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@Jeffrey44238610 We'd love to have you flying with us and look forward to showing you our #AAmazing service! @GritOrganic We're going to ask a specialist to review your details so please send us a DM so they can contact you privately. @GritOrganic Your comments concern us and we'd like to investigate. Please DM your record locator so we can take a look. @MikeWaldow Aw, thanks. Your kind words made our day! @MikeWaldow We're grateful to customers like you and we'll pass your kind words over for our #AATeam! @PelaezLuisa We're happy to check on your ticket and what documents are needed. Please DM your record locator for us to review. @PelaezLuisa We have codeshare flights operating between Spain and the US. Please call Reservations for schedules: @William1775 Thanks for providing the file details. We'll have a specialist take a look and someone will be in contact. @EMSalasME Our crew should be wearing their masks at all times. If you'll DM your record locator, we'd like to pass this along. @cruz_1027 Great question, not just yet. We'd be the first to inform if this changes. @cruz_1027 Travelers are not required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before traveling to Mexic… @supreme_santana No worries! We'd be right here waiting. @livid416 Please share your mom's travel details and name via DM. @jillianirvin Our crew should be allowing customers to move within the same cabin to create more room as well as we… @jocenti_ Some other factors come into play if the COVID-19 test is needed. Meet us in DMs with their record locat… @ChristianLongs2 Some cities require a negative test on entry. Our travel guide gives the latest on entry requireme… @Joshuatree1361 Thank you for flying with us today. Please feel free to share more details on this trip with us over in DM. @MJO2L We checked this link: and see that pickup and delivery has been arranged. Please ref… @livid416 Goodness, we can imagine that would be upsetting. Please have your mom send a DM our way with the details. @alex_ndule If you take a look at this link: under changes to schedule/operation, it will g… @drtravelpro We apologize for this! These flights aren't operated on a Boeing 737 airplane, and you can DM us for more info. @DrsOilfieldJobs We appreciate you taking notice of the AAmazing job our #AATeam does to keep everyone safe during these uncertain times! @JimOnTheOcean1 Hi, Jim. How can we help you this evening? @patnlakytx We're really sorry it's been difficult, meet us in the DMs with your reservation code let make life easier. @Steinigen We love sharing the beautiful skies with you! #birdsofeather @MJO2L All though you rerouted, your bag stayed on it's original path. Please see the agent in our claim office to provide delivery details. @alex_ndule Specific seats are not guaranteed. Since both seats were Main Cabin Extra, no refund is available. @ThePuertoRiKING We do wish you a speedy recovery, jump over to our DMs with your reservation code. We're waiving t… @doug_picirillo Thanks for the chuckle. We totally get it! We'd love to see you on board again one day soon. @BStrulowitz We do our best to sit families together and do see that you're seated very close to one another. Pleas… @wabnyc We miss seeing you on board! @MikeWaldow We're so thrilled to hear that you had such an AAmazing experience! It's always a joy to have you on board. @Chris66856919 Thank you for choosing us for your travels. Masks are required on all of our flights. Our apology if… @birdchick This gave us a chuckle, but we're glad one good thing came out of 2020. We hope you find the perfect pla… @birdchick You'll pick it up in no time. It's like riding a bike. Once you get back on you'll feel right at home! @birdchick We can't wait to see you on board when you're ready to make this trip! @Unstatistical We can't make out the picture, but we're sure it was a very sentimental item. Please be sure to file… @AshleyCarry143 Our customers are allowed to eat or drink and then once done, immediately put their mask back on. W… is #HolocaustRemembranceDay, commemorating the genocide of 6 million Jews and death of 5 million others by th… @zadidoll Our airport team members would be happy to assist with payment, as it isn't possible to do online. DM us…
@bryxnne We're hopping over for sure. @killerkcox We're truly sorry to hear this. We'd be happy to check on a change for you from here. Please DM the details. @VWSmaltz Looks Delicious, but we're not seeing a place setting for us, Virgil! #wink @killerkcox We don't tolerate rudeness of any kind. How can we help you today? @G_Rosowski We hear your concerns with this, and have shared your comments with the proper team leadership. @mattysmalls What an amazing milestone to hit with our company. We're proud that she's part of our #AATeam! @victor_yansen We've sent you one, so you can reply there! @gonzalezchris Hey there! This normally happens by random selection. DM us your record locator to double check your reservation for you. @ohioshitty That doesn't sound like the excellent trip we had planned for you. Let us take a closer look by having… @victor_yansen Hi, Victor! Join us in DM with your six-letter confirmation code. We'd be happy to take a look at some available options. @CrewDutler We're checking on your options and will be responding