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@Shapathgshah1 Be assured, all the products sold on our website are genuine. Please report the issue to our support… @ella39501801 We'd like to take a closer look into this with you? Please provide your contact information and order… @QuinneTama We're sorry to hear you haven't received your order as expected. This isn't what we want for our custom… @r_customers Thanks for reaching out! We’d like to help! Without account details, can you tell us what's happened? ^SA @lowandlittle Thanks for letting us know, Ally! Have you checked to make sure the app is on the most current softwa… @sarvesh01515mca Twitter being a social media platform we'll not be able to discuss order related information over… @ClassicalLibrul Thanks! We've confirmed your details were received. We'll be in touch with you shortly. ^CP @mschaffer Have you tried using the tip from the help page when the “Add to Library” link isn't available? Please r… @TruthDrivenLife Thanks for the update! We're glad to hear these issues were resolved. Please reach out to us whene… @richinark We're you offered any resolution? Please let us know. ^DM @Rumpleswagskn You're welcome! Please let us know if you have any other questions. ^LN @arrivalfallacy We're very sorry to hear this! We don't have access to customer accounts from here, but we'd like t… @mpuck2 We're terribly sorry for the trouble. Please reach out to us here:, and we'll be ha… @cesarfcuellar Gracias por tu respuesta y por tu explicación, César. ¿Podrías por favor indicarnos si has contactad… @ben_robie We're glad you've reported this to us. Did we mention a time frame for the call back? ^RA @Deoduar ¡Hola! Lamento el inconveniente. A través de este enlace encontrarás detalles para comenzar el proceso de… @ThomasRudolph5 We're sorry for the delay! Has a new delivery date been provided? Which carrier is assigned to the delivery? ^RA @anshuman91 I get your concern. You may always update the delivery preference by reaching out to our support team h… @Canadian_Shield Thanks for letting us know if you don't have your package by the new estimated delivery date pleas… @LindsayQuist We're sorry for the delay! What's the latest tracking update listed here: Wh… @SusanRenae15 Thanks for the update! Keep us in the loop. We'll want to know when you've received your package. ^DM @vuyyurusaiakhil We have no update on this yet. However, we will continue to add new content. Keep checking… @dontblameitonKC Thank you for the information! Please contact USPS directly to request a re-delivery of your packa… @sarvesh01515mca Sorry for the error, please don't provide your tracking number, we consider it to be personal info… @ponyidle Thanks for the additional information! When you have a moment, please reach out to us at:… @RenuGuptaA I've checked and can see that we've sent a correspondence to your registered email ID here:… @Xibee Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We recommend trying these steps: Let us… @THEADAMNATOR Our sincerest apologies for your frustration. We're unable to access accounts via social media. When… @SugathPalan We'd like to help you out here. Kindly check and reply to our email with your insight. We'll review th… @marcinyc Hey, Marci! We apologize for the frustration. Just to clarify, is this an issue you're experiencing with… @Shapathgshah1 Sorry for the unpleasant experience with the return of your order. May I know if you have reported t… @Marisoul02 ¡Gracias por tu comentario 😀! ¿Qué fue lo que compraste? ^SO @cwalteroverman (2/2) Delivery estimates for some orders may be longer than normal. Please see your up-to-date deli… @cwalteroverman (1/2) We're terribly sorry for the frustration, Walter. We always aim to meet the delivery date pro… @Rumpleswagskn We're sorry, we don't have access to your account via twitter. We'd like to take a closer look into… @iAmNishaWarner Hello! Without providing account or personal information, can you tell us more about what's going o… @slcoleman99 We'd like to help! What's happening with your deliveries? Are we missing the delivery dates listed in… @Thalapathysiv09 As informed earlier, we haven't made any announcement regarding this title. Appreciate your understanding. ^MZ @LisaGarramone We're sorry your remote is no longer working, Lisa. Can you tell us more about the issue? What troub… @LoraxLibrarian Glad it's been taken care of! If you need anything else, we're always here and happy to help. ^CD @Shadyichor Thanks for reaching out. You can cancel digital orders here: We hope this helps! ^XG @VNov15 We haven't made any announcement on this yet. Kindly stay tuned for more updates. ^SH @ben_robie We're sorry your items haven't arrived. What information was provided when you spoke with us? Have you h… @matthewwsmithh_ Hi, Matthew! Has your order arrived? If not, have we missed the delivery date shown in your order… @MsBeenIt_ In this case, the carrier should have the most up-to-date information about your delivery:… @StacieS37649844 Please keep us posted on the status of the order. ^GM @sjwxxs Olá sabrilha!!! Ficamos agradecidos com você, por ser uma parte importante da história da Amazon Brasil.