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@dorian_greyson Fares are based on availability. The price is the same no matter if you purchase online, on the app, or over the phone. @JasonLaney2 We're happy to have you on board! @JayCuzey We're always reviewing our policies and appreciate your feedback on the boarding process. @Its_Just_Rico Please send us a DM with your record locator and more info on how we can help. We're sorry for the wait. @flying_badger We appreciate your feedback on the carry-on bag process. We'll pass it along to our team. @vairame Please DM with your record locator and more info. We'd like to better understand what's going on. @ItsKarlaFlor We can help here. Please DM the record locator and more details. @VC7031 We think you're the best! @Jaryn Let's check that out! Please move over to our DMs with the time of day you had in mind. @FilmFests Your comments are a bit concerning and we'd like to know more on what's going on. Please share details with us via DM. @BLUEVET1776 We're sorry for the accidental hang up. We do care and would be happy to help here. DM your record locator and details. @BaliPauli We always want to make sure everyone gets to their final destination. DM your record locator and further details for assistance. @ContestCrazy305 Flight 5263 is returning to PHL due to wind conditions at MHT. @njbergman2161 Food service have been reduced during this time. Please verify your record locator in DMs, and we'll share your feedback. @rlangan5 We can look into this with you. Join us in DMs with the record locator and more details to get started. @jayfl977 Your safety is our top priority and we'll continue to follow on the necessary recommendations that the CDC provides us. @adelina503 We're doing what we can to offer options, while staying in line with the ticket that was purchased. We… @Badmomanonymous It's important to us that every customer feels welcome and valued every time they fly. Meet us in… @adelina503 We care about our customers and try to help as much as we can. We've provided flexibility to reuse the… @nickchester There are many ways to extend their validity without traveling. @Agent_TC_Carr We're sorry for your loss. Please meet us in DMs with their ticket number or record locator for further review. @jeffmorgan7 We'd be happy to help, Jeff. Please DM your record locator or ticket number for further review. @xoxotaba16 Thanks, Stephanie. We always want you to feel comfy on board and love hearing you had a great experience! @djflacoflash We're happy to help however we can. Even if it's just simply double checking to make sure we have you… @statomattic Thanks for your feedback, Matt. We're happy to hear your flight with us went smoothly and our crew gave top notch service! @djflacoflash We're sorry to hear you didn't receive the notification sent to you. DM your record locator for assistance. @rimamcre We're showing these tickets have been exchanged already. Please remove them from public mentions for your privacy. @munchkindw We offer many different ways to earn miles without stepping on board. Check it out: @RockaEAB We have a great link with great information for those traveling with little ones. Check it out here: @RockaEAB If the stroller was more than 20 pounds, it would need to be checked at the counter. We'd be happy to go over this further via DM. @RockaEAB We should be consistent with our policies and we'd like to go over this further. Please DM additional det…
@julesdontplay You can earn miles from the comfort of your home during this time. Click here for the details: @Teena_SF We assure you that safety is very important and we won't depart unless we're cleared. We'd love to have y… @erica_knight7 Your safety is always important to us. We can check to see what's available. DM your record locator. @Censuring We see your DM and will meet you there shortly! @KMGK24 We'd like to know more details. Please come on over to DMs with your record locator and more info. @AjjaniKnight Your comments have us concerned and we always want every customer to feel welcome when flying with us… @tasheeraaaa Thanks so much. You'll be met with an update if there's been a match. @alechowicz We're showing service will resume September 10th on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.… @ItsSpanserBrown The window seat gets the best views! Thanks for your support. @goodyisu1 We'd like to share your comments with our folks in Flight Service as it's important everyone wears a mas… @mattnation73 If the amount quoted is wrong, our Refunds team will do a thorough review and make sure you're refunded the correct amount. @KensingtonFood We offer military rates for customers traveling on order, otherwise our lowest fares will be offered on our website. @EvanSchildgen No, a Bluetooth adapter would be needed. @ZachRRussell We're back to booking flights to full capacity, which started in July, but we require masks, use HEPA… @tasheeraaaa Oh no! Please complete a report online to get started. Here's a quick link for you: @aviationdylan19 You got some great shots today! Thanks for your business and loyalty, Dylan. @alechowicz We can look over this with you. What dates are you interested in traveling? We'll let you know what we find out soon. @kazrehill We always want to leave our customers impressed, and it sounds like we've missed the mark. DM your recor… @carolyndazeg Thanks for reaching out to us. We've shared an update in response to your DMs. @NikeshanJ We're sorry for any trouble you're having and would be happy to review this further for any other option… @TEAnafaye12 Promotions offered