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Guapo Chap House @AmazingTapes Brighton, England

Listen to old, weird and unstreamable tapes with us! No Nazis or terfs, ta xx Amazing Logo by @sludgeworkmeg

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I for one eagerly await the @tabsout review of Cop Twins: Holiday Rockin'! @RadioNightTrain Disgusting, unfollowed @RadioNightTrain Always wondered why Beans wasn't bigger, loved this tune the UK we make sure to take the time to clap our heroes (in irons) forward to seeing the NRA et al come out in full support of citizens in Minneapolis forming an armed militi…
@deathprog1 it really,, makes you think......"...and as for that limp Yamashita spinach, let me just say that liberties were taken with 'do what thou wilt'🙄." @deathprog1 Disgustingwhat ding dong called it an epipen and not Post Nut Clarityn
Silent Hill but instead of the mist it's a ballpit
Retweeted by Guapo Chap HouseImagine a fella looking you dead in the eye and eating a Kinder egg like an apple, surprise and all. It just doesn't bear thinking about.
Retweeted by Guapo Chap HouseDiscomforting that my own pareidolia sees this as a snarling Tony Blair
Retweeted by Guapo Chap HouseThis man is a peer of the realm, and he's not even one of the worst ones.
you: the blue lady sings futuristic classical music me, supergreen: when Ruby Rhod sings All Night Long, he is sin… British are finally experiencing what's it like to have the British rule your country
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The DNC planning the Biden 2020 strategy:
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DOMINIC CUMMINGS: we've met before haven't we DURHAM RESIDENT: i don't think so? where is it you think we met? DOMI…
Retweeted by Guapo Chap HouseHATE it when a rapper from the 90s addresses me as "baby boy". I'm a BIG BOY! 😠😠😠 the fuck kind of government is it that has got me agreeing with one of the world's most disagreeable stopped c… actually agree with the government on this. Cummings should travel 260 miles straight downwards; flushed into the…
please @Timesuck_ Such a power move @GinOnDiamonds I'm an absolute Hog-Babebut not horrorcore. I'm not lookin to get spooked over herein the mood for the kind of rap that rhymes catacomb with splatterdome rn @deathprog1 on brand @deathprog1 I think it's the shop part that sounds 80s because landlords have killed brick and mortar grot. How did…
interior crocodile alligator jarmusch sold sling blade a french fried potater
Retweeted by Guapo Chap HouseINT. CROCODILE ALLIGATOR - DAY JARMUSCH is driving a Chevrolet. We see SLING BLADE approach. SLING… refuse to comply with lifting restrictions. I have been lifting twice as much as usual - am now fully shredded an… crocodile alligator jarmusch sold sling blade a french fried potater @pafster @deathprog1 Can't spare the PPEThis goes for all of you. Do some self care or I'll give you a virtual dead arm @deathprog1 How about you do nice things for yourself or I'll cyberbully you, how does that sit with you ya fuckin pencildickIt's barmy to me that @Ed_Balloon has under 1k followers on this dumb website, in my head everyone knows who he is…
This baby's like fuck yoooouuu
Retweeted by Guapo Chap House @EatYrselfFitter yeah I had a lap steel once and I was not spooked one jot @EatYrselfFitter I want to get good enough to busk with one singing the lyrics that I made up to Sleepwalk and then immediately be rid of it @EatYrselfFitter I've always wanted to fool around with one of these but they're priced for Serious Business and not for foolinlemme just take a big ol' sip of coffee and read the small print on the Pick For Britain websi-
Retweeted by Guapo Chap House @deathprog1 Woah that sounds amazing @deathprog1 Listen to the cover of the song Dan isn't wrong Dan is the best Gettin paid, gettin... rest @deathprog1 Did they do that Beastie Boys cover, that's their best track @janeskyn
Paul Blart: Mall on by cuties @tristan_bath 🙋‍♂️white people were on the news doing a fucking conga for a holiday I had literally never seen anybody celebrate befo…
