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@sxywu? @kurtkemple 💜What are your most recommended reads + resources about accessible data visualization? @poofichu I managed to get back before it really opened up! But my partner also had my back 🥰 @poofichu For me it was a severe thunderstorm during a run... That turned into a sprint. 🤣 It wasn't forecasted to start yet! 😭 @devongovett Are y'all going to write anything about about how you tested? Particularly insights from user testing?… @taylor_atx Mine is later this month. I have no idea what to do!
⚡️ "A Static Future: The Magic of Compile-Time Workflows" ✨ Something magical is happening right now with static s…
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@chrisbiscardi It does take some work but I rather enjoy the editing. @TatianaTMac @zdfs There's room in my heart 🤍💙🖤 @TatianaTMac @zdfs AAAAAND ordered. @jennyleighx33 Oh! No yeah it's def possible. Will take me a while to get back to that though 😭 Enjoy!
@jennyleighx33 If I tricked you? What? Did you mean to respond to someone else? Lol. @jennyleighx33 Congrats!! 💃 I did not. But I did it anyway! @TatianaTMac @zdfs ++++++. I would buy one. @chancethedev @Modulz Congrats! Mostly on roommate of the month, but also the job! 💃🏻 @partycorgipod @wardpeet Pocket pocket! My fav.I am on the hunt for my next role! I like React, React Native & GraphQL. Most of my experiences have been product…
Retweeted by amberley @partycorgipod @wardpeet Is the simplecast down? :( @vavroom @chrisbiscardi
I'm seeing people posting about "quar". We cannot be on abbreve terms with this sitch, it'll never move out. @chrisbiscardi YAY!!!! Omg this will be great.
@jbrancha Bang @jlengstorf I DIDNT THINK IT WAS GONNA DO NUMBERS.I've started messing with doodling line art, and WOW. I don't use fine motor control for anything in my life. It's… @jlengstorf I've never thought a tweet of mine was gonna do numbers. That's what makes the ones that do all the more baffling. @codeability @AishaBlake 😭😭😭
@TatianaTMac Nooooooooo. @BookPeople @BioGeoBen Ooh. The Devil in the White City was good. 👀 @Derekdotdev ROFL. This was literally in the team Slack exchange (that prompted this tweet. @SilvestriCodes Your mama is good people. @chatsidhartha Impeccable gif choice. @SilvestriCodes Is EVERYONE messing with me? This many people like this?? @chatsidhartha I regret posting this so much. Why is it always the throwaway tweets that people respond to. @AishaBlake Aisha... @erinfoox 💜 @jongold Maybe I'll find the magic pizza that changes my mind! @_marcba @gatsbyjs I mean. I don't know if you're joking or not, but we do have an open req for a full-stack positi… @gurlcode @the_wing Just.... wow. @Veinq_ I regret tweeting this at all. @jennyleighx33 "I allow" YOU SEE HOW THIS UNEVEN POWER DYNAMIC IN OUR FRIENDSHIP EXISTS?? @jennyleighx33 You get to have your capital-O Opinions all the time. Two, Jenny. I can have two!!!!1111 @DoNatoBomb @jennyleighx33 @freiksenet Parting is such sweet, but justified, sorrow. @DoNatoBomb @jennyleighx33 @freiksenet BEST FRIEND MATT DONATO. My heart will not go on. @freiksenet MIKHAIL, NO. The last thing I need is you and @jennyleighx33 joining forces on anything. The world isn't ready. @jennyleighx33 Also since I'm leaning in to being insufferable today... it's "palate". **RUNS AWAYYYYYYYY* @jennyleighx33 Jenny it's a sarcastic tweet rooted in a real opinion. I would say you shouldn't break up with peopl… @jennyleighx33 I'm worth it 💃 @jennyleighx33 Honestly I have no idea where I've had it from, but I have tried it a few times. @jennyleighx33 I consider it a personal honor that we haven't broken up as friends despite our 👻🧵 issue. @jennyleighx33 An internet article! I am persuaded. @jennyleighx33 @vavroom NOT YOU TOO. @devynrhymeswith Excellent choice.An uncomfortably high percentage of the Gatsby team is pro pineapple on pizza. I cannot.If you're in a position to help during this pandemic and looking for ways to do so, @amber1ey and I go over a bunch…
Retweeted by amberley @chris_lewis_ miss you, friend! 💜Post a photo you’ve taken from a place you’ve been. The only thing is that you NOT appear in it. Just a pic, no des… with many many folks, this is what's on our minds right now. We decided to go with it. This episode is dedicate… @amandabee @trickartt I'm actually also allergic to cats! But yes it was us.
