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The Amber Ruffin Show coming to Peacock! Late Night With Seth Meyers - Drunk History. Musical writer - King of Kong The Musical, Bigfoot and The Wiz!

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@shutupaida @ira KING✨Where my hopes are now✨ 💫 💜 💫 💜 💫 💜 💫 💜 💫 💜 💫 💜 💫 💜 💫 💜 💫 💜… @joimariewrites @Essence YOU’RE A REAL ONE 💜 @Allison_Tolman @Essence YAY! THANK YOU! I AGREEEEEEE!!
@ashleyn1cole @Reddsaidit But truly enjoyed this and cannot wait for this video. @Reddsaidit @ashleyn1cole *cumming2 things: It's exciting to be in @Essence bc I've loved them since i could read. You know a Black woman wrote this… @ashleyn1cole @larrywilmore Hahahaha! When in reality, what you’ve won is more texts from me. @roywoodjr ***You get really good lawyers and somehow it ends up ROY WOOD JR PRESENTS THE AMBER RUFFIN SHOW*** @roywoodjr Will be in touchThe Amber Ruffin Show + @larrywilmore 's Show = a Late Night block FOR DAT ASSSS!!!! @ReignOfApril Yay! I'm thrilled!!Ready for a show that has a charming mix of seriousness, nonsense, and evening gowns? 👗 @ambermruffin has you cover…
Retweeted by amber ruffinIt's a little early for them, but catch the @LateNightSeth team in conversation for #PaleyFest. Our huge thanks to…
Retweeted by amber ruffinEven if I had very long arms, I still don’t think God should be boxing me.I would pay a bijilliondy dollars to watch live action Mulan. Friggin love Mulan.
Watched @MichelleButeau in Work It on @netflix and I cannot wait* for her show**! *will hurt someone **if she doe… you see Black Panther and think “colonizer” is a term of endearment.
.@SethMeyers and a few members from the #LNSM writing staff will be part of #PaleyFest on Monday! Check out this pr…
Retweeted by amber ruffinWhat a vile song. I like mine Dry And Scrapey!Yakko Warner sings the nations you can currently travel to from the US without restrictions.
Retweeted by amber ruffin @edgarblackmon @BradleyCongress EDGAR! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @BlackLadySketch and @ashleyn1cole FOREVER!!! for me and my house, we shall be some whores.
@robinthede @Variety Thank you, Robin, for pointing me to my future. I will do everything in my power to work on th… @robinthede @BlackLadySketch MAY!! 😂 @robinthede @BlackLadySketch THE ONLY ONE WE NEEDROBIN!!! 😂😂😂! Go, @NiaDaCosta 💜💙✨ Impact List: @karencheee joined @LateNightSeth after writing jokes for the #GoldenGlobes. During the pandemic…
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@jenelleriley There is no debate. Your feelings are wrong and my feelings are right.Join @WomenInFilm with women of @LateNightSeth on 8/6 (tomorrow) 3 pm PT for a fun conversation on comedy and their…
Retweeted by amber ruffinJune 2nd was “blackout Tuesday”. That was two months ago. So right about now we should be seeing some announcements…
Retweeted by amber ruffinWhen you do your hair for the Zoom call but you don’t shower or change. @eggy_boom I forget what Poopie’s real name even IS. @ReignOfApril 😂😂😂
After 5 months of me bra-less-ly watching it, this TV has had enough. months @sethmeyers & I would watch episodes in our offices and laugh so loud people would have to knock to see…
Retweeted by amber ruffinTo say, “No one has done more for Black people than I have,” in a conversation about John Lewis?… @Nitagirl1 Don’t tell me who’s who. Get a profile pic, dork.Some dude refused to wear a mask & fired an AK47 at police?
