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@Saulsrevenge LMAOO PLS @1EDEN_ meow @merakidina @Saulsrevenge i want them theyre so cutemeeting Lias mom today 😩
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@jalccna yes so i can simp more oftenmeow @m2sty ur so talented @m2sty I LOVE YOU TY @keaIani WTF HOW THATS SO CUTE @Saulsrevenge bro fuck ur street cred @VlNN1ES bro ikrhe didn’t want to take a picture next to pikachu:(( @CarolineX0Val @jalccna don’t disrespect my gf
bro imaging having tourettes in the green and red light part of squid game
Retweeted by lia @bluaie LMAOOO PLA @m2sty LIA PLS @jxdnshall squid game it’s so good @__kuromii__ bro mine is too… @adorbse it’s called cyren anime!!i want them all. spent a lot of money today… @VlNN1ES ratio
Retweeted by lia @jabeeboo WHERE IS THIS TELL ME RN. @LayziVAL nahh cant compare to me @mistmie stop im blushing @jalccna MEOW @1EDEN_ it does. i’m nervous bc he’s meeting my mom friday w that hair color and she hates my colored hair LOL @1EDEN_ THE PURPLE WOULDNT COME OUT AND IT TURNED BLUE AHHAHAwho wanna make a pokémon unite team⁉️ (serious inquiries only). @1EDEN_ u should it’s sick. but his hair is blue now LMAOOO @kxtieoh ILY<333 @1EDEN_ saul jealous now
@notrxchel that’s all u @karxoo TY BBY<33 @gwinchie @jenn69420VAL 😽soo anyone wanna play league bc my bf won’t join me:( @luvhals ILY @Saulsrevenge heyyy @merakidina HI LOL @lovelydemon666 no ur sexyi dyed my hair black :) @fluffyyFPS don’t forget me when ur famous @fluffyyFPS light blue get signed alrdy @fluffyyFPS <33 @fluffyyFPS hii’m gonna be a brim main now @sadIucas vouch best headers in all of twitter
@Saulsrevenge @1EDEN_ ok @1EDEN_ nice bathroom @ophiepaisley ily 🥰 @jalccna OMG CONGRATS BBY <33 @Nighty10k HOW???
@keaIani no idea… i have no other friends @1kotaaa @PLUTO27club ayo..? @xxelitism i can change that @PLUTO27club LOL SHH @qashsav oh:( but ur very pretty u will find someone to treat u like a princess @1kotaaa nah @qashsav bet babewho wants to go on a double-edatei stg rank-up games are cursed
@ClassifyAlt h-hey man… wanna feed me and saul? @Saulsrevenge bro stfu @lopeznsabrina fr LOL we daughters of milfs @Saulsus my mom?only following the hottest woman on this planet.
Retweeted by lia @zzztayluh PINK I PROMISE ITL@LOOK GOOD @karxoo omg where is 1 from @Toastedtw ???? @jxdnshall @Saulsrevenge nah it’s rly not. he’s short for a reason, he got his inches put somewhere else @weirdkidong @Saulsrevenge NO NO I SWEAR ITS A JOKE @kctiebug omgg @jalccna fr @weirdkidong @Saulsrevenge HFFNFJSKSKA THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT @Saulsrevenge @jxdnshall ^ @jxdnshall @Saulsrevenge NAH LISTEN @svprahelen @Saulsrevenge BRO IM JUST SAYING.. ID BE VERY SAD @Nighty10k @Saulsrevenge LMAOO WHAT IM JUST SAYING MY OPINION @Saulsrevenge it’s not worth it 😔 @Saulsrevenge no pls
@1EDEN_ ur evil @1EDEN_ but banger tweet as always @1EDEN_ no i’m close to immortal i need red rank then i quit @1EDEN_ go to sleep"i can fix him" you both play valorant, fix yourself first.
Retweeted by lia @Xansmind LOL XAN U SAW NOTHING @merakidina HAHAHAHHAAH ITS SO FUNNY @Saulsrevenge @Trista30630328 very 😏 @Gigicollins_ bro idk @Saulsrevenge LOL u passed outmy boy shlumped @PLUTO27club @Saulsrevenge LMAOO @PLUTO27club @Saulsrevenge @Saulsrevenge sure bud. now meow for me kittenuwu? @fluffyyFPS L @Saulsrevenge :(( @Nighty10k @PLUTO27club yeee
@PLUTO27club ily and imy justin <3