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I tweet when i’m bored or have a lot of work to do. All tweets are personal. Are there another kind?

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@karachiahab @humeirakazmi Yes, I really liked that one too. LCL is overrated! Plus profanity and I don’t do well together as you know @humeirakazmi @karachiahab So skilful were these authors that reading them one identified with the protagonist rath… @karachiahab @humeirakazmi Array...I read Rebecca very young too. It was my mothers and I would hide and read the b… @humeirakazmi They’re short and sweet. Highly recommended. So it turns out I have read more Kaye than you have 😀 @karachiahab @humeirakazmi I’m a great (?) reader but SotM has a special place in my heart since I was 13! @humeirakazmi Agree. I like the ‘Death’ series too! My favourite was Death in Zanzibar @karachiahab @humeirakazmi No excuse to be done with the books 😀 @karachiahab @humeirakazmi Perhaps you should read Shadow of the Moon! @karachiahab @humeirakazmi Far Pavilions? I never took to that one. @karachiahab @humeirakazmi I’m drawing a blank :( @humeirakazmi Hahaha! I didn’t like Far Pavilions. And the TV adaptation was horrible @humeirakazmi 😊 My favourite MM Kaye is Shadow of the Moon. I’ve read the love story of Alex Randall and Winter de… @ranjithoskote @dpanikkar Mine too! I felt it as a great confluence. A meeting point. A crossroads. A bridge. @humeirakazmi Haven’t read it in years but so do I :) @sashayub You’re welcome 😊 @BrandSouvik Must have been incredible! @omar_quraishi Before this I had a very different self image 😂 @BrandSouvik Great idea! I might just do that 😊 @omar_quraishi Even I lost to you 😀 @omar_quraishi You’ve led a good life 😊 @sashayub So, I’ve heard back. She says: Therapy works is CPCAB accredited. Which is one of two main awarding bodies in the UK. @BangashYK @AU_Qasmi @FatehMulk 😀 @AU_Qasmi @BangashYK @FatehMulk Introduction email sent. Let the games begin. @BangashYK you need to keep us updated 😊 @humeirakazmi Seriously! Talk about toxic. @sashayub Actually just thought of someone else who could shed some light. @MumtazRabiya can you help? @humeirakazmi Uff another one of my faves. And to think he practically forced himself on the heroine and was awful to his native wife. @sashayub Sure. I’ll let you know when I hear from her. @sashayub I can ask and get back to you. @sashayub Genuine certification. Recognised in the UK. I know someone who did two years with them and then finished… @BangashYK @FatehMulk I’ve messaged Albert to ask for an email address! This should be fun 😊 @humeirakazmi Heathcliff ka sehar miss kar rahi hain aap! @AU_Qasmi @BangashYK @FatehMulk Lol! Only if you and I get ringside seats 😊 @UCLLaws @OUPLaw @lawvaughan Congratulations Steven! I can vouch for this having seen you in action myself 😊 @iamthedrifter @BangashYK @FatehMulk I wonder what became of the petition. I must ask Albert! @humeirakazmi Do read it though. Zabardast muhabbat ki dastan! @BangashYK @FatehMulk Ok. Let me find a contact for him! @humeirakazmi I loved the book when I was a child 😊 Explains many choices later in life @BangashYK @FatehMulk That’s usually the case. Btw Albert David MBE at the British High Commission in Islamabad has… @BangashYK @FatehMulk The 'silly man' must be in cahoots with the bootleggers! @karachiahab @RaiAbhinav84 @desichai1 Nice!
@karachiahab Yes. Potentially. Im teaching so will have to give it a miss! @ayazrasoolnazki 😁 @karachiahab @RaiAbhinav84 @desichai1 Indeed! I think many people thought the move would be temporary--that they wo… @RaiAbhinav84 @karachiahab @desichai1 Lol! That’s why he disappeared @karachiahab @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 You know the best people 😊 @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Likewise 😃 @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Not even in this movie...he’s pretending @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Not really :) This is dress up--but looks so handsome. @RaiAbhinav84 @desichai1 Hahaha. She is alright...too 'fast' for her times. I like the desi look more. @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Yes. But didnt do as much work. See this lovely song of hers with Dharmendra @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Hahahaha. Thanks I guess :) @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Mumtaz was too bubbly for me. I liked Waheeda in some things--she was a stunner. But not in everything... @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 LOL. I am taking it as a compliment :) @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Uff so lovely. Beautiful love story of a man patient enough to let a woman discover her se… @RaiAbhinav84 Not watching it at all now. @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 I think I will avoid it after this review :) @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Oh no. Neither have I actually. See Anupama if you have not already. @RaiAbhinav84 @desichai1 He was very good in Sanju too. @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 I haven't seen Mirzapur! @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Completely--some times when I find out what situation it was picturised for, or the movie… @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Oh yeah. He was the dad in Bareilly ki Barfi @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 😁 @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Nawaz is creepy at times. I like Saif though.. @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Hahaha. You are a soul sister. I used to remember how to start my Yaman practice through 'Aansoo Bhari hain' :) @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Phir bhi...koi standard hona chahiye...I thought Ranbir Kapoor was great in Rockstar/Yeh Jawani. @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Me too...they had 'soz' in their poetic voice. @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Seriously. Who is this Kartik Aaryan? Cant for the life of me see what the fuss is about :( @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Yes. Two years ago, I binge watched everything he had appeared in. Every movie, every interview. Love Anupama. @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 I did--so many people see that. @desichai1 @RaiAbhinav84 Yay! Yes...D also has an inner goodness that reflects in his eyes. @ayazrasoolnazki For you: @RaiAbhinav84 @desichai1 I dont agree alas! Dharamji is more my type of handsome. @desichai1 Most handsome! Unparalleled in his sheer beauty.
@dpanikkar 😊
@dpanikkar What you were looking at was still!'Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence. Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.' search ranking criteria on platforms such as Amazon prefer the incumbent sellers. Time to look into the ranking…
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@JrRezvani @TheUrgeToWander 😂 @JrRezvani @TheUrgeToWander Austerity drive? @JrRezvani @TheUrgeToWander So why arent the rest of your selves joining in the praise? @eramash @se_parkinson Thank you 😊 @Sainbasha @DrBenStanford @LorenzoPasculli Thanks! @JrRezvani @TheUrgeToWander Shouldnt it be +1? @zarafshan @DrBenStanford @LorenzoPasculli Thank you 😘 @RaiAbhinav84 @DrBenStanford @LorenzoPasculli Shukriya 😊 @TheUrgeToWander Thank you dear Madhu! It was not recorded so no link to share alasA wonderful honour to kickstart the #CLSForum. Excellent initiative by @DrBenStanford and @LorenzoPasculli to provi…
Inaugural Economics for Inclusive Prosperity (EfIP) conference on March 26-27 at Harvard. Program here…
Retweeted by Amber Darr @AislinnOC One of the first books I read on the s sly from my mothers collection!
@KhurramHusain If they use it, its a good word! @jrshami @XilleIlahi Yes that’s what I thought after I’d asked. Do people still listen to what he says? @XilleIlahi Who is AH? @AmberRShamsi @DAngel987 I guess you are never going to need that mental help after all 😂 @ranjithoskote 😊‘We should all be able to form notions of solidarity and identity that do not rest on exclusion’ well said… @LNRailway Will trains be running from LON to COV tomorrow morning?
@parveenazamali You! @parveenazamali I am happy with a society of two :) @parveenazamali Mutual admiration society? 😊 @parveenazamali Haha. I have a lot to learn from you :)