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The weather can only be described as "Well there goes our bin"Damn Modern Warfare (not that one, or that one. Yes, that one) is fun🔴 playing Dead Cells! Haven't played in awhile and man it's great after release!
Retweeted by AmarielleCheck out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®) live at @roxiqt *turns to stone* FUCK
@hood_vic Hope you are OKI am very concerned about what appears to be a coup in Bolivia, where the military, after weeks of political unrest…
Retweeted by Amarielle🔴 Live with more MO
Retweeted by AmarielleI never cared about the national Pokédex. I'm not sure why people do so much. What we should all agree on however i… @neglectedspace_ Oh dearDoing a puzzle for Study Hall today! Grab a drink and chill!
Retweeted by Amarielle @dexbonus Update: I have messaged everyone selected.
Sorry to quote-dunk but just for the sake of stopping patent disinformation: this is an enormously dishonest and di…
Retweeted by AmarielleThose we want to talk to in relation to modding for @dexbonus have been chosen and will be contacted in the coming… @mikeBithell Someone has read twitter then ;p @Abi_387 @ArcheAge Who is eligible for this pack @RadderssGaming @MsRandomBadger Maybe you can help @RadderssGaming @cathartically Bring it a
I creeped on an old ex's twitter and noticed they RT'd one of my other ex's tweets lmao
Retweeted by AmarielleI watched Skyline (movie). Do not watch Skyline. @IanHigton Decided "how bad can skyline be" OH HELL, OH HELL @Rachaelfx because its sad and disturbing @hood_vic 👀 @GoneEFK You're selling this port to me’m rereading the Harry Potter series and Hermione should have ended up with Krum! This is how I’m spending my Friday night!
Retweeted by Amarielle @IanHigton Yep. takes FOREVER :/ @IanHigton Funnily enough I just had this issue... @lomadia Haha indeed. I don't hate everyone for starters :P @lomadia HE IS USING EMOJI AS PROOF OH MY FUCKING @lomadia Oh I was specifically meaning that I disagree completely with him @lomadia I mean I'm Christian and I just think that guy is a massive bell-end. :P
@roxiqt I hope this happens zzzzSo many cats for just $2
Retweeted by Amarielle @RadderssGaming Cute :D🔴 MOre MO 👀
Retweeted by AmarielleEmet-Selch: I have lived a thousand thousand of your lives. I have broken bread with you, fought with you, grown il…
Retweeted by Amarielle @jimburnsdave Jim @ladynilyssa Meeeeeemes"Back in my day, we didnt NEED mana potions!" Ok oomer
Retweeted by Amarielleapparently most of Borderlands 3's cutscenes are stored in the game files as mp4s, meaning you can replace them wit…
Retweeted by Amarielle @Celibyx needif she’s your girl why does she keep liking my no pissing signs?
Retweeted by Amarielle @Celibyx ahhhhh @Celibyx ? @Mr_Rebecca OLD <3
middle europeans: wow the sun sets early in the winter..... weird how it can be dark outside at 6pm the scandinavia…
Retweeted by AmarielleMine*Yeets Goldblum into bin* @ShannonZKiller Fuck @alex_navarro You're a good egg Alex, ignore the idiots @mikeBithell Happy birthday :)
Death Stranding Review
Retweeted by Amarielle🔴 hELLO
Retweeted by Amarielle @purrsneakitty Is punch off the table? @VG_Dave Ta for the tiplol
@Bandgasmic Oh hi🔴 New story content! FFXIV
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Retweeted by Amarielle @bunnyladame Dicks @bunnyladame Wait why are people judging that.If you are what you eat my cat is his own ass.
Retweeted by Amariellehey just saw that guy that said “boomer is the n-word of ageism” and i would like to provide a quote from the only…
Retweeted by AmarielleAh I see Emma Watson continues to be just lovely.Got a new hairbrush and tbh its the happiest I've been all week @lomadia @justdancegame @Ubisoft_UK Ooooooo. Giveeee
@lomadia @RadderssGaming Hell yea @lomadia "Do you fucking mind" @ladycazzeh EU @luxiie_ nahMy outfit in Archeage is incredibly lewd and I am fine with it @Abi_387 @luxiie_ Woop @luxiie_ Same as meeeeeee🔴 LIVE with that goose game??
Retweeted by Amarielle @RadderssGaming @RadderssGaming Nice!!Feeling REALLY wiped out tonight. Been pouring a lot of energy into cleaning/organizing and Clarke's been a tantrum…
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I have no clue who any of these are @ashens I call it my bedroom @Jenna_Marbles I see you let Julien on hereI ate some 28-year-old cereal because of course I did. At least it came with a torch
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#MyFamousLastWordsWouldBe I told you I was ill @bunnyladame Oh dont worry, I do the same @bunnyladame Dat voice, I cant reply for 10 mins ;pFor those unfamiliar, it sounds like a fucking warzoneAh can tell it's the weekend of bonfire night. Mainly due to the fireworks/smoke/fire engines @DerpyChap I will fucking end you @Bandgasmic niceGuess who JUST loaded up the game.... if, in the next WoW expansion (and bear with me here, it's an outlandish idea), we have a villain more inte… @Abi_387 Challenge :3 @ArcheAge I'm getting concerned that I gave you money now... @AmarielleEU I call dibs!
Retweeted by AmarielleBiggest issue with Shadow lands is we haven't yeeted Sylvanas off a cliff yet. @cathartically 👀
@luxiie_ oh....oops