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@elementscafe We do care and canceling flights is the last thing we want to do. Sorry for the inconvenience and rudeness you encountered. @capebeaudoin We plan for your trip to be seamless and enjoyable from beginning to end. Please provide your record… @BuyinIm It looks like the bag has arrived, but is showing that it's being held at the airport. Please call 800-535… @TheWatchEnabler We understand this can be frustrating. We'll share your feedback with the right team. @TruccoEt We'd rather keep you flying with us. How can we turn this around? @JCG0 Please check out your DMs for a message. @MarkGraban Our team members are simply there to help not the opposite. Our apologies if that's not the vibe the te… @DDP_DAVE Good morning to you too, David. What a great looking plane to take you on your journey today! @joshqueencrl Our team will have you on your way ASAP. If you miss your cruise, please see our gate team for assistance. @GregWeisheipl You can select Direct Messages on Twitter to send us a private chat. @AnnePanning It's never required for you to buy a seat and one can be assigned for fee at check in. Here're the bag… @goode_all We're working to get this updated on all of our planes. Thanks so much for your patience. @mrk7ean Send us a DM with your record locator once you arrive at the destination. We'll review your trip. @LeftCoastLegend We know how important home is and we're sorry for the delay. Please DM your record locator and we'… @Enforcer_3ID Our team is working to get you in the air as soon as we can. We're sorry for the late start today. @MrsSholl We love to take care of customers and appreciate you flying with us! Looking forward to seeing you on board again soon. @peacockedith We see you've been in touch with Customer Relations and they have the final say in any reimbursement. @phillygrappler Smooth travels are what we work hard to provide and our apologies for the delay. We'll have you going ASAP. @GregWeisheipl Sure! Please meet us in DMs with your record locator, KTN number and date of birth.Today, we join the rest of the nation honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a true American h… @coffeeaddict71 We do our best to keep you in the seats you select and are sorry you were moved. DM your record loc… @performingwoman Our sincere apologies if you experienced any rudeness. @TheWatchEnabler Staying connected in the air is important. We can always check prior to the flight to verify your monthly pass will work. @CaliNinjaPanda1 That's what we do! Thanks for allowing us to help. #AATeam @KRIS6_PTorres This isn't the way we were looking to start this trip and our apologies. Please DM your record locator for an update. @performingwoman We expect our team members to be kind and courteous. We're here to help if you need us. Meet us in DMs with more info. @soflofins_ We'd love to have you on board again and hope you change your mind. @DietrichALD Your time is important and we'd like to get an update. Please DM your record locator/flight number. @CaliNinjaPanda1 We got it! Please check your inbox. @justinackermann The flight should have beverage service this morning so there'll be #java on board. Your friend mi… @anianne_r We love our furry friends, but you're unable to purchase a seat for you puppy. Here's a way to bring him: @CaliNinjaPanda1 We're happy to look up the info for you. Please DM the full name on the ticket, dates of travel an… @LarrybibbBibb We plan for you to have a great trip whenever you're flying with us. Meet us in DMs with your record locator. @TrinityEer The incoming flight will be arriving late due to prior maintenance delays. We're truly sorry for the added travel time. @godsavethemta We'd love to get a quick update. Please DM your record locator and/or flight number. @wbrooksbrown This is a discounted award fare and the restrictions are advertised prior to booking. We're sorry you… @RuvRadhi Our team might have stepped out of the office. Someone will be with you as soon as possible. @andyjewelz We know you're ready to be in the skies. Meet us in DMs with your flight info and we'll check on the status. @wbrooksbrown We're unable to due to the booking you have. This is an Economy Web Special award and you have to fly as booked. @andyjewelz We'd like to help What's going on? @LuvMontreal This isn't what we planned for your 1st trip and so sorry to hear things haven't gone well. DM your fl… @fojin What a greAAt picture of our bird with a beautiful sky in the background! @thomaswparry Our responses aren't automated. We see you've canceled the itinerary and the ticket is already pending for refund. @AnthonyOmosule Please contact our baggage team at 800-535-5225 to open a claim: @BrianBlaushild So...we'll see you on board soon? Come on over! @wbrooksbrown Miles can only be used to upgrade a revenue ticket. To go in First Class, you'd need to reinstate the… @el_grosvenor What a great way to top off the night with a philly cheesesteak. We hope you enjoyed it and will see you soon. @AlanInReston We'd love for you to start racking up miles with us, Alan. We'd take great care of you on board! @paiello24158 Please meet us in DMs with your record locator. We'd like to take