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cartoonist & colorist. drawing FABIOLA & YLINI for @OniPress. contact/inquiries: amandascurti@gmail

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@TristanACooper oh....oh tristan, no
@bonaneh love the round on you! @robochai I didn’t know this about you holy shit how cool
someday I’ll write something about falling out of love with creative work, and then hopefully some day after that I… @AngrygirLcomics Verified
@BrianLeeWow god. imagineI promise I won’t blog about it and pose in photos with other people’s childrenbooking a couple of random short solo trips abroad to both demonstrate and examine my baseline level of existential dread
dead, as they say, ass don’t know the tragedy of being a chunky and only finding low-rise bell bottom tommy hilfiger jeans as the c… jeans are so high waisted they’re essentially sitting under my bra, feels like I’ve been getting a lightly ag… @inklooseart Wow
@meyrude the multilevel corniness is killing me I’m so readythis is absolutely ridiculous and I’m obsessed with it now @notgojira you rule @whitneyarner this is awesome!!!! they seem like very kind people, I’m glad for some confirm on this @RubberNinja chiro has helped my drawing arm not fall off my body from having a fucked up neck, hope you are able to find some relief too!! @chrisairbud GEEZ
@nsilverberg the absolute lack of thought when it comes to their reasoning of giving full unfettered access of a br…
Retweeted by Amanda Scurti @ItsGreliz I can’t go for that, no can do :/someone wanna explain to me why I have been listening to so much Hall & Oates. Am I dying @whitneyarner TRULY...for sleepytimes or awaketimes, all timesreturning to the safety of my 2 dads at SYSK who have been consistently good at discussing almost all topics for ye… @chrisairbud the margins are wwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddeeeeee in this genre aren’t they @OliveOilCorp it’s that supposedly tasty line between journalism & entertainment we can’t help but be fucked by in… interesting as serial was, the trend of slapping some stock music over a flaccid verbatim reading of a wikipedia… @OliveOilCorp someone’s always like “oh but wait until you try THIS one” and then I see tenderfoot and turn into a quiet little rage demon @OliveOilCorp why is he so many places. it’s sword & scale syndromesometimes I actually believe that if I wish really, really hard the ~trending... new and amazing will blow ur mind~… @jasjuliet my eyes r leaking @heyshanmurphy 💕🦀
@VViiNNG they're gorgeous but also I want to eat them @empriseduciel the good spice @shelligator definitely!!!!2019 should be 20niceteen because first of all we need to be nicer to each other most of the time and second of all…
Retweeted by Amanda Scurti @shelligator self-reporting with this is such a personal thing's difficult to make a hard-line solution… @inklooseart COME HANG OUT @AngrygirLcomics you’re a jammy fool @AngrygirLcomics come on the italians and the french know what they’re doing here tho fr I’m glad you’re eating the proverbial fuckin fruit @AngrygirLcomics welcome to white culture enjoy ur stay @AngrygirLcomics @AngrygirLcomics they died as they lived: nappingroommate & I are seriously considering acquiring a kotatsu in this apartment & I’m not sure anyone will ever see me again if we do get one
B D D E - big danny devito energy
@Lubchansky it's one of those things I can almost cry on command thinking/talking about it's a bit pitifulI think everyone who considers themselves "a creative" should watch it, there's something in there for everyone @BraidyonceStan you're so lucky your acct is locked so it looks like I'm being roasted by a ghost atmI got some The Fall energy from this (which is my favorite movie) so I feel very nourished rn and also my colorist… @BraidyonceStan I did see it! I think it made me appreciate this one more tbh. I like GDT as a person a lot & think… @BraidyonceStan you know better than to underestimate ME @BraidyonceStan I swear to fucking god kw @BraidyonceStan THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T WATCH IT!!!!!!! 😭 tbh @BraidyonceStan yeah! I had a general idea of what it was about & knew what the characters looked like but for real @Akitron TEARS ON MY FACEI tend to put off watching hyped things until I think I can actually independently appreciate them, and I am really… just watched Pan's Labyrinth for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geez @kendrawcandraw don’t you love how we can logic things out this wayah yes. my son. @graylish ohhhh ma goddddddddcoworker: so what are you doing tonight? going out? me, knowing full well my roommate and I are going to cook an in… @heyshanmurphy @inklooseart >:3 @inklooseart THANK YOUPushing Daisies binch
@AngrygirLcomics imagine being this ugly @Lubchansky livin la vida locaAnyway, balance — I saw the neighborhood elderly chunky daschund tottering around this morning and gave him a pet a… @killswitchkatie bless us for both saying this and me just seeing yours nowwhiskey and craft beer are not personality traits and books and stuff and things aren’t eitherI’M SORRY TO HAVE BROUGHT NEG TO THE TL lol, I am sensitive to the uniquely smarter-than-thou American dings on spi… @Valkyrie_Kane she’s all about taking stock in what you own and examining why — that is so valuable, especially to… @yo_chandler YEAH THE PAST TWO NIGHTS @OliveOilCorp imagine not evaluating your stance when you have three shelves full of cookbooks from 1991 you haven’t opened since 1991I’m also just mostly aggro how I just...sniff sniff oh there’s that whiff of racism like cartoon steam off of a windowsill pietruly half of you blockheads hold on to books as a physical representation of your supposed lofty intelligence, I k… keep making tweets about the marie kondo book discourse and deleting the drafts because the willful ignorance of… Lauren Underwood sworn in as the youngest black woman in Congress
Retweeted by Amanda ScurtiI’m a joy to work with
@BrandonHoang_ that first couple is the worst @EiffelArt I WAS LISTENING TO THIS ALBUM THIS MORNING DEADASSamazon cuomo is the logan paul of democratic figureheads and I won’t elaborate on thatit’s almost as if amazon cuomo cares more about the short-term dopamine rush related to making secret flash-in-the-… instead of making people suffer for 15 months by shutting down the L train cuomo decided making people suffer fo… only thing I miss about high school is the desk backs being the exact right height and strength for me to pop m… Pikmin is the only baptized entity in Smash
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@biancaxunise imo it's the same thing as like Elvis not being the guy to create blues-pop-rock n' roll but I guess… @biancaxunise I think the thing with them is that it made ~gender stuff more accessible, since a lot of those old s… @biancaxunise I have no beef with MCR currently but this reach is why The MCR Culture made me so meh to them until 2016 @MollyOstertag yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S THE BEST @saint_vagrant it's a hell of a thing to think that certain random things are assigned effeminate value (nails & sk… loop this around and not be mean though I hope the concept of self-care can be viewed as a more gender-neutral a… hope cis guys especially get their basic human shit in order because us mid-tier-cute girls are not putting up with it anymore2019 I'm gonna be better at sussing out at first glance which men don't brush their teeth or clean under their nail… to notice: 🕷️ Both Miles & Peter are animated on 2's (12 poses/sec), while the scene was rendered on 1's (2…
Retweeted by Amanda Scurtirare currency
@rattusRose YES BABIE @biancaxunise 💕💕💕💕💕 @sad4sunflowers ABSOLUTELY LOVELY @heyshanmurphy Smexy xDdddd