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Amir Ali @AmirsDoingItAll Vancouver, British Columbia

Producer for The Lynda Steele Show on CKNW Radio - part.time.musician - #vegan - ex.muslim - gif.addict - my views are closer than they appear -

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@AndyBaryer You sleep with the fishes.
Behind the scenes at #CKNWKIDSFUND. 42 years running. Amazing vibe, amazing people, amazing cause. Great work by… need a bill to protect the ANIMALS from abuse on farms—not a bill to protect farms from public scrutiny. Take ac…
Retweeted by Amir AliGreat segment: @animallawcanada makes abundantly clear why these undercover investigations are important.…
@animallawcanada @steeletalk @CKNW They're live now: @vancolour @animallawcanada
Hey @TheRealKeean I fixed it for you: "An unhinged man posing as a Journalist crashed a Catholic School Board meeti…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @djbkretro @steeletalk @ericincredible @CKNW Shh! My pretend ownership of the office copy machine is private.… I got the patented @steeletalk Steele of Approval today unbeknownst to me from Lynda and @ericincredible. But h…
The Okanagan mall Santa that was fired for posting inappropriate pictures online talked to @steeletalk about what h…
Retweeted by Amir AliHey @commie22 - I just sent you a DM... could you please have a look?
Retweeted by Amir AliBREAKING: #Alberta just passed a disturbing new law making it ILLEGAL to do undercover investigations to expose ani…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @theStevilDead @BRWrestling @riobobbo Jesus BOB! @theStevilDead @BRWrestling The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Kenny Omega, The Rock (Interchangeable with Austin) @steeletalk @AndyBaryer @ericincredible @jodyvance @sunayas Hey Sunaya, my name's Amir Ali, producer with CKNW Radio Vancouver. Wondering if you'd have any time to ch… @Dreamer_Aliu78 Hey Akim.. my name's Amir, producer with CKNW Radio. Wondering if you'd have time for a chat with o…
@CBCStephenQuinn installation in the logical progression of Vancouver public art:
Retweeted by Amir Ali @vancolour The apple does not fall far from the tree? @steeletalk Ho, ho.. hoooo boy.So, in broadcasting school we learned about dramatic pauses. This Surrey councillor completely perfected it with…
@drex We'll also have CFIB on at 5:07 on @CKNW with @steeletalkAlright everyone. New name for this 'iconic' #Vancouver #Chandelier. Ready? ... The #Vandelier If only it was d… @CBCStephenQuinn @BobKronbauer #ShutDown! It truly is a late November #ChristmasMiracle! I don't have to walk! But I probably will anyway be… @SrushtiGangdev @UniforTheUnion @CKNW @GlobalBC @SrushtiGangdev @CKNW @GlobalBC @TommyWiseau You did not hit him... @SrushtiGangdev @UniforTheUnion @JerryPDias @CKNW @GlobalBC They're going longer than a CMBC bus driver on an avera… on @TransLink and @UniforTheUnion let's make this happen! Because you're totally reading these tweets!! @keithbaldrey @JerryPDias Man.. If Keith Baldrey is saying most likely no deal.. @steeletalk @drex @Q107Toronto @CFOXvan @TransLink Hey @TransLink, I'd love to help you get a deal done in regards to this ongoing #TransitStrike. Since yo… @TransLink O I C... So you're helping us by telling us to get help elsewhere... I see.. I see.. Well.. thank you… @maxfawcett Good question. Turn them into pleasure caves?
@stevesgill @the_edge Haha!One of the many reasons for a potential boycott of #2022
@VictorDYoung You, and you. @steeletalk Coming from the person who thinks avocado's are disgusting. EGGNOG LATTE? Pardon me while I barf.… @drex @steeletalk Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! DON'T YOU DAAAARE talk like that about avocado's.…
@WakeUpFakeUp've gotten word from the #MaynardsAuction people that they will be withdrawing the controversial items. @CKNW @JanetBrown980 @globalnews
@SrushtiGangdev @alan_regan Glass SplintersRumana Monzur was blinded by her husband in a brutal and horrifying attack, now she’s speaking out for women global…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @mario_canseco @steeletalk @BenTDooley @ericincredible Wow.. Lynda's really losing it man. into the office and saw this. WTH is ⁦@jeremy_baker ⁩ doing?
