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Varun @Ambarseriya Amritsar , India

An Avid traveler,Compulsive Explorer,Extra loquacious,Amateur Entrepreneur,Realistic Dreamer. Majors in Business Economics now Experimenting with World markets.

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Be with someone who is proud of you, someone you can laugh with, someone who listens to you, understands you, who t… draw a line around a woman . #Dussehra @DeeptaNagpal Cooking is an essential skill which should be done from heart not just cooking @tionH2tEun5TiMJ They were yummy @Mianlahori77 Haanji @MayaramArvind @khwamkhwah @RuchikaTalwar @thesatbir Thank you 😊Actually jalebis are an emotion @ShipraKapoor5 Hahahaआज भी मन करता है बारिश में भीगने का नाली के पानी में पेपर बोट बहाने का साइकल पर बसता टाँग स्कूल जाने का लँगड़ी… @_kommunicator_ Heheh i agree @shaxiajaz We should know that it's a circus and we are here to entertain others.Life is a circus and people who think they are the ringmaster are the biggest confused of the lot .. @BrarSukhie @PunjabiRooh Because we are living a fake lifeWhy do we Indians express one set of values in public and practice a totally different set in real life? A huge gap…
Retweeted by Varun @ajnby @PunjabiRooh Aapko bhi 😊 @that_happy_gal Hahahaha @schizad1 Thank you so much and wishing the best to you. @TheRadFactor Ohhhh jalebis 😍😍😍 @sonia_preety Thank you so much and wishing the best to you ... @khwamkhwah @RuchikaTalwar @thesatbir @MayaramArvind Muh mitha kar lijeye . @khwamkhwah @RuchikaTalwar @thesatbir @MayaramArvind Thank you so much for wishing. Means a lot .Happy Dussehra :) @RuchikaTalwar @thesatbir @Ambarseriya @MayaramArvind
Retweeted by Varunबेटी को खाना बनाना आता है is passé. बच्चों को खाना बनाना आता है is the present. #Cooking is an essential life skil…
Retweeted by Varun @_kommunicator_ Hehehe mirza sahib becoming a real entrepreneur#Dushehra , whats a festival without mitha . @DineshPahwa8 @PenduProfessor Hahahaha yes , white sneakers ... @PunjabiRooh @CforChatha @PenduProfessor Bhabhi ji dey gal suno and get good amount of jalebiyan . @PunjabiRooh @PenduProfessor Wooooo ! This is so tempting @PenduProfessor @Ambarseriya Here are some in my house
Retweeted by Varunये तस्वीरें शर्मनाक है.. एक आदिवासी और लाचार बाप अपने बेटे की मौत के लिए न्याय की मांग करता रहा, गिड़गिड़ाता हुआ…
Retweeted by Varunसुख, शांति और समृद्धि की मंगल कामनाओं के साथ, सभी को बुराई पर अच्छाई और अधर्म पर धर्म की विजय के प्रतीक दशहरा की हा… @wonderingcity All the best @DineshPahwa8 @PenduProfessor Hahahaha and how the ravan and his team members are flaunting the guns , this seems a… @CforChatha @PenduProfessor Jalebis are love . . @PenduProfessor What a beautiful way to start the day m thank you kapoor sahib . Wah
@lakey_musings Yummy @lakey_musings Exotic , you have added almonds... Too good @shaxiajaz Ah !! We have to be strong... @NoturTeacha Shabash proud of you #Lincoln Premiere
Retweeted by VarunDuniya main hazaar rishtey bana lo Lekin , ek rishta aisa zaroor banana, Jab hazaaron aapkey khilaaf hoon , Tu woh ek aapkey Sath ho. @PunjabiRooh It is indeed @PunjabiRooh @GurkieMaan Enjoy bhaajiSometimes, carrying on, just carrying on, is the superhuman achievement. @TheRadFactor I can understand. A single person here is always be with someone issues and people . @TheRadFactor @lakey_musings I think we should be vocal about our needs and preferences anywhere . @NoturTeacha Thank you so much @lakey_musings @TheRadFactor We live in a very regressed society, here woman are taught not to speak about sexual a… @lakey_musings @TheRadFactor Thats the right mantra for life, firstly one should be focused what one wants in life… @TheRadFactor Hahahaha here you ain't single , you are surrounded by many . @TheRadFactor @lakey_musings Shes actually a very cute n awesome friend. Always clearly knows what all she wants . @lakey_musings M thats why I always say you are the best . I totally agree why settle for less , get everything. @lakey_musings You want best of everything .Hey Guys. Pleases we if anyone of you or your contacts can help this guy. He is a genuine needy person, received on…
Retweeted by Varun @whatisdapoint Absolutely right.Intimacy is not always on physical level but an emotional intimacy is needed . The happiness one gets with emotio… @bhotna This crossing has the most disturbed history too m @SassiLannister @CforChatha @I_am_varun @vt_fsc @I_m_michael_asr Chatha ji thank you so much . @I_am_varun @vt_fsc @CforChatha @I_m_michael_asr Haha nahi but genuinely thanks.Perfectly put in . Its our duty to pass on our traditions and cultural beliefs to the younger generation . @asidhu_ Yes you came to Frro ranjit Avenue.Who says Americans don't use our ideas ? @asidhu_ Last I remember you came many years back. @I_am_varun @vt_fsc @CforChatha @I_m_michael_asr Thank you so much . Really appreciate it . @vt_fsc @I_am_varun @CforChatha @I_m_michael_asr Do share the linkUnprecedented rains in South Bengaluru has resulted in large scale flooding in areas like Basavanagudi, Hoskerehall…
Retweeted by Varun @art1ista Lago kam pey @art1ista Thats a good gesture and I hope same is reciprocated to you by your husband too . @niks_nr Shukriya ji @jikonifoodco @rons1212 Voted @_kommunicator_ Most people will say mirja and few know that it's mirza. @_kommunicator_ Mar ja . Hahahahaha . @rons1212 @jikonifoodco Which ever you want to treat me with is okay . @JugniGhumakad Jai Mata Di ji . Amen to this thought of yours buddy . @_kommunicator_ Hehehehe mir za . @asidhu_ So plan a visit to amritsar too. @Kashif72808649 Bilkul sahi @_kommunicator_ Atleast galiyan nahi de rahi ..... @Humachughtai Thank you for sharing it .😊 @Mianlahori77 This shop has opened its branch in Delhi also . These are the best ladoos. @TheRadFactor @rach_aha @Capt_Ck Thank you thank you ... @I_am_varun @CforChatha 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @I_am_varun @CforChatha Both of you should have tagged yourself in that. @rach_aha @TheRadFactor @Capt_Ck @art1ista Wah ji wah . Enjoy karo ji . @ZaferMinhaj @_kommunicator_ @TariqIzhar @atifsmalik @amernaveed We men are prone to getting into positions were ou… @Mianlahori77 This is the most famous shop of amritsat basically. @rach_aha Jai Mata Di ji @Velvetyvirgo Oh no what happened? Take rest @TariqIzhar @_kommunicator_ @atifsmalik @amernaveed Hahahahaha @rakeshkaul007 Jai Mata di ji @ButaSinghSekho3 Sat Naam 🙏 @CforChatha Thank you . @Ambarseriya Your pic was viral on fb pak-ind groups :) Nme was written PC : Varun Ambarsariya ... i thought it must b u
Retweeted by Varun @ShabanaEM Jai Mata Di ji @mbarsariya Hahahah. @mbarsariya Jai Mata Di ji . Mata rani meher rakhey.