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@gamer_batsy Bitte entschuldige die Unannehmlichkeiten. Wir können deinen Ärger hier sehr gut nachvollziehen. So st… @MrAshfaqk2 Sorry for any unpleasant experience you had with us, please elaborate on your concern without sharing y… @cpoppa1 Hello. Thanks for your interest! Here are the countries Amazon US (.com) ships to (including Italy):… @ksatop وعليكم السلام إبراهيم، إذا كان المنتج عبارة عن أثاث أو منتجات ثقيلة، لا يمكن شحنها الى بعض المناطق. لذلك ت… @PallavBanerjee5 As informed, please connect with our Social Media team from the link provided earlier for further assistance. -Venkat @ddlisasurvivor We always strive to have packages arrive by the estimated date provided at checkout, and included i… @unutuyom Merhaba! Müşteri Hizmetlerimizden memnun kalmana çok sevindik. Her daim en iyi hizmeti sunmaya çalışıyoru… @lalitmali03 Please be informed, replacement created only once. In this case we can only help you with return on refund. -Vik @chouhanveer05 We do not have access to your details from this platform owing to security concerns, please connect… @iKetanM11 We get your disappointment. We'd like to help you with this. Please reach out to our support team using… @tdspringer Hi there! Upon checking, we've not received your details. Please use the link provided above to resubmi… @nance10706 The applicant needs to reach out to HR at the facility they applied to. -Ruby @shacho_09 とんでもないことでございます。はい、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。またお困りなことがございましたら、お声がけくださいませ。 谷川 @mariacbo12 Thank you for the update. Please keep us posted, and let us know if you need any additional assistance.… @SmsSaravanesh We get your disappointment, Items such as electronics are eligible for only replacement under our po… @yamatari_sub ご返信をいただき、ありがとうございます。恐れ入りますがSNS上ではセキュリティの関係上、詳細をお調べすることができかねますので、お手数ですが以下のリンクより選択可能な方法で、カスタマーサービスへお問い合… @pankajtiwari123 If you had reported this to our Social media team through the Chat link shared earlier, will be fo… @percywor Olá, como vai? Poderia nos confirmar qual a data estimada do pedido? -Tai @_avasharpe We understand the frustration. We recommend keeping an eye on your e-mail for the latest updates on you… @AlvaroOrtizSanz En este caso, puedes contactarnos vía telefónica utilizando las opciones indicadas al seleccionar… @Zakiuddin5005 Please don't provide your order details, we consider it to be personal information. Our page is visi… @Zakiuddin5005 We understand you would like to speak to us. Unfortunately, we do not have an option to arrange a ca… @JayKlook Hello. We're sorry for the inconvenience. In looking at the product detail page, the item is currently un… @destinyschild17 Please be informed that we don't have access to your account on Social Platform. Kindly reach out… @5e01268e3e1d4ab Sorry to know about the inappropriate information of the product. Could you please share the link to the product? -Vik @rbhatara We request you to please clear the app data and cache. Try logging in again. Do keep us posted in case of… @jill10wilson We'd like to have one of our associates look into this matter for you. You can use this secure link:… @AlgatesGiri Kindly wait, our agent will get connected. -Karthik @webadfr Bonjour, je suis navrée que vous avez reçu un email frauduleux. Merci de ne pas cliquer sur les liens comm… @csrini74 Please don’t provide your account details as we consider them to be personal information. Our Twitter pag… @PallavBanerjee5 Please connect with our Social Media team from the link provided earlier for further assistance as… @jj_tweets_stuff Hello! We're sorry to hear about these experiences. You can visit this Help page:… @defybydefault We'd like to look into this with you. Could you please let us know which marketplace your order was… @destinyschild17 We get your concern, please reach out to our Social Media support team here:… @shacho_09 ご返信をいただきありがとうございます。承知いたしました。SNS上では詳細を確認することができないため、万が一問題が解決しない場合には、その他にご提案できることがないか確認いたしますので、カスタマーサービスへの… @SmsSaravanesh We don't have access to your account on Social Platform, could you please let us know the issue you'… @csrini74 We get your concern. We will ensure to share your comments as feedback internally with the relevant team for review. -Paul @iKetanM11 We apologize for the unpleasant experience you had with the delivery of your order. Have you reported th… @bubblegombitch También puedes solicitar una llamada aquí: -Lucia @BowringGrey Thanks for updating us! You can select 'An item I ordered' from the chat option to speak with us about… @chouhanveer05 Please note, the provided link will help you to connect with our 'Social Media' support via 'Chat' m… @Everclearboy We completely understand the frustration, and our apologies for the issues. This isn't the experience… @AlgatesGiri The provided link will help you to reach out to our Social Media support. You will be getting in touch… @Priyanka170106 Also, please don't share your account and order details here, we consider it personal information.… @laryssalves__ Olá! Opaaa! 😅 Alexa é top! Ficamos felizes que o seu marido aproveitou as promoções da Black Friday… @Priyanka170106 We get your concern here. Please be informed, we'd not be able to arrange a callback from here. As… @StephanieA6510 Thank you for letting us know. Please send us the product link and any relevant details here:… @gamer_batsy Wir können sehr gut verstehen, wenn es dich ärgert, dass eine Lieferung nicht wie erwartet geklappt ha… @vaibhav_2801 We’ll not be able to check your account/order details on social platforms. Kindly connect with our te… @ScimeJohn Hello! It looks like we have yet to receive your details that would allow us to highlight this issue to… @Kulwinder91 Our apologies for the frustration this has caused. Here is a helpful link if you have a missing parcel… @jihanki_2 ご確認をいただきありがとうございます。