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Your garbage mom; wrote I DO NOT FORGIVE YOU; @InStyle, @ParisReview, @NYMag; opinions mine, she/her, #BlackLivesMatter; #1u. I just want you to be happy, honey

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Non-New Yorkers losing their minds over the Strand news: you should know that the owner, Nancy Bass Wyden, owns the…
Retweeted by Grendel’s MomI mean, do what you want, obviously, it’s the literary world, not life or death, and both authors will not be hurt… @j_zimms It is possible! It can be done!This babysitter is the hero of this filmMy wife, in extremely Borat voiceAlright, Borat, here we go @SchroederPoet 😱 @rachsyme I could preach this forever more @iamdianametzger Right? Literally did you miss this discussion in 2006 @imjasondiamond 🤝 @jamielynncrofts Ha! @j_zimms I LOVE that book! @andizeisler YepGood old beautiful @PublishersWkly gave my forthcoming collection a starred review, & highlighted a sentence with a…
Retweeted by Grendel’s Mom @MoviesSilently I’m so sorry. 💔 @andizeisler Lol @t_mcallister Right? I guess we’re supposed to be impressed because she dared, but I find it utterly unimpressive a… @mariskreizman Thank you, Maris, I don’t know why anyone would do this if they just hated books and loved to write… @esmewang @carmenmmachado Oh my god it’s HER again @aubreyhirsch He’s not even gonna try to hide this vile shit anymoreMany people on this website were extremely vocal about their skepticism that far right agitators were provoking vio…
Retweeted by Grendel’s Mom @parabasis Good lord @kendrainmontana Definitely!Watching tonight’s #HalloweenMovie - the new version of The Witches (which I like so far!)
@tkiramadden It looks amazing on you! @Aaron__Burch The most Gen X answerLook at this spooky selection of kids’ books that arrived today from @BookMoonBooks ! I’m so excited for the five y… @AlizaEarnshaw ❤️ @egabbert As I have aged, I have gone over from the verbal pyrotechnics firmly to the succinct yet intriguing. (In… @livesinpages There’s one here in DC that gets away with the cred of indie and sells NO indie books and also did no… @tkiramadden I would like to say NO, as someone who got a shag right before the pandemic @egabbert Same really - I’ve got a lot of text chains going if you ever want to be one :)Well! @PublishersWkly has named "Everyone on the Moon is Essential Personnel" one of the best books of 2020... 😳
Retweeted by Grendel’s Mom @JulianKJarboe @PublishersWkly Oh my goshhhhhhhhhh @jeremykniola I did! @frumpenberg @hilsaphina They are amazing @FieldArtistSW Lol I wish @FieldArtistSW It definitely is @3vanSutton Haha thanks, our place is just nothing but horror right now @yumcoconutmilk Oh CONGRATULATIONS!!! @iSmashFizzle I am dead 👻😍😍😍 @katedc16 Ugh, it’s true @LusraGray SUPER comfy @katedc16 It’s definitely the latter lol @sarahgreenmusic I DO! @JoyelleMcS Thank you! I’m the guest reader, Halloween edition, in my kid’s class today so I thought I better step it up. :) @katedc16 I feel weird having real pics of me here! @NotoriousREL I’m really loving it!I’ll absolutely take this down but the leather shorts arrived and I am very pleased despot HAS. TO. GO. @summerbrennan Hear me out but....Chloe Sevigny Little Flower? It’s one of my new faves. @liferstate I think this is right.Twitter just informed me that I can't follow anybody else until I get more followers. This is displeasing. Follow m…
Retweeted by Grendel’s MomDonald Trump has absolutely always seemed to me like a character from a very poorly written and bizarrely directed… @mattzollerseitz Good lord. I’m sorry to hear that and I hope he stays asymptomatic. @MysteryPhD Literally NO idea @thehighsign I mean that would explain so muchSo Biden is selling pillows and sheets, will put tiny windows in our buildings, and will kill birds with wind?Where are all my witches at, how did toads and snakes not start coming out of Trump’s mouth when he said he was the… @j_zimms This was SO fun!!! Matt was so great at dealing with our absolute nonsense @nancyoneil1020 Right?!! He forgot I guessThis fucking asshole, just shitting on Democratic cities like we’re not the largest part of the American populationAND HE DOESN’T EVEN COME FROM SCRANTON HE JUST LIVED THERE - okay pettypants @rmccarthyjames @ElectricLit ❤️🪓❤️There are 270 people on here ready to watch us make fools of ourselves omg
Getting in character for tonight’s @ElectricLit D&D murder mystery - you still have time to join!… @MissLiberty Oh my gosh CONGRATS!!!! @MaureenLangloss Oh yay, thank you!!! @iSmashFizzle HOLY SHIT @nancyoneil1020 Nope. And I worked in cosmetics for years too! I’m sold on my own bullshit. 😭 (Shiseido, Clinique, and MAC)I’m an atheist and full-on Carl Sagan level skeptic but I swear to god you tell me your skin cream has space roses… @mufasaandlola Ighhhhhhhhhhhh @CoreyFarrenkopf @DaniTrussoni @TheLincoln @NadxiNieto This is so awesome!!! @summerbrennan Oh my god, ME TOO @DavveroDomini Thank you!! @3vanSutton Right? This is not okay in literally ANY way I can think of! @rounderstudio ❤️❤️❤️ @DanielTorday Luckily my daughter found it so boring (and was so annoyed at the portrayal of the one girl) that we… @DanielTorday LOL YESLike seriously do we WANT our daughters to put up with the same shit we had to deal with? I personally do not, and… older people who sadly were taught that sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior were just something you ha… @jgriffingraham That’s where she got the witch trials from! @MishaWest2525 Ooh good idea @SteveHimmer @g_e_howard Perfect. @maggiesmithpoet @OneSignalPub Maggie, this is just wonderful. @g_e_howard She just told me “I like the part where the witch burns everyone because there’s a lot of conflict” @g_e_howard I mean seriouslyThe five-year-old is playing Salem witch trials and I keep having to mute this conference call so my co-workers won… @EdwardCarey70 @riverheadbooks @BelgraviaB Oh man, this is beautiful. I can’t wait to read this. @SheilaSquill @carmenmmachado I mean likewise, Sheila! @TheLincoln Ugh @SheilaSquill @carmenmmachado (And you are so sweet - thank you!) @SheilaSquill @carmenmmachado Already ordered it. :) @BrianFloca Ha!Also I will be doing a whole character, let me assure you don’t want to write the novel I’m writing, I want to write something that is full of joy, but the problem is that… @3vanSutton Omg I literally log in and out EVERY TIME I POST for other people because I’m so terrified of this. @Mitchresists Its the “bless your heart” of kindergarten @REALNightBeast Ahahahaha @mdbell79 @my19thcentury Oh my gosh YES