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@Lizy_dsouza Kindly report this to our support team using this link: ^CB @minksucci Thanks for these additional details! Our Account Specialists handles these kinds of requests. 24-48 hour… @EmmanuelFreshh Hello! We're sorry to hear this! We’d like to have a member of our Operations team take a closer lo… @teeeeriffic Hi there! Thank yo for reaching out. When you have a chance, please connect with us here:… @larissalng Olá! Que massa! Você vai amar seu Kindle Oasis! Quando receber seu pedido, por favor, nos deixe saber! 😍 ^JJ @L3adft Thanks for providing those details. Since that 's the case, please contact the manufacturer about this issu… @mullersangels Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I am not seeing where we have received your information.… @TripleX137 Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us today. You're correct, both are included with your Prime member… @666lilcat We're sorry to hear about the trouble. We're in the best position to assist you via phone or chat, as we… @HannahBear1110 Thank you for the update! Please let us know if your order doesn't arrive by the end of the day. We… @neilthecellist Hello! We're sorry to hear about your delivery experience. Have we missed a delivery date or are yo… @JoseJSolero1 We've replied directly to your DM. Thank you! ^NF @mariecakies Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us. Any information regarding this and it's availability will be posted… @L3G33K À votre service, nous restons disponibles en cas de besoin. Passez une bonne soirée ! ^ME @HerWordsmith Thank you for responding to our email, expect a response from us soon. ^HS @gar5061 Using the link previously provided you can ask to speak to an agent in real time. Pick the best option tha… @PamVM2 Thank you for this additional information. Have you had a chance to reach out to the carrier for insight in… @_GaabsLiimaa Por nada 💙 👀 Você merece muitos mimos 😍 ^EJ @missmommaas Oh no! We apologize for the frustration. We don't have access to accounts via Twitter but want to help… @kmartDP Thanks for reaching out to us! Unfortunately we don't have that information currently available but you ca… @Bonelesslamb ¡Hola! Que pena aún no recibas tu pedido. En este caso vemos cual es la paquetería, por lo que te rec… @emma__j__w Why yes, we do! Just giving you the option to return in case the item smells as well. We've forwarded t… @FiorellaVillaf7 Hola.Lamentamos los inconvenientes. Nos podrías indicar si, ¿cuándo tratas de abrir la cuenta te p… @waluigi35 Hello! We understand your concern. We’re temporarily experiencing longer than usual delivery times. Plea… @vinicius_andrad Olá Vinícius!! A quarta temporada da série vai estar disponível em breve. Por favor, fique ligado… @Richardbledsoe For security reasons, we don't have access to accounts via Twitter. When you have a moment, please… @L3G33K Afin de pouvoir vérifier cela de plus près, je vous invite à nous joindre directement via le lien suivant :… @akhilgupta216 What was the info provided over the last email from the social media team? ^HS @Jed05 We're sorry for the frustration this has caused. Have we missed the date of your delivery shown in the order… @SamAguilarATL We’re temporarily experiencing longer than usual delivery times. Please wait three days after your d… @jamaul_18 We're sorry to hear this. We'd like to have a member of our team to look into this for you. Please enter… @narizinhho Prazer, qualquer dúvida ficamos a sua disposição. 😉 Um abraço.^DS @amoreSTEPH Thank you for sharing your feedback about Prime Video. Customer feedback like yours is very important i… @Heycedo Thanks for reaching out. Here is a page that has information about the forms of payment that we accept:… @HerWordsmith We understand you being upset. However, we'd not be able to check or access your details via Twitter.… @narizinhho Compreendemos. Por favor, aguarde 1 dia útil, caso não receber entre em contato e com prazer lhe ajudamos.^DS @ozarajesh Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We'll be sure to share your comments as feedback internally for review. ^DK @googleblogg8101 We appreciate your patience with this matter. Please keep watching for an e-mail from our team. ^SI @suryaakaantham We're sorry to hear there's an issue! Please contact our Prime Video team here:… @shubhamrmj We can have this looked into. Please provide your order details here: Let us k… @ItsHarrietStout You're welcome. Please let us know if we can assist further. ^CV @edwards_marie We're sorry to hear about this experience! This certainly isn't the level of service we strive to ma… @universe_throb Are you only experiencing this issue with a specific episode or with all titles? ^DAS @PamVM2 We're really sorry to hear there's been a delay with your order! Who's the listed shipper/carrier for this… @emma__j__w We’re sorry to hear you received your shipment in that condition. If you require a replacement or a ref… @MrShaanky Je vous en prie. Je vos réitère mes excuses quant à ce problème et espère que vous recevrez bientôt votre commande. ^MF @sgekar Apologies for the pending delivery. Could you please check and let us know what the latest tracking status says? ^JC @babloozoned If you have previously shared the details from the link provided earlier. We request you to check for… @ItsHarrietStout We understand your frustration. After you select “I cannot sign in to my account,” from the link a… @cubjmi Thanks for sharing the love! We'll reach out to you via e-mail