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Managed to escape that baby wedgie carrier and sweaty pits...words have NO meaning WITHOUT actions..

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@ClydeSSB If the league is paused then they are punishing everyone because of the actions of players from two team…
Retweeted by hollow words @jasonleitch...??? @RadioClydeNews... Definitely think the @theSNPMedia @JohnSwinney exam results must be accurate.... There are some… @British_Airways I see despite the claims, there is no priority check in or priority security... @GLA_Airport what is the point of face masks at this airport when staff tell you to remove it as they "canae hear y…
@UKRoyalTea @Murky__Meg @GMA @CBSThisMorning Oh GMA that @Disney show that allowed a grown woman to ridicule and bu… @Murky__Meg Can you imagine her having to report on someone else..?... Have her words edited....? Be told what she… @Sukiweeks @Murky__Meg @DailyMailUK oh I was just coming on to ask if these were the fans who posted vile tweets/me… @qvcuk please can you tell me when a #bigdeal starts and ends? @jinksterz @Murky__Meg @DailyMailUK headline should read On his public journey to being viewed as a cockholded, pat… @CMWRTID @john_herd @ClydeSSB The investigation will find... LG is a separate entity... Sweep sweep
@KerryFail Has he been threatening his desparate girlfriends with sharp kitchen utensils again? @columbophile My fav. Dog clip was at the basset hound pageant.... A rare clip of #columbo the man... Not the detective on the case! @ClydeSSB Please tell Hugh to keep his fantasies to himself 😨 @HShowgirl @Murky__Meg I've heard Wally say they often turn on each other and fight amongst each other @Murky__Meg I've never thought Adele was the kind, sweet and genuine person her PR image portrayed... The more I re…
@TourreBakahai @yankeewally2 @Telegraph the only negativity and nastiness is coming from the #sussexsquatters @ClydeSSB @RadioClydeNews Error of judgement my arse. Only apologising because they got caught. We in the NHS are s…
Retweeted by hollow words @BaronessBruck @yankeewally2 What's with all that manic blinking??? Isn't that supposed to be when you are lying...… @BaronessBruck @yankeewally2 You mean like dressing as a nazi, Hazballess? @ChangaDuchess @galadriele24 @yankeewally2 I had to do calligraphy at school, I was about 9 or 10 and our first efforts were more legigable @Greenfi98608863 @_SloaneRanger @yankeewally2 @yankeewally2 I get a headache trying to read that scribble. Can anyone type it please.?
@IBoyd1966 @djfrew @KerryFail Looks like someone with no bra.. But badly needing one and drops like a geriatric @yankeewally2 @Murky__Meg @superscuba83 a quote from the #sussecircus2 landlord TP...... @KerryFail Was going to say @KerryFail followers guard your washing lines... But.... @yankeewally2 @freepeeper 🙄🤔😨🤯😵 @Murky__Meg It's probably the one they hired from the susex was it Lathem.... Bad move @KensingtonRoyal @Murky__Meg Oh dear... Another leaked letter @express clearly @DailyMailUK court case has inspired them. I fear fo… @ClydeSSB @ScottishFA @spfl if Covid19 can allow you to award titles not won and relegate @JamTarts @PartickThistle @superscuba83 Sadly I thi k this will go beyond 2020... The history books call 1920s the roaring 20s 2020s will be the Covid19 20s @HallieParker__ @Murky__Meg Oh I see many of those females have achieved things... Then there is MEghan and her ces… @CardosoYat @JusSayi56481818 @Helen42273770 @Murky__Meg You forget about her amazing feet! @PorneMichaels @SnowScottish @Murky__Meg So they want a media controlled by Rachel and her gang of sugars!!!.... Su… @KeatingVera @LexiRoseGB @Murky__Meg @laraep92 @HShowgirl @Words_By_Aubrey That interview was so awkward... Apart f…
@yankeewally2 Yip close out!!! Aka Markle it!!! @yankeewally2 Oh Wally the Welsh dragon you are on fire tonight! @columbophile @al_ambition 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
@ClydeSSB Why is he standing in an industrial storage facility? @Murky__Meg @simonvigar5 Her father has been named and bullied by sugars why should these friends who made the…
@Murky__Meg Why @DailyMailUK @LuminaryBakery release more photos of all that hair around food... Don't you sell to… @Braceletbay @Murky__Meg Even though these tacky tabloid articles are beyond reality it is funny to see the sugars… @Billybingbong2 @tweetyskorpio @Murky__Meg Yip shame on @RoyalFamily @KensingtonRoyal! The Markle did not acknowled… @yankeewally2 Look at the split on that dress and the heafer stomp... Trying to act elegant... Stomp stomp actress fail
@SabirahLohn @Murky__Meg ... Former best friend???? @beksemz @Murky__Meg Oh @DailyMailUK isn't the money from the royal foundation @KensingtonRoyal? Also why didnt all… @nanner61_nancy @Murky__Meg Absolutely... Her involvement is the very reason I would never buy the cookbook!!! @Murky__Meg Gorgeous baby boy growing up fast. How much would we love another Cambridge Prince or Princess???
