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@McIvy71 We're excited you're enjoying the #SuperMarioBox! 📦 🍄 @DDubsCareBear Your pumpkin chocolate chip cookies look delicious! 🍪 💗 We're thrilled your new cooling rack is working out so well. @thejewelrymama Liam is so adorable, and we love his happy dance! 😍 🕺 Aside from busting out some awesome moves, wh… @melissabjb Concerning your account, we'll need to speak to you directly via phone in order to assist further. Plea… @melissabjb We apologize for the inconvenience. Have you received any e-mails from our Account Specialists concerni… @melissabjb Hello! Thank you for contacting us! We're so sorry to hear about this experience. Without giving any pe… @melissabjb Hi there! We apologize for the delay. Can you tell us a little more about what's going on? We're here t… @dyee1 We're thankful for customers like you, too. ❤️ @TBookcorner We're really glad you enjoyed it! We hope you have a Happy Birthday! 🎉 💗 @AndrewD10670358 Thank you for confirming. We'd like to take a closer look into this to share with our Operations t… 🥧 ✔️ Turkey 🍗 ✔️ Mashed Potatoes 🥔✔️ Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving today! ✨ @AndrewD10670358 Oh no! We're so sorry to see the condition of your delivery. Just to confirm, did the item sustain… @melissabjb Hi there! We're sorry to hear of the inconvenience of this. The best way for us to help with this issue… @Mely18918240 Hola, agradecemos tu interés. Te recomendamos ingresar a nuestro sitio web en donde podrás ver los re…
@RobFlorence7 We're sorry to hear about this! We'd like to look into this in more detail. When you have the chance,… @kaylaacollier Hello! Without providing any personal details, can you tell us more about what's going on? ^CY @CommissionerDre Thanks for sending in your details so fast! Please keep an eye on your e-mails for updates. @BurtonPixels We certainly appreciate your feedback. Customer feedback like yours is very important in helping us c… @CommissionerDre It sounds like he knows how to have a good time!🕷️ 🕸️ We'd love to send him something special for… @BurtonPixels Thank you for clarifying and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We're always looking for… @BurtonPixels Thank you for reaching out to us today. We’re so sorry to hear that we've disappointed you! Is there… @IainRoster We're sorry to see this. We'd like to look into this with you. When you have a moment, please provide i… @Ciscos_thoughts Apologies for any inconvenience. We cannot view or access your order details via Twitter, and we w… @Ciscos_thoughts Hi there, we're sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we can't view or take action on orders through… @TDog81462217 Thanks for reaching out to us, we'd be happy to answer your question. You can purchase as many milks… @special__A Henry is so sweet! Thank you for thinking of us! 🐶 💗
@CommissionerDre How cool is that robot suit?! 🤖 What else does Logan enjoy doing for fun? @_Jasicaaaa Thanks for the delivery shout-out! 📦 💨 @angelakim1964 Hello! We're so sorry about your experience. Items from multiple orders will be combined into the sa… @Nick28T We love you too! Thanks so much for the shout-out! @imisslouis28 Thank you for the awesome compliment! @pomonajpg We encourage not including your e-mail in your messages. We consider e-mails as personal identifiable in… @Dolimac Thank you for sending in your details! Please keep an eye on your e-mails for any updates. @Alexisc72945620 We're so happy Lennon enjoyed the surprise! We hope you have a wonderful day! 🎹 💗 @DyeKrdye Thank you for treating us with these precious pics! 😍 We're so happy that Wrigley and Shea loved the goodies! 🐾 🍖 🎾 @BhavyaJ56717913 As informed, kindly share your details via the secured link provided earlier so that, we can look…
"We feel like a family together." It's more than just a great job for these @Amazon employees. Hear their stories…🎶 New holiday concert series from @amazonmusic hosted by @LilNasX. 🎶 Starting December 1. 💙
@jaibirdd Oh man! That is bringing back some memories!! Did you have a favorite character from any of the shows? 🤔 @jaibirdd While we can't challenge this, we need to know what your favorite cartoons growing up were? This is important. 😅 @TommRadcliffe Yes we would recommend that. Apologies for the inconvenience caused! We're here if you need any assistance. ^FT @TommRadcliffe Hi there. We're sorry to hear about this! If you follow this link and select your order, are you abl…
@Dolimac Very cool! We'd love to help celebrate you both on your first big project together! 💗 🤖 If you're interest… #BlackFriday deals are here! Get your 🛒 ready, now is the perfect time to shop for everyone on your holiday lis… @stepherness How fun! We'd love to help keep her busy until the big day. If you're interested, please send us your… @stepherness Looks like it'll be so exciting! 🎄 We hope the box can keep her entertained until then. 💗 📦 What are K… @Dolimac We're overjoyed we could help! When you're not creating an amazing costume, what do you and Eli enjoy doing for fun? @DyeKrdye Thank you for sending in your information so fast. Please keep an eye on your e-mails for any updates.Still looking for that perfect gift? Follow these 5 tips for shopping with the Amazon App and finish your holiday s… @Breeeej__ Hello! Thanks for reaching out to us. We're sorry for your experience! We'd like to look into this with…
