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namie forever / JO1 / idols / ardent supporter of kamenashi kazuya's eyebrows / magical girls / games / she-her

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Friends am gonna take a lil break from social media for a couple of days ✌🏼 just a wee heads up cause it doesn’t se… @Baccibloo @sneeek aww bacci you did such a nice one, whereas mine is Vague Collection of Asian Artists I Have on Rotation Right Nowthe “at least I can wash mine off” was also a go-to for the bullies of my time. they love that line huh @mint_blossoms Oh defos, you don’t just pull that out of nowhere 😰 really worrying and sickening @mint_blossoms Omg I saw the video she was referencing and I was like “bitch it’s not that deep” 😭😭 like wtf needs… Lee. #TwinPeaks30 @SherylLeeActrss
Retweeted by ☆彡 @skipturnstep I will! It was like £4 so I thought I’d give it a try!!wonder how long she’s wanted to say these things for ooooh my god “the younger generation are better 🙂” FOH!!!!
@infiniteroxas It is! It’s a really silly fighting game but if you’re into fighting games, there’s also a lot of in… @infiniteroxas Omg... of course you are 🤣🤣🤣On Wed 4/8, I’ll be live-tweeting the Pilot starting at 11:30am PST, then do an Instagram Live starting at 1:20pm P…
Retweeted by ☆彡 @infiniteroxas @grimoireyorha Love u sweetiepie 😭💕 @infiniteroxas It is! It’s from the Jojo eyes of heaven game ☺️the most recent trophy i #PS4share Good Isolation Choices @grimoireyorha *FEEL BAD ABT omg am so glad u feel ma pain am with u hen x @grimoireyorha Omg literally me rn am sitting on the floor thinking “why do I feel about breathing rn” @akaifreesia That is a v v good point actually... only channel 4 could produce and host this badboy @akaifreesia I salute ur American friend omg I still don’t think I’m over the “is this allowed” part 😭😭 I think it’… I appreciate the rundown of my failings at the end xOmg I was so close to the end lolEscaping to finish until dawn @midsxmmvr I just don’t have the constitution for things like this @defendIove I don’t know why this is a tv show @xiaoaishiteru Oh my god @defendIove I took a picture but immediately decided not to send you it because it is just a penis“Ready to see some cock?” how is this just on normal tv. howi’m glad they clarified where the eye operation was
Retweeted by ☆彡I hate it hereone of the most truly unspoken horrors in britain is leaving the tv on, forgetting about it, and looking up to five… a boy vs texting a man
Retweeted by ☆彡Rumor: RE8 is called RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE (notice the VIII) - Chris to play a central role; has been redesigned -…
Retweeted by ☆彡totally spies redraw💄💫
Retweeted by ☆彡ty @defendIove ! quarantine chain: name 6 artists/groups that you like and tag 6 accounts to share your own! 1.… @futurecider oh my god! are you okay?! i'm so sorry!! @delerium48 AHHHHH⁦@amarganoche⁩ new podcast episode for the 30th anniversary of the premiere
Retweeted by ☆彡 @runwaycharisma DANCE IF YOU WANT ITmy new email sign off
Retweeted by ☆彡Oh look it’s Jewish Ed Miliband with a bacon sandwich and a large nose. Nothing to see here.
Retweeted by ☆彡 @gordonmaloney @reflektorrr what the fuckI got a £5 coupon from Uber eats cause it’s my “anniversary” and the only establishment operating near at my parent…, I’M 39 AND THIS IS MY THIRD RECESSION
Retweeted by ☆彡 @fryan_get からい if it’s in a food context! But otherwise つらい @llamatsuri Omg I automatically distrust any reporting I see directed to that website LOOLthis album is also... *chef’s kiss* @Johnnybmilandro Should’ve got you this on Sunday, but would need to have it changed to ‘57th’ x imagine being a sun newspaper defender. I didn’t even think that could exist @SetaliaWorkshop This is what it sounds like whenever she unmutes her mic 🤣one of my managers is in her garden for this meeting we’re having and I’m scared she is going to be attacked by seagulls @Jul3rd 💕💕 enjoy! @nanpasens HONESTLY @nanpasens We starting from the start 💕 @nanpasens ALSO IN MY BED WTF IN MY HEAD* @nanpasens there is truly nothing quite like a cpop ballad honestlytime to report @nanpasens for planting hebe tien in my bed. We going✈️ sad ballad hours @mint_blossoms Omg CUTE!! @Jul3rd oh is it your birthday today?? Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a lovely day ❤️ @Iormungand I’m in a good routine now WFH but I miss the lil interactions and buying shit coffee from the canteen 😭
Retweeted by ☆彡I can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss working in an office so much @pixiestateomind I can’t cope with that damn app but I also can’t find it within me to delete it either smdh
Retweeted by ☆彡Small weekend is over.. now entering big weekend ☹️
Retweeted by ☆彡lawd boris @Iormungand Thank you lorms I ended the day sending the wrong attachment three times 🥺🥺this is not an exaggeration I’ve done like a weeks worth of work in one day and I am going to. Combusto wow I loved this album IS THAT YOU AS A BABY is going well todayI wish there was a scrambled eggs emoji but I’m not sure how it could be accurately represented887.
Retweeted by ☆彡 @neoculture_boy I miss them so much 😭 @hyper90schocobf Right back atcha! @hyper90schocobf I greatly, greatly needed this this morning thank you ❤️Wow no one likes jumpin up huh aahagsgddjdhd @hyper90schocobf Ohhh my god I remember this, this show was so chaotic I still will never understand how they got rihanna on there @hyper90schocobf I love this is it in katakana because she potentially butchered the pronunciation? that’s my headcanon now“This is a pandemic. Not a productivity contest.”
Retweeted by ☆彡the h*pe Boris tag is full of people calling other people cunts if wish him ill, but literally zero tweets of that actually happening lmaoooSort of confident I’ll finish it tomorrow?Me rn because the wolf survived @skipturnstep !!!!
Rare!! Y’all are evil!!!! i cannot process the “the prime minister is in hospital” and “karen is a slur” discourses simultaneously. it’s…
Retweeted by ☆彡 @defendIove I know I watched the concert but whenever you post about him I get the feeling he's a very bright and happy character!remember this omg... 10JEOM MANJEOME 10JEOM @akaifreesia omg i didn't see him in the second pic and i was like "is he being represented by the tardis" 😭i'm all caught up with nizi now and ready to fall behind once again when the next stage of the project starts @delerium48 we pray!! it was really nice seeing her on this show... i paid much more attention to her because of you! you're a great fan 💕 @delerium48 kako got her little segment thingy!! cute!! @lenskalo the isolation's done a number on all of us it seems (usually i'd pray this was one for her drafts and wou… @akaifreesia tysm for expressing what i want to in a much more succinct and kind manner 💘 @asfordreams and I love how she always conveniently leaves out white cause we all know that in her world white is the default 👀👀 @asfordreams this is what's killing me asijldkahygufwMy sister’s messages always deliver
Retweeted by ☆彡this is so good. i would love to get incensed about karen being a slur. 'magin having all that spare worrying capac…"cultured, cool, upper middle class young woman"... my working class ass is CACKLING responses to that j*lie b*ndel karen tweet are a GIFTrima my good sis though please drop that OIIIIN thing