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After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
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Little fellow is home in good and hungry spirits. We're going to watch him, waiting to see if his body will decide… @ErinCassese I hate living in a complex for many reasons but these relatively arbitrary and arbitrarily enforced ru… @onmytiptoes Oh boy. @ErinCassese Ours says "signs" but the issue for me is that it's literally never been enforced, and I've been here for four years.So weird how my complex sent out a "reminder" that we're not allowed to have signs on our windows, balconies, or an… @psa2 @CCAHinA2 I bet he feels quite perky! Yesterday it was 16 but he was acting completely normal - they ran the… pal had a great slumber party at @CCAHinA2! Successful blood transfusion, no issues at all, PCV back up to 2… @YeetSeeger @lookatmyeyeball @antitractionist @patrickashe Google, I'd assume
.@SenJackReed with a blistering statement on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett
Retweeted by amelia! @JordanUhl What is the almost!!If it were men who had to quit working because there was no more school, we would have new polls on which candidate…
Retweeted by amelia!Bossy will get the remaining packed red cells from his Friday transfusion (they used half the bag because he's very… numbers. Waiting for more info now. In the meantime, @jamesnewburg is reading the names of veterinary medical j… morning, I attended the funeral for my second grandparent to die from Covid-19. By Zoom, because it's unsafe to travel. WEAR A MASK.For months, I’ve been trying to figure out why some people refuse basic pandemic precautions and others cling to ou…
Retweeted by amelia! @jfmcluggage We feel so incredibly lucky to have found CCAH when we moved to the area! @ShannonJCurtin James often comments that it's impossible to tell the difference between my sleep clothes/lounge cl… good, good boy! morning Boss update: the tiny angel is going to spend his day at @CCAHinA2. Unlike other recent visits, thou… @amil Fuck an underwire, too @ALLCAPSDOOM @Remember_Sarah I love a flat sheet because as a kid I fully believed that having something over my bo… @Remember_Sarah There's such a great vaguely threatening tone to it. The choice is yours......... for now @Remember_Sarah Oh my god "fortunately, the choice is yours" has me cackling @MollyJongFast And so many people will dieHere is an extremely long-legged very handsome boy who has made a poor decision but won't learn from it I saw Dumb and Dumber in a theater in Rhode Island and the place almost exploded from the excitement of seeing t… gas is SO BADI'm kind of obsessed with this thing on the #WorldSeries broadcast where they show how the pitcher's different pitc… is an incredibly valuable piece: @cwarzel got advice from a host of experts about the best ways to talk to fri…
Retweeted by amelia!Buster is allergic to chicken so we're super careful about the dog food we bring into the house but Bossy's medicat… @LouisatheLast I mean!!!! @AmyanaJones @slwein Wait is it a greenscreen?? @anniehinton Envelopes are surprisingly effectiveMe but with Twitter @DearSplenda Wait wasn't that the premise of a book? @thelisamalcolm @WhatConcernsMe Oo-de-lallyYou know, no one is asking you to load serum into a sled and mush into an impossible storm a 1000 miles across sea…
Retweeted by amelia!Comstock Hackett Taylor, Gabriel Damon as Spot Conlon, Brad Renfro as Huck Finn @kbschroedy ...... forever @kbschroedy So he gets to see her boobs but never gets to second base
Me: Misogyny is real. 100s of men in my mentions, email, and occasionally my voicemail box: listen here you cunt
Retweeted by amelia!Someone tonight on my social media travels had posted something along the lines of “if you live in a house that’s o…
Retweeted by amelia! @frumpenberg @queergirlblogs I just got 2 for $25 each, so wait for a sale if you can - they have them all the time @frumpenberg @queergirlblogs Seconding these, I'm obsessed @Reblogga So proud of him ❤️ Go Bossy go! @Reblogga Home, resting, eating, taking his meds, going for walks, and feeling a teeny bit better! We have a long w…
