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@jackaranian @SilcockMon @BananaScribbler I too would like to go on this break... Anywhere away from these attentio… @Murky__Meg Chatter getting louder... Form the sussecircus2.... No one is interested... Go on your break... Leave us alone @SandraBlackCat @Murky__Meg That 93 year old who works harder than those two.... I don't think HM would have the ti… @Shelley62672731 @Murky__Meg No they need to stop hiring PR companies to leak stories and keep them in the press...… @pam_19 @Murky__Meg The black and white christening photos hair colour change, again I think stupid editing @Murky__Meg The Philtrum in the colour christening photo appears different but I wouldn't put it past those nuts to airbrush their baby...
@BananaScribbler @Reashelby1 @MailOnline @KerryFail The cover up chrew.... @KerryFail Oh dear ra sellick bhoys will be devastated that the sheep are trying to steal their obsession title!! I… @LynneBailey @Murky__Meg Given how she glares at elderly people (Remembrance Event) she'd wouldn't be able to hide her smug smirking grin @nanaju367 @yachtgirlmm It's really her fault she pushed herself right to the front... Infront of everyone so she h… @BananaScribbler @Awareone5 Yes Disney owns abc who allowed mememeeeeeeghan's friend to present a whole tyraid of a… @BananaScribbler @NatalieFKaye Sarah always allowed the princesses to spend Christmas with HM and Prince Philip. I… @qvcuk @Missellejonesxx Can the colours be shown please.... Nothing is being covered on this show is Jill Frank's drunk? @qvcuk @Moda_Shoes What is the blouse the blond model is wearing in the boots show? @Cambfollower1 @Reashelby1 @messymegsy Suspe t that's been useful for her on the yachting and cabel acting circuits... 🙄 @sheridansmum @LynneBailey @messymegsy Stooping over like a vulture... Do you think Camilla is shielding Princess C… you big dummy William is your beloved brother who has watched over you your entire life. Even after he got ma…
Retweeted by alliswell @MarieFrancoise7 6months how they have flown and what a gorgeous little lady @yachtgirlmm 🎼🎶A Ray of hope glitters in the sky. The sussecircus2 are just about to fly... All accross the land da… @Murky__Meg I love elephants so graceful in contrast to their size. @Voicesofvision @Murky__Meg Oh is this the mememeeeeeeghan stans idea of 1) english 2)feminism? So your race, count… @Murky__Meg A women????? Can we have an English translation please??? @NosyScotian @BananaScribbler @MailOnline It's the lack of manners and understanding about everything... Not just R… @essaluiz4 @BananaScribbler @MailOnline Exactly... Harry has succeeded alienating anyone who is genuine @HappyandHealt14 @BananaScribbler @MailOnline Anyone who follows @RoyalFamily knows that HM is too busy on royal du… @KellNick1 @Murky__Meg True. I actually probably seem rude as I rarely respond to those who respond to my posts...… @ColetteLala @Murky__Meg Actually I think it's lady.... 😉 @things_royal @tracy_sproull @Murky__Meg I tried to just now but account could not be found. They must be tweeting… @HBac20 @Porticus2 @Murky__Meg Would love to see press just not covering Any of the sussecircus2 self promotion eve… @clare61365360 @Fifi_Borgia @Porticus2 @Murky__Meg Mememeeeeeeghan's daddy... Isn't he supposed to have spent all h… @vanilladotcom @Murky__Meg Who knew what colour Murky is? How do they know? @ChicDelights8 @Murky__Meg Substitute son for father.... Preview of the Mememeeeeeeghan docucircus #2 @Fifi_Borgia @Porticus2 @Murky__Meg Hmm sounds like he needs the money and would trott around like H if the price was right @cwelsh1888 @KerryFail Oh it always had to be about the famous 🔴⚪🔵 even down to the shop they steal from.. Sinsbury… @Porticus2 @Murky__Meg Well they are not called the Sussecircus2 ©(mememeeeeeeghan style) without supporting evidence... @Davidur95523041 @KerryFail This must be that child friendly sport complex @GlasgowCC and @theSNP gave them permiss… @KerryFail Ah Ra selick septic Celtic fc and illegal activity.... shock 🙄 @KerryFail That cafe must stink @MizzBronze @BananaScribbler Pc is looking at baby as if he has never seen anything like it before in his life. Lov… @TudorQueen1837 @BananaScribbler Pc is not my favourite royal but I do love the way he is looking at Prince Louis..… @revis84 @RadioClydeNews @ClydeSSB I think Laurie has been banned he hasn't been on pontificating recently. @sheridansmum @BananaScribbler Sheridan's 'mom' please do not claw the hope away from us.... In these times of farc… @Ben1Jam @yachtgirlmm Also come out of that car with the grace of a hippo @yachtgirlmm Love that PW put H imself in the middle so that DoS wouldn't need to speak and engage or be accused of… is it because "Last Christmas Meghan Markle got scarfed" 🎵
Retweeted by alliswellManners maketh man - Meghan Markle