@yankeewally2 @Nike Oh I do not believe it.. I posted only last week asking if @PooPourri could do a scent to rid… @BlUeDoGOctober @AnnieSpanni @yankeewally2 She has the feet of an 80year old who wore poor fitting shoes all her decades @elsiespencer23 @yankeewally2 Oh boy... Those poor sugars have NOTHING happening in their sad miserable lives... Th… @flamingyam @msfrogladie @Murky__Meg They probably thought that @RoyalFamily had broken so many protocols alreat fo… @feedferalcats @LjmLM @Murky__Meg @DailyMailUK Were her previous weddings not practice enough!! Hair dresser... Tha… @toricambridge @Murky__Meg Still think Megs wanted emerald HMTQ said no.. This probably tiaragate 2... Who thinks…
@Swooshie19 @StoptheWoke @yachtgirlmm What a sad, trying to appear special, life.... Trying too hard.. Look at me l… @5gentexan @Reashelby1 @Olga03713154 @Clarissima5 That stupid bend over laugh... Ruins the photo... Who is she laughing with??? @things_royal @richardaeden She got that role and the @queenscomtrust role because it was Harry's wife and what Rac… @Quartz95290058 @things_royal @richardaeden I think the strip show is a specialist type of theatre @kschumi777 Was he allowed to escape to soho House for his latest preaching hypocritical lecture nonsense? @shnoggi @Murky__Meg I agree... I can't imagine Catherine being able to bicker she seems to get on so well with her…
@DianeDidi15 @yankeewally2 Oh I just can not stomach looking at that whingy twisted face!!! They both make me nauseous!!! @CeeBee64495886 @yankeewally2 Well @Cosmopolitan very few females have a changing size and folding in bump so she d…
@yankeewally2 That necklace was the firtlst I heard of her... On radio news... Smelled set up and tacky.... Gave he… @BlackOrchid1909 @jan_m_x @superscuba83 10000000 of young children lose one or both parents... They do not grow up… @gofakeyourselfM @Murky__Meg ... Because Catherine is the better person. Also she is used to managing terrible twos @Murky__Meg @DailyMirror oh that's the day she talked over everyone with her word salad. Then she pushed infront of… @Carmela67 @superscuba83 Oh another whine feast from Hazballess... Different backdrop same old poop from… @Murky__Meg I see Hazballess has been let out of his dungeon for another whiney video call @DailyMailUK @BoschHomeUK The door would not open, now the door opens the machine will not start. This number is in the door. @gulag_timeshare @rpd0319 @Murky__Meg Oh that would be hilarious!!! As would megsy having car air fresheners under… @BoschHomeUK Not working @BoschHomeUK Nr 102037
@Murky__Meg @FeijiCha Is this the porn star one? @Murky__Meg Is that the the porn star one??? I think Wally might have posted a photo of her with a blurred out sect… @superscuba83 Do you think Doria and Rachel allow Hazard a take away curry @Murky__Meg They'll flip it to be Mountbatton Windsor... Always riding on the royal coat tails!!!! @Murky__Meg @yankeewally2 @superscuba83 I would like to make a statement... I am not joining this week or next week… @nickfshort I stopped listening after the first one... Having the cast phone in would be better or even one cast me… @BoschGlobal bought a #Bosh washing machine in January... 2020!!! Breaks July 2020??? @WhichUK clearly great standard and quality!!!
@Jack_Royston @Murky__Meg Oh I hope this isn't @RoyalFamily laying the ground to bring the #sussecircus2 @yankeewally2 @DailyMirror Was this episode of terror when she was walking up and down Kensington High Street tryin… @yankeewally2 @ONEIN7BI Was this episode of terror when she was walking up and down Kensington High Street trying d… @yankeewally2 @playa_alicia @Beyonce Oh that's disappointing as I thought Mrs Carter had more inteigence... I guess… @Murky__Meg Can you imagine if MEghan ever got near the white House???? She'd nuk us all, for daring to despise rudeness and lies!!! @yankeewally2 So where's the money, where's the money they owe for frogmore, why is the old fool Charlie still fund… @feedferalcats @RoyalAstrologst @Murky__Meg Correct. Skippy prefers a more upmarket, better actress, yachtgirl @su_brompton @MerrynZanna @Murky__Meg Poor Catherine had to sit accross from the face of evil and smile sweetly.... 😨😰😱 @artbyskym @patslaxmom11 @bettedavisthizz The one at the back is dumbHarry.... Meghan is at the front, as always...… @artbyskym @Murky__Meg The one at the back is dumbHarry.... Meghan is at the front, as always... Wondering how she… @kegeiger @stephaniecmoran @Murky__Meg Oh LoonyLie upgraded to Rachel's no1 cheerleader now Jessica has been Markle… @ltpm3 @Clikkieforlife @BreyaV83 @danwootton @LadyColinCampb @Tessadunlop @talkRADIO Tessa Dunlop... Living proof t…
@bitteroldqueen @Murky__Meg And a ho a ho.... Merry Christmas! @GossDarla @RidiculousPoppy @superscuba83 Could you imagine... She'd have the whole of Wimbledon evacuated. The di… @GossDarla @RidiculousPoppy @superscuba83 Rachel wants Catherine gone... William for herself and she wants the crow… @Sukiweeks @VedicBeat @debralubbe @superscuba83 Yip Doria raise a real peach in Rachel... It is scary that there ar…
@PDeaki @kegeiger @Bagpuss55517680 @Murky__Meg Yes that was the day I replied to that photo on the KP twitter... An… @russetbear @Murky__Meg Also look how poorly fitted Charlotte's dress is.... I said when I saw the photos... Cast o… @russetbear @Murky__Meg Absolutely compare the Markle cast of Oliver circus to Princess Eugineies wedding... The co… @emerald88604982 @Murky__Meg She had the Princess and Prince dressed like extras from the cast of Oliver... And tho… @Glou09866607 @DailyMailUK @Murky__Meg Yip tell us something we don't know @DailyMailUK... First red flag for me! N…