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Two full-time and paid opportunities @CatapultStory !! Links in thread ✨We're looking for a digital publishing fel…
Retweeted by Amanda Fortini @Thessaly I feel this too.
“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell @heideggrrrl @zenahitz I agree, and well put. @xlorentzen @cejarvis @heideggrrrl This answer is very you and I love it! @xlorentzen @cejarvis @heideggrrrl This is good advice! @cejarvis @heideggrrrl This is spot on. @heideggrrrl @cejarvis Yes! Elevating the tone! @cejarvis @heideggrrrl I do think part of it is a frustration with the hectoring tone in which it’s done? @heideggrrrl ❤️ @heideggrrrl @bdmcclay @cejarvis There are certainly exceptions! (Thus why this place can be so frustrating.) @heideggrrrl And I don’t mind disagreement! I kind of enjoy it actually when it’s respectful and in good faith. I a… @heideggrrrl I guess I don’t think trying to persuade people (especially on here!) ultimately works—it seems they a… @profjoshlandy Yes ok “rarely” not never, haha @heideggrrrl But maybe I’m misreading you, as can happen here?! @heideggrrrl I definitely agree that there is value in diagnosing and critiquing moral failure but to me that seems… @M___p___k___ I love her 💜 @OscopeLabs No it was Sirius satellite radio! A 90s station—“Lithium,” I think? @GuardianJessica Hahahaha
@SueSchneidhorst Yes indeed @SueSchneidhorst For me or them? Haha @PeterSteinberg1 This is such a wonderful letter! “If I wasn’t so tired I’d hop right into your lap.” @PeterSteinberg1 I met her once! She was like 96 years old at the time. Barbara Epstein took me to dinner at her ap… @TheLincoln @elizmccracken Why thank you 😂 @lilyburana @kateward @Carina_Chocano I feel like some of it fucked me up in ways I’m only beginning to acknowledge. @PeterSteinberg1 Oh me too. She’s one of my absolute favorites.The Olsen Twins recreate Dorothea Tanning. @PhoebeR It really felt revolutionary when you heard it for the first time. @kateward It really does! @meghanor But isn’t it weird how we never talk about Hole? They were really so good. Live Through This especially. @meghanor Meghan! I wrote this and then was JUST thinking about that piece we worked on together. It was one of the… @Carina_Chocano That IS fun. I played “Famous Blue Raincoat” for my teenage stepson and he listened for a while and… @lilyburana @Carina_Chocano I look back and I marvel at how unaware people were of it! @DJSugi @WSJMag Thank you 🙏 so much! I love hearing that. @Carina_Chocano It really is, isn’t it? Did your daughter love it? @RoArquette It really is. @EdwardHemingway I love Malibu @looks_last YES @PKhakpour It has!! @S___Elliott Yes! I agree. And I love that album. @looks_last Might be mine too.Tell me your favorites. @kdwesson18 I love Hole too, and that album! @passerpiccolo My Catholic schooling (and later CCD) instilled in me a deeply rebellious and anti-authoritarian str… just heard “Doll Parts” on the radio and I don’t know why we don’t talk more about how great Hole was. Instead of… word is out! I'm so stoked to be editing nonfiction for the badass team at @_triangle_house, and if you wanna t…
Retweeted by Amanda Fortini @ashleyjaggg Have you seen the protests in Berlin and Denmark and elsewhere? Not sure it’s limited to Americans. An… @Abbey_Bender @alexdimitrov lol @alexdimitrov TotallySeems obvious but apparently not: Shaming or trying to control other humans won’t work, never works, often backfires. @xlorentzen Lol for real @SteveGreenwald Thank you! @jonahweiner It is his masterpiece! @lilyburana @walterkirn Yes exactly! 🙏💛My father died in May. My wife found 3 old rolls of film in his cabin & took them to CVS. In October I prayed about…
Retweeted by Amanda Fortini(As long as we’re talking metaphor...)When I took my oral exams to graduate with honors in college one of the questions was “What’s the difference betwee…
@TamaraMoore5 I really don’t think it’s only women. And I wasn’t writing about myself! @vmspod (And for posting!) @vmspod Thank you for reading Gil @sdmoore Thank you for pointing this out Sarah. And I’m so pleased to hear it perked you up! I hope you’re doing ok.❤️Sometimes I love Twitter. @mr_alphabet Good one @EdwardHemingway Haha I like this one Edward!MASS @rachsyme This is not a multigenerational saga but I have been reading The Portrait of a Lady with my book group an… @jamieharrisonmt 💜💜💜 @NatalieLima09 Mine came from a family that had not one but two VW Vanagons. @NatalieLima09 Lol yes @SteveGreenwald “Dark as a raven’s wing without the raven.” Very nice! @SteveGreenwald I don’t think you’re insane! It is the dark season, isn’t it?We have entered the season of 6pm-going-on-midnight.
@rossgarber @WSJMag Thank you 🙏 so much! You’re right that there isn’t much on it and she is quite reticent when it…“And extensive contact tracing found that class attendance was not linked to even a single case of coronavirus tran… @M___p___k___ Yes mine have done this, both here and on Instagram. @staaacyselby No. I’m not saying that. @staaacyselby I don’t disagree on any of this. It was a very simple straightforward tweet about everyone saying Bra… @staaacyselby I think you misread the tweet? I wasn’t saying there aren’t individual women who are beautiful when t… @EdwardHemingway And you’re right about Emmylou. @EdwardHemingway Oh yours was fine! Seriously. You should read a lot of the others. 💜 @abby_aguirre Ugh 😩 I knowNearly all of the comments to this just prove my point.
@unevagabonde And I do take your point! @unevagabonde I love your book Breakup! 🧡 @joannaofottawa I think you’re right! A little more acceptance. But my female European friends worry about aging too. @JLustwerk There are plenty of beautiful older women. I’m talking about societal standards, not specific women. @nellfreuden @RLSWrites ❤️ @claseur She doesn’t look like that. Her hair is dyed and she’s Botoxed to the hilt. Totally fine, but not comparable @scoootchover @RoArquette He’s not aging gracefully! He looks scruffy and gray and sort of old. But people still th… @Thereal_ssteele Yes you’re making my point. We love gray on men. @Thereal_ssteele He looks pretty scruffy and gray to me! @GigiLevangie You look terrific. 💛 @EdwardHemingway She’s amazing. I love her too. @RLSWrites I might be the only woman in America for whom he does nothing. I don’t know why?!I wish we let women age like this too. it louder, franchise owners, so misguided lawmakers considering a federal #AB5 can hear you: 👉👉👉 "The thousand…
Retweeted by Amanda FortiniWe are now accepting applications for a new Criticism Editor. Please spread the word. Details here:
Retweeted by Amanda FortiniCome work with us! We're looking for someone to join our editorial team at a senior level. Deets below.
Retweeted by Amanda Fortini @lynnsstrong I can’t wait to read! @SteveGreenwald Thank you Steve! I had seen it but hadn’t read it yet so I appreciate the reminder.