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Editor & writer. Podcast co-host. Mama of 4. Board game connoisseur. Video games are good, actually. Fashion enthusiast. Biznez. Chaotic Good. She/her.

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@PaladinAmber AHAHAHA I JUST SAW THIS ON INSTAThis thread tho @Futterish @BoldBebo ... seriously tho.Splat Attack!! @EFGaming Such fun! @xpatriciah UM. UMMMM. @BenKuchera ... literally hundreds of hours at this point. I love it so much.My @Rainox is off with our youngest to a Girl Scouts dance. @CortanaV
@DaveMilbo Ew. Bad enough we have to deal with the pledge of allegiance in the US... which I routinely ignore... 🙃🙃… @stevenspohn Reported. @typeoneerror So close and yet so far @BoldBebo <knows cars but isn’t in Seattle> bummer @_Cooper I see @WeAreMel continues to do god’s work. @duckvalentine @tha_rami It’s just... wat.If you're in the US, not clicking the link in the e-mail will cancel your pre-order. If you're in Europe, clickin…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @aNuChallenger I just love her.Reminder: new people to an industry are not always students. There are plenty of people in their 30s/40s/50s that s…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @Rajio Honestly, I’ve had nothing but lovely interactions with folks about FFXIV. @Futterish Finance Twitter is almost as bad as VC Twitter... @moorehn 👀👀👀😂The trickiest part about crunch and the burnout that follows aren’t even the long hours. The exhaustion that comes…
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@Futterish Gonna make you some sweet toad leather legs tonight!! @emilybuckshot @EscoBlades Agreed. @cypheroftyr I need a nap @MXAGhost This is what my handwriting really looks like. And thank you. 🥰 @mariepoulin Excuse me, Ms Marie, but I am loving your hair. For a couple of gals who wore their hair short for so long, look at us now! 🥰😍Awesome office hours with @thatguydidi He shows that weekly planning doesn't have to be com…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼Been struggling for weeks with recovering from burnout and depression. (It will get better.) Slowly climbing out of… @JosephYaden @moorehn 😱😱😱😱😱😱 @SarahTheRebel They soft until they’re wronged or hurt and then HOO BOY. (My daughter is a Pisces and watch out if you wrong her.)Happy World #EducationDay! The #G4CStudent Challenge inspires students in underserved communities to create their o…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @JoelleMonique Ahsoka is the best character in all of SW. Hands down. Period. @ladyluck34 @comtar I love this. Good for you. <3Addendum Trois: @SusanArendt YES. I love this. Great addendum the third. <3 @comtar We all make mistakes, friend. I know I made a LOT of them throughout 2016-17 and I'm still trying to make up for it. <3Addendum Deux: accepting responsibility isn't the same thing as hating yourself. Don't hate yourself. (I know that'… @palatiny @LutroDraws This can seem that way, but folks really do like explanations. A lot of the time, folks that… apologizing doesn't make you weak. It means that you're strong enough to admit that you made mistakes, ev… apology costs NOTHING and means EVERYTHING to a lot of folks. Acknowledging pain (and seeking amends for causing… after me: an apology is not to make YOU feel better -- it's to ensure that the person that you wronged knows… yes, that does mean that I falter. I'm not perfect. My partners (and my kids, although they see it far less) kn… with bipolar on a regular basis doesn't give me blanket consent to hurt the people around me and squash the… is true. When I have a "spiral", I always need to apologize for it. I never mean to lose my shit, but when I d… @GameOverGreggy @gankstrr Um, this is brilliant. I love it. @SnarkySteff This warms my heart.We’re looking for a Director of Media Relations for our NY office (not remote) to work on the Nintendo team. If you…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @Mike_Laidlaw @BlondeNerd Yeah you do. It’s my fave sleepy shirt BECAUSE IT GLOWS AND IS MY SEEKRIT NIGHTLIGHT👀👀👀👀👀 @mistermegative No thanks. @Author_MShaver Metmet, clearlyMy daughter left this on the couch and she’s now sleeping. Rules of the street mean that it’s mine now. Cheesiesquish friend is mine.Cheesecake frend @corybarlog @Futterish @BoldBebo Exquisite. @seriouslyclara Boy bye @BoldBebo Ewwwwwww @Futterish @Cromwelp @Charalanahzard @NVCpodcast @ZachariusD @agentbizzle @ShinyCaseyD @TomRMarks @Futterish @Cromwelp @Charalanahzard @NVCpodcast @ZachariusD @agentbizzle @ShinyCaseyD @TomRMarks @Futterish @Cromwelp @Charalanahzard @NVCpodcast @ZachariusD @agentbizzle @ShinyCaseyD @TomRMarks I’m so mad at you right now. @Futterish AHHHHHGHHHHGHHH ... okay but can we go and beat that game together because we’re both fraidy cats?
@AnyaynA ... feel this deep in my bones. @Crowbeak Awwww thanks lovely. 💜Rolling need on this concept @HeidiBelleau Love this look for you @maggieserota Exceptional reporting, esp bc this topic is high on the yuck factor. Rooting for you!A Plague Tale hits Game Pass today. It's one of my favorite games from 2019. Please, if you have Game Pass, give it…
Retweeted by Manda 🐼I can't even tell you how much I admire your confidence. 💕
Retweeted by Manda 🐼 @teripanda You’ve got this, lovely. Text me if you need anything!There are days when I curse my Capricorn moon, but today is not one of those days. I've been stuck in a rut for MON… @ladyluck34 Yes, but they start at $150-200K. hahaha...haha......ha @ladyluck34 Exactly. Our parents probably bought their first homes for sub $100K. I know my folks bought their firs… @TheeDoctorB With your skin? 2. But I personally like 1 best. @jason_wilson @Futterish @dhfutter Absolutely. @jason_wilson I didn't mind renting before I became a parent. If I wanted to get up and move to a new neighbourhood… kind of thing fires me right the heck up. If you think the reason why Millennials can't afford to buy a home h… ongoing "just buy a house somewhere other than the coast" completely discounts the reality that we got into the…<gestures emphatically to the gig economy> Like. Y'all. We're also prolific side hustlers, we Millennials. So we… has also affected a TON of Canadian Millennials, too. The fact of the matter is that many of us are knowledge… @Gaohmee ... wow. That's... a lot.Love that I got out of the house to get some headway on projects and the internet is just... borked. <sigh> @Futterish So proud of youuuuu @TheMistaJ_ @merlin_nv He’s got a point. Important stuff! @Rajio Hell yeah @Riverboatjack 👀👀👀👀👀 @Riverboatjack You’re radiant ilu @AITA_reddit @AutomaticZen Hooray! Welcome back!I said people, but I meant person. Just my kid. That’s it. @David_Jagneaux SupSo, in closing: this take is extremely bad. Go to therapy. You and your friends will be better for it.But my friends? They have therapy. I have therapy. It leaves us room to be closer and happier together; to lean on… ONLY people that I act as “therapist” is my ADHD/anxiety kiddo and that’s only as a supplement to the therapy h… had an incredibly supportive, loving group of friends in Vancouver and it was decidedly unfair of me to lean on t… is necessary and everyone should be in therapy in this year of 2020. @megadadsblog @mistermegative @kezamacdonald