"Hello yes let's go home now, also I love you"'s looking pink and definitely has energy 😊 I'll pick him up at naptime after lunch and we'll be back for a check-up on Monday!Small sir has pep in his step after getting half of the blood product they planned on - so if he's down again on Mo… sweetie got to have a nice snuggle last night! So grateful for a veterinary hospital that loves our boy so much. @kbschroedy Here for this!! @annehelen He works in the office/guest room/nursery (our toddler is in our room). I work at the dining room table.…
@Bibliogato I'm so sorry, Katherine. @kellyamma Yay pet insurance! @quigleythepug @anamariecox ❤️🩸❤️ We're going to give it a shot. Send us some good vibes please! @quigleythepug @anamariecox It is. He's had two transfusions and he's just so small and sick and sad and I don't kn… @quigleythepug @anamariecox I don't know if he can. I am really scared. @anamariecox "I love you, I love you, please have good numbers" (he's in treatment for an autoimmune condition and… heard an ad on a podcast from the government that was straight up just telling you to not stand on train track…
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His numbers have fallen again. We're going to add another medication. We're home now, and he's licking my arm like… @NYTimesGames It was the 138th in my current streak - I loved it! Such a fun conceptI mean obviously I'm Extremely Anxious 🙃🙃🙃Off we go to @CCAHinA2 for Bossy's first post-transfusion level check! He's been acting more and more like himself,… @iloveredrobot @Remember_Sarah It destroys me to think about how many people have been here, are here, will be here… @TarynItUp34 @Remember_Sarah They did! They were each other's best friends. @heylaney I'm so sorry for your loss. This is the worst club to be part of. Sending you love. @lola_cep Ah yes @lola_cep Oh lord. Which school? @nedasoc Thanks, Neda. Sending love to you and your family ❤️An update to this tweet: Yesterday, 22 days after my grandfather died, 40 days after their diagnosis, my beloved… @amykaycannon Oh nooooo. Mine is 20 months and so strong already. 🙃 @amykaycannon How old is your very strong toddler? @BrandyLJensen @amykaycannon Rewatching the originals is like this, because there's an update on pretty much every mysteryi’m not a fan of country but i do love how male country singers are like “i love fishing and my truck” and female c…
Retweeted by amelia!love this journey for him
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@anniehinton Annie she is so cute it hurts @AITA_reddit You should be fired into the sun, actuallyNASA?? oh you mean the cowards who would rather go to space than face what's in the ocean
Retweeted by amelia! @AngryBlackLady There's a sign-off going on in my very small town right now!White women on tiktok keep pointing at little text announcements that it's ok to not be productive every day and I'…
Retweeted by amelia!Taco Bell giveth, the official scorers taketh away @molly_knight Sending love to you, Molly. What a cool guy Pirate was.
@amykaycannon @Remember_Sarah omg thank you Amy I'm so glad attention is finally being paid to this important issue!!! @Remember_Sarah Hey ladies this really happened to a friend of mine please repost and share: men are carrying aroun…
Retweeted by amelia! @amykaycannon @rachsyme Wow, yes @jenmacramos My husband lived in Cool for a bit as a kid so we went there the last time we were in California. It's… @jenmacramos Yolo, Roseville, Grass Valley, Cooli'm SO sorry but in order to watch a beloved Charlie Brown christmas special that talks about the dangers of commer…
Retweeted by amelia!Not sure who needs to hear this, but your choice to give up your normal life for the last 7 months may have saved s…
Retweeted by amelia! @erin_cikanek @AmyCesal I love it! @r_tooz87 @arb No, seriously, fuck off already @amykaycannon I just read "pandemic circumstances" invoked as an excuse for the T**bin incident, but I think this i… regret to inform you that my brain will think it's the year 2000 until the day I die. When is 30 years ago? 1970.…
Retweeted by amelia! @erin_cikanek I'm hoping it'll be cool to clasp hands with your friends tooMy sweet gentle man made it through his transfusion with ease. He walked and ate and now he's going to have a nice…
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