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RISSU♡ @Amarisse Los Angeles, CA

A daydreamer, a sassmouth, and, not infrequently, a bit of a gigglepuss. ISFP. True Neutral. Tom Nook apologist.

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@tamoorh Man, you're WAY too cool for shit like this to be said about you. They're fucking cowards and doing themse… @JustinWong @Sampai Oh my GOODNESS! This made me smile so hard. I'm so happy for you guys, congrats!!! 🥰💕Such Great Heights remains a timeless classic
Retweeted by RISSU♡ @thehollybible Real cheap shot, depression. 😠
Subtitles aren't just for deaf people. Lots of my hearing friends use them, too. If you're hearing and find yoursel…
Retweeted by RISSU♡ @gennhaver I love the idea in theory, but also know I would not have enough chill to deal with so much unruly cheese. @stevezaragoza I got really into S1+2 and then ADHD kicked in during S3 where taking your eyes off it for a minute… @seiibutsu That's how I feel about it too. :) @johntdrake @NSSteph Thanks, John! I just think I talk about it publicly more often than most people, so I don't wa… @letterjequals10 You're not the first person I've heard this from and it's really touching. I'm so glad that sharin… @NSSteph Aw, I'm always happy to hear that. :') But, honestly, who couldn't be sweet to you? If there's anyone out… @ajessilee Yeah, but with me it's usually not caused by anything. It just happens. I do agree with you in all other… @tamoorh @KURT_INDOVINA Happy birthday, buddy! ✌️ think I come across as a sad person, but overall I'm happy, well-adjusted, and got healthy self-esteem! Sometimes… @jaco_wacko It's really not that hard to credit the artist: @YehudaDevir @pelicantpark Well, you were patronizing. Only because he's too ignorant to listen to, accept, or follow directions… @ybbaaabby "Bitch, you ain't?" @HavokRose YOU NEED IT. THIS WAS MADE FOR YOU. @shave_on Aww... the situation was funny, but humiliation and isolation aren't fun at all. Glad you can find some h… @EssieCharm Aww honey... sending a hug. @j00zt1n @DaleNorth Just call it karaage ✌️ @HarryHoodlum It's a rarity, but good to know if it becomes more recurring - thanks! @amiawerewolfyet Loved when they were like "this GIRL doesn't know games, it's not about that!" and I flip over the…'m fine now, btw. Yay drugs. 💊✨ @papermarkis That sucks, it's not a good feel.I woke up crying because a friend in my dream (who I didn't even recognize) got up during my birthday party, called…
@misshabit You know what? I totally get it. @kateburning I only see three cats. @skipper Ah, honey honey! 🎶 @ChiggityChives Baachan is too tired to keep up 😅All the bad traits and not even a princess. 🤷‍♀️ @ChiggityChives ...I haven't seen any of those. 👵
@Gamer_Ely Fuck yeah, I look amazing.If you blended all three, it'd look like me with a goatee. (via @kateburning You are just SO good with baby kitties. I'm always so impressed. 🥰
The last three packages I got were packed with fukkin styrofoam, so now my apartment looks like it's had a light snowfall. 😑 @joeynoelle From what I read about it, it sounds promising! Hope Tom Hanks makes an appearance too. :) @skipper @NurseBaemax I'd join this! Never seen it before and would love a weekly(?) watch party with y'all :D
@notquitefrodo I'm there @notquitefrodo We can go hiking and I can chase you away? That should at least cover 50% of the experience. @j_hat There's still time, J'hat. @MerryKish I finished the first season of Hannibal last night and this tweet sounded more sinister than I'm sure you intended.
@itradestock440s @maria__que @sadxgorlx Pretty sure Google already knows all of your shit. @toriewink Don't want him to have a happy one, but I will acknowledge that today is indeed the birthday of Mr. Teech. @adriofwands Happy birthday, cutie pie! 🥰💕 @sadxgorlx Any naysayers should look into literally ANY missing persons or murder story and they'll wish they had l… @gennhaver Yesssssssss. You made a good choice today. @jonweber ...and growing! 🎵
Ordered myself some doughnuts and I was halfway through the first bite of the blueberry cream cheese one and instan… @NSSteph Yoooo WHAT A BAAAABE!!!