Retweeted by alliswell @Cambfollower1 @Murky__Meg @sheridansmum @BananaScribbler Wonder what we will be subjected to at the bumps birthday.... when is that??.. Wehn… @BananaScribbler alert the sugars are hitting the Kensington twitter to complain that they didn't post a photo of M… @BananaScribbler Just amazed she didn't stick one from the wedding in there to get her in the picture... Excluded other son.. @BananaScribbler @DebacleMarkle Look at PC demenauor compare to Cambridge photos-- @BananaScribbler Exactly also SS miss the Markle again. @KensingtonRoyal and @RoyalFamily musch better photos and… @BritSingapore @nin_sally @Murky__Meg @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily How tacky and attention seeking is it to post a… @BritSingapore @nin_sally @Murky__Meg Missed the mark Markle PR... @KensingtonRoyal and @RoyalFamily photos much be… @RosieRo46450844 @Murky__Meg More offense... And disrespect. Ms Markle we do have Thanksgiving in GB but its Harves… @Ben1Jam @Murky__Meg Can we All stop talking int erms of the child... His name is Prince Harry!!! 😉 @Murky__Meg What has happened now?.. Sorry folks the mememeeeeeeghan part of me can't be bothered reading the drivvvile..... @Murky__Meg loving the Cambridge tweet for @ClarenceHouse Birthday @TheChapmanator @jlandpartners @waitrose AgreeIt is unbelievable that because this is football the coverup is allowed to continue. @bbc were held accountable for… @BananaScribbler @NatalieFKaye Meemeemghan band wagon yes hypocracy NO shame No manners... @BananaScribbler @RoyalReporter Wasting your time banana he prints what SS and his SS paid sources tell him... Verbatim...Check your taxes people! @things_royal I think they are trying to say.... HM disagrees with the mood of her subjects and is choosing to pick… @BananaScribbler I liked a post about Cambridge engagement.... The replies from accounts I have never engaged with… Markle's own PR is supporting vile attacks against Kate and following sugars on social media. So much for…
Retweeted by alliswell @BananaScribbler @su_brompton @MailOnline Who is helping us and the other royals deal with the stress of them????? @sheridansmum @ChicDelights8 @Murky__Meg Faux hair soup anyone.... @BananaScribbler is on overtime preparing the bananas..... @kewgreene @Murky__Meg Right now SSare hiring luvvies to take on the role of homeless people.... Mememeeeeeeghan ca… @kehridwen @Whitlina @Murky__Meg A bit like the dog she reportedly abandoned... Homeless people are such 365 days… @misskimisme @Murky__Meg Oh @RoyalFamily @things_royal need to put a stop to this.... Homeless people already have… needs to be addressed! @RoyalReporter can you think of a reason why the new media Exec of SR foundation follow…
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@PamMielnik @BananaScribbler HM could gift Frogmore to YorkieBea at Christmas for post wedding.... Will take that t… @Murky__Meg M&S.... Is that mememeeeeeeghan new Web page.... MEMEMEEEEEEGHAN A Sussex.... 🤢 @Clairesolo @Murky__Meg @isnt_gone Ah but think of the fun everyone would have playing the emerald tiara game.... @ChicDelights8 @Murky__Meg @isnt_gone ????? A relatively young couple???? Who are they talking about here???? Mememeeeeeeghan at least 40!!! @iForwardAdam @ClydeSSB Full time soap dodgers @declanwatson72 @Gino03960764 @ClydeSSB Correct @thingy33172642 @BananaScribbler And Ibiza and France instead of Balmoral... @Murky__Meg @isnt_gone We are all saved from the pooh💩hat... Attention seeking and her scaring the children... Old… @Alan72952076 @LChristie96 @KerryFail It's a sad sad life for them... @LeeHWells @BananaScribbler @eleishharvey1 Hopefully in a place of safety in a loving home where he is nurtured and… @BananaScribbler When does this much needed break start???... It is much needed for me!!!! They are like those scen… @BananaScribbler @blue_marbleeyes Archie is the sound children make in the Christmas song about santa being stuck u… @BananaScribbler @gabbie_goose You just want the mememeeeeeeghan hat.... Will you accept bananas as payment? @Reashelby1 @Murky__Meg I think mememeeeeeeghan got to Zara, Princess Royal and Countess of Wessex nerves too... Pr… @things_royal @EmmelineWyndham At least we will all be saved from another pooh💩hat... HM speech will be interesting… @BananaScribbler @JaquettaRivers Would love Cambridges to have another baby..... Hospital steps... Catherine photos… @JaquettaRivers @BananaScribbler Don't cha know woke for MEEEEEEghan and H/him to wear bumps to bond with surrogate… @BananaScribbler @PamMielnik ... Another must have white shirt for her how to dress line.... 😳😳 @BananaScribbler He has crawled out of frogmore and is almost at the safety of Windsor Castle.... Mememeeeeeeghan h… @Gaian42622505 @BBCPolitics @bbclaurak When is the Alex salmon sturgeon sexual harrasment cover up case in court???… @dhphoto @BBCPolitics @bbclaurak NHS Scotland 2 billion pounds in debt and unfit for purpose... Staff pick IV lines… @kathrynlu @things_royal ****exclusive... Message from mememeeeeeeghan SS @BananaScribbler @BananaScribbler 🎼 When you go please don't send back a tweet from American..stay off the insta and media and PR ma… @BananaScribbler @jan_m_x Well be the ones payi g for Doria and the freeloaders @chapelvista @BananaScribbler Dora who is known for her expert mothering skillsOh @BritishAirwaysT you really should think about who you employ as a face of your company.... Make me think twice…