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“straight couples can’t be queer” ok explain them
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Normalize telling your therapists to watch BoJack.
Retweeted by amanda 🌿imagine u spend years on research only to be called “et al.”
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Me 🤝 Taylor Swift Having beef with every man I’ve ever met except for whichever one I’m currently sleeping with
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Lmao Bryce was telling you how to pronounce Acuña correctly my dude
Retweeted by amanda 🌿“The worst they can say is no” okay but that like devastates me when it happens
Retweeted by amanda 🌿sure american suburbs are “an ecological disaster” and “the most inefficient possible way to live” and “deeply alie…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿This is how it should work. Bar owners and tenders, take note.
Retweeted by amanda 🌿When I announced I was running for Governor of Virginia, people said they weren’t ready for a Black woman Governor.…
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people are really blaming meghan markle for the death of a 99 year old man
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Taylor Swift is brave because if you asked me to read anything I wrote at 17 I would kill you with my bare hands
Retweeted by amanda 🌿 @jasonsulli Honestly the best birthday dinner reservation I could have asked forJude’s school pics came in and he said “why am I in jail?” 😂😂😂
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Shut the FUCK up forever about making abortion safe, legal and “rare” for the love of GOD. Stigmatizing abortion is…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿we can tell
Retweeted by amanda 🌿fearless (taylor’s version) has reminded me that I heard “the way I loved you” in the year 2008 and decided to make…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿i would never romanticize toxic relationships BUT I MISS SCREAMING AND FIGHTING AND KISSING IN THE RAIN IT'S TWO AM…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿khloe kardashian & the rest of that family tryin to figure out why ig beauty standards are so toxic
Retweeted by amanda 🌿She literally invented Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss
Retweeted by amanda 🌿 @yoshiwaffle We Were Happy because I HATE myselfi am empathetic to the pain and insecurities khloé kardashian admits she faces, but i think what is important to no…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿im free April 26... in case anyone wanted to see the pink moon... on April 26... so if you want a date on April 26 im free...
Retweeted by amanda 🌿 @taylorswift13 I know I’m breaking the cardinal rule of listening to a new album front to back, but I SPRINTED to the From The Vault songsa woman calling out your bro with 800 followers and a failed clothing business for sexual assault is not “clout chasing”
Retweeted by amanda 🌿“it’s a live action of course the fits won’t look just as good” okay then explain this
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Bolivia kicking out the DEA and seeing drug trafficking actually go down reminds me of when the NYPD went on strike…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Joe Jonas gonna regret that 27 seconds for the rest of his life
Retweeted by amanda 🌿$ 1,734,769.82 That's the price that I have to pay for surviving. I have questioned whether I should have survived…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Straight men will go on the vacation of a lifetime and not tell or show a single soul
Retweeted by amanda 🌿“ the character is so childish “ the character is fucking 14
Retweeted by amanda 🌿being on tinder is fascinating because it’s so clear that men do not understand the female gaze at all
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Y’all know we had to get vaccinated to go to elementary, Middle, and HS? Right?
Retweeted by amanda 🌿You know what’s a beautiful thing? Your ex being a big Taylor Swift fan then her re-releasing Fearless on your birt…
y’all slander people that work 9-5’s like the businesses y’all wanna run will never require staff 😭
Retweeted by amanda 🌿just because you *can* take a maskless photo at a crowded theme park in the middle of a global pandemic doesn’t mea…
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HIV vaccine might be right around the corner.
Retweeted by amanda 🌿The older I get the more I understand why my mom only had 2 friends 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭 I use to think she was just a lame LMAOO
Retweeted by amanda 🌿If her Bluetooth looks like this just know she belongs to the streets
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Polio and smallpox never reached herd immunity. They were eradicated by vaccines.
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Next up for accessibility changes: Struggling As requested, button mashing on the hook is being replaced with skil…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿For Survivor fans who want to be on the show and who engage in the vaccine discussion, you should know at the end o…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿perhaps we should build a healthcare system that doesn’t terrify millions of people into avoiding it
Retweeted by amanda 🌿I just got kicked out of flat earth Facebook group because I asked if the 6 foot social distancing had pushed anyone over the edge yet .
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Excited to tell my grandkids that during the pandemic I did not learn any new skills, I didn’t get fit, I had no ch…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿has anyone tried asking the body to stop keeping score
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Leaving this here because I’ve just had a really great few days ✨🌸 Swift re-releasing Fearless on April 9th is dangerous because I’m getting an ego boost from everyone talking about my birthdayAnd?
