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North Belfast woman. Journalist. Northern/Ireland Correspondent. Writer. Broadcaster. Freelance plate spinner. #washyourhands

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👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Very well deserved! Skilled, talented, a great communicator and obviously a thoroughly decent human. And he s… Biden @JoeBiden: 'You can ask about #Ireland anytime you want'!😂🌈 spoke to community groups about how they had been supporting people from March through the summer. That work cont… @nirwnnews @IrishSecretari1 @WSLobbyistNI Great. Checking in with the network has been craic! @WSLobbyistNI @IrishSecretari1 Friday @ 11am🙌🏻Support the People's Kitchen @pk_belfast or other local food crisis projects. See
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonFolks please give this a read and help with donations if you can, it makes for a heartbreaking but honest read, tha…
Retweeted by Amanda Ferguson @nisportslaw @IrishSecretari1 @WSLobbyistNI Beside the Free Derry one! @nisportslaw @IrishSecretari1 @WSLobbyistNI Love teas and read - “people supported by foodbanks today: newborns; asylum seekers & refugees; cancer patients; citizen…
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonWe work closely with @NBAPAdvice through SVP. Please consider supporting this vital service at this time of year. F…
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonRead this ... we cannot allow food banks become the norm in our society! Huge kudos to @NBAPAdvice meeting immediat…
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonThis week on our #FirstFridays Coffee Break Catch Up series, we'll be hearing from @WSLobbyistNI who talks about th…
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonSign up for email updates. Enter your email address to receive updates straight to your inb… latest website piece. In this case I have been looking at what we can do to support @NBAPAdvice @pk_belfast this… @NBAPAdvice @pk_belfast @IrishSecretari1 @WSLobbyistNI OMG😂Legendary footballer Diego Maradona dies aged 60 distance doorstep tea with my girl @weirzone She’s the teabag left in weirdo, not me!🙃 @CaralNiChuilin Thanks. @CaralNiChuilin Quite. When is the @niexecutive dealing with the outstanding abortion services commissioning issu… stuff @WomensAidNI @SEDSVP @taramillstv @AllisonMorris1 Unfortunately media colleagues who most need to be at… @TimesRadio now: Disunited Kingdom 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Political news from the four corners of the UK with…
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonOn air with @MattChorley @TimesRadio shortly for the Disunited Kingdom feature bringing the latest from NI. Plenty… was saying it would have been good if Belfast, Dublin, London had timed their announcements... 3 households simil… & girls have increasingly become the target of online violence & abuse amid #COVID19. On Wednesday's Int'l D…
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonMajority will adhere to Christmas rules @StephenNolan @mickfealty @AmandaFBelfast ⬇️
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonI also worked on a radio report on this topic last night. Interviewees were divided - some welcome the news and wil… early contributing to @NickFerrariLBC @LBC regions report with reaction from #Belfast to the planned festive eas…‘We have got to keep the Irish border open,’ says incoming US President Joe Biden #brexit
This is obscene. from them. 👌🏻‘We do not want loved ones to become seriously ill or lives put at risk this Christmas’, warns BMA @CroftJo90 We’ll know more Thursday. from Stormont FMs👇🏻 @marybjkelly @niexecutive Some friends in Britain having a real dilemma about whether to come home. Some have alrea… @marybjkelly @niexecutive Time to travel home... A and M didn’t mention it up at Stormont earlier. And we don’t ge… there is so much collaboration going on north south and east west why are these announcements not timed?! when more mixing indoors, travel restrictions ease, cases go up. We will pay. Future is bright.… @niexecutive release a statement about Christmas plans?! Why am I finding out from a journalist in England th… government Christmas plans statement... govt has not yet reached a decision on what’s happening on the other side of the Border over the Christmas pe… we providing tests ahead of new bubbles forming to ensure safety? wish politicians were as fast to respond to women’s rights activists concerns as they are to faith leaders. I cou…🎄Not even sorry. Any recommendations for my festive playlist please let me know!