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@deathprog1 I'll never understand u but I love u bb x @RegCogitans Til infinity @RegCogitans didn't we all m8 @RegCogitans who's that, sounds awfulCan you guess which band I'm talking about here? Please don't try to come up with more exceptions to the rule, you… think I'm a fair boss, but today my two golden rules have been broken: 1. don't email me about sand 2. FOR CHRI… reading the credits for the Our Band Could Be Your Life audio book, can I get a "fuck that"
@msclairebiddles Ah cool, I'll have to try to find a way to watch it! Will check out his novels for sure @msclairebiddles Wow this looks amazing! A friend once gave me a book inscribed with a Mishima quote and reading up… @deathprog1 *computer voice* rock facts rock factsI'd like to thank the Mail for helping to oust those Momentum thugs. Not sure where this new mean streak of theirs… must seize and nationalise the BBC Sounds app @deathprog1 Nice meth lab. The police are on the way, start pumping those slidersWe talk a lot about Self Care these days, but few are willing to recognise the pioneering work done by Method Man e… what the FUKC why are there new time zones?! what happened i don't wanna know
Media 🔈-----------o 𝕵𝖊𝗿𝗸maₜₑ ᵢₛ... Media 🔈o-----------
Very sad to hear of the passing of Astrid Kirchherr, let's just hope there's enough unseen footage for them to put… @tabsout He did that for your brand, really he was welling up like John Lithgow at the end of that sasquatch documentaryhello I dont know computers and I'm following instructions that I wrote MYSELF and I want to go back and murder mys… to my blog about lifting, crafts and NaNoWriMo - it's called Might/Makes/Write and if you subscribe to my P…, complimentary, inclusive; a gentleman. @macmattfarlane Oh for sure, there's no way they fleshed out a backstory like that for their big stoner dog cartoon… SEE MELTDOWN MAY IS WELL UNDERWAY FOR SOME OF US, MENTIONING NO NAMES @macmattfarlane that's what makes ur art real bb x#ff @Grosdoriane - good content? Sure. But also they got the brain worms real bad, just like you an me! @macmattfarlane This is perfect either way but I just wanted to check in and make sure that you're aware the dog's full name is Scoobert Doo
ppl love death grips Exmilitary and jpegmafia Veteran, but no-one wants to hear about my dishonourable dischargeJust found these keys near the Hobgoblin pub in Brighton. Please retweet #Brighton
Retweeted by Guapo Chap House @tristan_bath herds of smug dads posting Beatles albums and doing a winky face to all the dads in their mentions wh… you meet this man on Tinder: 1st time you hook up: - takes a while to get started - stilted in places - techn…
@RegCogitans nice ad goomba, ya no account bad faith argument sack a shit prick youa man was experiencing a mental health crisis
Retweeted by Guapo Chap HouseIf a guy's Tinder bio says he's into cooking, it means he slices garlic with a razor blade because he saw it in Goodfellasfeminism is when you farm out your husband's domestic failings to an ever-swelling underclass of racialised women l…
Retweeted by Guapo Chap Housemy boy just GETS me 😢
Meanwhile in Britain
Retweeted by Guapo Chap House @Nickel_Wound its what are boys would of wanted 😢god forbid the bourgeoisie go on any longer without their servant class
Retweeted by Guapo Chap HouseI'm sorry but if you don't think these are being sold to make sure we have a supply of automatic weapons to defeat…'m a centrist. I hate sports AND I hate science.
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Big News! I've started a newsletter about experimental music called Pink Noise! Think of it like your Monday mornin…
Retweeted by Guapo Chap Housei seen him get STAAAABD
The message seems to be that construction workers should go back to work, on foot, to make money for people who don…
Retweeted by Guapo Chap HouseShem and his mom's story. Over and over. You cry out, but your pitiful moans are drowned out by hysterical laughter… more than ever, we are all Gary Le Strange
@PatPadua "Sick; really very sweet kicks" The Paris ReviewI've said it before and I'll say it again, fuck whitey
Retweeted by Guapo Chap House @deathprog1 Black Lace Armbands