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Stay up-to-date with all of @GlassAnimals' new releases, including their latest track 'Tokyo Drifting'. Listen now…
Listen! This “90s R&B” station on @amazonmusic has been giving me all the feels! I’ve had a concert for the last 1…
Retweeted by Amazon Music @Alysha_Clark We are here for you! (And, we're here for your neighbors 😂🎶) Rock on.Got a question for @DillonFrancis or @Jericho? Ask now our on live @Twitch #Verses stream! 👾:… NOW! Watch @DillonFrancis & @JERICHO go head-to-head on our second episode of ‘Versus’ on @Twitch:… is important: #TongueTied by @marshmellomusic x @yungblud x @iamblackbear is our #SongOfTheDay pick 😜 Listen…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @gigglybeth_ @RayLaMontagne @headandtheheart love @headandtheheart 😍😍😍 @dry2th1 @MilkyChance LOVE THEM! @HanaFris @adamlambert YES! @forestblakk we 🖤 u 2 🥰 @NaeNae_25 @garthbrooks 🤠 @sunny_julllia @4Gelly @adamlambert favorite @adamlambert song? @mrfanboy96 so. good. @Karla__1210 @billieeilish YAS! @zodie74 @4Gelly love! @selenaoxgomez @selenagomez 👑👑👑 @CramptonRobin 🎸🎸🎸 @BlackwoodKaren GREAT ANSWER 🥰 @_Fabinhu_R_ A true queen. @kellydotsong What's your favorite Elton song? We could never pick! @ashes_love4u We'd have to agree with you there! @chasidyO @DaBabyDaBaby We've got #KIRK on loop! 🎧: @JonaticSince07 @jonasbrothers What's your all-time favorite JoBros song? @mikelm06c LEGENDS! @bluereddot @BTS_twt favorite #BTS lyric?! @Lota33218156 No, thank YOU! @MF121032 @carrieunderwood Favorite song? @KimSiropaides the best 😻 @KimSiropaides What we would give for a collab... @Mpj1973Carl Then you'll love our @RollingStones station! @kiana_kidder SAME. @torylanez @rotation 💯💯💯Congrats to @garthbrooks for winning Entertainer of the Year at the 53rd @CountryMusic Awards! Ask Alexa to play…’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of @thebeatles' 'Abbey Road'! Listen now on Amazon Music. 🎧:… this sentence: I couldn't live without ____________'s music.Who's feeling the holiday spirit? 🎉 Press play on our Christmas Present playlist featuring Amazon Original music…👀 Retweet if you agree...
Hard to miss Courage today in NYC and Toronto!! Feeling the love, thanks @amazonmusic ❤️ / Difficile de manquer Cou…
Retweeted by Amazon MusicWe asked @ladyantebellum what the best song from the last decade would be and their answer was #Rainbow by… links with @SnoopDogg on new track 'Beauty In The Benz' off his latest album #Chixtape5. Tap to listen…✨ 'Tis the season for new @elliegoulding music! ✨ Ask Alexa to follow Ellie Goulding on Amazon Music to stay up-to-… @thebeatles' classic ‘Abbey Road’ with the highest quality streaming audio, #AmazonMusicHD 🎸…'re celebrating the anniversary of our 1969 classic 'Abbey Road’ with @amazonmusic HD. Thank you to all the fans…
Retweeted by Amazon Music @yungblud @marshmellomusic @amazon @alexa99 @iamblackbear 🖤🖤🖤 @marshmellomusic @amazon @alexa99 @yungblud @iamblackbear 😍😍😍Watch the @amazonmusic Original @PaisleyPark Sessions streaming now before we go into #Hyperspace Friday. ⚡️
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Get ready for our second episode of Verses when @DillonFrancis and @JERICHO go head-to-head playing one of their fa… you could see any band reunite, who would it be?
