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Amith @amithpr Gurgaon & Mangalore, India

Founding Dean @SCoReInd, CoFounder @PRAXISInd & @PRomiseFdn 》@ManifestRetreat @KnowFactInd, Author-Taking PRide; Columnist @RepTodayMag; Award winning PR pro

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Watch this now > @bharatendukabi sharing thoughts on his stellar career on #CommSpeak on @FounderIndia @velumania Some act poor and add EMI :)😍👌 @amritahuja I want to meet you for coffee and discuss @michellep77 Great You missed the point I'm a mineral :)This is it 👇 What a sick minded government! your organisation care about diversity inclusion? Join our open house to get global perspectives & learn best…
Retweeted by Amith @mahapatra_abhi In that case we have seen five decades :)! @Kumar_go That's not arrogance. That's attitude :) @thedoctorine 😇#MSInterviews: In conversation with Media Samosa, @SujitPatil, VP & Head of Corporate Brand & Communications,…
Retweeted by Amith @amritahuja Pr is not an industry Pr consulting has succeeded for 60+ years now Pr and bpo are like chalk and che… read a masterpiece between 9 and and 3 pm today. A book written by an amazing couple. Must read for all adul… then there are brilliant humans like Umesh who navigated a tough drive with dense fog effortlessly. Smiling all… to @bharatendukabi, Head-Corporate Communication @HeroMotoCorp, you must follow 3 rules as a communicator…
Retweeted by Amith @hishh 👍And touched down in Mumbai at 154 pm. Smooth flight otherwise. Hope tomorrow is better. USB charger was a welcome r… @hishh That I don't know. :) But we are lucky for sure @thedoctorine I'm not accepting the fact that 2020 is the start of a new decade :) Because if it is then we can't count 1980 as oneTo understand -The state of Diversity Inclusion at workplaces today -Barriers and opportunities therein -Global bes…
Retweeted by Amith @PapaCJ 🤓😂🤣😇 ✈ @alex_malouf When did you feel it? 🙈 @PapaCJ You are half Brit :) @PapaCJ Hi grand Papa @airvistara Got it. Too late now. Another time. Does this apply to return flight as well?I have seen two millenniums, two centuries, four decades and I'm still under 40. This is possible for those born in 1980. @RichaChadha We are taking off on UK963 now after a 2.5 hour wait Which one are you on? @zibijamal Good catchTo the next frontier... a push back after 150 minutes in the plane on ground. Would have reached Bandra by now. But glad we are tak… as things look hopeful, two guys decide to get out of the aircraft which means security check of hand baggage… Mangalore police is so intelligent that they didn't even figure this guy reached Bangalore. They are only good… @airvistara What's the policy on refund on round trip for a delay of more than 2 hours?Some hope now as runway closure for RD practice pushed by an hour to 1130am. We are 8th in the sequence now as per… @KunalKishore24 Yes. That's a two hour thing So I booked a 850 am flight Hoping it will take off at 950 latest wi… @KunalKishore24 Fog or republic day practice or both?Thank God his name is not Abdul Rahim or Ismail Tabrez! This one looks like an out and out RSS sympathiser. Look… @DeepshikhaD I have @atuln on the seat next to me. :) we don't take off by 1029 am, the airport will shut down for two hours at 1030 am for Republic Day practice. Hey… attitude. Pride preceeds fall. returns, mercury dips in North India #Winter
Retweeted by AmithAmazing! Things that PR consultancy association should do, ad agency association is doing. Your turn @ICCOpr announcements from Pilot Krishna Rao on Vistara 963. We have boarded and are told we are 35 in sequence. So u… @TweetsAnup We were testing the prize with you.Bad fog day in Delhi. Boarded Vistara 963 at 840am for a 850am flight to Mumbai. Expected departure 945am. @roshanonline CrazyThis MBS is scarier than our own supreme leader who also has a history of snooping. @jeetalex Founder India TV? @SSSheikhawat 👍 @simi_mehta 👍 @rahulrakesh Fastest finger first. :) @thecorpcommguy He is ex pepsico The answer is in the thread :) @UshyMohanDas Had @UshyMohanDas Old is in the mind. You are younger than me for sure @jeetalex True @UshyMohanDas Or reverse that number?:)
This guy is out there to finish India the way we knew it. Culturally Financially Economically 👇 relations... Of a different type. @UshyMohanDas @SassyShweta_ :)If the national party's Delhi unit can be so cheap and disgusting, one can imagine what the central leadership is a… @RushinaMG @SujitPatil @TweetsAnup @KunalKishore24 @nbawa15 @VikasKalantri @foodietweeter @shilpachips @HrishiKay cheap tricks of the opposition... @TweetsAnup @godrejlaffaire @SujitPatil Is a date change possible? 23rd is @TEDxGateway And most of the intelligen…! booked for the next edition of @godrejlaffaire Never missed any since 2017. @deydreaming @hemantgaule got them @suparnkalra No wayWatch the seventh episode of #CommSpeak tomorrow at 8 pm on @FounderIndia. Powered by @KaizzenComm Our guest is >… @blackboxsports @rajeevcol3 If I was so good looking I would be in the movies sir :) @blackboxsports Then tough My current plan is Open house to meet anyone at #PRSchool till 1230. Then Vikhroli for… @blackboxsports @SCoReInd Sure. Come to our school. I'm there till 1230Identify this corporate communications leader! He has worked in just 3 organisations. #CommSpeakQuiz Winner gets…, professionals and others looking at learning something new, here's your chance in Mumbai on Thursday morn… @StaceyHankeInc Knowing the client's need is key. Same way knowing about the attendees is very important for any…
Retweeted by Amith @itgotworse @larissafernand @Subhash_ati9 @ajay43 @LavanyaBallal @RoshniManglore @LouvinaA @fayedsouza @rupagulab @larissafernand @itgotworse @Subhash_ati9 @ajay43 @LavanyaBallal @RoshniManglore @LouvinaA @fayedsouza @rupagulab this out everyone for whom Trust matters... @PoojaThakran :) @Sheets_12 You won't let sarcasm flourish 🙈Gujarat model of marriage planning. @Uber @Uber_Support @Uber_Delhi Another disgusting driver partner Refuses to come to my location unless i tell hi… possible that this was fake. The RSS backed police commissioner could be trying these stunts after murdering… offer like no other! @TEDxGateway to & learn from the best in the business of speaking at Professional Speakers Summit 2020, Delhi. You can a…
Retweeted by AmithIf seeing your progress on some sort of tracker or counter gives you a motivational high for reading books Use 'Go…
Retweeted by AmithAndhras capitals will be VAK. Vishakpatnam Amravati KurnoolChomp chomp
Thanks @GitaGopinath for calling a spade a spade. Our supreme leader has destroyed the economy with two men and two… always believe that Karnataka is like a country. It has mountains, beaches, great food, many languages, beautiful… not a dalit President? Because BJP is anti dalit. economy is one big halwa 🤔 @tushar @TweetsAnup :) @museumofpr Can open an India branchThat's called a store room. you be at #PSS2020? Register today if you haven't signed up already. 1 and 2 Feb in Delhi. @Himanshu1K WowWhat's wrong with these Mallus? Why are they practicing communal harmony in these vicious times?