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Amith @amithpr Gurgaon & Mangalore, India

Founding Dean @SCoReInd, CoFounder @PRAXISInd & @PRomiseFdn 》@ManifestRetreat @KnowFactInd, Author-Taking PRide; Columnist @RepTodayMag; Award winning PR pro

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@TeestaGuha :) @ashoklalla Praxis A Coffee with Ashok :) @TeestaGuha Did you check my unusual review? @makeshiftworld No. He came to campus on Pune. @utkhader Appeal at 12 noon? @hisagay 👍When he addressed us - the batch of 2004 at @SIMC_Pune in 2003 he began by saying: "I come from Pallakad - a place… should shut down Swamy for 5 Years. @SNIGDHAVISHAL Mine too at @SIMC_PuneMove over PR conferences, business summits, leadership conclaves, here comes the next big thing. A divorce summi… true, this is the desperation, high handedness and fear of Shah on full display. favourite Indian business book of the year.'m @amithpr@mastodon.socialSanjay Raut must be exhausted shouting his lungs out. @iamharshendra Did you even have a doubt? @nikes225 They are less vicious and less toxic at the top.Why is Congress obligated to support ShivSena? @soumidutta @maheshanand You have to make it happen. Universe will fall in place. @MinolAjekar @shreyakrishnan_ What now? @gauravprag What image What industry What imagination :) @gauravprag Because there is no need to do it.All it took was this tweet a week ago and Simi ji got a blue tick. Good going @TwitterIndia Mastodon snapping at y… @gauravprag It doesn't have a bad name It's all in the mind :) @shreyakrishnan_ With the tools? @shreyakrishnan_ What if results don't come? 🙈Congratulations to all the finalists of the Reputation Today 30 Top Corporate Communication Teams for 2019. The r…
Retweeted by AmithHere is the list of thirty companies who chose to throw their hat in the ring. To be graded, so they know where the… @ayeshasood Totally. @shreyakrishnan_ @thecorpcommguy @huriagirish You can make your own You can use what you have or you can create imaginary onesThis is nice. Prakash Javadekar is now in charge of factories that pollute on one hand and of cleaning up the poll… use unless some goondas first demolish the existing coffee shop. :) Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has one MLA from Kalyan rural, he should stake claim next, install his party… @MinolAjekar Is it much cheaper than duty-free? @AatishTaseer You can be in India on a tourist visa for now and your mom can go to court on your behalf.In a few hours we present the list of the Top 30 Corporate Communications Teams. On 20th November we will announce…
Retweeted by Amith @richardbranson @BransonCentreSA @virginactiveSA Great diversity of men and women But no blacks in SA? Where's the inclusion? @shivithukral You are tagging the wrong CM instead of @capt_amarinder and missed tagging the main guy >… GuruJi Da Khalsa, Wahe GuruJi Di Fateh🙏🏼 Wishing everyone a very Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti. Rabb Te Aehi Ardaas…
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In the end @priyankac19 could be the winner! #MaharashtraPoliticsNationalist Shiv Congress! @iwindmello did not forget; did not have camera @pashyantii Lucky you. Nice DP btwMusic can create magic #INCC2019
Retweeted by AmithI was asked to role play a typical client of EMCs at EEMAGINE 2019. During this fun musical face off, the Event man…
Retweeted by AmithWill it be a NCP government with Shiv Sena Chief Minister? are some certified Bhakts not afraid of ModiShah. @harishmenon80 :)6.8 lakh making news??? are people praising Sharad Pawar for? He is just being opportunistic. And after the alliance broke down. Makin… personal tribute to #TNSeshan recalling times with him #Democracy #Elections #environment
Retweeted by AmithI don't have photos because it happened in may 1992 and couple of times in 2003. When i had no camera. I have vis… @desmond3107 Check my tweet soon after that one :) @berges What Swanand !! Even if I was there I would like to see you on an earlier flight. Sending a bundle of en… sense. @nanda_pradeip They almost lost Haryana as well.The economic slowdown hit @officialparleg but not Britannia🙏 say a little prayer for @mangeshkarlata is an unfortunate comment from @dkhos Money can do crazy things to people. I don't have too much if an option… @huriagirish @shreyakrishnan_ Beg borrow steal :)All those boutiques will run on a loss. @shveysh Counting you in.What's going on? @ruchikamehta_ Hopefully @ruchikamehta_ Come! @iamharshendra Will send you details to do so.Yes! @iamharshendra DoneBJPs greed for power and arrogance led them to throw away their mandate in Maharashtra. There have been Shiv Sena C… months to go. Who wants to head to Auckland for #WPRF? @PapaCJ Had you taken a local train it would have been a perfect four :)
Great man. The best President India never had. Rest in peace Sir. @ClareParsons_ @arwa_husain @AdfactorsPR @PROIWorldwide @SenateSHJ_NZ @lenasohng @SenateSHJ_AU Wow. @priyashmita Now you willAnd hope the Hindus also take up a challenge to build a grand hospital and university on the site they have got. So… to treat any communication professional from NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore here on Jan 11th, a day after #KF2020 @priyashmita They should too :)A @ZomatoIN delivery executive is an @INCIndia candidate for corporator elections in Mangalore. Muslims should construct a world class complex that has India's best hospital and university. In Ayodhya. a guest at home tonight. The author of this book 👇 I reccomend it. Great collection of ideas, anecdotes and ex… @tadassuhas Who gave the title to a mythological character? @piyushpankaj Nagpur High Court ruled that Hinduism is not a religion. Google for link. And lord Ram is a mytholog… @Bhoolwerine :) @VivianPeres7 @milinddeora With 98 seats? How does it add up?Amazing narrative. @DFranticly With 98 seats when half way mark is 145 you think not necessary?? @atul_psingh No-one has seen someone demolish my house or if there was a house in the first place. It could have co… is the moot point. Court gave a judgement and this evil comedian is giving credit to Modi Shah. Isn't that contempt of court? only invites one who stakes a claim. Why are @INCIndia & @NCPspeaks not staking claim with outside support… God Your God Their God Our God God is a human creation so that Brahmins in every society could fool the les… @GretaThunberg Lovely coverWhy is the crook even opening his mouth? He should be in jail. @brisaaa29 Not true Good things will also happenGreat judgement. Now groups in future will demolish buildings hoping to claim that their real ancestors were born… you very much @PapaCJ @capitalcalculus 😜Check out @WIONews at 1030 am tomorrow (Sunday) to catch @melissawz @barrirafferty & @mj_harrington recorded during…
Retweeted by Amith @capitalcalculus Gurgaon is the greatest city on earth 🙈
@USCranberriesIN Where is this bread available?