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@ameyaw112 @jupiter_riccis Well to be perfectly honest ,in my humble opinion without being sentimental of course ,…
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @barista_gh Yup @1BillionCEDIS Lol
@baafinelson 😂😂If i were rich i think Labone would be the place to live. Damn! Went out today nice new things opening up over there. @michaeladiko This is for your perusal @ameyaw112 You wan know how the Benin 🇧🇯 issue came about???....follow this freestyle as we trip together to find o…
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @owis_dada @ameyaw112 I dey prepare them waaa
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @The_Jolobrity @owis_dada Twea you have already lostI’ve blocked my dad on WhatsApp because he’s an NPP supporter -
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @BillionCurtis1 EiiHow IUDs work. Did the baby stop the contraception process? IUDs are implants placed in the uterus to prevent preg…
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahWhat's going on in Benin?
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahThe results are in #JoJa vs #NaMa @berlamundi I shock sefOddity of the day😶 @RevErskineGH Lol @owis_dada @The_Jolobrity I thought you were his lawyer 😂😂 @sweden442Annoh 😄😄Should government withdraw final year students from schools?
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahI never paid media hype... @BardManTinny spits fire #ameyawtv @iddrisu_mo Bring mine wai @kofijamar serves us with a new one this Friday. This is the official Remix of “MI DEY UP” featuring @stonebwoyb
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @kofijamar serves us with a new one this Friday. This is the official Remix of “MI DEY UP” featuring @stonebwoyb @JMBILLGATES Oh which village? @Mawunya_ Which is? @Kuami_EugeneOff Nothing I see he’s trending hereMessi on target... 🎯⚡️🦸‍♂️ #BarçaEspanyol
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahWhat has Sammy Gyamfi said again?COVID-19 Fight: Ahafo Region’s 2019 Ghana’s Most Beautiful Rep Donates to Tanoso Traditional Council and Market Wom… @VoiceOfStoneb Ah @KorSoNagyimi @owis_dada See am too😄 @owis_dada Would you die if your learnt sense? Where's the stealing here?What's going on in Benin? @ama_lace What's going on thereLol the streets of social media government withdraw final year students from schools?WATCH : Hajia4Real empowers women after her new range rover and mansion gift #AmeyawDebrah #MentaMusic @ameyaw112
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahAY Poyoo and Sho Madjozi set to drop a banger -
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahHow Prophet Emmanuel Kodjoe’s prophecy on Trump prioritising skills over education came true - .@realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah#StartUpWithAbsa
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @ogoeric Lol until he is in the white house 'the oval " @GuddaTagor @johndumelo1 @onua_zionfelix Lol oh Gudda @Amegaxi 😄😄MP nie @johndumelo1 so you will not advertise with Ameyaw Debrah media?😶 @ameyaw112 I learnt it was the political parties themselves that handpicked them.ndc chose prof.jane and npp chose…
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahGood food, good mood right? Let’s help with that. Call us 0277615907 and place your order 👨🏾‍🍳
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @ameyaw112 They are just going round inspecting students with fone and punish them
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @ameyaw112 Eno be say free sef?pay per whaen?na who go pay to watch her?nnka medi behtor nkatsie borga awih
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @Deedouble1 LolAny official statement on the KNUST SHS issue yet? @KingAtoki Inspiring @PonoLasagna Eoo @ABYalley 😄😄#StartUpWithAbsa @bigojfilms Im sorry lol @MutomboDaPoet Best place on earthWater No Get Enemy 🥴
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah#NewProfilePic 💚💚💚
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @JQ_bebe Fine girlIf she thinks we’re criticizing because of the price (which we don’t know), then she’s got it all wrong. Yes she d…
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @elorm_trybes 🤣😳 @kofi_233 Today?😳Wendy Shay to stage a Pay-Per-View virtual event dubbed Survival Concert 31st July to help the needy - first manager/boyfriend abused me but I couldn’t leave him – Mzbel - Shay’s Uncle sues Despite Media for defamation - burial rites for ‘Miliky MiCool’ slated for July 11th - won’t break my bank account to impress anybody- Ms. Nancy reacts after critics placed her in the worst dress list… @franksabbih OkSince children are vulnerable to hunger and malnutrition especially in these challenging times, @WFP continues to p…
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @franksabbih OkKNUST SHS Students dies after avowed neglect over Covid-19 fears. U sure sey this our country go fit change for bet…
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahAh! Believe in authenticity, genuity We Believe in the social rule of law launches it platf…
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahJoin with your questions and comments @michaeloppong03 Lol what car is uber?😄 @geenaeus @Churchboy_dave 😄😄😄 @mistameister Lol
@SaviourKetti @johndumelo1 Like Ghana go jom @ameyaw112 Which means fast toward 2028 you'll be @johndumelo1 Vice presidential candidate. #idey4u. JD and AD.
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @MrPrimakov @JDMahama Are you?😶that should be your concern @cornelmarfo1 @S_spizy Credit to who? @SaviourKetti Absolutely. No drop of politics in me😄😄😄 goodnight @ogoeric 😄😄😄 @wunpini_fm Why what happened?'IKOKU 5: COURT REMANDS EX-POLICE OFFICERS' on Late Night Talk with Kofi Bartels
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @MarkAsari 👊🏿👊🏿 @fiifiadinkra 3y3 asem oh @Linda_Baeby Ah @kantankatv **|** Kantanka Exclusive Reloaded is Live with Akwasi Ofori. Discussing: Government's Directives To Pri…
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahSir what are you doing?....karen mouth wash?...What would you do? #ameyawtv
Retweeted by Ameyaw Debrah @OHENEBAKBY OkI finally tried some yam and potato chips from @legacy_foods ... yummy. Check out fish and chips by Chef Amey… @fiifiadinkra LolDada Boat to host new dating show, Odo Fever on Onua TV - @ameyaw112 Kinda ironic don't you think? Calling yourself gunz and being gunned down.
Retweeted by Ameyaw DebrahUsain Bolt shows off newborn daughter “Olympia Lightning Bolt” for the first time - Prophet Emmanuel Kodjoe’s prophecy on Trump prioritising skills over education came true - .@realDonaldTrump