@DyeKrdye They sound like a real catch! ⚾ We'd love to take a swing and send them a surprise! If you're interested,… if you could go on the adventure of a lifetime with your best friend? Watch #ThePackTV NOW on @PrimeVideo😍😍😍
@BamMain Thank you for snapping these pictures of the #SuperMarioBox! 📸 📦 🍄 @boski1989 It's great to hear we could help you finish all your shopping from the sofa! 🎁 🎄 💗 @BigBoiiiiiiiiy For security reasons, we aren't able to access account or order details, but we want to be sure thi… @epcp2010 How fun! We'd be delighted to send Sean and his younger brother a special surprise! If you're interested,… @Dolimac Wow, hard work certainly pays off! 😮 We're sorry for the delay, but we had to respond because this costume… @TheAlexisKraft You're most welcome! 🥰 @epcp2010 Your nephew is such a great mascot! Thanks for sharing this cute picture with us. What does he enjoy doing for fun? @stevenmatt317 You're most welcome! 😀 @SalisburyUrban We're so glad you enjoyed the surprise! Thanks for everything you do! @Cntryoceangirl We're so happy Strider and Aspen are both happy! 💗 🐶 😸{\__/} ( • . •) / >📚 If you need us, {\__/} ( • - •) 📚< \ we'll be reading. Top reads of 2020, picked by… @mariah_mathey97 Your very welcome! We hope it brightened your day! 💗☀️ @niblo2705 Hello there! We're sorry to hear that. Which Amazon marketplace (.com,, .ca, etc.) is your account associated with? @DyeKrdye With those sweet faces, we bet Wrigley and Shea get tons of treats! What are some toys/treats that they think are a home run? ⚾ @destinnny17 Thanks so much for sharing the 💗! We 💗 you too!
@BadiiMadii Thank you for the delivery shout-out! 📦 💨 @DyeKrdye Teamwork makes the dream work, and it looks like Wrigley and Shea have got it down pat! 🐕 Were there any… @TheAlexisKraft We're absolutely thrilled that your grandpa loved his gift! 💕 Thank you so much for sharing this vi… @djdevo79 She sounds like a lot of fun! We'd love the oppurrrtunity to make Cleo's day extra special! If you're in… @djdevo79 We're thrilled the scratching post is already being enjoyed! What else does Cleo do for fun? 😸 💗 @Areynoso0688 Thank you for sending in your details so fast! Please keep an eye on your e-mails for any updates. @DyeKrdye We don't have a job for them, but hot diggity dog, we need to reward such a pup-tastic delivery! 😍 🐾 📦 Ca… @EsksGreenNGold Thanks for recommending Truth Seekers! 😁No…roads? 🛣️ No problem! Some of our most unusual deliveries happen around the famous canals 🛶 of Venice.…
@Areynoso0688 What a cute delivery! 👶📦💗 We'd be overjoyed to send Baby Ivan a welcome package! If you're interested… @Theofficialmeg4 Thanks for streaming The Boys! It's awesome to hear you enjoyed it! 🍿 🎥Introducing Amazon Pharmacy. 💊📋📦 Prescribed by your doctor, delivered by us. ▶️
@ThePowerOfMax Hey there! Thanks for your interest in Amazon! We are constantly updating and adding new sellers an… @AlanMcC4rthy Hi there, we’re very sorry for the trouble. Can you please confirm if anyone in your household has re…, a leader with the Amazon Future Engineer program, fights for equal access to STEM education. She's committ… @realBobLawler The last thing we want is for our customers to have a negative experience. We’re temporarily experie… @realBobLawler Apologies for the delay, we always aim to deliver orders by the date given in your order confirmatio… @Persephiroth Hi! We’re sorry to hear about this. Who was the seller for this order? You can find out here: ^MI
@realBobLawler We're sorry about the delivery wait. We'd like to help! To clarify, have we missed the expected deli… @Chevyy__ We're sorry you received the wrong color! You can check out all available options by selecting "Wrong Ite… @HotHonduran Hello! Please keep us updated on the outcome of this issue. We're here to help in any way we can! ^DB @HotHonduran Hello! Is there a delivery issue we can assist you with? Let us know. We're here to help! ^JE @FSERobin We're glad to hear you're enjoying the service! Have a lovely day. 😊 @TheHayzeus Yay! 🎉 She's so very welcome! We hope she had a wonderful birthday. 😊 @_shubhamaggarwl We'd like to have a closer look at this. Kindly drop in your details here :… @pratik_a9rawal As mention earlier, the refund will be issued once the product reaches the warehouse. Kindly wait. ^BR
@sheisbombbb 🍇 Thanks a bunch for giving Amazon Fresh a shout-out! We're very grapeful for your tweet! 🍇 @Greg_Beau Just in time for Caturday! Thanks for sharing this purrrfect picture with us! @13Valeria Way to be prepared! 🎁 ✔️ @Cntryoceangirl Strider is so cute! We'd be thrilled to help keep them busy with a surprise. If you're interested,… @Jomama0905 💗 When Milo isn't lounging in boxes, what does he enjoy doing on Caturdays? @DennisWerth_ Oje, sowas sollte natürlich nicht passieren. Hier über Twitter habe ich keinen Einblick in deine betr…