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Yes me too I Dey enjoy some wai devices help you maximise your productivity as you work from home @kinjorge It’s boredom lol @AsieduMends @gyaigyimii Oh ok @owusu_acheawjnr Hmm no idea citizens have to be responsible at this periodInteresting read and I agree, but any ideas on how to control these prank calls?👀@ameyaw112
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @antoine_mensah Send me link when it resumes @SolomonJnr Will be on look out @gyaigyimii Where?Create your own home-entertainment with the HUAWEI Nova 5T see JQ and Appietus trending...did the face off happen?See what they did to AmeyawTV correspondent in Nigeria #ameyawtv
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahOpinion: It is dangerous to block citizen’s access in COVID-19 pandemic sends plane full of medical supplies to US Youth Authority launches nationwide youth campaign against the coronavirus pandemic 112 if you came to Ghana from March 15 and want to be tested for Coronavirus
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahMedikal shows receipts to prove that he’s not abandoned injured fan in hospital takes shots at Wendy Shay as she claims ‘Queen’ title on new single, ‘Soy La Reine’ play too much. what is this Kwesi Arthur nonsense ? @IAmWONDABOY Lol @DaudaSuallah1 Watch again maybe he rather provoked the soldier lolPreviously saw this video from the middle, but now seeing the full thing. This boy seriously has some bad spirit in… @fiifiadinkra Lol @fiifiadinkra Hmm @JamisonBethea @tylerperry Pleasure @don_simon10 @AmgMedikal @shattawalegh @sarkodie @funnyfacegh @Asabob20 LolSee what they did to AmeyawTV correspondent in Nigeria #ameyawtv @NaAponkye 😂😂 @ameyaw112
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @yencomgh Only once @hanty_naa EiiI felt totally sick- Burna Boy on loosing out at the Grammys to Angelique Kidjo - is how it is supposed to be!🙏 Pappy Kojo ‘fooled’ fans to shave off their eyebrows for GHC 100 reward you should do before you call for an Emergency Electrician? Bank Ghana donates GHS 1 million to COVID-19 Trust Fund and offers financial support to customers… Princess Shyngle talks about her pregnancy and jailed fiancee on new reality show grants migrants full citizenship rights during coronavirus outbreak of Thailand goes into isolation from coronavirus with 20 women scripts are epic!!! @fie_nipa byeHot on DStv this April wheres @Lloyd_YG #11yeardago
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @fie_nipa I gave examples. Going to your hospital, buying a drug that your local chemist doesn't have...As a demonstration of its commitment to help in the fight against the Coronavirus, @AbsaGhana is donating GHS 1 mi… @KofiBlakGh OkGovernment deploys COVID-19 National Information Contact Center(NICC) #Info311So according to the police communications person, trotro are only allowed to work if they are picking up workers th… Boy talks about his new album ‘Twice As Tall’ to be released in 2020 @johndumelo1 John you either being mischievous or lack full comprehension of the directive as ascribed in the lette…
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @ameyaw112 Mtn :87647654090987532 Airteltigo : 5233876509864535
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahHappy birthday girls ❤️ @iammzgee @berlamundi enjoy you day. @Redarmyang14 YesListening to Sheila from the communications department of Ghana Police Service, I think a lot more education needs… 112 if you came to Ghana from March 15 and want to be tested for Coronavirus @nicholasglobal_ @berlamundi @tv3_ghana @GiovaniCaleb @Serwaa_Amihere @GHOneTV @TheGHMediaGuru @nyannthierry Happy birthday @CocoaAseKrakye What’s the link with 5G? @SarpsBoateng Wele? @JohnCha97982622 Good morning @DostedGh Is that what I said?🤣 @sdkdele1 Mama SDKFirst time watching Utv morning show. This host is great. Not the usual... president’s physician has revealed that the president and first last have tested negative testing has started for Coronavirus in GhanaIt's one year already? WowLauren London pens powerful tribute to Nipsey Hussle on 1-year anniversary of his death'm sure nobody is doing April fools day todaySo i am told this charge comes from the telcos. So because i chose for security code to be sent via sms it comes w… @NanakayBurna Yes ohBurna Boy turns down Reekado Banks’ request for a battle, says he’s not a “worthy challenger”…'t you worry baby, its just a matter of time.
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @nydjlive Ah chaleEii wheres @Lloyd_YG #11yeardago @benbenaqua Eii then if you see the other account what would you say? @rayray11749404 Crazy @abrantiesmiley 😭 @K_Henrico Wizard lolHappy new month guys, may it be less tragic than the last one!Eii so just sending me a security code so that i can complete an online payment comes with a charge in addition to… host, Chris Cuomo tests positive for Coronavirus
@KhayAmponfi_ SmallI’ve done everything some apart from wearing a mask . @benbenaqua Very @OdoMaNipaGyimi Ko dwonso ko daJust saw a music video on 4syte that says girl you are my choofi😶 @ameyaw112 Hehehe go out anytime, anyhow with no good reason and your life will be full of adventures, u no go be bored at all ma bruda!!
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @elswoodX lol @elswoodX hmm nanaI can feel the pain of this old women too. It's not a warzone 😶
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Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @pasinoman @Nanaopokukenn eiiiI feel ripped off. I was told this works with lounges in over 100 airports around the world. It didn’t work in Newa…
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrahso it took this bloody virus for me to realise how boring my life is @popeskinnyGH 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿As for @kecheglobal Joshua’s flow on the song with @akwaabamusic please @PAPPYKOJO you can’t oh @FromP4mWithLove @Joselyn_Dumas tag them oh hmm @ameyaw112 @Joselyn_Dumas Lol Friday is around the corner!! Twitter needs to create the edit button
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @ameyaw112 @Joselyn_Dumas Ameyaw always u wan people to buy you someone , you too buy ya someone
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahI can’t wait for Coronavirus to end so my boss @ameyaw112 can buy me the Iphone X . See how won out my old phone is
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