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I tweet when i’m bored or have a lot of work to do. All tweets are personal. Is there another kind?

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@faisal_parla @patvaryzindabad @cyalm And you’re allowed yours! @faisal_parla @patvaryzindabad @cyalm The only embarrassing thing here is PTI acolytes pretending IK is doing some… @cyalm Everyone stays there. PIA used to own the hotel. Not sure if it still does. Quite a dodgy place too I might add. @Tariq_Bashir @murtazawahab1 And a politician! 😀 @Tariq_Bashir @murtazawahab1 Yes! I have a lot of respect for @murtazawahab1 but politics is a different gameWhy does every category need a special court? It weakens & fragments an already weak legal system & merely creates…
@vmantouvalou @UCLLaws Congratulations!The beast is out: The draft BRICS Digital Competition Report (version 1.0.) has now been released and presented at…
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Bangladesh: Humaray Paas taraqqi he, growth he, khushali he, tumharey Paas kya he? Pakistan: Humaray Paas Handsome… Bangladesh does not have handsome PM or Works number 1 army it can’t possibly succeed. This must not be t… @ChAmirZkhan Calling them stars is an insult to stardom! @zfebrahim Especially when he’s using it as a university! @DrOsamaSiddique @omar_quraishi Parey Hut PM, Parey Hut DG ISPR 😜 @DrOsamaSiddique @omar_quraishi My desire to support Pakistani Cinema! I’ll watch Superstar and Heer Maan Ja next.… @ChAmirZkhan But why? @sarf7a9z @omar_quraishi Is there a word for worse than bakwas? @ChAmirZkhan Does that explain the stupidity quotient? @AkmalWasim You are too kind 😊 I have more vitriol on offer for this stupid waste of time snd money. Restrained only by character count @SiriPayee I just wished he had died then! Would have been a more interesting filmParey Hut Love. One of the worse films I’ve had the misfortune of wasting my time on. No plot. Gimmicky. Nadeem is…
@ChAmirZkhan @KamranShafi46 So he’s fairly typical then? 😀 @ChAmirZkhan @KamranShafi46 Ah you know him better then! I merely saw him walking around in court always with a bev… @KamranShafi46 This is what they used to say about him in courts when I was a junior barrister in Karachi
@MerakTorag Purana villain? Many new ones to choose from! @SardarMandokhel Bhai please contact a good doctor. I am a Karachi-ite. I made a simple comment. If you don’t like… @FaroqGhauri Abhi Tak tau nahin hua @FarrukhAmeerM @ISpeakHenceIAm Ye Dubai palat-Emirates ki ticket afford kar saktey hain. I don’t think malnutrition is their issue @ISpeakHenceIAm @FarrukhAmeerM 😂 @ISpeakHenceIAm 😜 @ErumSKhan Laugh with or laugh at? A basic level of good looking ness is essential for laughter @yaserawan Yes but the beard.... @FaroqGhauri Jee suna bhi he aur dekha bhi he. @SardarMandokhel I’m really not shocked that you relate everything to a pseudo religious issue. @SardarMandokhel So many things to answer here: i don’t need beauty contests to validate my looks. Even Dubai worke… @FarrukhAmeerM @ISpeakHenceIAm Man ko dekhne ke liye koi attraction bhi tau ho @ISpeakHenceIAm Army men can be very handsome but even in men beauty without brains is of no use 😂 @tahirtaz I couldn’t tell, they were either wearing shapeless clothes, or hijab! @sephora4444 If you had been on my flight you’d have been the tallest human 😀
@Zeno500BC I still prefer the Karachi mindset! @AkmalWasim Perhaps that’s even more important given our love for showing off our nuclear capabilities @easternmysticin We win 😂 @easternmysticin You only have one? We have so many to choose from 😂Pakistanis and Indians need to watch “The Death of Stalin”. You can choosr yoir own favorite Stalin too! @doczeeshan Well, don’t follow their example! @Shoaib_SultanKz I’m native to Karachi! Ive grown up with this mess @bangash72 Im afraid even casual racism wont save the average Pakistani in this context @doczeeshan All of them were definitely not laborers. Achay khatay peetay log with pot bellies. Plus, you dont need… @Shoaib_SultanKz Thanks! @EmmBlemm