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Amir Ali @AmirsDoingItAll Vancouver, British Columbia

Storytelling on the radio with @Steeletalk on the Lynda Steele Show. The #Conch is the new #Cowbell 🐚 #Vegan, for the animals. 🐬🐄🐖🐔 #BLM👊🏿

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@JATetro As (fake) assistant to regional manager of the #Canucks fan club Ill get back to you. (and @steeletalk)… why is the heat on in this bus?! Rain != Heat Just #Vancouver problems. #vancity #haht
Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum about to speak with @steeletalk in a few moments. We'll take your calls after the chat…’t agree more. He did the same for me when I was still a student. When someone believes in you like that,…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @Sportsnet650 @RandipJanda @DanRiccio650 Canuckly optimistic. @WakeUpFakeUp @PhillyD @BrittVanH @czerwinskier @GlassAnimals I remember the first time I heard 'Gooey'. Man, I was HOOKEDDDDDDdddddddddddd.#bcpoli #bced Tune in!
Retweeted by Amir AliSurrey mayor Doug McCallum on the @steeletalk show today right after the 3 pm news, be sure to tune in! @CKNW
Retweeted by Amir Ali @vancolour Best wishes man. She looks like a very knowledgeable and wise woman. @FEEZYDoesIT remember my parents used to tell me not to sit too close to the screens I'd watch as a kid. Now all they do is s… @SrushtiGangdev Your proof of the great judgment this man had.2020 is now officially the worst year. @SchintzCKNW980 The bakery is closing today, for good.
@GetTheLeadOutCA @jodyvance @nedbell It's not actually me in the control room at the moment! But, thanks for your c… @BenTDooley Seriously. Just stop.
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The driver of this pickup truck is an idiot. -@edgarseeya
Retweeted by Amir Ali @Cecchini_DC Yooo, Semite! What's up?Trump just pronounced Yosemite National Park as "Yo-Semite" Note: It's Yo-Sem-It-ee
Retweeted by Amir Ali @Garossino China?58% of British Columbians believe they have more in common with the people of Seattle and Portland than with those…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @chapappay @TaikaWaititi One word: IN: Lebanon's internal security chief tells reporters the blast was in a port area with highly explosive mater…
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Not a huge fan of #BeyondMeat, it isnt for me. I've had better burgers. But, when we're comparing it to real… hasn't aged well. #EllenDeGeneres
Why do some animal lovers eat animals? 🤔
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I hate to admit, but @PierrePoilievre is hilarious
Retweeted by Amir AliPierre Poilievre: What happens in baseball when you have 3 strikes? Zing. #WECharity #TrudeauPrime Minister Trudeau keeps saying he doesn't have figures & numbers. Facts, dates & amounts. He would have known…
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At 4:15pm today on the @steeletalk show with guest host @jodyvance we play a game called, Try Not To Cry. I will p…
Retweeted by Amir AliOMG.. Man, it's going to be HOT in #Vancouver tomorrow!! 'How hot is it going to be, Amir?' Not as hot as the sea…"It was humiliating. It was dehumanizing. There was nothing positive." Eric Chapman had a full-time job. But when…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @BrownieScott @DixonTam 'Dining Room' @FEEZYDoesIT @gtlem @PierrePoilievre The interruptions were annoying for sure, but I feel like this criticism overl… @FEEZYDoesIT @gtlem Are you suggesting Pierre acted inappropriately? Just curious.Anyone like me look around the #newnormal and think: Wait.. is this real? While it doesn't feel like as much of a… to the choir
@pippa_reed @CBCSask is a simple question
Retweeted by Amir AliHere's the exchange:
Retweeted by Amir Ali @chapappay So now your face smells even more"One recent story of two live chickens found at a landfill in Manitoba, Canada, among piles of dead, has raised a n…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @Justin_Ling @Garossino You'd think all questions could be asked in 4 hours. But you're absolutely right. On th… still have about 1,000 questions about the WE structure, how ESDC came to believe they were well-suited for the p…
Retweeted by Amir AliThe Kielburgers again say they did not pay Margaret Trudeau to speak at WE Day, but for other things. Here is one…
Retweeted by Amir AliCan we make WE go away and fund other organizations in Canada run by people of diversity? Please.
Retweeted by Amir AliHuh. So Marc Kielburger claimed that Global News corrected their report that the newly-established WE Charity Found…
Retweeted by Amir AliA WE Kid just said a charity is not a separate corporate entity. Actually, crack open your corporate and society legislation, brothers.