Retweeted by Amir AliCan anyone say it's Friiiiid.. . Not... enough... mental... energy... to.. fin....... #Friday #Friyay #Fuck #Shit @CHansen51 I mean it's probably part of it. I think the bigger issue is the stranglehold the real estate market a…
@BenTDooley @steeletalk @ericincredible One day Ben... This: @steeletalk @ericincredible
@AmirsDoingItAll @ericincredible @steeletalk Thank you to you all for your continued focus and support on this issu…
Retweeted by Amir Ali
This is a #mustlisten segment from a survivor of the #opioidcrisis. @EricIncredible said the guest broke down in te… @ltribe @drex @SpacedOutRadio It's #HAARP @steeletalk @ericincredible @OHnewsroom @alan_regan @BenTDooley @simisara980 @drex @jonmccomb980 @VictorDYoung How hard were you trying to look sophisticated with the camera on you? @drex @jonmccomb980 @VictorDYoung @Garossino Forgetting about amnesia seems.. poetic.
@jonmccomb980 @CKNW I guess the typo in this tweet is what happens when @jonmccomb980 writes his own script. Will… @Dennis_Caelian @CKNW I hope your Twitter feed isn't representative of your general intelligence. @JessLReid @gardenofliferaw @PrairieNaturals But, but, but... <insert the billion meathead comments against #veganism> @charliesmithvcr @drex @CKNW @georgiastraight @steeletalk @simisara980 @charlesadler @keithbaldrey @SethDKlein Rightfully so. @charliesmithvcr @CKNW @georgiastraight @drex @steeletalk @simisara980 @charlesadler @keithbaldrey @SethDKlein @ericincredible
I think the latest #Translink offer is fair. Considering I'm someone that makes way less than the #drivers who ta… @TaiAliBCIT Or what about, Transdink @djbkretro @NME How about.. Paul Anka does Smells Like Teen Spirit? Heh heh. @theStevilDead This looks... This.. looks? Amazing? Terrifying?
@djbkretro How dare you @WakeUpFakeUp gross
@jodyvance @vitaminwater it's #WorldKindnessDay I need to just give a shout out to everyone around me. If any one member of my i… Ridge Mayor says aggressive panhandling bylaw needed to both protect local business experiencing rampant thef…
Retweeted by Amir AliGetting a ton of awesome but emotional messages of kindness to the buzzline. Call if you want to share, it'll be ai…
Want to give someone a shout out on @CKNW for the good things they do for others? Call our buzz line - 604-331-BUZ…
Retweeted by Amir AliYou can't have a Mariachi band without a Guitarrón Mexicano, so the ladies from Las Estrellas de Vancouver brought…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @jillreports @ericincredible @steeletalk @CKNW You only learned that Lynda is braver than you today? ...what? 2 things today. #1 @steeletalk is much, much braver than me #2 my eyelids sweat when I am hella nervous.…
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Fabricland files for bankruptcy after biggest customer fired from Coach's Corner
Retweeted by Amir Ali @WakeUpFakeUp @JimCarrey @ericincredible wow...
@pippa_reed of National Defence @HarjitSajjan was on with @MikeSmythNews to talk about comments made by #DonCherry
Retweeted by Amir Ali @graciestyle You're right. At 430 we've opened it up for people to share stories about fallen family members who ha… your heart #DonCherry. This show would have been so much harder to produce without your racism. I salute you sir! Gota hell. @drex Great poll, wasn't sure which way to vote but, in the end I think I found the right choice.
Just about to speak with @steeletalk @CKNW about our new @palvancouver #affordablehousing project in downtown New W…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @djbkretro Peek-a-Boo. @maxfawcett You're absolutely right. Japan, men are allowed to wear glasses but women are not. One woman was forced to wear contacts even though she…
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All heroes have an origin story and @AmirsDoingItAll aka Captain eggplant is no different. He tells @steeletalk and…
Retweeted by Amir Ali @LisachristCBC If you're into Jeff Buckley, 'Dream Brother' is a must read. @AndyBaryer Bro, you live in a tech paradise and this is how you coffee?! You should have robots making you a hot f… @alan_regan @simisara980 I'd appreciate a third option. 'Go to hell.'