a look at your flight info. @justinackermann There should have been beverages and food for sale offered on board. We're very sorry that it wasn't. @BrianBlaushild We offer competitive rates and schedules. Please check out all the possibilities here to start your… @wbrooksbrown You selected a web special award that is a bit more restrictive. Changes aren't allowed, but you can… @SunShineOnMe123 The flight is taking a maintenance delay and we'll have you airborne as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience. @HarrietERose Special characters aren't printed on boarding passes and the system doesn't allow. This won't impact your travel. @dhfinally We care about all our customers and would love a chance to turn your opinion around. Hope to see you on board again in 2020. @charlieisaacs Morning, Charlie! We'll have you wheels up shortly. @paiello24158 Delays frustrate us too and our apologies for the late start this morning. We'll have you going as soon as we can. @justinackermann We'll follow up with our Flight Service team. Our apologies. @TraciOsborne Please see our gate team for standby options if a flight is missed. @BrianBlaushild Come fly with us, Brian! @nictg_ We'd like review your trip. Once you arrive at the destination, please send us a quick DM. @justinackermann Did our crew not offer any beverage service at all? @MoneyMontez We value your loyalty and are sorry that we disappointed you this weekend. We've love another chance to impress you on board. @mattquinn10 Aw, thanks again for letting us know how much they elevated your experience. We've passed your comments on to our LHR leaders! @HarrietERose Instead of a hyphen, you can put space. Please give that a try. @nictg_ You sound frustrated and we'd love to have you fly with us again. What happened to cause you to say this? @mattquinn10 We're glad to hear that Patrick and our #AATeeam were so helpful today and we'll recognize them for being wonderful, Matthew! @ALongDayOff Sounds like we had some schedule change. DM us your record locator. We'll take a look. @fanfi85 We don't mind it either, enjoy the extra space! #BossMode @thomaswparry We know you trust us to get where you need to be. Our sincere apologies for your disappointment. @meghan_mccc We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible once a thorough review is completed. Thanks for your understanding. @randywheeler6 Our team will have you on your way as soon as possible. If the flight further delays and you need rebooking, we're here. @_seashells__ What's going on? Please DM your record locator and all details. @itzjess Our airport team should always be kind and helpful. We're so sorry to hear they were anything less than that, Jess. @KahlGui Uh-oh! Our Lost and Found team will contact you if anything is found. We're keeping our fingers crossed! @lelifett6 Thanks for the shout-out! Fun fact, nearly everyone in the video is an actual employee! @gueliz05 Oh no! Please let our Lost and Found team know here: If anything at all is found… @GordonWBuchanan We expect our team to be kind and helpful at all times. We will be sharing this with RDU leadership and we apologize. @CEdwards1334 Thanks for hanging in there with us. We know waiting isn't ideal and we thank you for your patience. @melanym We're so very sorry for your loss. We'll have you on your way ASAP. @AVoneGroup Thanks for your patience this morning. We truly apologize for the wait. @melanym We know that landing only to have to wait for baggage is no fun and we're very sorry for the wait. Thanks for your patience. @Mdtiemann64 We know that waiting for baggage isn't ideal and we apologize. We'll have it to you ASAP. @MissOliva We're so sorry to hear this. If we can help with an update or rebooking please DM your record locator. @jamhus We certainly appreciate your feedback on this. We'll share it with our team. @JayEstevez54 If you opt to purchase a Basic Economy ticket then pre-reserved seat assignments aren't included. Our apologies. @morganmcmichael Thanks so much for the shout-out! We're going to make sure the leadership team sees this! #AATeam @rubymarez We always work to have flights out on time and we apologize for the delay. Please DM with your record lo… @ManuSrii1979 Thanks for the shout-out! We're always looking at new options, so you never know! @taliafavia We'd like the chance to take a closer look. Please DM with your record locator. @GeorgeSalazarRE We apologize for the wait. Our team is working to have your bags out to you ASAP. Thanks for your patience. @prorrirjrd We've not heard anything. Please DM with your record locator and all details. @k_julye We know how important your time is and we never want to keep you waiting. We're truly sorry for how this all played out. @GaleTXGal We're very sorry for the wait to work with our team. They'll be with you ASAP. @k_julye We're so sorry for the wait this evening. @tintube84 We've responded via DM. @lucyandrudy We're so sorry to hear this. Please DM your record locator and we can take a quick look. @GiancarloFLNYC We're going to follow-up with our Cabin Appearance team. We truly apologize for this. @kellykcole We've responded via DM. @HXLTMUSIC What's going on? Please DM your record locator and all details.