Retweeted by Amir AliThe WE Kid wearing light blue on blue, keeps looking at the other WE Kid brother as he answers, as if to check the…
Retweeted by Amir AliWho knew a zoom conference could be so thrilling? #CDNPoli #WECharity #CraigKielburger @jstagrlwithacat That would be hilarious.
Wow.. #TENET, the next huge blockbuster from #ChristopherNolan is getting a wide release everywhere EXCEPT for th… a lot has changed in 2020. #vanre
Retweeted by Amir AliWhat do police violence and systemic racism have to do with the climate crisis? A lot more than you think. Very imp…
Retweeted by Amir Ali#PSA if you are looking to cool off in Vancouver today: the Third Beach parking lot is *CLOSED* On the plus side, t…
Retweeted by Amir AliWhat a shocker.. A sport filled with cheaters, and liars, and owners and sponsors who defend cheaters and liars,… @alanranta I think people who were alive during the #SpanishFlu would probably disagree with you. They didn't even… we have a universal healthcare system! ME: great! can I get an eye exam so I can see? CANADA: no ME: could…
Retweeted by Amir AliTwo very uncultured children shouldn't make you feel old!
@yosp @YouTube Hey man, waiting for that credit! PSN: Amiro22 @IRPlawyer @DanaLarsen Its been so long since I haven't had a coffee in a day that I'm worried what would happen if… @Jeep4x4Tours @mikamckinnon Do you like getting your science news in audio format? I have a story for you. 💜
Retweeted by Amir Alifour years ago today, ottawa police killed abdirahman abdi. his family and community are still fighting in his memo…
Retweeted by Amir AliI had a super fascinating chat with @mikamckinnon about some new research in the world of #seismology, highlight th…
How is #AVATAR2 being delayed even news? 'Indefinitely delayed due to COVID-19' This didn't even seem like it wa… @Garossino @drex @vancolour Completely fair then! Most places I've been to don't have a clue about how to prepare Kale. @BenTDooley @chapappay can drive, I'll be hurling in the back seat. @Garossino @drex @vancolour Maybe science can help you be better at making salads? ... *Runs away* @drex @Garossino @vancolour But hey, just a GARNISH RIGHT?! Selective ignorance of science, is.. well.. ignorant. @drex @Garossino @vancolour This thread is incredibly disheartening. Not surprised at all by Drex's comment though.… @WakeUpFakeUp @BenTDooley't wait to head down to #Seattle with my man @BenTDooley to watch the #Canucks Krak skulls. (When the border op… @krissy_mcgill @andrewbutworse The Seattle less thans. Meaning Seattle < Vancouver. (When it comes to Hockey!) @IRPlawyer @BenTDooley Seattle Golden Lab's @BenTDooley If we're basing it all on the video, I've got some ideas. Seattle Seaweed Seattle Siren Seattle Saltw…
You all showed incredible restraint during that Dr. Bonnie presser... #gloryhole #covid #bcpoli
Retweeted by Amir Ali @farhanmohamed My gears can only be grinded so much. This. Is. Infuriating. These people don't understand their… family and friends can’t see my newborn child, but sure go ahead and party, you irresponsible, selfish hooligans.
Retweeted by Amir Ali @edgarseeya What if we made beaches illegal?Thanks to Chek News for interviewing me about some of the questions that remain one year after the infamous BC Manh…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @steeletalk Out of all of my achievements.. My pieces, my interviews.. Gloryholes. 🤔Way to go @AmirsDoingItAll - #gloryholes is now trending in Canada.
Retweeted by Amir Ali @FEEZYDoesIT @vancolour @steeletalk @CKNW @Ravarora1 All I'm saying is Jordan stumbled and fell a lot before he got… @FEEZYDoesIT @vancolour @steeletalk @CKNW @Ravarora1 @BenTDooley @simonplittle on @steeletalk, a talented, young writer told @AmirsDoingItAll that “white privilege” is a fallacy becaus…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @drex Ditto.Soon: talking with @steeletalk on @CKNW about #COVID19 #misinformation & conspiracy theories. Who believes this stu…
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@FEEZYDoesIT @steeletalk I think that's what's problematic to me about this. I thought gloryholes (not that I've… @KamilKaramali Hold up, you don't have gloryholes in every room? ...? @FEEZYDoesIT @steeletalk Just people wanting to have sex... basically.. “Choose sexual positions that limit face-… @steeletalk Googling this was a poor idea 😑
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