with any updates with your order. The Messag… @HTAFCSingh Hello! Thanks for reaching out. This help page can help you determine if the email you received is from… @HannahBear1110 Hello! We always strive to have packages arrive by the estimated date provided at checkout, and inc… @richb0510 We're so sorry for all the troubles! Please contact Amazon Prime Now Customer Service either through the… @L3G33K Bonsoir, pouvez-vous nous préciser si vous avez demandé la réinitialisation du mot de passe de votre compte… @HerWordsmith We understand your concern. As you're unhappy with the resolution provided, please respond to the ema… @minksucci Hello! Without providing any account sensitive details, could you tell us more about what's going on? ^CM @MrShaanky Bonjour, navré que vous n'ayez pas reçu votre colis à temps. Celle-ci sera reprogrammée automatiquement… @CramersShirt We'd like to investigate this further with you in real-time, so when you have a moment, please reach… @reiver Hello! We're sorry for this unexpected charge. For security reasons, we're unable to view your account deta… @narizinhho Obrigada pela informação. O pedido está dentro do prazo estimado de entrega?^DS @Slaaaysterr You may not receive this item on the day it's released due to high demand. We're making every effort t… @gar5061 We're sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing. We'd like to take a closer look at this with you.… @edwards_marie We encourage not including your tracking number in your messages. We consider tracking numbers as pe… @booleshow12 Fantástico!! 🤩 Obrigada por nós informar. 🤗 Desejamos que se divirta muito assistindo. Tenha ótimo final de semana.^DS @ThePretty_Bee Thanks for submitting that information. We can confirm that we've received your information and a me… @laurenehorton98 Thanks for clarifying! When you have a moment, please contact us here: We… @walknread 2/2 Abaixo você terá a opção de falar conosco por telefone. Essas opções estão disponíveis para computad… @josh_rhoton Hello. The information on the product detail page would share if brand or seller warranty is available… @walknread Ao acessar o link informado você será direcionado para uma página onde deve fazer o login em sua conta.… @shubhamrmj We don't have account or order access via social media, but we'd like to help. If you have a moment, pl… @arpangutgutia Apologies. Please drop details here: ^MB @laurenehorton98 Hello, we're sorry to hear about the troubles! Your Amazon Prime Student membership will last for… @jamaul_18 Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us. Without providing any personal information, please give us a li… @tobierob_ Hi there! We don't have access to personal account information via Twitter. Please reach out to us here:… @RaviTgz We're sorry to hear there's an issue! Please contact us here:, so we can look into… @ItsHarrietStout For security reasons, we don't have access to personal accounts via social media outlets. Please r… @L3adft Hi, thanks contacting us. Without providing sensitive account information, can you please provide details a… @JayOmarie Hello! We're sorry for the trouble. To clarify, are you having issues with a current shipment? Without p… @Bajrangksharma As mentioned earlier, we've forwarded your feedback internally top concerned teams and we'll make s… @LibDev Thanks for bringing this to our attention! If you haven't done so already, please contact us directly so we… @GauravG52812011 We've received your details. We’ll get back to you soon. ^AN @godlypeach We're sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your payment. If you haven't already done so, h… @rayb247 Hello! Have you tried the help over the phone option instead of the chat? Let us know. We're always happy to help! -Shakeedra M. @wolfzreal Sim, se precisar pode nos chamar pela DM. ^VF @soumyakneogi Please don't provide your shipping address and tracking number, we consider it to be personal informa… @soumyakneogi Could you confirm if you've reported this to our support team? If not, kindly report it here:… @bitchinnyc Poderia tentar por este link: nos confirme se conseguiu, por gentileza. ^VF @Rakeshrsp2003 We're unable to track the progress of your concern over social platform. Kindly followup over email… @booleshow12 Claro, entendemos. Por favor, nos informa se deu certo. 😉 Qualquer dúvida ficamos a sua disposição. O… @Maarie_mendy Je comprends parfaitement et espère que toutes vos prochaines livraisons se passent au mieux. Nous re… @universe_throb What type of device are you using to access Prime Video? ^DAS @Dave_Paquette Hello! Thanks for submitting this packaging feedback to us, we're always looking to improve. We'll p… @ItsHarrietStout Hello! We're sorry to hear about the account issue. To clarify, have you received an e-mail from o… @santoshhambarde Thanks for this information. We appreciate your patience while the issue is investigated. We'll co… @rukz Kindly let us know what went wrong, and we'll assist you accordingly. ^TS @narizinhho Olá! Sentimos os inconvenientes. Poderia conferir se o produto é vendido e enviado pela Amazon ou por u… @Divya10478991 We get your concern regarding the search option. We'll forward your comments as feedback internally… @drparaskrgupta Hello. Apologies for the unpleasant experience! Have you reported this to our support team yet? If… @ChipperSkyler Thanks for the additional information. We'd like a member of our Operations team to look into this f… @arpangutgutia Hi there. We're sorry to hear about the trouble. Please drop details here:,…