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@CyclopediaBrain OLDS UNITE @AdamSessler It’s on Netflix :) @AdamSessler I recommend the Curious Creations of Christine McConnell.Here's my writeup on Luna. Thanks to @PiersHR and David Cole of @dfcintelligence for the always-awesome analysis.
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @ZombaeKillz These selfies are killing meeeeee 😍🔥🔥 @supadupacurl Now THAT is a beautiful shelf. @Xmiramira 😍🥺🔥
Want to help support our community and our mission to uplift marginalized voices in pop culture? Donate to the…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼Ok, but what if myself and @kylegaddo did the equivalent of talk show, but while playing as tiny children hiding o…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @Will_Overgard @kylegaddo @theblackoutclub !!!!! @sarahthebeef Same over here @Luceobrien ... yeah. :( @Arumi_kai Brt @thatenolaleone Just followed you 💜 @ZombaeKillz Still looks incredible against your skin! And the styling remains beautiful. @ZombaeKillz HAIR GOALS 😍😍😍Does anyone know any remote jobs that are hiring ?
Retweeted by Manda 🐼Next week, I'm busting out HADES. I'm so excited to check out this beauty of a game!What a great stream! Thank you to everyone who was able to join. If you missed this run, you can find it on VOD!… @Arumi_kai WAT @Futterish omg. do it.I HIT 200 FOLLOWERS TODAY! I guess that means that @Futterish and I are singing a duet on Sunday night. <3I'm live with @starrenegades! We're looking to save reality... but it's definitely our fourth time in. New squad up… @Arumi_kai I just... prefer setting my own schedule and being 100% available to my kids when they need me. I’m too… @jason_wilson @Tolkoto @JeffGrubb @deantak I mean, working for YOU wouldn’t be so bad, but I feel like GB may be the exception to the rule.After so many years of working for myself, setting my own schedules, and working from home, I don't think that I'd… @HeyDmart Happy birthday, you wonderful human! 💜Pushing back the indie stream until 2pm today. Join me for some sweet sweet @starrenegades then! @mikesuszek THANK GOD WELCOME BACK @the_mermae I love this @ZombaeKillz I hope that PAX isn't dead next year. It'd be nice to see you in person! @Futterish THE GIGGLES LAST NIGHT @DeejayKnight DUDE. I can't wait to play this! @OhMyMithrandir OH MAN. I'm gonna go back. Let's friend each other and do some AC spookums!Oh, and the racists. Always the racists. @comtar @Polygon @VirtualEconCast Aaaaaall Joanne had to do was shut her mouth and count her billions. But she just… @comtar @Polygon She likely will not be selling the IP. It seems like she's growing it, especially the gaming angle… @PlaySatellite It was like the worst kind of car crashIn related news, please read this excellent article from @Polygon. It's well-reasoned and I found myself nodding al…, I go into Polygon's mentions and just... block the transphobes, homophobes, and misogynists. It's cathartic. @girlfromcanada I'm suuuuper insecure about my skin, since I struggle with hormonal acne. <3 Thank you, though!I'm streaming later today (more @starrenegades!), in addition to getting a pile of writing prep done and starting i… piece of clothing I'm wearing today is nice and soft. I'm exhausted from another week of school (despite how… of few untouched photos of me. This one’s from yesterday. Happy Friday. love game nights with the guys. @Futterish @geminibros and @ShaunNorton – I love you dudes. 💜 @aspacemermaid TREX YES but also no @aspacemermaid @SusanArendt It gets so very, very good. 🥰 @NeyshaPlays @OhMyMithrandir 👀👀👀👀👀 @justicar In other news, I miss you! @the_mermae WHAT AN ABSOLUTE MUFFIN @justicar Ty. I am now v hungry and I cannot reach you. :( @justicar Glenn, this is porn @Riverboatjack Oh. True. @megsauce Congrats!! @Friskkmkay Omg I love this movie. 😍My friends at @secondstargame are looking for a Marketing Specialist, they're an awesome female-led and primarily L…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @Futterish @KyleOrl @maria__giesela LooooooveThe face journey i went on reading this...
@jonnadraws @osamadorias YES I AGREE. @TwoLemonades CORRECT @justjessisfine BABS 😍If you follow me and trust my opinion on anything, please, I implore you, don't buy this thing.
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @blackoni @ark8net LOVE LOVE LOVE @starrenegades @RawFury Clearly, I will be buying one. @starrenegades @RawFury I think my eyebrows just shot into my hair. @xoxogossipgita I really like your writing and I’m very glad that you exist. 💜 When this pandemic is over, let’s get tea. @ZombaeKillz Oh shit, I may need one!!! @AshleyEsqueda Hey you. I feel this. I love you so much. You are a goddamn goddess. And I will fight all of those assholes. @ChucklefishLTD @pixelexplorers_ Oh my goshOh hi, I’m playing too. Check us out on of humanity. I’m so disappointed, as I was an early Hootsuite supporter. Into the bin. @VioTCZ Extremely cute. @AStraww You’ve got this!👀We know a community that would could be nominated for the community award 👉🏾👈🏾
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @RyanJBlack Aww guys, I’m so sorry. What an awful, awful thing. @Futterish and I will be here for extra love if you need it.The*gameHERs Awards is live! It’s time to recognize womxn in all aspects of gaming for their dedication to creatin…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼i hope after today the companies and folks sliding in my DMs put a lil more respect on their interactions with blac…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @OhMyMithrandir DO LESSAttempt finished. I did it. Now I can breathe a little easier and work on the New Thing before I go to pick my kids up from school. @newotakuman5000 @vicious696 RIGHT?! I feel this deeply. @Futterish @missdoomcookie gdi Mike no self deprecation for you @missdoomcookie FAT BEAR WEEK?! I'm in.That's why we can never stop fighting and never stop screaming for justice. I can't safely march or vote in this… @newotakuman5000 @vicious696 I love them so much. @newotakuman5000 I would wear these immediately, but I'd probably have to fight @vicious696 for them and he'd win. T_T @jempanada3 I couldn't resist for the anime filter. Like. At all.Attempting to get a little bit of editing done before diving into a Very Big, Very Exciting piece I'm working on for one of my fave outlets. @jempanada3 I only log in for the cool filters XD @ZombaeKillz ty ty <3 the lip is from Nyx, I think? One of their lip creams.I never use Snapchat but this was cute. So hi, hello good morning. @DrKowert Prettyyyyy @akhmourne You are gloriousNo justice, no peace. #BlackLivesMatter #BreonnaTaylorMatters
Retweeted by Manda 🐼I mean...... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @TwoLemonades DON’T YOU THREATEN ME WITH A GOOD TIME BB @ShinyCaseyD Followed you! @TwoLemonades Date me already jfc @TwoLemonades GORGEOUS 😍