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Yes @BrooklynYenta you are probably correct...lokk how they seem to have no manners and go to hate and label and bl… @hillshypno @superscuba83 Wants Archie to grow up with no cousins or grand parents or aunties or uncles.... @FarkleW @grazia747 @superscuba83 i suppose we have to be thankful she at least wore a bra that day... Even if it w… the Woking up of the classics is ridiculous... They constantly whinge for a female James Bond!!! I don't hear… @superscuba83 They won't take titles away if she blabs her toxictrash... It would look like sourgrapes and punishment.Why don't all @ClintonsTweet shops sell @joeandseph? 😢😢😢
@Alexander05W @KerryFail Putting it in the bin isn't their style... They like to sweep it under the carpet!Oh maybe @TheEllenShow could show her how to look after a child and not carry it by its wedgie..... @TheEllenShow really has no clue. I would've thought he had more insight and could see the rudeness of @Murky__Meg @Cosmotastic1 @Murky__Meg No one is engaging with her... They were proba ly told do not look at Mememeeeeeeghan or… @GRAmsterdam77 @TickityB @Murky__Meg Oh yes they populate every @RoyalFamily tweet about members of RF doing good w… @TerryLoyal @ClydeSSB @shinjukushug never had sympathy for Paul Gascoigne, he will not have sympathy for Morelos be… do some fact finding @nzherald before you publish such derogatory and defamatory comments @RoyalFamily and peo… @hendo_1872 @ClydeSSB Alfredo Morelos came from a poverty stricken background, had his sister die at a young age, h…
Retweeted by alliswell @hendo_1872 @ClydeSSB It's ra sellick way... @KerryFail Where's the petition re Griffiths trying to hit Kilmarnock fans with his missiles.... @boocatlady @Cece90406552 @Murky__Meg They clearly can not cut it in polite society... So the dictionary better cha… @BookMD @DaphneMaeve @Murky__Meg Also trying to trade mark sweatypits and… security office for Archie in dereliction of duty. shouldn't laugh.... But... 😂🤣 Let's keep this going @Murky__Meg @superscuba83 @things_royal @BrooklynYenta
@Justmythots8 @saturnxnoir Whilst child looks big the legs are shorter than the Harry e card photo... Child has no… @TeamCambridge2 @grazia747 It is so predictable... The inability to hold a child pap PR backfired majorly. She is r… @pegi06585638 @Justmythots8 @artbyskym You are correct.. She looks more slender than DoC and she is the only one wh… @bethak05 Ah @PseudoFed GOAT having the laughing with he staff and the fans.... GOAT is comedy genius.. Of course you are all welcome @things_royal @barb_diggz @yachtgirlmm Oh so very interesting and oh so murky.... Harry and Archie are sitting in a… @BrooklynYenta That is so true... People think you are a door mat, just because you ry to see the good in everyone… hard to do... But it's the best thing to do!!! Countess of Wessex visits Tombo Health Clinic to see how @difd_uk is helping to improve access to family planni…
Retweeted by alliswell @misskimisme @prince_scarf @BessieBuckle1 @Murky__Meg Yes they don't get that Diana had a natural kindness people o… how at ease children are around DoC. He has a natural compassionate warmth to her that children and adults (ev… @BrooklynYenta Oh I thought it was just me as I lost all my twitter links today and thought it was my end.. Banana… point @ScottishFA... @ClydeSSB perhaps this needs clarity? @SueWanless @superscuba83 I think the guy on the phone was on to the paps to make sure they were in the exact place… Taz. She used the non pap break to say this is what we could have all the time... The minute she leaked the… @astrisissi @Murky__Meg Worse then that thing in black came and blocked the camera view.... @sissywynn @Murky__Meg She is a drip. She is definitely someone who would have been a zlist cable mattress actress…🇸🇱 This week, The Countess of Wessex is visiting Sierra Leone to learn more about the important work being done to…
Retweeted by alliswell @superscuba83 Oh we she where mememeeeeeeghan gets the world owes me mentality now.. No they should owe us for th… @superscuba83 Oh yes... Who holds a lead like that!!! So that the ring is on display!!! @Lollybolly7 @artbyskym @jackaranian She wants it to only ever be able to smell her sweat pit! How that child isn't… @Murky__Meg .... Oh even @Oprah can be bought. I thought that woman had more insight and manners. If what they say…
@marksandspencer So why on Monday night did the train station shop take the sparks card?Oh now the sussecircus2 foundation is losing staff.... 🙄😁 @marksandspencer ... Hmmm... You don't even know which Mand S this is.... So poor response @karenstonehous3 @Murky__Meg @superscuba83 Let's be honest... Planned papped photos but mememeeeeeeghan too lacking… @Murky__Meg Look @RoyalReporter @DailyMailUK some zlist actress tauts old phot of trip to dog shelter verses DoC an… @marksandspencer so why can't I use my sparks card at marks and psncer food in the train station??? @Fifi_Borgia @Josephine2Bo @Seven55259366 @Murky__Meg So the dog has had to be restrained to not flee form farkle faux #rentaroyalWelcome to the BJN party @RoyalReporter @DailyMailUK we have been commenting on this for months.... #sussecircus