Instagram @bordersjock Aye makes sense with our lovely dark winters! @dli_odoir 😂👍🏻🙏🏻 @KMallaghan Yep! @purple_kathryn The retailers I spoke to said it was very busy at lunchtime. I got groceries and Vitamin D!😂On three other notes: Town looks pretty🌈 Seeing The Garrick shut was😢 Spring will be better🙏🏻, dispatches from #Belfast city centre... It wasn’t weekend busy. Steady in the afternoon but pretty full on ear… @Kateymcphee Thanks Katherine! 😊 @thealso 😊👌🏻Ms Worldwide! I wish it was delivering positive news.My best m8 is sitting in Pret in London and said her face must have been a picture when I starting talking. Wasn’t… Pastor Paul Burns planning to ignore the new #covid19 restrictions is so risky given the likely demographic…, this place is a shambles air today with Jeremy Vine @theJeremyVine @BBCRadio2 with the latest from NI #covid19 @publichealthni recommends #VitaminD supplements during autumn and winter
NEW: What UK govt is looking at. Too early to say. It’ll depend on how our numbers look tbh, plus we have to consid…👀 @johnpjkelly Thanks John. Appreciated. @johnpjkelly It can be exhausting but on we go. Lot of angry people out there! My favourite is when they are furiou… @KennedySinger @ImeldaOfficial Presenting...the basket of loo roll. Game changer! than that allowed to file into the rugby this evening... I know Bob isn’t suggesting they or wee girls outsid… @KarenSethuraman @AllisonMorris1 Thanks Karen. I know you don’t have to search far for people with comments about your role!🌈 @kiityc Just told Paddy I’ll be his girl for all seasons😂 @AllisonMorris1 P.S - “Playing the sexism card” for a full house. @AllisonMorris1 Demanding replies and calling us attention seekers! going after public sector wages? Busy week. @PodgeNB 🤷🏻‍♀️No issue too small for some reply guys when it’s a media woman sharing an opinion. I’ll be called an… tired of random men staggering around the internet slagging off women journalists and telling us how to do… 2 is on Sky Cinema. It’s class. I’ll not hear any different. #coolrider #pinkladies Alan being a fact fan he will no doubt appreciate this post which has just been sent to me. Point still stands… from John Finucane MP @johnfinucane to all Members of Parliament calling for a public inquiry into the killi…*brrrrrr* *teeth chatter* What do you mean it’s cold! We’re fine. Al fresco coffees with Paddy’s parents.🖤#belfast posted a photo @ Belfast @Thelytokous letter from 4 #Stormont parties to Brandon Lewis calling for public inquiry into the killing of #PatFinucane @alaninbelfast Keep ‘er lit, Alan. Superb!Just brilliant from @alaninbelfast ‘Let’s face the fact this is a bit like a war. People didn’t go through WW2 & ha… @mariannaspring It’s never acceptable but generally indicates we are doing something right. Keep up the good work, Marianna. #solidarityHow I talk to the victims of conspiracy theories @mariannaspring
@MCDAID 😆🌈Making a mocha-ry of the whole thing! OMG I’m so sorry. I had to tweet this.☺️😂☕️ “@BelfastLive Covid restrictions stop Belfast dad buying tiramisu after 8pm as it contains alcohol”👀 part of the steps towards mass covid testing capacity, QUB are from Monday running an NHS funded, quick-result s…
Retweeted by Amanda Ferguson @adrianmckinty @Garbhan_D @stuartneville @GoIntoTheStory Yer man sounds like a total melter.Great news & another reminder of the groundbreaking work being done in Northern Ireland & @QUBelfast #COVID19
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonReally big step forward for our ability to track, trace and monitor COVID. Wishing @QUBelfast every success
Retweeted by Amanda FergusonGood news! Queen’s University #Belfast @QUBelfast launches asymptomatic #covid19 testing programme.