@gurlcode @laurieontech I'm going to assume this has something to do with animal crossing. All I know is something… @laurieontech @gurlcode ...watKidding aside I actually really like it so far. @laurieontech @AishaBlake @chrisbiscardi @jlengstorf THE FOLLOW-THROUGH. I love it. @gatsbyjs @freeCodeCamp and @TheOdinProject @prestonso *subscribe!* @SilvestriCodes @KR1573N @noopkat The shells make such a big difference, idk why. @KR1573N 🥰🥰🥰 @KR1573N I was expecting brie! @taylor_atx @ow I bought from Bloomscape... Lmk if you find a favorite local place! @andytuba @laurieontech This is the optimistic version. The alternative is pandemic and Tiger King 🤮 @jbrancha I'd never heard of the broken earth trilogy. Looks up my alley! Put a hold on the first book on Libby. Thanks for the suggestion!
@jbrancha Ooohhh... gotcha. I guess things that are more of an escape. @mechamelissa TRASHCAN FURIOSA. I'm dying I love it. @jbrancha I mean, I'll probably slow my roll but I'll definitely continue. I really missed reading for fun, just go… @likeOMGitsFEDAY I FEEL THIS SO MUCH. lol. Also, love geekbot. We use it for stand-ups as well. @LittleKope This reminded me of you! (I'm not playing Animal Crossing but would have done it for you!)'re hiring another Full-Stack Staff Software Engineer on the @gatsbyjs Cloud team. Come join us! @mocasalter I read Wheel of Time as a kid! Well sorta. I got to either 6 or 7, then stopped. I tried to start the s… @taylor_atx @BookPeople These I was able to get from APL on Libby, but I also ordered two other books I've been mea… @taylor_atx So my mad reading weekend kicked off because @BookPeople did a "Bookseller HH" and gave recs (because I… @kelseyhuse30 I used to really like Steve Barry's historical fiction, so I reread The Amber Room and The Romanov pr… @kelseyhuse30 Oooh I'm gonna look those up, thank you! I am a pretty fast reader, but it's also mostly what I did last weekend, lol. @kylesQ9 Did you though? @SilvestriCodes It's a photo that makes me really happy. @SilvestriCodes That's the day I brought home Riggins! In the photo we're literally at the rescue, about to get in… was a huge book nerd as a kid. At some point I stopped reading for fun, especially fiction, because it wasn't "pr… @jlengstorf @marcysutton I think your tattoo from Barcelona can serve as this tattoo 🐻 @kylesQ9 @BookPeople Looks like I told you about this too late 😭 @venikunche @DiversifyTechCo ...What? With no reason given? @LittleKope Congrats Lindsey!! 💜💜💜 All my love to you both 🥂
@ShinyToyRobots @Ask_Spectrum Oh noooo. It's been struggling so hard with the extra load in my neighborhood. Best of luck.To anyone who writes tutorials: I promise you that whatever you write is better than a lot of the garbage out here…
Retweeted by amberley @quinncuatro I'm not personally involved with this posting, my answer to you would be based off the req as written,…
“Stop playing the race card.” “They’re just words.” “Why do you make everything about race?” Racism makes everyt…
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@KimMaida There's something vaguely r/accidentalrenaissance about this photo!Super excited to announce that I'm not feeling any compulsion to prioritize side projects and have instead been wor…
@KimMaida HOT DAMN that looks so good