… @JeSuisRalph This isn't what we want to hear! Without sharing account details, could you tell us more about the situation at hand? ^GL @ellenajoanne Hey there, Janelle! We're sorry to hear about the delay! Have you received an e-mail with a revised d… @BillyBrew Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Some items aren't eligible for replacement. If that's the… @RochWebDesigner We're sorry for the mix-up! We've gotten your feedback to the Website team. Thanks for letting us know! ^LN @sarvesh01515mca Please don't provide your order number, we consider it to be personal information. Our Twitter pag… @sarvesh01515mca Return window will start from the day the product is delivered to you. To know more about the stat… @gg_is_here_ Oi, GG, você verificou os detalhes das nossas páginas de ajuda sobre o uso e a solução de problemas co… @Canadian_Shield Thank you for letting us know. By chance, has a new delivery date been confirmed for your order? ^GL @rhettjwilson We appreciate you confirming this for us, Rhett. Please get in touch with us here:… @dontblameitonKC Did you contact USPS about the delivery as far as why the package is being held for pick up? If so… @MsBeenIt_ We apologize for the inconvenience. Without providing any personal or account details, can you tell us w… @hollyb_herself When you have a moment, please reach us at:, and we'll help you out! ^PF @ChrisFromJerz What's your latest tracking information, Chris? And, the carrier assigned to deliver your package? W… @mykeisiak We never want to disappoint our customers. What's going on? We'd like to help! ^XG @orcasmonk We're terribly sorry for the frustration, Scott. Here's how you can check if an e-mail, phone call, text… @LoraxLibrarian Thank you for the update! Which carrier was assigned to deliver this missing package? ^CD @tsuriganeike ( ´∀`)bグッ! SK @skarthiban1 We haven't made any announcement about the mentioned title. Kindly stay tuned to our Amazon Prime Vide… @Rumpleswagskn We're sorry to hear that! Did you receive an email? What's the latest update on the order? ^LN @autobahn75 We'd like to ask our colleagues to look into this for us. Please leave your details here:… @kndl Hey there. We're sorry you haven't received your order! To clarify, have we missed the delivery date that you… @BillyBrew We're glad you've spoken with us to report what's happened. Did we arrange a return or mention issuing a refund? ^RA @ella39501801 Hey there, Ella! We're terribly sorry to hear this and sincerely apologize for the condition in which… @OnMyPlateBlog Thanks for letting us know! Merry Christmas to you as well! ^PF @CrosisGaming Thanks for letting us know. When you have a free moment, please send our team the order details here… @hollyb_herself We're very sorry to hear this, Holly! Please see: for return and, when poss… @AdamLamping We're sorry your order arrived in this condition! Please arrange a return here:… @ponyidle Hello! Thanks for reaching out! So we're able to provide the best direction of support, could you confirm… @davesjustbored Thanks for the additional information! We'll be reaching out as soon as possible! ^NS @dontblameitonKC @dontblameitonkc We're sorry for the trouble! What's the delivery date and most updated tracking s… @tsuriganeike (ご利用いただきありがとうございました📦✨)O o。.(´-`*) SK @skyline798 大変恐れ入ります、カスタマーサービスへお問い合わせをお願いいたします→​ SK @Dreaa_Gunn Hey there, Drea! Have we missed the date in your confirmation e-mail? You can check here:… @noaholy 気に入ったものがみつかったようで良かったです! サイバーマンデーのご利用ありがとうございました🍞✨SK @DntTreadOnMango We're terribly sorry your order hasn't arrived as expected. To clarify, can you tell us what the c… @LoraxLibrarian We're sorry to see the condition in which your book was delivered! You can view return/replace opti… @Damnit_Brandi Thanks for the updated information. We don't have access to your account or details through twitter.… @awesomedwassum For help with looking into options, please reach out to us here: ^GM @cesarfcuellar César, gracias por la información, ¿podrías confirmar por favor cuál es el dispositivo que estás usa… @cesarfcuellar Gracias por los detalles César. ¿Puedes indicarnos si has intentado reproducir la serie en otro disp… @marc_santacroce Thank you for reaching out, Marc! We're sorry about the delivery wait and would like to help! When… @mh37310 Understood. We're sorry for the delay! While unexpected, they can occur from time to time. Please let us k… @autobahn75 This item is currently available as a Prime Pantry item. Pantry only uses ground shipping which prevent… @RoxaneS26052997 We're sorry for the way your package was handled! We'd like to take a closer look at the issue wit… @ChrisFromJerz Oh no! Can you confirm the date that the item was supposed to arrive by? You can find that informati… @b_michelle18 We're sorry for the inconvenience. Have you had the opportunity to reach out to us over the phone? We… @StacieS37649844 Yikes! Just to confirm, were you able to speak with us directly regarding your order? Keep us post… @crobscarla Thank you! We've confirmed your details were received. We'll be in touch with you shortly. ^CD @srynooffense We appreciate you letting us know. Have you had the chance to reach out to FedEx directly for more in… @CouchadStream Thanks for reaching out. Amazon Warehouse returns policy can be found here: ^XG @Canadian_Shield We always aim to meet the delivery date confirmed for your order. By chance, have we missed this d… @AnaCaroTorres Te entendemos, mantennos al tanto de lo sucedido y cuenta con nosotros. Deseamos que todo pueda ser… @Fervega1493 Hola Fer, espero que estés muy bien, por favor entra en contacto con Totalplay para recibir más asiste…