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@imshivamdikshit Amazon is focused on the health and safety of our associates and based on regional regulations and… @subrataanroid3 Please stay tuned for changes. Thanks for understanding. ^CB @Fleason77 Thank you for your message Jason, we'll do our best to improve in the future. ^DAS @kmy1878264 ご心配をおかけしております。お届け予定日は注文履歴( )に記載されておりますので、最終日まで到着をお待ち下さい。お届け予定最終日を過ぎても未着の場合、その商… @SteffDSteff You're very welcome. Hope you are able to get it resolved. We are here if you need further assistance.^PK @meguchin0601 かしこまりました。出品者に問い合わせをしても問題が解決せず、お届け予定日を経過しても商品が未着の場合、PCブラウザにてAmazonの注文履歴を開き、マーケットプレイス保証の申請を行って頂ますようお願いし… @elshowdenando1 ¿Serías tan amable de indicarnos en cuáles capítulos la serie no tiene subtítulos, por favor? Ademá… @lookaa83 Twoje życzenia odnotowuje! 😉 Jednakże niczego obiecać nie mogę. Przyjemnego wtorku życzę! 🤩 ^MP @Zacc26882702 In order to best assist you, can you inform us if the item is being shipped by Amazon or a third party vendor please? ^IMR @cagarr0 Claro, mucho mejor verificar con ellos lo sucedido. Esperamos este asunto se resuelva pronto. ^KF @Suri456Suresh Sorry to learn that you've received a damaged product. You could initiate the return of the product… @shankarSRC We're sorry for the unpleasant experience with your order. Twitter being a social platform, we'll not b… @Jaspree97042433 Apologies for the hassle with your order. Please share your details with us here :… @rbmhtx Thanks for confirming. I'm sorry to hear about this. We would like a member of our team to look into this f… @Sueziechic Hi, apologies, are you experiencing this with an order at the moment? If so, have you tried these sugge… @ojoaoaaneto Mais uma vez agradecemos pelo feedback. Jõao. Tomara que continue curtindo do conteúdo. ^NC. @sagrawman In that case, please connect with our support team using the link provided to you earlier again. We'll s… @SACHIN_H_RAUT In that case, kindly share your details here :, we'll look into the issue for you. ^RV @priya2599 As your product is out for delivery, we request you to wait until the end of the day. ^RJ @Doveranalyst We've responded to your DM. ^NS @tanushree_roy21 Apologies for the unpleasant experience with your order. Have you reported this to our support tea… @meguchin0601 かしこまりました。何度もお尋ねして申し訳ございませんが、ご購入いただいた商品はAmazonもしくは出品者のどちらが発送しましたか? EK @MarcinMakowka Potwierdzimy, jak będzie już dostępny. 🤗 ^MP @ManojAhuja1804 I get your concern regarding the contests on our platform. Winners are selected on a random basis f… @iamGowDa31 I get your interest in the title. I've shared your streaming preference internally to the relevant team… @shalend90264781 I get your disappointment. Request you to check for our correspondence with the subject line “SOCI… @19Shash I certainly understand your concern. As informed earlier, it wouldn't be possible for us to re-instate the… @KapilSa10336869 Please check the e-mail titled 'Social Media Inquiry'. ^CB @Ritika_Dhall We’re unable to comprehend your concern. Kindly let us know more about your issue for better assistance. ^RJ @macha_AYASE Amazonのアカウントにおいて、なにか問題が生じておりますか?よろしければ詳細をお知らせください。 EK @lfaguilar Comprendo, ¿nos podrías indicar qué error te aparece específicamente? ^DA @mystryparag Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Thanks for bringing this to us. I have forwarded this as feedb… @meguchin0601 お知らせ頂きありがとうございます。どちらの国のAmazonから注文されましたか? EK @SangwanDeepali Twitter being a social platform, we'll not have to option to contact you or access your account det… @kemopoke168 お知らせ頂きありがとうございます。ご不便をおかけしております。現在ご利用のブラウザとは別のブラウザで再生ができるか、ご確認頂くことは可能でしょうか。 EK @Ajay09136728 We do respond to the issues raised by our customers. In this case, we'd suggest you to resubmit your… @keepsitrustic Sorry to know about the delay in delivering your order. Just to confirm, has the order delivered to… @Zacc26882702 Sorry to hear this. On which Amaozn website (.com / / etc) did you place the order ?^TD @arpit_baba I get your concern. I've checked and see that we've replied to your email. Kindly check and respond to… @HaleemS60151904 That's unacceptable. Have you reported this to our support team? If not, please reach out to us he… @prateek_gary Please don't provide your account details as we consider them to be personal information. Our Twitter… @prateek_gary We have made Amazon Pay Later available for a limited set of customers. We are working towards enabli… @upadhyaycool121 Please don't provide your account/contact details, we consider it to be personal information. Our… @mannigandhi If you're unable to respond to the Social Media email, kindly re submit the Social Media form shared h… @upadhyaycool121 Sorry to learn you're facing issues with your seller account. Have you tried reaching out to our s… @Saurabh51451378 I get your concern regarding the delivery of your order. We'd like to help you. Please connect wit… @Rahulmjp Also, please don't provide your account details, we consider them to be personal information. Our Twitter… @bweglarczyk Zgadza się, możemy to oficjalnie potwierdzić. 😊 ^MP @priya2599 Could you help us with the delivery estimates of your order? ^RJ @Rahulmjp We get your disappointment. As informed earlier, we're unable to access your account details over social… @Bhav0802 Please be advised, we are always working toads improving our self. Keep us posted. ^TJ @lfaguilar ¿Lograste poner tu correo y contraseña? ^KF @rbmhtx Hey there, thanks for reaching out. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience. Just to confirm, could you let… @Brian23237 Wij kunnen dit process helaas niet voor je wijzigen/versnellen 😅 Ik hoop dat je dit niet erg vindt?^JK @AyushMote1 I get your concern. As informed earlier, I'll surely forward this as feedback to the concerned team int… @vivekchowdary01 I get your concern regarding the delivery of the order. Please be informed, orders are dispatched… @imshivamdikshit As an alternative, could you try accessing the link through desktop browser and try again? Keep us… @ajmal_raza1 Have you reported this to our support team? If not, please reach out to us here:… @Dunners13 Hi. Sorry to hear about this. We'd like to help. Was it fulfilled by the seller or directly by Amazon?:… @Ishan73934682 I understand your concern regarding the delivery of the order. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the… @mishted1 السلام عليكم, تختلف رسوم الشحن وخياراته وفقًا للمنتج الذي يتم شراؤه، وهي مدرجة في الرسم البياني من خلال ا… @jyoti3782 I understand your concern with the delivery of your order. Orders are delivered as per the estimates pro… @SACHIN_H_RAUT Sorry to know about the order delay. Have you reported this to our support team here : ^RV @ojoaoaaneto Agradecemos demais por compartilhar seu feedback com a gente. Sempre é muito bom conhecer as opiniões… @Aditi__Verma I get your concern regarding the order delivery. Orders are shipped and delivered as per the delivery… @subrataanroid3 We understand your need. We are working as per Govt. guidelines. Please stay tuned for updates.^CB @Tariaswen Oje, das ist ja wirklich sehr ärgerlich! 😣 In der Regel werden Vorbestellungen so versendet, dass sie pü… @iNatashaSingh You're welcome. We've forwarded your comments as feedback to the concerned team internally for revie… @Bhumitt Please check your inbox and let us know if you've received an email with the refund reference number. ^HB @nomion_nomion 楽しんで頂けて良かったです😊👍 EK @iamGowDa31 We're constantly working with our partners to improve our catalogue to make sure that Prime Video membe… @londenat Olá, Nati. Sentimos o acontecido. Poderia nos fornecer mais detalhes do ocorrido? Saiba que ficamos à sua disposição. ^NC. @iamGowDa31 Due to content licensing restrictions, the selection of titles surfaced within our Prime Video catalogu… @puri_abhishek07 I understand you are disappointed. Please share your details here:, and we… @im_rahul786 Please respond to our latest e-mail. Let us review the same. ^CB @Shashwa45261133 We're sorry for the unpleasant experience with your order. Twitter being a social platform, we'll… @19Shash Sorry to learn that the order was canceled without your consent. Please be informed, once the order is can… @abhilashpan Please don’t provide your order/account details as we consider them to be personal information. Our Tw… @gouthamchindha1 We'll ensure necessary action is taken internally. I appreciate you bringing it to our notice. ^JC @abhilashpan I'm sorry to know that you are facing an issue with the recent order. We'd like to help you. Have you… @PradeepAR18 Apologies for the miss. Have you reported this to our support team using the link provided earlier? We… @KapilSa10336869 Please view the third correspondence in the row. ^CB @GamzVerma We'd like to help you. Could you confirm contacting our support team through the link provided earlier? ^HB @j04sia Możemy w czymś pomóc? ^NM @Zacc26882702 Hey, on which Amazon website did you place the order? ^TD @Nilesh12543019 We regret the inconvenience. As you've escalated the issue and our team is investigating the issue.… @JunMgl Hi, we're sorry to hear you're still having account issues. If you're not receiving the emails from our Acc… @Soubhanik1 Thank you for reaching out. It takes 3-5 business days for the refund to appear on the original payment… @Brian23237 Aaah okeee 😀 gelukkig is morgen niet ver weg^JK @priya2599 I understand you're waiting for your order. The delivery agent must be driving or handling other package… @gouravkapahi But please understand that it is very important for us that we provide you with accurate and expedien… @lfaguilar ¡Hola! Dinos, ¿te muestra algún error? ^KF @gouravkapahi I'm sorry I couldn't resolve this issue for you right away and I realize that at this point of time a… @Siddhar61978490 I understand your concern regarding your order delivery. We will surely work on improving our serv… @chakshukalra We'd like to get this checked, could you please let us know if you have reported this to our support… @Lilhak15 Bonjour, je vous informe que votre requête est prise en charge par mon collègue suite à la réception du f… @SingiShriram The secure link provided is working absolutely fine. However, could you share us a snapshot of the er… @helpinghandngos We cannot access your Amazon account via Twitter. Instead, please submit your details here:… @brickmetal Apologies for the inconvenience. Please be known that we from Amazon will never call the customer unles… @sethugopi We get your disappointment, it was certainly not intended. Further, we'll forward this instance as feedb…