承知いたしました。詳細をご確認の上、カスタマーサービスにてお調べいたします。お手数ですが文末のリンクよりお問い合わせいただけないでしょうか。  谷川 @zoncupi Bedankt alvast een fijne avond. -Jay @vjcarpenter Thank you for letting us know! We hope you have a great rest of your day! -Kiersten @IrfanKShaikh4 We want to take closer look into this. Kindly connect with one of our social media team member over… @_mathild_A Nous réitérons nos excuses pour toute gêne occasionnée. Permettez-nous de remonter la situation au serv… @shacho_09 リプライ失礼いたします、Amazon公式です。当サイトの商品につきましてなにかお困りでしょうか。よろしければ、詳細をお伺いできますでしょうか。 谷川 @maxbchlt We're so sorry to hear this! For security purposes we don't have access to account or order details via… @Museandramble Thanks for this information. To clarify, are you able to view the e-mail in question via the message… @CebollitaCbry ¡Hola! Para asistirte o guiarte con la consulta por favor indicanos, ¿tu pedido fue realizado en Am… @reia_hizaki とんでもないことでございます。またお困りなことがございましたら、お声がけをいただけますと幸いです。 谷川 @mindsomemore Hi, we're very sorry to hear about this. To clarify, what was advised when you spoke with us? We're h… @MBMWR_MSS Oi, tudo bem? Imaginamos o quanto você está aguardando o seu pedido, conta pra gente qual é a data estim… @taka_m_game Amazonです。ご迷惑をおかけしております。お届けした商品に問題があった場合は返品(可能な場合は交換)を承ります。注文履歴よりお手続きいただけないでしょうか。 出品者発送の場合は、お手数ですが出品者へお… @AmarKan69115795 As informed, Twitter being a social platform, we don't have access to order/account details. Unfor… @serena101178 Puoi raggiungerci cliccando qui:, selezionando l'ordine di riferimento e la m… @mariacbo12 Thank you for the information! To clarify, were you able to arrange for a refund for the item/s that we… @HoneyToHotSauce Hey there. We're happy to look into this for you. Please contact us directly here:… @AlvaroOrtizSanz Hola Álvaro. Sentimos el inconveniente. En el siguiente enlace te dejamos más imformación al respe… @mio9966 Amazonです。お届け予定日を超過してもお品物が届いていない状況でしょうか。出品者が発送した商品の場合、配送状況の確認のため、直接出品者へお問い合わせいただけますでしょうか。問い合わせ方法はこちらのURLでご案… @Mark_NoFanatici Ciao! L'app Amazon Photos è scaricabile sul Mac dalla versione di OSX 10.11.0 in poi. Se imposti l… @LadiSDot Hello there, here is how you can report a security issue: -Abina @jill10wilson We apologize for the frustrating experience! We don't have a way to take action on your order through… @ceeisqueen_ Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us. We strive to have packages arrive when promised. Without rele… @reia_hizaki ご確認をいただきありがとうございます。出品者発送の商品について問題があった場合は、お手数ですが注文履歴より出品者までお問い合わせいただけないでしょうか。 <出品者に問い合わせる>  谷川 @Priyanka170106 We realize you're upset. If the resolution provided by us doesn't meet your expectations. Request y… @Everclearboy Thank you for the clarification. Please allow us a chance to escalate this to our Operations team by… @Rasha11_22 مرحبا رشا، الأقساط هي واحدة من طرق الدفع المتاحة على فهي تسمح لك بدفع ثمن طلبا… @IrfanKShaikh4 Please add your feedback & return your order with the options available over here: -Vik @PallavBanerjee5 Please connect with our Social Media team here: for further assistance. -Venkat @sr21_s15 Amazonです。ツイート拝見いたしました。ご心配をおかけしております。配達完了となっているお品物がお手元に届いていない場合、詳しい状況確認のため、営業時間内に直接ヤマト運輸までお問い合わせいただけますでしょう… @ooolzhas To confirm, was the issue resolved in the end? -Chris @LeighRachel We'd like to look into available options with you. Please contact us using the link previously provided. -Christie @Marc_Also Hey there! Please visit:, to learn more. If you need additional assitance, let u… @bubblegombitch Debes seleccionar primero tu problema y las opciones de contacto se habilitarán. -Lucia @AlgatesGiri Kindly get in touch with our support team form the link shared above for further assistance. -Karthik @WarrenPath Oh no! We certainly don't like to hear this! For security purposes, we don't have account access via so… @Gail33298652 Thanks. We're unable to view accounts via social media due to account security. Please reach out to u… @tobizao1 Que máximo, a assinatura Amazon Prime é simplesmente muito acessível e cheia de benefícios para nossos cl… @RyanJackMum We appreciate the additional information. We'd like to address this further with you. When you have a… @jessinwales Hello! We're sorry to hear this. Without posting any personal information, can you tell us more about… @serena101178 Ciao, ci spiace per l'accaduto. Hai provato a raggiungerci dal tuo account e non ci sei riuscita? -Matteo @DJSlayerRelic We're sorry to hear that we've disappointed you! Without sharing any personal details, please tell u… @AlgatesGiri We get your concern. Please connect with us here: so that we can check and help you. -Karthik @reia_hizaki Amazonです。ツイート拝見いたしました。同梱されていたお品物につきまして、ご心配をおかけしております。よろしければ発送元についてAmazonまたは出品者のどちらになるかお知らせいただけますでしょうか。 谷川 @JustSaraxx Hi there, as we are a Social media platform only, we would ask that you contact us directly using the l… @LeighRachel Hello! We're sorry to see the condition of your delivery! We'd like to look into this with you. Please… @Bonbononeill1 You're welcome. We're always happy to help. -Kay @chouhanveer05 We get your disappointment here. This is certainly not intended. In that case, we request you to con… @padre1013 Thanks for sharing your feedback about the packaging on your recent package. Customer feedback like your…