Retweeted by amber ruffinMy sister has a duck and his name is El DuckBarge
Retweeted by amber ruffinThe Swedish chef wants everyone to “Bork He Buf!!” WATCH LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER AT 10PM CT BECAUSE I WROTE SOME OF IT!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? WH…
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@robinthede It was my favorite look of the whole movie
@diallo @phontigallo the women of @latenightseth and WIF on 8/6 for an exciting conversation on comedy and their careers! We are e…
Retweeted by amber ruffinMe waking up today after watching #BlackIsKing @eggy_boom You have to stop it
The best part about #BlackIsKing is when you watch Brown Skin Girl wondering how much you can cry before becoming c… time I see a new weatherman I'm always like, "Who the fuck are YOU to try to tell me what the weather's gonna…
Jesus @SamJayComic I thought this was a dang comedy show, why are you supermodeling? of them days
Retweeted by amber ruffin @TimBarnes451 I will laugh about this for the rest of the day.Get paid. Save democracy. That’s a win/win. @comedycentral
Retweeted by amber ruffin @solomongeorgio This amount of specificity is fatal.
Read this tweet to fully know everything about Karen Jason Chee @eodisio It is the only one that is even close @imchriskelly Thank you! 💜💙❤️Every time it comes on I say out loud, “what a great fucking commercial.”I can no longer keep quiet about this- I am dead fucking serious when I say one of the funniest things I’ve ever se…! It’s time for an Amber Says What! (and then she says why!) 3 hearts got nominated this year. @BlackLadySketch @LateNightSeth And @drunkhistory My buds are dreamy little…
Robin Thede Lauds ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’s Dime Davis As She Becomes First Black Woman To Score Emmy Nod For Dir…
Retweeted by amber ruffinToday @nicolebyer became the first black woman to be nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Host of a Reality / Comp…
Retweeted by amber ruffinMaybe there’s an Amber Says What tonight! Maybe I just felt like sitting around in the dress I was planning to wear…
Thank you for coming to my TED talk
Retweeted by amber ruffinGet this child a late night show
Me 2 years ago: Mike Ditka is a full piece of shit. Me 2 minutes ago: Mike Ditka is a full piece of shit. my 2 step program to a happier life: Step one: Sing this at the top of your lungs. Step two: Float away on…
“Fuck you AND your kids” -America boyfriend managed to capture the moment I got some big news. Starting Tuesday, I'll be starting my new job as…
Retweeted by amber ruffin @wtflanksteak Congrats!! This is the best news! 💜❤️💚 @tira_tira_tira @wtflanksteak YESSSSSS
My sister @AngelaKhabeb was on Good Morning America today and I’m so proud and she is such perfect reverend and a r… you are an only child and I’m friends with your parents, I’m referring to you as “the baby” til you die.That’s a pretty big typo. What should I due?He should try to make due with just one. @natasharothwell Oh my god
All hail King Ashley!! 💜💚💜💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 @tira_tira_tira Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahaha
He is the first if you’re listing them BACKWARDS @natasharothwell I scrub like I’m trying to get the skin off. And I take one big breath before I start scrubbing my… woke myself up laughing at thissssssssss black people 🤝 “On god”
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@michaelharriot My dopey behind clicked on this expecting to learn something 😂My favorite episodes of sitcoms are where you find out the main character that you’ve grown to love is racist. @eggy_boom @solomongeorgio @SamJayComic Reeeeeally trying to be patient but I want to watch this right neyow.I call this photo “Tearing up at Baby Books.” ALSO FEEL THIS WAY!
When Is The Home Premiere* Of Coming 2 America ? *there had BEST be a home premiere.“Mail in voting will result in voter fraud” = “I will cheat using mail in voting.” @curlycomedynail I really like everything that you’re about.
⁦⁦Everything ⁦@ashleyn1cole⁩ says should be on every billboard. Thank you for all your hard work. Elijah: Of course. It was great meeting you, Marco Rubio. Marco: The pleas… @shutupaida Don’t talk to me like this in my house
My goodness, he lived the hell outta that life. 💜✊🏾💙