked in on this and yelled. YELLED
@colonelnemo Always trying to take my money! They owe me so much! @meganromer I have the equipment...Chris Evans as Ransom Drysdale, Knives Out (2019)
Big Dumb Son who is freaking out over a Greenie.... @Kyle_Lucian I did ask him if they could play it at the wedding.I like embarrassing Andy with new facts about myself. Like how I know all the lyrics to Limp Bizkit’s Nookie.Y’all...has anyone checked on Dr. Dre?
@colonelnemo Tina Fey’s Parks and RecreationsLike it’s not fun when centrists block me.What fun will I have if I can’t try to get blocked my obnoxious right-wingers??!?? @Joshy206
Mom should take his phone away from him, too! That’ll teach him. Joon-ho, you are January 8, 2021's "Pimp of the week"
Retweeted by Amanda AshleySame’s up? Finally able to unlock. @colonelnemo @colonelnemo I will do anything for the Gay Canon.Biscuit’s Haunted Mansion tag came in. We are Disney Adults.
Read my full statement on yesterday's attack on the United States Capitol and attempted coup by Trump supporters an…
Retweeted by Amanda AshleyMy dad just asked me how to sign into YouTube. I would like off this planet now.Nearly every BLM protest this spring/summer, protestors also outnumbered the cops. I saw my friends tear gassed and… Cruz, you must accept responsibility for how your craven, self-serving actions contributed to the deaths of fo…
Retweeted by Amanda Ashley @aquinton Thanks. 💖If you have time, please report the account “rightwingveter1” especially the tweet with my name in it.I’ve had to report that tweet three times. Twitter has not taken it down. I’m honestly really close to deleting thi… the family dog is pissed about this new dog situation and has immediately taken her Alpha role.Biscuit got to meet my dad this morning. Best friends already., there’s a tweet with my full name still up. Great job on safety, Twitter. @ali_saur Feel free to report it!A tweet with my full name is still up an hour later. Great job, Twitter. Doing a bang up job.Four. Square. That’s my downfall. love potentially these idiots doxxed me via a FOURSQUARE account.Someone just posted my entire government name to Twitter so locking down for awhile.Don’t. Babbit was a terrorist. Plain and simple. No thoughts and prayers. @andrewstando My initial answer was “Layla”, but really it’s “Sunshine Of Your Love”.Impeach.
Retweeted by Amanda AshleyWhere the fuck can I watch Spiceworld??? I swear to god
Cops are also terrorists so... sitting President telling domestic TERRORISTS he loves them.... ChristI consider keeping up the Kardashian a job skill, people. It’s why I have an immense parasocial relationship with t… @abrissverlierer It’s really funny to me how he desperately wants to be them, but also take them down in the process. @abrissverlierer It was always the weirdest move to me. He also wanted to move his entire warehouse there, too. Probably for tax breaks. @colonelnemo I didn’t ask for this life. It just chose me.Anyway, congrats to everyone feeding into a racist’s hand once again.On their level of wealth and fame. But also it’s smart because if any rumors start about a divorce, immediately peo…* has spent years desperately trying to copy and paste the Kardashian formula into his own life to seem rich (and… will bet 100 dollars J* started the rumor himself. Anything to stay relevant AND not look racist.Two problematic people can live in the same state and not fuck. It is possible.Bitch McConnell amirite @Kyle_Lucian Oh. Totally use to it with my parents dog. He just was non-stop hiding and then moving it. Had to draw… took it away when he started climbing into a box.We just had to take a Greenie away from Biscuit because he’s been trying to hid it in various clothing and furniture. needs to get off turbo speed.
WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF ....😩😂😂😂😂This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be ! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR FUCKIN DAYS !…
Retweeted by Amanda AshleyThings my dog loves at night: my boobs @colonelnemo I have the footage.My crazy son is a front door runner. Never ran so fast to catch a living thing
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