online qualify for free changes at that time, based on availability. We're sorry th… @Jeff45415401 We're showing flight 34 has been canceled. Please follow-up with us via DM with your trip details and more on what's going on. @wesleyt325 Our standard flight loads returned July 1 and we're glad to see you're on your way. We'll do all possible to make up the time! @TravisMedley1 Thanks for your kindness! We're always just a tweet away when you need us. #AATeam @PiperJ94 This concerns us and we require everyone on board to wear a masks. Please DM your record locator and flight number. @NCSUGymrat We appreciate you getting back to us. Please share your record locator with us via DM. We'd like to sha… @fionavictoriamc We never mean for a change in plans, as we get your time is important. DM the record locator, and… @BlackstoneOwl We're back to booking flights to full capacity, but we have multiple layers of protection in place.… @olesyavmarchuk We're happy to look into this with you. Please verify your record locator in DMs, and the flights you're interested in. @mattnation73 We took a look and you still have active flights in your record. We've cancelled them for you. You can now try again. @PozeKoW_ Rest assured, we have your messages and we'll connect back with an update as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. @yourzenlife Your son's safety is important to us. Please DM his record locator so that we can take a closer look. @mspuches Refunds aren't offered on non-refundable fares, but the flexible waiver we have in place allows you to rebook and fly by 12/31/21. @ZachRRussell Your safety is always our top concern. We've implemented many layers of protection. Take a look: @_alyssaa14 Our fares are based on advanced purchased and the availability of seats. If you're flexible, try checki… @krismandyam Schedule change can happen for operational reasons. For rebooking options, meet us in DM with your record locator. @llidisky Currently, we're offering alcohol in First Class when requested. It's not available in the other cabins.… @chuckwooten We want your trips with us to be great whenever you're with us. Please send us more details about what happened. @RichardPaige23 We have your DMs and will respond there as soon as possible. @LeeringPaladin On-time departures are the goal and we work hard to provide a seamless experience every time. We're… @hiitskatrina Our normal flight loads returned on July 1. You can see more on the measures we are taking here: @globaldenton We love taking care of our customers and safety remains our number one priority. @_marthasue We take your safety very seriously. We'd like to review this and pass along to our leaders. Please DM your record locator. @consumemymind Safety is always our number one priority and we've added many layers of protection. @lnassans71 We appreciate you clarifying. We'll ensure your comments are shared with the correct channels for inter… @ddemp Flight loads returned July 1 and masks are required unless eating or drinking. Please share any additional details via DM. @blastmanagement Your well-being and safety is our top priority. We have many layers of protection. Here's more inf… @MollyIsAMermaid We always want the process to be seamless, but our tickets are set up to be good for one year from… @Mike81755077 All of this info can be found online via this link: @PozeKoW_ Thanks for working with us. We'll connect back with an update as soon as possible. @NCSUGymrat We always want to keep you with your carry-on when possible. Was it deemed too large or was overhead space full? @JuanAviacion84 Thanks for the shout out, Juan! We can't wait to welcome you back on board with us soon. @RichardPaige23 Please remove your private flight details from the public and join us in DMs with this info. @JMANTHONY6 Our offer to take a look via DM still stands. @blondebossladyy We want every bit of your travels to be seamless and we're here to help. Please meet up with our team here via DM. @Florida_jules We do see it was requested, but we're a bit behind from all of the requests we're receiving daily. We'll get to yours ASAP! @DiPurplefusion This is concerning to hear and our team is here to help. Please send your trip and contact information over to us via DM. @kellyannfreitas We try to help as much as we possibly can. So sorry about your bags. Please file a claim with our airport team. @PeaceAnonRedux Please have the customer connect with us directly for assistance as needed. We're always here to help. @PozeKoW_ We'd like to take a closer look to better understand. DM us your record locator. @RichardPaige23 We can check on this for you, Richard. Please DM your record locator. @PatAuwood We always want to help as much as we can. We've provided addtional flexibility to allow customers to us… @lnassans71 We're truly sorry to hear the reason of your trip. We'd like to share this with our leadership. Was this for our airport team? @CruiseGuy We miss you too! We can't wait to take you on your next AAmazing vacation. @Tlwilli1 That's only one small factor. We do all possible to not cancel due to cargo, and needing our planes and c… @MegsCheckingOut We expect everyone to wear their masks correctly. We'll pass this along to our leadership team. Pl… @jim_linder We'd like to share with the correct channels, Jim. Please verify your record locator and flight number via DM. @javiermota We are thrilled that you'll be on board with us. We can't wait to see you! @SabrinaVictorD We hear your disappointment with the schedule changes. We've had to make some updates to our route due to the global crisis.