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@andrearene HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you beautiful mermaid princess! 😚💕 @remakeyourself My thinking was more along the lines of saying you're not that interested after a few dates as oppo…
@curtofranklin Ah, the internet has you tagged with 'male, games'. @stevezaragoza YOU'RE a Muppet! (This is my highest praise) @HavokRose It's so much fun to watch this with you! Can't wait til our next watch party. 😚💕 @OhHeyDJ I WAS JUST THINKING THIS! IT'S MY FAVORITE GAME!
@amityjam Somedaaaaaay. @amityjam Fuuuuuck. @mybeautifulliar I'm SO GLAD you found Sean, that guy fuckin suuuuuuucks. @DJPR1989 I could work with you to advise on both delivery and reception and come up with talking points to discuss… @notquitefrodo OMG 🙉 (Still give me a dollar please, jk)Also, I've NEVER had a bad breakup in my entire life and I'm fast approaching my mid-30s. All exes are either still… @alibakes I've only recognized that in the past year or so as I've done it for friends. Thought I might as well off… results from a satisfied "you're nice, but let's actually just be friends" customer: @notquitefrodo Oh, that's much more fun and way less complicated. I'd do that for a dollar. @addison_l Should've paid me. 😏 @dubonix301 Effective and to the point. @addison_l I hate being vulnerable, but I'm VERY good at leaving, especially on good terms! @addison_l I obviously have no expertise in that area. I could give it a proper go, but satisfaction is not guaranteed.If you gotta end things with that very sweet boy you got no chemistry with or that real persistent girl-who-can't-t… @NurseBaemax 🤞🤞🤞 @NurseBaemax I immediately thought of a painted circle behind the TV, picturing a bright goldenrod. ☀️
@gennhaver Yeah... that happened..... 😶 BUT best dance floor I've ever been on at a wedding EVER! Happy anniversary (the other one)! ♥️ @adriofwands As do you, my dear! @adriofwands YES Mars Volta and Placebo! Both excellent albums!
@reyyystation It did turn out that you can continue playing, I just had to leave and didn't take long enough to check. 😅 @kateburning I fucking love that little kitten, he melts my dang heart! 😭💕
@moriartieblog I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! My favorite Paper Mario is still Thousand Year Door, but th… @moriartieblog Can't give an EXACT answer because I often just leave it running when I'm doing chores and shit (ADH… @dubonix301 That's a very talented lady. @MajusArts Always and forever so stylish! 🔥 @NoWayRyanTatum Perfect. Appreciate the help! @TrufflezNChoco Thank you for confirming! @jaredrichard29 I enjoyed it! The humor was solid and I liked all the world environments a lot. Didn't love doing p… @TrufflezNChoco Okay, so if I leave the castle, it'll count as having "beat the game", but just in pre-final boss time?I finished Paper Mario today and I thought you could continue playing afterward, but it just went to the title scre… @FemSteph Hello I am HERE! 🏐 @OhHeyDJ Oh fuuuuck yes, do it! @legobutts Hahaha I saw that too!! 😂 @lilynishita Omg you did so well! You look phenomenal, honey! 🥰💕
@curtofranklin My thoughts, in order of appearance: 1. What, they're NOT?? 2. But they still could be...... 😬 @antlantern It truly feels like a public display of my own soul and I'm sure I'm not alone in that sentiment. @notquitefrodo It's absolutely both. I'm just a sad lil drunk over here. @antlantern Isn't it just so simultaneously haunting and hopeful? God, I love it so much.Or it might just be culmination of my antidepressants wearing off and all the wine I drank tonight, idk. 🤷‍♀️Waiting for my sleep meds to kick in and had a strong pang of need for nostalgia. The perfect remedy was Radiohead'… @PackBenPack I will get the better stuff, but I won't waste them on low level dummies. Now I have like 18 legendary… @calle888 The first one came out on N64, but you might be thinking of Super Mario RPG (which is one of my very favo… fighting the boss before the final and I'm STILL trying to optimize my weapon usage to maintain the stron…