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Writer & columnist. Podcaster at Blogger at India Uncut. Two-time winner of the Bastiat Prize for Journalism (2007 & 2015).

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Public service announcement. This is the best newsletter in India: @pujamehra @ANT_i_NCUMBENT It is quite possible I picked up the snippet from something Puja wrote to begin with. Fe… @IdrisBaxamusa I'll finish this cohort and then decide if I want to do it again. Depends on how it is received. :) @Rajievku Jonathan Wilson. @vikrantbawkar I don't any tribal allegiance, so it keeps changing. At the moment, I love the way Man City & Liverp… go to Guardian for the football and NYT for the puzzles, but otherwise they have become so wtf recently. of the best podcast episodes I've heard this yr. Paper straws, over regulation, freeriding First World regulato…
Retweeted by Amit Varma @Vinayak88525127 Lazy.
Retweeted by Amit Varma @mesoumya 1. Less acidic than the French Press, which I used earlier. 2. Easy to use. 3. Easy to clean. 4. Not f…
@AbbasMomin @RanveerOfficial My god! @mesoumya Aeropress. I like Devan's Viennese blend and French Roast, but because I forget to order in time before… @Schandillia @anshu @Ravitnangla @AnnoyedSingh I've never heard you, but you don't sound terrible, for the simple r… Berozgaar @kaul_vivek & I are recording ep 4 of Econ Central tonight. In case you haven't heard ep 3 yet,… @Ravitnangla @Schandillia @AnnoyedSingh I am becoming a fan of @Schandillia. I agree with his other fans that he sh… times have changed. decision makers often blindly copy public policy from abroad, without considering local conditions. This ca…
Retweeted by Amit Varma @d_s_thakur @srajagopalan @ATabarrok @US_FDA Thanks Dinesh. I've been meaning to write to you, btw... 🙂
@KelvinAroza Thanks! @chaosisladderr @srajagopalan @ATabarrok The concept is mine, but the execution is by the superb @capefoxalix.Indian decision makers often blindly copy public policy from abroad, without considering local conditions. This ca…
@Vinayak88525127 Kindly note, @srajagopalan. @ajumathew_ Thank you! @Vinayak88525127 Arre! @maxrodenbeck @swaroop_vishnu AND I'm the walking dead. 😎 @narayani_basu @ContextIndia @WestlandBooks @kan_writersside @ajithags @karthikavk Congrats. Booking you for podcast in advance only! @pradx @swaroop_vishnu Nope. I was brutal on a ministry press release during the webinar. 🙂One of the participants of my writing course, @swaroop_vishnu, made this during the first webinar of our July batch… love the way this thread ends."But who is not informal? Your executive is informal, your legislature is informal, your judiciary is informal , an…
Retweeted by Amit Varma @Sheiksufyan @kaul_vivek Thank you! @diptiko It's a broken model, yes, but it's all they have right now.
@reshii @mukhoty Thank you. Getting to chat with @mukhoty was such a privilege and a joy! @sheizhein The US ecosystem is very different. India is not like that, and won't be like that anutime soon given th… don't get this. Newspapers make their money by monetising the attention of their readers. They should want more r…, I have a face for audio, but I'm also quite fond of the people at Roli & couldn't say no when they asked me to… a fabulous lineup of writers. Good to see @Ram_Guha & @pbmehta in there. 🙂 celebrate the 6th edition of Daughters of the Sun, reposting an episode I did last year with the original podcas…
Retweeted by Amit Varma @chandra_elango @law_et_al Thanks! :) @bankeratlarge @law_et_al Thanks!By far my favourite episode of this excellent podcast. The problems of our street vendors really do highlight every…
Retweeted by Amit Varma @Lesharma7 Thanks!For those who asked, here's that old short story of mine that I mentioned in this episode: @BesidesL @YupikoWaMou Blogs died in 2009.
@YupikoWaMou Magazines will die. The best writing is in newsletters.Loved the conversation that led to the probing thought - “Who is informal? “!
Retweeted by Amit VarmaMy two-word solutions are often different from the official answer, because I don't keep it simple. As my writing… of us write to communicate. Some, to evoke. And some, because we cannot not write. The lockdown has been drea…
Retweeted by Amit Varma @SudhirSarnobat @kaul_vivek I graduated from Fergie in 1994. So yeah, we must have passed each other many times. 🙂 @srinjoy92 Thanks! @SudhirSarnobat @kaul_vivek Thanks Sudhir! 🙂 @Sabya_K Congrats!24 hours before registration closes for the July batches. 🙂 @heisenberg3_3_3 @srajagopalan essay on one of my intellectual heroes: (Via @srajagopalan) @BinuSivan Ok, I DMed you. Let's see if that works... @Prothean101 @kaul_vivek Thanks!Why are petrol and diesel prices rising? What does economics reveal about custodial murder & the rule of law?…
@BinuSivan Sure @gilkumar Oh, how boring. I thought it will be an addictive Chinese game involving a duck. @gilkumar Googling DuckDuckGo now in full fomo panic. @kadambari_shah @kaul_vivek Thanks! @BinuSivan No, still open, but just for a day: @53487ffa051148b @srajagopalan @ATabarrok It's a surprise! @bankeratlarge @srajagopalan @ATabarrok Thank you! @RasikaDugal @srajagopalan @ATabarrok @anup_malani Thanks! :) @PrasannaSriramn You can register here: @SudhirSarnobat @srajagopalan @ATabarrok He was on a couple of times in the early days...Coming up this Sunday on The Seen and the Unseen. Finally! @srajagopalan @ATabarrok
@bigfatphoenix @Econmixed I'll be sending out a reading list in my starter mail the day before the course begins. @Econmixed The first batch is underway. I will announce it here if I do another. 🙂 @socratishh Yes.Time for a #reshare. #modixi
Retweeted by Amit Varma @mycrotchetyluv Ouch, that was an embarrassment! But I will redeem myself soon..🙂 @mycrotchetyluv Thank you! @TanyaNagpal13 Not for the July batches, I'm afraid. Sorry. 😔 @venkatmangudi Thanks Venkat!Finished the June course. I know that I can write better. I cringe when I read press releases. You will love the bo…
Retweeted by Amit VarmaMASTERSTROKE "Dear leader," I said, "We have been scarred. We are under attack. Who'll stand guard?" He said, "Tak… is what I was doing in May-early June -- taking this @amitvarma course. And among other things, finding out th…
Retweeted by Amit Varma @profoundmonkey Stunning. I know others would put 'incentive' there... @Abhilzs Nope. @baxiabhishek Don't need to. Have downloaded the videos I need. @quizzicalguy @SaswataBanerj18 Feel free to bother me, @quizzicalguy ! :)I love @Aakar__Patel's rage. Makes Twitter more worthwhile. 🙂, @MANJULtoons in the house. 🙂 @makarand_s Twitter is a bigger distraction than TikTok. 😜 @VarunKothamachu @The_Karthik Wonderful!
They take a few thousand square kilometres of our territory, we block a few of their apps. Sounds like a perfectly…
Retweeted by Amit Varma @Vinayak88525127 Thanks!For those asking, this does not affect my ongoing course, TikTok and Indian Society. I've already downloaded the vi… @peegeekay The videos I need, I mean. @peegeekay Doesn't affect the content, as I have downloaded the episodes I need. 🙂And in ep 2 of Econ Central, we had a section on the incentives of politicians during such geopolitical crises, and… that TikTok has been banned in India, I find both the first two episodes of Econ Central, the new weekly podcas… @gangadhargs @TaylorLorenz Heh! @amruuuuuta @kaul_vivek @ashish2727 Thank you, glad you liked it!