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@madsyaya This is a difficult time for all. If the flight cancels, you're eligible for a full refund back to the original form of payment. @kj24128299 Very cool. Thanks for sending the little ray of delight our way today. @mel_bradley We’re working with all of our customers so you’re able to rebook and use that entire amount for anothe… @alexrcarlson We have relaxed seating policy at this time, but there may be still restrictions when the seats are paid seats. @SandraU17684689 They'll most likely email you as well but we'll let you know either way. @wizardbri If you haven't receive the refund within four weeks from the travel date, please submit a refund request… @JSPG33 We'd love to check and see if the trip falls under our waiver program. Please send a DM with the flight details when you can. @Fitz_Money If you have a paper voucher, it can be mailed in, with at least 12 days lead time to the departure. @VivianOlo We recognize that customers are concerned about the impact of a reduction in travel on their ability to… @TessBak20630444 We have added an extension waiver for those in this type of situation. Please give our office a ca… @htp_tanphu We have travel waivers to allow flexible options to make a change: @MichaelEWebber We truly look forward to having you and your family back in the air with us soon. @Eiei20 We have many non-flying ways to use your miles. Check out dining, shopping, and more. @JuanLeo77161197 Please contact our Cargo team directly: @Crystal69Rivers We're waiving the change charges for many non-refundable tickets. Send a DM with your record locator and we'll take a look. @AndrewOnTheRoad The current situation is very fluid, and changing all of the time. Any updates to the policy will… @Crystal69Rivers A refund isn't an option unless the flight ends up canceling. We're offering flexible options to m… @arglebargle321 Welcome to your very own row today! @Crystal69Rivers If you have a refundable ticket, you can cancel online and make a request here: @airesT30 We're glad to hear everything is sorted out. We're doing our best to assist every customer as much as we can. @DiamondSlim We no longer have a price match guarantee program. Any change charge to reprice the ticket would apply. @RotisserieVixen We have a very flexible travel waiver in place for customers. See here for the details. @munson_megan A refund isn't an option unless the flight ends up canceling. You can use the full value of the ticke… @domgotjuice You'd want to check directly with the 3rd party insurance company to find out what's covered under their policy. @NancyMager We'll continue to monitor the situation and update our travel waivers as needed to help our customers: @DiamondSlim We haven't received any DM yet. As soon as we do, we'll take a look. @MaxxProfit3 If the flight is no longer operating, the tickets are eligible for refund: @MrBaldy91 This is so disappointing for so many people. Hopefully it will be a thing of the past very, very soon. @SunKissedxCocoa We're currently operating 3 flights a week between DFW and NRT. @mcallisp83 We're glad we could help, and look forward to having you travel with us again soon. @preskishields We can't wait to have you all back on board! @AmputationSuck We're happy to help and we're looking forward to seeing you back on board! @DiamondSlim We'd be happy to help from here. Come on over to DM with the record locator and let us know what change you're wanting. @docisme We do have a waiver program in place. See here for the date time frames. @jesssaha Good question. If the ticket was purchased before March 1, we can redeposit the miles without the reinstate fee. @sworthit1 A refund isn't an option unless the flight ends up canceling. We're offering flexible options to make a… @transwrender We've got a flexible waiver program in place for customers who've purchased non-refundable tickets. @august_west89 Award reinstatement charges are being waived for flights purchased before March for travel through the end of May right now. @preskishields Dearest Luke, happy birthday to you. We hope this year is full of fabulous things for you. We hope t… @OliverRusso5 How can we help with this? For your privacy, we suggest coming on over to DM to share with us what's happened with the flight. @gulinello_jenni Prices move up and down in real time. At the time of purchase, the rate locks in for you. @domgotjuice A refund isn't an option unless the flight ends up canceling. We're offering flexible options to make… @Philly_JRose We love hearing about great customer service. Way to go Abigail! Please DM the record locator so we c… @SandraU17684689 We've sent your tickets to AAdvantage Customer Service for help getting the miles back in the acco… @kateyoulen Any remaining value would be refunded to voucher, if a refund is eligible on a non-refundable ticket. @jobartwo88 You're very welcome! @adamlikedit A refund isn't an option unless the flight ends up canceling. We're offering