@ItsWendish @Murky__Meg Face stuck right in her sweaty pits. 🤢 @adamson88 @susiecollette @Murky__Meg The poor baby is rammed into her sweaty pit!!! @LauraAs08443328 @Murky__Meg 🤢🤢🤢He is an idiot. #sussecircus2 #mockerymonarchy dial a pap #rentaroyal go awayOkay @itsmyroar @superscuba83 @Murky__Meg can someone keep an eye out for this... What day will it happen? @Dar00814572 @katecambridge24 Diana was also the Princess of Wales... Mememeeeeeeghan is not sugars need more than… @CornerS93000946 @katecambridge24 @Murky__Meg I don't think a song will be rewritten for her. So be at no1 for week… @vine17 @BananaScribbler @MailOnline Yes and baby moved to side to not obscure mememeeeeeeghan face... And yet for… @thesun @FoxNews only idiot Harry can not see that @Murky__Meg @BananaScribbler @things_royal @SkyNews @DailyMailUK why don't they take action against dial a pap p… @JoannaKrakowiak @BananaScribbler @jackaranian @PllyPllyPooPoo @MailOnline ..... The sugars are a breed of their own @BananaScribbler @Murky__Meg @superscuba83 strange mememeeeeeeghan isn't there to collect him... Maybe only collect… @bobbiedan @BananaScribbler @forthecambs @MailOnline But then dear the head would obscure the beauty that is prince… @ana_gomezj @BananaScribbler @Avalonemory @MailOnline Amazing given the 8 week break no paps... Splash provably cha… @BananaScribbler @NJ1976 @MailOnline It never moves despite having an uncomfortable wedgie.... Dial a pap… @constatravel @Murky__Meg There are other photos of her gazing lovingly into the lense.... Poor child never moves and has a wedgie @ChicDelights8 @Staceyalexisly1 @Murky__Meg @Dove @Unilever @Disney @BananaScribbler @BritishVogue Oh yes... And ma… child never allowed to move and has a wedgie....Oh people didn't we get tales of Archie loving the snow.... Guess it had melted...
@KjerstinSommer @Murky__Meg Meanwhile meemeemghan dial a pap #sussecircus2 #mockerymonarchy #rentaroyal out with do… look @Murky__Meg @BananaScribbler @superscuba83 ON Sophie's birthday and the fab5 party at the Palace. Mememeeee… @PeteyR13 @SixTudorQueens @Murky__Meg These 2 prove the rule... Men don't look at the mantle when they are poking in the fire! @tips_talk @Murky__Meg @piersmorgan Well you see after the #rentaroyal @RLWC2021 harry and his balls comments... He… @JacquiClarke69 @Murky__Meg @BootsieCat2 @Cosmotastic1 @mrs_holohan @Murky__Meg Look you do not realise the time it requires to look as good as… @AnneMarieWhit @things_royal @Murky__Meg Poor Archie has been left with that... He /she /it must be so confused.... @Delfi57509330 @Murky__Meg Haha meemeemghan when she wears her padding... Although she's more knickerless than that… @CocoOmalley @cgdachenbach @Murky__Meg Darlings it wouldn't be her money... Mememeeeeeeghan always has a source of… @Staceyalexisly1 @ChicDelights8 @Murky__Meg Count me in... @Dove @Unilever are being avoided by many on here due to… @EmmelineWyndham @SueWanless @Murky__Meg Dark Web.... Mememeeeeeeghan has nothing to hid surely? @PinkPantheras @Murky__Meg What is this past of which you speak? @Uscjen @things_royal @Murky__Meg Nono no nothing will come out... No tabloids IN America... Surely Americans could… @gladiat60526709 @Murky__Meg Well @DailyMailUK they say a fool is easily parted from their money AND only a fool wo… @ClydeSSB Serious question. Why does he have to report to @ScottishFA when Leigh Griffiths didn't... Or did he?I'm thinking OV @MarianKeyes must be on that list!!! Mar won't be as himself costs a fortune to replace the figurin… he can get an outfit from @disney since he abandoned the service men and did a pay to attend #sussecircus2 @KitKat2cats @BananaScribbler @MailOnline Another desperate PR stunt.. Uou are your actions Harry and those were to… @returnkarma @Murky__Meg Charles is a fool. He is showing himself to be unfit to be King. He will be the end of the monarchy. @jackaranian @Murky__Meg One of those fashion fauxpas is a stylist ????... Ah typo.. Bad editing... Styless @TraceyS85929472 @notafreebird @Murky__Meg @RoyalFamily Haha I love @NeNeLeakes. That lady is strong and owns it..… so hard and never gets the recognition, but her charities do benefit from Sophie's hard work, warmth and grac…
Retweeted by alliswell @Murky__Meg Harry teaching us that a myfairlady transformation doesn't work on zlist cable @yachtgirlmm ...… @Murky__Meg We knew this @DailyMailUK... #sussecircus2 #mockerymonarchy #rentaroyal pimping around the globe... Wha… @anniemcd2581 @Murky__Meg They look as we would say I Scotland... Hard faced... You wouldn't want to meet them in a… @BardenTracie @BananaScribbler I think he should be banned from the invictus games and replaced with a service man… @KjerstinSommer @BananaScribbler @richardaeden @danwootton He is married to mememeeeeeeghan dial a pap addict... At… @Laura82853179 @SherlockTarot @Murky__Meg He has no idea that he is married to dial a pap... @RoyalFamily dont seem… @notafreebird @Murky__Meg Latest #sussecircus2 #mockerymonarchy #rentaroyal PR @RoyalFamily Harry you are your actions not your poor me victim words... We remember how much you cared for military when… @Murky__Meg meemeemghan will be furious. If these 2 a lists get back together Hollywood will not care about the… you thought you couldn't respect @Pink anymore.... Read on
The man is a fool married to a dial a pap attention seeking addict #sussecircus2 #mockerymonarchy #rentaroyal