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@natjus62646 @justinbieber We're glad you're enjoying it! 🥰 @highafbizzle @justinbieber It's on repeat for us! 🎶 @_Baggz @djkhaled @fatjoe @Tip 🚨 BIG POD TALK! @lelepons 💚❤️💚 @ahsanul96486250 @SMOnRadio @ShawnMendes Yesss 🥰 #Wonder @nervousxsm4 @ShawnMendes SAME ❤️ #Wonder @higher_shadows @ShawnMendes All SO GOOD 😍 #Wonder
After celebrating his 26th birthday, @lilbaby4PF is back with a 2-pack of singles, "On Me" & "Errbody." Listen now… this year we also got huge contributions on hits like @POPSMOKE10's“For The Night,” @MoneyMan’s “24 (Rem… @Tiffdee___ Same ❤️ @R1Broyrooy Will you be tuning in to #HolidayPlays? @kiiaaaraaaa @KianaLede The countdown begins… #HolidayPlays @kikislede @KianaLede 👑💚❤️ @indigoraei @KianaLede 💖✨ @KianaLede Can’t wait! 😍✨ #HolidayPlaysGrab a blanket & catch a vibe with @KianaLede. Her #HolidayPlays performance, hosted by @LilNasX, airs this Tuesday… to my brand new Merch by Amazon Shop! It’s filled with fun, fabulous, and inspirational designs in so many…
Retweeted by Amazon Music’Tis the season to gift new music. For that friend who makes a lifestyle out of being cozy, DM them our Mellow Holi… @lilbaby4PF @Drake @1GunnaGunna @TwystedGenius @42_Dugg In June, @lilbaby4PF put out “The Bigger Picture,” a powerf… @lilbaby4PF @Drake @1GunnaGunna @TwystedGenius The “My Turn” deluxe was released just months later, in May, featuri… @lilbaby4PF @Drake @1GunnaGunna @TwystedGenius “My Turn,” his highly-anticipated sophomore LP, dropped back in Febr… @lilbaby4PF @Drake @1GunnaGunna The 4PF frontman kicked off the new year with the @TwystedGenius produced single “S… @lilbaby4PF Pre-2020, @lilbaby4PF was on the come up, with a handful of mixtapes, his debut album "Harder Than Ever… let us know early he had Sum 2 Prove this year (A Thread) 💪 enlists @wizkhalifa for new breakup anthem "One Whole Day" 💔 Listen now on Amazon Music, and let us… has finally landed and "305" is our #SongOfTheDay 💙 Vibe out and let us know your favorite track off… at 5pm ET/2pm PT! Tune in to a special re-broadcast of my chat with @CameronCrowe to celebrate “Do You Feel L…
Retweeted by Amazon MusicStrum right into the holiday season with this @Fender @ShawnMendes FOUNDATION MUSICMASTER! Let us know your fave so… @BlossomsBand @PaulMcCartney @AmazonMusicUK 🙌🎶✨To celebrate the upcoming release of @PaulMcCartney’s new album ‘McCartney III’, here’s our interpretation of his s…
Retweeted by Amazon MusicRap legend @fatjoe is here to talk about the game, how it's changed since he started out, and how it’s changed him… @GlossNBlush Never gets old 💚❤️ @hersadprose 🎄🎄🎄 @deetotheanna A classic ❄️ @jerry_brennan We apologize for the delayed response.We can understand your concern. We recommend checking out Amaz…😘😘😘
Retweeted by Amazon Music#TheFirstOne #PODCAST CLOTH TALK back with a new episode with my brother @fatjoe !! Only on @amazonmusic !!…
Retweeted by Amazon MusicAsk Alexa, “What can I ask @yungblud?” and tell us what she says! is the most iconic holiday song? 🎶.@ShawnMendes' fourth studio album, #WONDER, is finally here ✨ Listen now on Amazon Music and let us know some of…
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Retweeted by Amazon Music @EndOfTheWorld @amazonmusicjp 🙌💜✨ @Meghan_Trainor We love to hear it! 💚❤️🎁Alexa! Play “Meghan Trainor Christmas” 🎄🎁😍 @amazonmusic #averytrainorchristmas