shortly. @alex_ndule If you paid for a seat and the new one wasn't in the same area and also a paid seat, our system will au… @JrnysUnltd We hear your frustration and understand the predicament with the COVID testing. We'll have an update on… @mulet_rick We look forward to the day when we can open service back up for many cities in Cuba. @CrewDutler We're so sorry for the inconvenience of this schedule change. Where they able to rebook you? If not, me… @JrnysUnltd Since the plane is delayed due to maintenance, our airport team will be able to help accommodate with hotels if needed. @PorsiempreMarie Oh no! Meet us in DMs with your confirmation code, and some more info. Lets take a look into what happened. @thaliea44 Our experts are working on this, and would like to know if you're getting the same response through our mobile app? @FromMichelle We're happy that we could help! We look forward to seeing you on board when you're ready to fly again. @iTripReport We never want to disappoint you and appreciate your loyalty. Meet us in DMs with your record locator a… @RKeyser79 We offer a variety of seats, some complimentary, some with an added cost. It's best to pre-select ones that work best for you. @lightbourne There are 3 fabulous bottles of wine in each shipment. Yes, indeed, we ship to Florida. @HotelKilo787 Never fear! Both those schedules will be back in our availability pool from 02 April, 2021. Look out for them. @JrnysUnltd A new test would need to be taken if the new flight falls outside the 72 hours. As of now, your flight is still showing as a go. @hjaybee We pride ourselves on having a very diverse team that matches our diverse customer base. @JrnysUnltd We're still planning to depart today. Hopefully the flight will be in the air soon. @G_Rosowski We're here for you if you need us. Feel free to send a DM with the details. @pdirubbo We're very sorry to hear that. All of our co-workers should be helping customers in a kind, professional way. @thaliea44 We've reported this to our website team, but haven't heard back yet. As soon as we do, we'll update you here. @BenBindokas We'd sure try! Come on over to DMs with the reservation code or ticket number, and we'll have a better look. @CJ5054 Based on our latest update here:, once you have the document that you can present, it's all good! @kurter21 Some credits may have a restriction to view online. Send us a DM with either the booking code or flight c… @CJ5054 The good news is, the requirement for both sides is the same! Once you have the document to present, you're good to go. @mrdrew50 Your comments have us concerned and we'd like to share this with leaders. Please move to DMs with your record locator. @LuluNews We're so sorry to hear of your loss. Please meet us in DM with your flight information. We want to pass along your kudos. @TravelZork We'll gladly pass on your kudos! Thanks for flying with us today. #AATeam @WhiskypalianEsq Yes, we've made many changes along the way for our AAdvantage customers helping ease the changes due to COVID. @AlcantaraMD We're very sorry to hear that. We're thankful to have you traveling with us, and always want a smooth check-in experience. @PookyMcSwags Great question. There is less customer contact, less reaching over one another in the forward cabin. @JetsetterChris Excellent question! Customers are allowed to bring their own alcohol on board, but can only be cons… @TravelZork So happy that you're nice and comfy in seat 3A! We're really rootin' for ya to make it on time, we'll try our hardest. @AraMedStrat We're sorry to hear about your disappointment. Meet us in DMs with your flight information and more details. @ShaggyRodgers_ We're a bit confused. If you're needing our help, DM details and your ticket number or record locator. @JustDontOFCL Our apologies. For more info on how to file a claim, see here: @brandonh205 That's an excellent question! Multiple flight credits can't be combined. You're only allowed to use 1 per trip. @FFFWord We're excited for you! Enjoy your flight now. @swizz_e Things to consider! No worries, if it's in the works, it'll be posted here: so keep an eye out. @ModernUtilities We have a deep culture of respect for both our customers and our team members. This has been broug… @omaryak As of July 1, we’re no longer blocking any seats on board. However, we’ve enhanced cleaning procedures and… @66angeIs We're sorry. Meet us in DMs with your flight information and more details. @bigceee We're lucky to have you on board today. @BenBallardTX Refunds are applicable if your flight has changed more than 241 minutes from the original time. We're… @pdirubbo We're truly sorry about the delay, but our last update shows it's due to maintenance. From the looks of i… @ooooslo Call our Germany Reservations team at 069-2999-3234, and they can check, but the travel agency has full co… @MarkTroen We see your DM and will respond shortly. @JustDontOFCL We see your DMs and will respond there shortly. @JustDontOFCL We're sorry that the plane wasn't clean. Meet us in DMs with your flight information so we may follow up internally. @Samjohns89 Well, hello there! Pets in cabin aren't accepted on transatlantic flights. Take a look at our great car… @AGazes269 Absolutely, we're here to help anytime! @AGazes269 Aww, thanks for the shout out! We're glad we could be here for you and get this corrected.