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Now and forever, I'm your King.

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@SpecialistVela deminya cantik benerme when white vision showed up #WandaVision
Retweeted by arika k @sunflouwergc I HATE HIM SO MUCHdapet credit scene semenjak udah gak full sitcom ep ga sih @eataewon HAHAHA ANJIR SUMPAH BETE BGT NGAPAIN HRS BOONG SIH DOI#wandavision spoilers - - - - - - - “but what is grief, if not love persevering?”
Retweeted by arika k* SPOILERS * all along i thought shes that powerful because she can bring vison remains to life BUT THEN???? I WAS… GILA LU HAYWARD @ABYudiputra Iyakan mcu belum mutant vs humans kek xmen ga si trs yg dia bunuh gak sengaja cmn 26 org tp guiltnya k… @discommie yes and one of the trigger of the accord is what she did in Lagos kayak padagal sebelum itu w yakin hero… @yuriestax No I'm not talking about the comics or the present wandavis situation and what she's capable to do, its…'m sure Hulk and Tony k*lled a lot of people and did more casualties more than what Wanda did to that one building… AOU before the new WandaVision episode now :-Din my low vibrational and flop era rn @ma_cei @itskeyon THANKYOU so much!!!! Crimes and fantasy? I'm in!!! @wreckshades itumah bukan limit, udah abis orangnyaa w jg gt kalau distance dikit dan nyarinya anu @wreckshades limit apaan? swiping?i respect my friends who understand my ghosting phases where i don't wanna speak to anyone, like seriously i love you
Retweeted by arika k @90jOu belum pernah coba yang lain karena aku selalu setia @ma_cei @itskeyon That looks interesting, can you tell me what is it about? thankyouWandaVision really is the only thing that be keeping me going throughout the week I can’t lie
Retweeted by arika kabon sapi cap ratu @mahdinosaur13 OF pindah ke Twitter @wortelsoup maaf @casiugaringmadu CONGRATS LAGIII MWACH @GIVENCHIQUE RIGHT @premiumbaIIer omg hit tweet !happy birthday @mahdinosaur13 sobat internet dari saya SMP,,, semoga semoga semogi aamiinnets menang mulu y...
@Heauxno1currr @notallgeminis as a cap sun & rising and virgo moon.. i feel seen and read and im not gonna lie about it😭😭😭No one: Virgo and Cap placements:
Retweeted by arika k @meledux ADAAAAAA yang hopeless romantic dan obssesed satu sama laim tapi ga attached terus secure attachment gt akskdjdb susah jelasinnya @unjani_fess kalau bisa ambil 24sks ambil aja dua duanya, basing jepang gak sesusah itu kok (kalau jepang, ya soaln… @catsedih LUCU BANGET PULA SAMA PACARNYA YA ALLAHHHHH @kazeenokami Comet !!! @PistachioBlosom Udah kakakwkkwkw opini atau motivasi macam gini gak bagus juga karena menurutku hal ini menjustifikasi orang-orang yang ipkny… @NoContextZano bruh even entry level job most of the time is BELOW your part time salary in china (i still remember the number) @eataewon !!!! cmn grgr masnya lulusan luar doang @NoContextZano nope T__T he just basically said gaji di indonesia kok kecil banget?? kalian bisa apa makan dengan g… @perkedelbondon demi allah pengen muntah tiap ada org depan aing blg gitu MAAFinter graduate yang bikin tiktok gaji di indonesia kecil kenapa dibash ya padahal menurut aku apa yang diomongin dia emang bener :/// @icepressomilk i cant stop crying even after the movie ended i cried for 15 minutes more i hate this so bad*finished a movie that I stopped watching it halfway on 2017* me: ahhh this movie and the male character IS SO ME.… @doofensmrtz sisiuk @ashnazgimbatul yup!bikin misoa/mi swa kuah enak bgt
@anggeeladivya @sekenskuy cantik banget bby @fabshannille @SnowpiercerTV AHSHDHSH SORRY s2e3 or e4 i was thinking about episode 4 and i miswrote it 😭😭😭😂😂😂the way that im both @notnorgaard hancur hatiku tiktok videos that i relate to 100% @ustadchen Happy Birthday babah❤️❤️❤️❤️ have a good one!!!awwwww @goblokeren SELAMATTTT FARDLANNN!!!!its got to be the pastor..? and his words and everything else is kinda sus #Snowpiercersnowpiercer s2e5 #Snowpiercer
Retweeted by arika k @fabshannille @SnowpiercerTV she died in the revolution if im not wrong, bess said that in s4e3 too if im not mistaken @ramadhanseba assalamualaikum warahmatullahibwabarakatuhgravitating towards anything that gives a sense of happinessim at the happiest ive ever been i like this feeling i love my bestfriends so much pls dont die i want to share so… @catsedih @DiajengLrst ALLAH @darienilham ih bau wkwkwkwkwkwkwk @darienilham numpang we kemana gitu @ABYudiputra if this doesn't get 20k likes and 15k retweets im suing everybody on this app
always always go back to this interview @DetektifConack2 youre smartpeople are not responsible for your feelings and you should realize that even if its a bitter truth but noone is re… person you like if they like you they'll show an effort that they like u but guess what they don't havaha they… DIDN'T HAVEEEEE STRAIGHT As ANYMORE AAARGHHHHHH @oddeztmufuckaz your friend wildin @ahtraidanratwo pretty bestfriends ! ! ! @dmsrmdnt ITU ONION RING BUKAN CUMI TEPUNG AKWKDJFJF itu enak bagi ressp Dongidk the context but man is cute @S0YMYLK here!! mine doesn't turn out exactly like hers.. but yeah 😭😭😭 ok not to exaggerate but this is the most delicious meal I've ever cooked so far and its so easy
@sauceialist happy for youuuusad day... truly @haaristm NOOO ill replace the shelf with diary of a wimpy kid books AND mangas LMAOOOOyeah I want Barney's apartment and that comes along with the life size Captain Rex figure @darienilham hapus ah bisi sieta liat @stonkyfaggie AWWWW <3 good for you!!!! @stonkyfaggie u alrd have a new one im so sick of this wheres my turn damn im happy for u too bestie regardlesslol nvm @mandsterbate @S0YMYLK Manda too?? omg @NotasSpecial You made me realize that tbh thank you!!!!!things were pretty rough for the past 5 months but I managed to go through it and last night I just realised that I… @mandsterbate BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING!!! @renoagst @youkeyo CONGRATS!!!! @Syncedeny nope haha anyway good luckA random netflix rec for today is New Amsterdam! its available on Netflix just now and it's a really good show, one… @Syncedeny where do u go to? @israphile kemarin2 gue bingung deh webnya gatau cara search episode wkwk lu nonton install apa di web? @zhikrima no thx
@suprsuffr otw @avisienna iyakan WKWKWK enak buat teriak @kontempelir ultah redacted @zfdg bkn ultahku,,, sike T__T @coupdelecrivain SAMAAA