Retweeted by Amazon Music.@justinbieber is sliding right into the holiday season with a new Amazon Original recording “Rockin’ Around The Ch… @mattnathanson and @DonovanWoods by the proverbial fire for songs and conversations ranging from stories that… @PaulMcCartney The best of the best! 🙌✨From chart classics to hidden gems, rediscover your favourite Paul McCartney tracks with @amazonmusic 🎶
Retweeted by Amazon Music @Jennife36492876 @yungblud @Sib_Vicious See ya real soon! 😉We’ll be live on IG today at 10am PT for an exclusive sit down with @yungblud! Join host @Sib_Vicious to get the in…
@blakeshelton 🙌❄️✨ @BLXST We ready 🔥🔥🔥 @mbswimchick @RollingStone @HappyWoman9 Legendary! 🙌 @soy_simply_kate 😎🔥 Here’s to your collection 🔥 This month we're giving you #13DaysofHolidayGiveaways. To enter, follow us, use… counts "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" among their top 500 albums of all time — then speaks to the fie… @keron_ave Congrats! You have been selected as a potential winner of the The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness Giveaway… @BallBoyRacing Congrats! You have been selected as a potential winner of the The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness Give…’s the princess of pop @britneyspears’ birthday and she just blessed us with brand-new song, “Swimming In The Sta… @TwitterMusic Let us know when you figure it out 👀Take a seat! Nathan Willett and Matt Maust of @ColdWarKids are sitting down with @KatCorbett for a live Q&A to disc… @Sib_Vicious @yungblud Can't wait! 🤩THURSDAY 12/3 @ 10am PST it goes down LIVE on @amazonmusic IG with the one & only @yungblud ... SEE YOU THERE !!!!!…
Retweeted by Amazon Music @cyrusdesty @MileyCyrus @amazon @PrimeVideo 🔥🔥🔥 @SoffizyNnera @yungblud @Sib_Vicious See you there! 😉Is there life on mars? We’re going live with @yungblud to find out. Tune in Thursday at 10am PT right here on our I…’t get her off our mind. Watch @MileyCyrus’s full performance on #HolidayPlays featuring “Prisoner” and more son… @MileyCyrus You SLAYED this #HolidayPlays performance! 🔥🔥🔥’Tis the season for #PlasticHearts. @MileyCyrus brought down the house tonight on #HolidayPlays. Check out her full… for tuning in to #HolidayPlays with @LilNasX and @MileyCyrus ❤️💚 Join us again this time next week for more… @rwaaang That's it. That's the tweet. 🙌 #HolidayPlays @KEL5S @MileyCyrus She is killin' it! #HolidayPlays @AfricanKhaIeesi 🔥🔥🔥 #HolidayPlaysHoliday, but make it @MileyCyrus #HolidayPlays @mileywrld SAME 💀 #HolidayPlays @toserveramon 🗣 BUT THE VERY NEXT DAY... #HolidayPlays @fifilaunica Our hearts 💖 #HolidayPlays @TeamMiley_UK Pass the tissues 🤧 #HolidayPlays @C__Sofiaa So much 🔥🔥🔥 #HolidayPlays @kweenmileycyrus She can do it all! 🙌 #HolidayPlaysWhen the mirror is telling me it's been a long night and it's time to go home @MileyCyrus #PlasticHearts @foIkloregomez @MileyCyrus Facts! 💯 #HolidayPlaysMe @ my 3rd cold brew of the day @MileyCyrus #PlasticHearts #HolidayPlays this under: how to absolutely kill a debut performance @MileyCyrus #PlasticHearts #HolidayPlays @lessslonelygirl 👑👑👑 #HolidayPlays @jedilevelsmiler FOR DAYZ! #HolidayPlays @cyrusskiess She can do it ALL 💅 #HolidayPlays @redvelvetxkl WE LOVE TO SEE IT! 😍 #HolidayPlays @TeamMileyGB FLAWLESS! #HolidayPlaysWhen someone asks what you want from the drive-thru cc: @LilNasX #HolidayPlays @mileyruledme ❤️❤️❤️ #HolidayPlays @MrDreamSOBIG @LilNasX PERFECTION! 🔥 #HolidayPlays @mileysboots It's the vocals for us 🎤 #HolidayPlays @kissmebadkarmas She SLAYED! 🔥 #HolidayPlays @64_sel 🔥🔥🔥 #HolidayPlays @0407_aaron SERVING 👏👏👏 #HolidayPlays @foIkloregomez @MileyOfficial @MileyCyrus Truly an icon! ✨ #HolidayPlays