flexible options to make… @JferMUfan Not all fare types are refundable. Please share the locator code in DM, and we'll be happy to check on this for you. @MatthewGBailey We haven't seen any cancellations for April yet. If the status of your flight changes, we'll contac… @jobartwo88 We've sent you a DM. @KingBizthe1st We do have a flexible waiver program in place for non-refundable type tickets. Tickets are not trans… @jobartwo88 We can cancel this for you. We'll just need you to confirm that. @darsh5000 We can take a look. Please share your record locator or flight details via DM. @NicoleN_215 Please meet us in DM with your record locator and any additional details. We'd like to forward your comments. @jkuhns1 Check out the great info from our Newsroom, Jeff. We've been moving cargo since March 20. @KallinBrooks We'd like to have a look at your ticket via DM. Please send details. @htp_tanphu A refund will be issued if your flight was canceled. Please DM your record locator for a closer look at your ticket. @NicoleN_215 Our team should provide great service you expect at all times. We're truly sorry for any rudeness. @abbyj0yy We're truly sorry to hear this. If anything changes, we'll give you an update with the link provided. @roylwells If anything changes, we'll update you here: @abbyj0yy A refund isn't an option unless the flight ends up canceling. We're offering some flexible option to make… @justthatnigga08 Every team member is expected to work in a professional manner while in the workplace. @roylwells At this time, we're not offering any refunds on non-refundable tickets unless the flight ends up canceling. @joeymadera If you've purchased a non-refundable ticket, waivers are offered for flexibility. Share your record loc… @vpt1989 We've made some changes and extended some waivers. Please DM your ticket info for a look and see more info… @RJmdphilly We're looking forward to flying you back to AZ soon! @erinjcoon If you DM us both of the ticket numbers, we'd be happy to take a look for you. @lushesshook We have new relaxed seating policy and reduced food and beverage service. We'll go back to provide ful… @theREALTimOpar We count on our team to treat our customer with kindness and respect. Our sincere apologies for any rudeness encountered. @andrewmacneaney Please DM your record locator and we'll be happy to help! @bloodbankrobber We've responded to your DM. @thewitz We're truly sorry you aren't happy with the option with the travel waiver. We've responded in DM. @thewitz We sure can try. Come on over to DM with your 6 letter record locator code, and let us know what you're needing. @ashley_waner We thought you've already requested a refund with them. It isn't necessary to request a refund with u… @elginerin Thanks so much for the shout-out to Marcy! We've sent this on. #AATeam @ashley_waner We're sorry for any confusion. If the ticket was booked with British Airways, you did the right thing… @rollercoasterus Please speak with our crew on board to see if you can moved to a different seat. @elginerin Trip insurance is offered through a third party vendor, Allianz Global Assistance. Please give this shou… @brian_hecht We're looking forward to having you on board with us! Stay safe. @chen_anne Sometimes you may be able to buy up a level of status. Please reach out here: during business hours. @ashley_waner You can request a refund review here: @LDD432 We're reviewing ways we may be able to help our Elite customers, but we have nothing to announce at this time. @joeymadera We're not able to refund but we're offering no change charges for travel starting by the 31st of December. @vaneharriet We're happy we could help! @DrKewel We're reviewing how we can help our Elite customers but at this time have nothing to announce. @LEGi0N1047 Please DM your record locator. We'd like to take a closer look. @FoxxEmpress We've responded via DM. @JohnsonNeu Please DM your record locator and we can take a look for you. @Katrina32138534 We're not currently changing flights without a charge past the end of May, but we continue to review the situation. @Perez1oj We're reviewing options on how we can help Elite travelers keep status, but we don't have anything to announce at this time. @janethandleyrn We'll pass that on! @janethandleyrn Thanks for the shout-out for our #AATeam! @TrademarkTricia We see your DM and we'll be with you there shortly. @YuriLowenthal Please DM your record locator. We'd like to take a closer look for you. @Carl_Bungay We don't have any info our updates beyond what governments have already announced, Carl. @runner_slo We're happy we could help! @curlsnmelanin_ Refund reviews can be requested with our Refunds team online, they'll review your particular situation. @eddiekane501 Trips can be delayed and rebooked without a charge for travel up to the 31st of December in most case… @alanajbeck We're sorry if there was any confusion. Please take a look for details here: @jorgeglez818 Please DM your record locator and we can take a quick look.