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this account managed by the demons in my head that tell me i'm not good enough at night

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@NYSportsGuys5 @J_ManPrime21 🐓 @WeWuzBoomers Who was President 5.7? @mespi5 @UrbanGem No guarantees it'll be *your* husband, but it'll be a husband @WeWuzBoomers HERE ARE OUR DEMANDS: THE OPPOSITE OF WHATEVER YOU'RE FOR @THOTCrime @lannadelgrey LEAVE ~~BRITTANY~~ BIDEN ALONE @Neville21202107 @tymanmayo Nice @Clarknt67 Don't tempt fate @LolOverruled Wait until you see drawings of an anthropomorphic coronavirus fucking the EarthI’m bored. Please hit up my dms with nudes
Retweeted by America Inc. 🌹🏴 @ilyconnor4ever Emma what the fuck @CPDAction @cowgirl_beebop I hope we're ruined forever cause the post-quarantine fuck fest is probably my best chance of getting laid again @DavidZodda o7 @MakotoGoinNuts @allahliker @BethLynch2020 @DMS_Dawnie @BethLynch2020 I grew up on and around the water. Please don't sink the boat, expropriate it @kenolin1 @USNavyMomPA That's capitalism for ya @lolg_off @catcontentonly In my culture we consider eight legged, bottom feeding, hard shelled scavengers a delicac… @GirlSynchronism @WeWuzBoomers Isn't she like 14 @disco_socialist Quote from Harry Potter @proustmalone @arielkaminer C'mon, you've almost got it. We both know how the game is played. Just a little more... @Artfulgrower @BenjaminPDixon @Arr @mitchellvii @ilyconnor4ever Hello emma
@shoe0nhead I was a liberal in 2016. By 2019 I was pretty much an anarchist @ChadLofton @terramayas @BernieSanders If you want to survive the coronavirus apocalypse you better hope he will be @SidefGidursson @MReco12 @ObiWanCourtnobi @ACorollaries If only they were just here to get out of the cold. Fuckers are constant @ChrisDJackson @McDutchoven @BernieSanders @JoeBiden Fucker's out there sniffing little girls what do you want from us @voodoo_viksin That's kind of the point @AceArchivist Heh, it looks like a dick @BernieWon2016 The Expanse @zackbeauchamp Come on now. We both know how this game is played. @BreezyDesperado @TODAYshow @SavannahGuthrie Injecting money into the economy to keep it afloat is kind of useless… @TODAYshow @SavannahGuthrie @SDNYnews I ain't no snitch @M_J_Pridgen @OtherJoeBiden @shoe0nhead I need a drink
I tried to like a tweet and the app scrolled under my finger and I accidentally liked an advertisement. I must now commit seppukuObama jaded me, twitter post 2016 radicalized me, COVID19 has jokerfied me. The transition is complete.
Retweeted by America Inc. 🌹🏴 @anarcholesbian @bussydouche I refuse to make good content @jokarr33 @ilyconnor4ever Grow up with ADHD and latch on to humor as a way to distract your friends from how annoying you are @ilyconnor4ever @cowgirl_beebop Look at Miss Stamina over here with a whole hour @honeybadgerbur1 @smoothposer @KSpookem You're goddamn right @smoothposer @briebriejoy Firefly tho @AndrewYang Eat the rich @EvanHeaded @JosephCoco11 @AOC Everybody pays sales taxes @ineedtheeggs @AOC Sales taxes, too @rhinosoros Charging him with what now @leftistthot420 There's people on this site whose sole purpose is posting irrelevant kpop videos @JessicaHuseman @PuddlesCarolina I like this one @carterforva THE LINE DEMANDS A SACRIFICE @Deranfan @jewdas @PhilosophyTube @antibingemunt @yungchomsky @graceblakeley Bootlicker @peterdaou Looks like we're posting this again @NuclearTakes @IHateNYT @WinkleBerns Blood's on the wall now @Ermastic_mtg @ACorollaries @RevolutionThen @nashwakay @LivPosting Some of these I really struggle with, but others are spot on @anarcholesbian Sucks how you can't report a tweet for doxxing @ohhhIivia chicke nogit @CNBCnow @DougSchouten @ABC It always was to be honest @blake_jeylon @ABC Dunno if you've been looking around for the past ever, but this country ain't exactly been something to be proud of @ScottforFlorida @BernieSanders The Disease Understander has logged on @ScottPresler @nicolemariab_ Fuck yourself @shaylakraze @Millerheighife Leftists have pretty much always been pro-armament. Under no pretext and all that @pattonoswalt Capitalism is its own death cult if you ask me @WeWuzBoomers Batman is bourgeois and eating him is praxisIs we is, or is we ain't, eating the rich?
Retweeted by America Inc. 🌹🏴 @mitchellvii Wow you really tweeted this huh @Millerheighife @ChrisGGates The Expanse, Firefly, BSG @thehill Please don't hesitate @amyvaz3 @traceyecorder Means testing the apocalypse. How ridiculously on-brand for the Democrats. @traceyecorder You thought otherwise? C’mon now. We know how this game is played.
Retweeted by America Inc. 🌹🏴 @hermit_hwarang Don't you just want to go ape shitt @sathvikenturi
@mviser I don't believe that @ChrisRGun I'm running for President because he died of the state has a lot better now and I don't know how much mo… @JoeySalads @daveanthony @JustinWhang @PaulTassi Firing Line requires me to have friends tho @jons115 @colinkalmbacher Huge numbers of Americans haven't voted yet, including me. Don't invalidate my vote @TerribleRat 🍩 @peterdaou They're not buying guns for the virus. They're buying guns for what comes next. @cnnbrk Tiocfaidh ár lá @markol12 @DavidAgStone @BernieSanders @McDonalds The alternative is sending people to work to die in an epidemic t… @peterdaou @YouRKiddingMe5 @peterdaou @deadpixels9 @jduffyrice @wrappingline The first slaves in America were natives. The institution of slavery was alw… fact that new articles of impeachment weren't drawn up and passed the second Trump suggested sending us back to…
@NathanJRobinson We're in the churn now. The rules of the game are changing @fashylolifeet @DoctorYasmin @a_fly_guy @FirstSquawk Then perish