Sparked by a pre-show jam session and a spur of the moment live performance, an 80’s classic was revitalized with n… @billieeilish 🤩🤩🤩Billie Eilish - “everything i wanted” @amazonmusic
Retweeted by Amazon Music @kashdoll 👑👑👑Date night with us. Watch our new film Rip Up The Road now @amazonmusic @primevideouk ✨🌍🏴‍☠️🌎🏴‍☠️🌏✨
Retweeted by Amazon MusicNovember 16 ‘99 @drdre dropped #2001 with something to prove. What tracks from the album still hold up for you two… NOW to watch @ladyantebellum perform songs from their latest album #Ocean on our Facebook channel! 👀: years ago, @OfficialTLC gifted us their second studio album #CrazySexyCool. What's your favorite track off the… ✔️ Legend ✔️ Visionary ✔️ @celinedion ✔️ Listen to her new album 'Courage' now:
"Desensitize," the new track from @DREAMERSjoinus, is now playing on @amazonmusic's Fresh Rock playlist. Listen n…
Retweeted by Amazon MusicWe can't get enough of the new @billieeilish. Ask Alexa to play the #SongOfTheDay to listen to 'everything i wanted… stopped by Amazon Music HQ to talk new music and grace us with an acoustic version of her Amazon Ori… are so excited to have @ladyantebellum perform songs from their new album #Ocean live on our Facebook channel! T… @enews 👀 @TrevWall @DillonFrancis what in the @AliceInChains is going on here 😂
Con #QuererMejor, @CamiloMusica se anota una nominación a los @LatinGrammys en la categoría “Canción del año” junto…
Retweeted by Amazon Music“Alexa, pon música de @cazzuoficial” quiero olvidar todas las #PenasYProblemas al ritmo de trap.…
Retweeted by Amazon Music @beck @PaisleyPark 💯💯💯SURPRISE! #ChristmasValentine is available now on @amazonmusic! We’re so excited to share this sweet and joyous lov…
Retweeted by Amazon MusicThe one and only @palomamamicl stopped by the Amazon Music studio in Las Vegas ahead of the 2019 #LatinGrammys 😘… @tiffanyyoung 😍😍😍⚡️@amazonmusic x #RFYL #magneticmoontour
Retweeted by Amazon Musicokkkk. alexa knows what I need @amazonmusic 🖤 #rfyl #magneticmoontour #asianamericanmix #askalexa
Retweeted by Amazon Music @JoshuaO87657375 💎💎💎 @joseschmitty @tameimpala @ArcticMonkeys Now THIS would be rad. @bluereddot @BTS_twt @lizzo @billieeilish imagine the MERCH! @missamerixana1 😍😍😍 @asertiv WOW. YOU JUST DID THAT. @ASaleta lol! @EmilyEmEmEmi @OfficialMonstaX @ELHAE @RealVIXX @perfumeofficial love it! @LeX_215 @kanyewest @KidCudi @JColeNC @kendricklamar WOWWWWWWW. That would be WILD. @EuroSiderEu Their outfits alone would be to die for. @Chricket_13 fun! @ErstwhileIII We're in. @Terrificggpr @LILUZIVERT @paramore @1future 🔥🔥🔥 @SMRisner Ok, we'd faint. @Violet_Minaj @LittleMix @ArianaGrande @NICKIMINAJ Imagine the choreography! @20biteenqueen Harry with the good hair? @TheOmey All incredible talents! @Mpj1973Carl Now that would be a DREAM. @kylejenks1 YAS. @Jessicalovesfam @TREViTweet @CMorneweckMusic @dannymcmahonuk @ItsJoshMorgan @markluckenbill @patrickwmurphy @KimSiropaides omg, we couldn't handle the greatness. @MF121032 @carrieunderwood @DollyParton @reba icons @JoeySwiftieTx13 @taylorswift13 @DUALIPA @NSYNC WOW - NSYNC for the WIN! @Ding_Gorgeous @taylorswift13 @MarenMorris @halsey GIRL GANG STRONG! @EmilyG234 @taylorswift13 @halsey @PanicAtTheDisco That would be epic! @swiftiealways26 😂😍SURPRISE! #ChristmasValentine is available now on @amazonmusic! We're so excited to share this sweet & joyous love…
Retweeted by Amazon MusicWhat's your favorite lyric from the song "Tennessee Whiskey" by @ChrisStapleton? Hear all the music with… three artists would headline your dream music festival?