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Community Manager and Assistant for @dexbonus. Freelance consultancy. He/him. My opinions are my own. Enquiries:

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By British standards, this is one hell of a stormBLOODY HELL that thunder just made me jump a mile
Fuck no. What the actual hell @Shammoz Still muggy here with em sadly @DerpyChap The accountantXIV players 3 minutes into maintenance
Retweeted by Amarielle @RadderssGaming cute @mikeBithell WHEN MIKE? WHEN @fluffy_ff14 Dear me xD @bookedbook Feels🟠 Playing more Puzzle Agent! It came out around the time I made my YouTube channel 😭
Retweeted by Amarielle @MsRandomBadger omwIf they harm a hair on Alisaie....or Exarch..... @MicahHearttt nerd
@itmeJP @dexbonus @Strippin Pretty sure trials can’t join an FC @MunchiiGirl good price? @roxiqt Then cute
@fluffy_ff14 She got me through some bad shit.Fuck, I miss Jenna’s videos @Mr_Rebecca me @zelle_baggaley hahahahaha @zelle_baggaley Long time since I saw that GM pic!🟠 SATURDAY MORNING DOOGER with Spark & Sparkle code giveaways!
Retweeted by AmarielleThe US is so fucked. It’s heartbreaking:(The US is now a authoritarian country, more than ever. I’m sorry to everyone who has to live there.
Retweeted by AmarielleAmerica - The country that currently has police, and federal officers covering their face and names as to avoid any…
Retweeted by AmarielleOnly Trump would sign an exec order for something that is not only ALREADY law, but a law he's trying to repeal. Fucking hellNEW: Trump announced on Friday he will pursue an executive order requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existin…
Retweeted by Amarielle @theMrMobile I’ll take… note
pvp and comfy vibes ~☆
Retweeted by Amarielle @fluffy_ff14 hahahaha @fluffy_ff14 pvp. chill. Choose one ;)I loved making this. A personalised Music Box for a customers 3rd wedding anniversary.
Retweeted by Amarielle @dexbonus Autorunning into a boss too ;)
Weighing my interest in using xcloud against the month I spent using and mostly disliking a Pixel last year only to…
Retweeted by Amarielle @cleanycloth @Mattophobia Ah rip! @cleanycloth @Mattophobia *space bar even... @cleanycloth @Mattophobia You can hold down on the keyboard for the same thing, if that helps youWait... so it wasn't Muslims celebrating Eid? 😲 *pretends to be shocked*
Retweeted by Amarielle @renee rEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @Mr_Rebecca did he...leave? ;3 @fluffy_ff14 @fluffy_ff14 Hello Kitty Island Adventure @dexbonus hahahaHappy birthday to the lovely @dexbonus May your day be full of weebs and weird CBeebies shows @RadderssGaming Oh I’ve never heard of this game :3
@Mattophobia @NOWTV yea :P @renee Thats like, 1 monster right? Quids in! @Mattophobia Excellent
2020 one more week to go... 👀‼️
Retweeted by Amarielle🟠 I've never played Fall Guys I've never watched Fall Guys am I a Fall Guy?
Retweeted by Amarielle @dexbonus @supershigi 👀
@Rachaelfx I mean @fluffy_ff14 yaFYI we still qualify, but this is an extra stressThis is called stabbing current partners in the back @renee Hahahaha. Oh hell ok so tempted @Mattophobia Did that with 3A for a pure android @fluffy_ff14 Growing pains :p🟠issaaaa Neon Abyss baybeeee
Retweeted by Amarielle @lomadia Really helps with constipation @OrtensiaOrlandi @dexbonus hahahahahahahaha
@dexbonus Amarie, coz fuck it, what I needed was a MORE feminine name @Mattophobia Let me know if you find anyAnyone pregnant and wanting a birth preparation session on Zoom? I'm all set up and no-one to prep due to a last m…
Retweeted by Amarielle @chiondon01 @ElderlyGoose The tweet is designed to incite hate. It’s the daily mail. It’s what they doRacist cunts. We slaughter animals to eat all the time president tweeting "Make America Great Again," after nearly four years in office, is an incredible self-own.
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The Martian't stop with tiktok now is the chance to ban children entirely
Retweeted by AmarielleAHOY! I'll be playing in a new pirate-themed D&D stream run by DM @BrettUltimus! I'll be playing the cunning Cap'n…
Retweeted by Amarielle @Mr_Rebecca Excellent🟠 SATURDAY MORNING DOOGER
Retweeted by Amarielle @MsRandomBadger That’s amazing!2020s soundtrack's play some Zelda together #SeduceMeIn5Words
Please do this @roxiqt Can I have a meerkat @Rachaelfx whatever does it for you @Mr_Rebecca @DanNerdCubed niceThat you can say no. And that 'no' is a full sentence.
Retweeted by Amarielle @hood_vic His hands are filthy!Have a lovely Eid. Please be safe during your celebrations <3 @bunnyladame Ice/dark
@zelle_baggaley It hurts so bad, and people keep replying being like "do it anyway" which upsets me more as THIS IS… kind of talk is why we've had to reintroduce restrictions in the first place everyone <3Local ban on meeting other families going back into effect today. I was going to meet my daughter for the first tim… @Rachaelfx fair. stopAlso if you are also a terf, please fuck off at your earliest inconvenience*looks at trending topics* Reminder, JK Rowling is a TERF @Mr_Rebecca Rebecca @Rachaelfx The girls were always inside :( @Rachaelfx Tennis outside in snow. In shorts and shirt shirt. I kid you not. Hitting the ball hurt my very bones @ladycazzeh hi @dexbonus @panique TikTok career. Fucking hellTrump: Not being able to post on social media is censorship. Also Trump:
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@ShannonZKiller It's a doctor who he thinks is great.....