Thanks 😀 @GeorgeFulton1 😂 You’re needed at Dubai @JrRezvani @IranAir_IRI Thats the best solution ive heard all day 😀 @aazarayaz Too long! Last i was thete was 2017. Really miss it 😢 @mufaruk 😀😀😀 @mufaruk I was sitting at the gate for Karachi, so that doesn’t hold! @EmmBlemm But why? @doczeeshan I’m sorry for you. And yes, men are not the only ones who appreciate beauty! @hsarfraz If i didnt know you better, i’d say that’s a self serving statement 😊 @patvaryzindabad I’m sure you guys did not look as downtrodden! @mojod_haq Sad! @patvaryzindabad Even allowing for that the crowd was disappointing!Looking at the people at the gate at Dubai airport, waiting for a flight to Karachi, one would think Karachi only h…
@ShahrukhWani @SejalSukhadwala Done! We will go there for our next outing 😊
@TRLawMediation @lawvaughan What more could you ask for? 😀
@JrRezvani Funnily, I’ve akways identified wotg minorities, even though im not one myself in my country of origin!… @rodrikdani I’m looking forward to reading this. Your One Economics, Many Recipes has been a guiding light! @ranjithoskote @dpanikkar Dear Ranjit, many congratulations on your chapter. I keep meaning to say this on the righ… @JrRezvani 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @JrRezvani You dont what? @JrRezvani Thanks! Yes im surprised it resonates worh so many. Maybe more for sunnis?The colours of gold! @dpanikkar Uff. The colours of gold @umergilani_lums My mother and i too!
Zainab is the first female lawyer of Islam! As with all history, less well known than her male counterparts… @HEROMAN93 @Rekhta @dpanikkar Epicurean entertainments exempted @Pupulmimi @PunjabiRooh @DerickPauls @adityampaul @bm0406 So lovely @dpanikkar Do not court pleasure! @dpanikkar Your brief is dawns until winter 😄 @dpanikkar And the sky lights up yo celebrate the wonder and the beauty of the earth it beholds! @dpanikkar And so it begins! @DalrympleWill Many congratulations. I am sure it will be as fabulous and vivid as your previous ventures :) @asomputra No need to apologise. They all committed suicide after reading this. Na rahey ga baans, na bajey gi bansuri!For a lyrical and very moving account of Karbala read Ismat Chughtai's "Aik Qatra Khoon". I was in tears when I fir… @jrshami Thank you. This means a lot. The article came straight from the heart.On Ashura, my tribute to Shias, published first in 2013. May we all learn from the lessons of Karbala. Ameen.
@najeebz18 😘Very well said. You don’t have to be Shia to feel the pathos of Ashura or to acknowlesge its continued relevance… @UCLLaws @azaria_danae @ERC_Research @UCL_Global Congratulations Danae. Fantastic news.
@JrRezvani @TheUrgeToWander @s_oworld @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul 😂👍🏻 @JrRezvani @TheUrgeToWander @s_oworld @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul Jealous of Moses? Tsk @TheUrgeToWander @JrRezvani @s_oworld @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul Islam recognises 124000 prophets. Only a handful a… @TheUrgeToWander @JrRezvani @s_oworld @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul See, i told you @JrRezvani @TheUrgeToWander @s_oworld @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul 😂😂😂He’s probably living out his life as a gym instructor @JrRezvani @TheUrgeToWander @s_oworld @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul 😂😂😂 @TheUrgeToWander @s_oworld @JrRezvani @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul 😀 @TheUrgeToWander @s_oworld @JrRezvani @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul But why disappoint him? 😜 @s_oworld @JrRezvani @TheUrgeToWander @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul Cruelty to Don = Kindness to mankind 😂 @s_oworld @TheUrgeToWander @JrRezvani @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul 😂😂👍🏻 @TheUrgeToWander @JrRezvani @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul @s_oworld With Godmen like Don, who needs a the devil @s_oworld @TheUrgeToWander @JrRezvani @OPedroMumbai @adityampaul Just believe everything i say 😈