I got mask-shamed for the first time today in a fast food restaurant in a very red part of CO. A woman looked at me…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿??????????
Retweeted by amanda 🌿we live in the same fucked capitalist society whether things are open on easter or not and this day off is only cat…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿What a moment
Retweeted by amanda 🌿You ever had mystery train station water drip on you? Shit make you wanna delete yourself nfs
Retweeted by amanda 🌿This is like tearing down the Louvre
Retweeted by amanda 🌿I miss being 12 and thinking this movie was going to be the most painful shit I was ever going to go through
Retweeted by amanda 🌿living with roommates is fun because you get to learn what their parents think should be refrigerated
Retweeted by amanda 🌿hoping @chelseacutler is having a fantastic day
Retweeted by amanda 🌿 @jmccandless15 I second thisHigh school gov classes should spend more time on state and local government
Retweeted by amanda 🌿bobs burgers is a top tier show i love how it doesn’t rely on weird racist/sexist humour 2 be funny n is just so wholesome
Retweeted by amanda 🌿All I wanted to do today was go to Target and get Chipotle but apparently everyone follows after Chick-Fil-A today
are you seriously trying to tell me that neurotypicals don’t ALWAYS hear the fridge???????
Retweeted by amanda 🌿This is what we have the Sims for, gotta keep the God complex going well into adulthood waited 10 years to do Group FaceTime, I don’t even have friends anymore.
Retweeted by amanda 🌿why the fuck would a duck ask for grapes at a lemonade stand
Retweeted by amanda 🌿quite possibly the worst take i have ever seen on this godforsaken bird app
Retweeted by amanda 🌿zack fox has never missed.
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Since moving to VA I have lost all sense of holidays since I have spent almost all of them away from my family. So… is like $20 at this point
Retweeted by amanda 🌿For five to ten years frozen yogurt completely reshaped American cities and then it disappeared without a trace
Retweeted by amanda 🌿 @emma_922 EMMAI'm 35. Until my 20s, EVERYONE I knew smoked. You could smoke wherever. There were smoking sections in restaurant…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿funny hearing right wingers say they won’t take the vaccine because they don’t know what’s in it when they had no p…
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gen z doesn’t understand that before the dominos pizza tracker you had literally no way of knowing the status of your dominos pizza
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Boys will play football once and have this all over their stories
Retweeted by amanda 🌿picture this: i’m stepping on your face and you’re all like “doo doo do do do do doo” but we’re all vaxed and it’s…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿In light of Bhad Bhabie creating an only fans, let’s take some time to remember Dj Akademiks tweeted this🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Retweeted by amanda 🌿does he not have a mugshot u can post instead
Retweeted by amanda 🌿the point of tweeting is not to go viral. the point of tweeting is to get a few likes and a concerned text from a friend
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when more vaccination appointments are added
Retweeted by amanda 🌿ironically, i WAS doing well, and then your email found me.
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Having a vaccination clinic in an old Nordstrom store is the most on-brand thing Loudoun County could have doneThis is what I like to see besties i just thought of this new youtube challenge pls share it with every influencer !!! it’s called the don…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿if u like 5 shots just wait til u hear 6 shots
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Back at it again with domestic terrorism in DC I see baby Grace, first croc encounter...April Fool’s!
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When I’m texting from my computer I would tell anyone anything
Retweeted by amanda 🌿You don’t want to go through this life and realize you never once found out who you were as a person because you le…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Men don’t like skinny women, thick women, fat women but you know who they like... men clearly
Retweeted by amanda 🌿every white boy must make pilgrimage to the pro bass pyramid during white boy summer
Retweeted by amanda 🌿knives out was really a serve for the whole family what a moment
Retweeted by amanda 🌿
People who had to get vaccinated to go to kindergarten are shocked you have to get vaccinated against a virus that…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿U r not gonna get a big round ass eating 1200 a day I can promise u that
Retweeted by amanda 🌿MEG WAS LITERALLY SHOT AND Y’ALL SAID “it was just her foot” SAWEETIE GETS FLUNG AND ITS “he ain’t hit her” LIKE WT…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿Apple automatically copying the verification code from messages is a TOP TIER feature
Retweeted by amanda 🌿if call me by your name goes number 1 i’m buying all my followers a 12 pack of hanes socks
Retweeted by amanda 🌿for the record, what's happening with lil nas x isn’t just internet trolling. he's only like 21 and is being harass…
Retweeted by amanda 🌿😂😂😂😂😂
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George Floyd’s trial began today for those who actually care & wasn’t just supporting for an aesthetic
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