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┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ In this ┃╱╱╲╲ house ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we love ▔▏┗┛▕▔ & appreciate ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ UNVERIFIED POSTERS ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕▔ @rainbowzionist @JoshuaRush @LoganLevkoff damn ok well @rainbowzionist @JoshuaRush @LoganLevkoff i dont read very well, do you have any prageru videos?yall sleeping on the 2020 Bouldering Open Championship right now on espn 2 @rainbowzionist @JoshuaRush @LoganLevkoff wow you've really convinced me, thanks for putting so much thought into this @streetfrogradio @IRaiseUFacts @kenklippenstein @ByYourLogic i raise you this fact: kens posts are better than yours. @IRaiseUFacts @kenklippenstein @ByYourLogic loldidn’t figure him for a punisher guy @kenklippenstein @ByYourLogic itll look something like this @MrSheetz lemme know if u find it!is this having drip? @danker_hank @MissPavIichenko lol @thucydiplease we need an independent twitter monitor to supervise @eatinginmycar i like to think he's been binging whatever show is on the tv there hoping you'd get home soon @thucydiplease what are we up to samive compulsively packed and repacked a back pack about 10 times this weekend to get as much room as possible, becau…
@MissPavIichenko @danker_hank my drivers license photo is still me wearing a strainer on my head! @k_parhar looks dope as hell @El___GBT i just realized its back on tonight and ive completely forgotten what happened last season except the very ending @sewcialism i dunno, they selectively come to my tree late at night and hoot. but most nights they dont @sewcialism my owl came back last night! what a mitzvah! @HoratioSkald yea, good. OK.OK avoid violating the terms of service and the mods ai, consider replying to a bad take with “shut the front door” instead @limitlessjest got my addbrain worms are the posting equivalent of coronavirus @limitlessjest wow,,,,,, it’s funny when you see pixel artifacts in real life!!!louis bacon, you literally can’t make this shit up folks @LLW902 remember just to turn left.@HardballChris time to change your @ to BocceballChris @clefabledude are you guilfyole from silicon valleysome never trump guy on here crying they have no home. you do, you baby, we'll do a go fund me to launch you to mars @kthorjensen which onei freaking love politic
Retweeted by italian parody ßolton 🇮🇹 @ScooterAbrahaam i seek to increase an inclusive simp community @chaoticbaddie the purge brought to you by hillary dead endersqueens stay simpinladies is simps too @otter_weekend @whale_defense he is a respectfully strong fellafor feats of strength, pls follow @whale_defense rocket man its nice outside so time to go do outside thingslol prop bets on which one of my posts will break through and do numbers todaythey are really compensating for the exposure of the phanatic being listed in epstein's black book @MZGoldmanStacks its accurate is what it is @jaydestro is out of control tanders... like bernie sanders, but its neera tanden. anyone done this? @Dancing__HotDog nooooo not my saucy long boysi freaking love politic here for tuesday's debate to see bloomberg make what he thinks is a pithy remark about how he is the only candid… @travis_view amazing since these look like regular people, maybe in their 30s, wouldve assumed anyone making a Q si… new project, mister podcast movie, has been greenlit by warner brotherslol thanks to brain poisoning i fear this will play use the next time someone talks about muggles or whatever
Retweeted by italian parody ßolton 🇮🇹 @BroBrahSama good posti envy adults who get really excited over different stuff. @metallicaduck1 presumably they fuck too cause even them ol boys got viagrait shows how lame liz warren's instincts are that she now claims the only difference between her and bernie is the… @olawdy1 im boltonjust gross @HamptonStevens @david_j_roth you too hampton you seem like a nice dude @cathoderaygirl i honestly have no idea, my parents didnt make me speak the language @HamptonStevens @david_j_roth got your ass @TonyBeast1957 whos the next joe the hat @prinxfern @WongKarWax deep state @WongKarWax they call this "welching" @eeberquist noooo mayor pete dont have a shirt i like aha🇮🇹💪 @mooncult they call that a swishthis is the content you cravewho lives in a pineapple under the sea? bri-ed krassenstein @JKMiyamoto retweet it plsdo they make hypoallergenic furry suits? i dont want to get hives againi feel like if you posted about corona virus, the cdc is going to come quarantine you @ASegals they should've taught him at harvard or whatever that his is a dominated strategy. dude sucks at game theory @generalslug @SamGrady420 @chesiregirl1105 get his ass @houghton0 who are these blue check weirdos no one's ever heard of @Theophite sam's ass is gottenthis whole thread is really stunning. use the next time someone talks about muggles or whatever @voidhowler lloydbeen listening exclusively to caribbean hip hop this week @stevemacwv @BernieSanders @ninaturner what about nina makes you say that stever?
2020 chuck woolery’s Patreon numbers“Ayy Ton’ you hear about this friggin Mike Bloomberg? Flew on the Lolita Express and thinks he gonna buy the electi… @HamptonStevens @david_j_roth lol how are you a journalist but i have more followers than you.. maybe its cause your takes aren't that good @CourtneySoliday i think mayor pete would be a fan of this one, sponsored by raytheon @hoIymtnbike @shermham @tarab_ish @HamptonStevens whats up