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AmericanDad @AmericanDadLive Indianapolis, IN

Afghan Veteran. Verified Twitch streamer. Full-time streamer and viral Twitter meme maker. @GFuelEnergy @MatrixKeyboards Business: AmericanDadLive91@gmail

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Joined Twitter 2/2/17

@tjduncan_ HOLY FUCK @FBananapants What is tos about this? @NtinseG @SunfyreTV Thank you @LambbChops @GFuelEnergy Nah. But it looks like something I’d do tho.I want to be the first Twitch streamer to stream from jail.LIVE🔴 OPENING MAIL FROM P.O. BOX. @AimbotAx 👅
AmericanDad is the CEO of....? @YourFellowArab Beat my ass. Please. 👅 @CreationsRoss My god lmao. @ToastedFlowers @PaladinAmber I agreeNo stream tonight homies. I’ll see you guys tomorrow (Monday) at 10 pm EST. Stay horny.
@TheRealJosepie HAHAHHAAHHAHA @LvYeti my man.
@comcastcares @Doophenshmirtz7 @KP5ive is that you?Boomer plays in Boomer Cup w/ @DNPthree, shout out to Uncle @TTfue for the 1.6 million viewer raid. and bigger shout out to @comcast for the dogshit… is actually so sick. @Ceice Having a fat ween. @drdisrespect “GOD” 😂 @Bazerks DUB-SKI @DNPthree HAHAHAHAHHA BRO WE FINNA WILD TOMORROW @RoraPickles @DramakinsTv @AndrewTomt I’m down. @dereksteez I agree. @YourFellowArab Thanks for the fart. shit got me hard. @Bazerks I love you. @Crimz17 dude. idk. my brain is cooked. @DatDaneDoe and to think you follow me. someone and don't say anything.🔴 @Boston_Tom_ @byte_app I didnt get banned, I got a video removed. but yes. @KiwifaceTV Thank you @PixelbyPixelStu Fuck.. I messed upLets see yours.
@Redb3ardTv 🤷🏼‍♂️ @GreenhutJacob YesI was dancing while at a stoplight and the dude next to me started dancing with me as a joke. 10 seconds later he r… @MerkLovin So sick @chrismelberger @SwanzzyJ @brendonurie @SAM_CHAMS Yes @Crankeed HAHAHAHAHAHAH @YourFellowArab @StJudePLAYLIVE This shirt is actually sick. @IllusionOG During @AimbotAx Dude... @imBronana was in my stream tonight flirting with me. Just saying... @TX7RA HAHAHAHAHAHHA @NerdyBirdie94 I mean, the actual act of eating my butt, no. @AngelKnivez HMMMMM @SinisterSeneker This made me smileYo, taxes can eat my ass. @YourFellowArab Sick inv. @boofcwalks @yungcalc sick.airport security checkpoints
Retweeted by AmericanDadLIVE🔴 @TTVtrulyluna HAHAHAHAHAH. Might be. @RyanScottGraham On god. Fr.
Just wanted to let you guys know I just pooped and it was NOT in my pants. Thanks for the support. @PlaIism @AmericanDadLive @Azul_GG @DNPthree I'll never let you down. @RomixUS @DNPthree I poop everyday. some days just in my pants.No stream tonight. I know the schedule has been jacked lately, so here are stream times for the rest of the week.… @h8fuI Down. Dm. @h8fuI $500
@chrismelberger this is me going to the gas station with a giant line behind me and my chip in my debit card wont work... @Hehe_TV only shower shots. yes. @allisonplourde1 @chrismelberger this is me going to the gas station with a giant line behind me and my chip in my debit card wont work... @TheVividKiWi yes. and I didnt fix it. Just like a good roommate. @TempoGaara lmao @officialmangoo1 ohWhat it's like having roommates. @FantasyShane Oh god...My homie @StarWarsScotty 2 year on twitch is coming up and he’s wanting to celebrate by giving away some stuff. C… @Albreanna89 @Pterodactylsftw @Albreanna89 It’s so bad lmao. @Ashtronova 3 0 0 Holy shit. You dead. @MrBrewerr HAHAHAHAHAHYo, why are you awake?LIVE🔴 Come be horny. @DaiilyTV @Albreanna89 @Kor3aYn dogshit. @seafuee @Quick Yes. It me. Lmao @babybeeqt @AimbotAx
@Quick @GlamandGore I think about how some have exoskeletons, and that’s badass. @txchoneybadger, I’ll be 100% with you. I know a lot of you guys enjoy the content and I love you for this. Idk how you guys w… @ohGalex Rn. I’m still hungry. Bc my panda was not good. @symetrical Dude I’m sorry. Every panda I’ve been to has been dog shit.. @LonelyMuava No 🧢 @MissNerdyCurvy Okay, let’s relax @DabsFn_ Eat my boot @shahh Never, but I wanna @akaRepulsed @PandaExpress @ohGalex Pls @DabsFn_ K @iFove2Luck Nah, it’s funny. @FNBRHQ EXTREMELYPanda Express is overrated. @PaladinAmber Be prepared. @THump @Bigusacokis HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH @WavyOnTwitch I love you. @LambbChops I would be so fucking happy about this. @LambbChops hahaha, same. I'd be the idiot to do it.