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Runner, Cyclist. LOVE Art, Jazz, Books and Espresso. Into Real Estate & Hotels.

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@mansi_pingle Thanks Mansi @thebelletrista She lives by herself. But yes, I’m monitoring her closely from here. She’s safe in isolation. Just need the fever to reduce. @anaggh Yes... meds started. Luckily she’s alone and self isolated anyway. @kalravkapadia Yes. Hopefully it’s just seasonal. @swati_h Yup. She’s on the fever meds now. Will monitor for 3-4 days. I’m constantly in touch. @Finelychopped Thanks Dada. Hopefully within 3-4 Days. @girishmallya Yup. Should hopefully be a seasonal thing. @soniabahl That’s what I’m hoping for. Monitoring the next 5 days. @lardychap 😂 @lardychap Tell that to a real estate client in Mumbai! Calls and Meetings needed always. @mysti Yeah. Hoping it’s just seasonal. Fingers crossed 🤞 @Varsha1901 👍🏻 @Varsha1901 Yes. I’ve been in touch with her neighbours who are all very helpful. @runophilia Good point. I’ve always ignored the Core. @anika_gupta @ArtLoungein @BijayBiswaal @winsorandnewton They’re all excellent!👍🏻Trying to keep phone call sound levels to mid 50s dB and music levels to mid 70s dB.Love how Apple Health tracks the Sound Level (dB) of every phone call with timings. Helps to track loudness levels… @annafrosty That run view! @twitpartha Will get one. @Bahandhumbug And the humidity makes it worse. @WithVoke Yeah. Maybe it’s just a seasonal thing. Fingers crossed. @Bahandhumbug Could be just a seasonal thing. Fingers crossed. @TransAlpUK She’s spoilt for choice with our Home Library. @sameersama Probably seasonal hopefully. But she’s getting anxiety attacks which is natural right now. @b50 Thanks. Will keep monitoring. @markOtravels Thanks. Told her the same. Just need to monitor next 5 days. @TransAlpUK Very much. Reading, musical tastes and arts from her. Dad was the one who got me into sports... cycling… @MalaSivaprasad Same here. Might be seasonal. But can’t stop her anxiety. @SunitaDSouza_ Fingers crossed. @mloclam Appreciate it 👍🏻 @mloclam Yup. Luckily she’s alone and safe. No external contact. Just need the fever to go. @TransAlpUK Zero state support for that but she has helpful neighbours. I’ve already got in touch to arrange essential supplies for 10 days. @TransAlpUK True. Could also be coincidental given the seasonal change. Fingers crossed. @butsandifs Good points. Thanks. I’m on it. @AinaraKaur Being Genuine and Positive. @butsandifs It’s the helplessness which is worse. That I can’t do anything remotely. @RepelloMuggles Been exactly 2 days. Mild fever. Nothing else. But now they might just push for a test to be clear. @genesiaalves They’re checking with the authorities. @anika_gupta Finger crossed that her fever is purely coincidental. @genesiaalves She’s responsibly informed the society about her fever. Luckily they’re all very helpful neighbours.Mom’s building sealed. 2 positive cases. She’s currently got a mild fever. How stressed should I be? :/ @athem79 That’s one of my favourite Adrian Lyne films. @soniabahl And why do I get the feeling it’s going to be cringe worthy erotica. Curious about the first episode. @soniabahl Ha! @soniabahl I see what you did there.Demi Moore is launching an Erotica podcast called “Dirty Diana.” First episode July 13. @MahindraComviva @jasuja Congrats @jasuja 👏🏻Big ask. I am 62 this weekend, so will probably die soon, or get alzheimers or be rendered insane. I would love my…
Retweeted by Amit Bhowmik @sohinichat ‘His Hairiness’Perseus with the head of Medusa, c. 1571. By Italian sculptor Benvenuto Cellini
Retweeted by Amit Bhowmik5.30am craving for Waffles. 🧇 @joshiranjeet Earlier 5-6. Nowadays, it’s an hour at a time.
90's japanese street fashion walked so 2020 instagram fits could run
Retweeted by Amit Bhowmik @mrbrown 😂 @oneblackcoffee Even their Singapore flat monthly plan is very cheap for unlimited books. I got @soniabahl from SG on the app as well :) @oneblackcoffee I’ve been using the Storytel app for audiobooks. Unbeatable subscription price and catalogue. @oneblackcoffee I wouldn’t have managed this if not for audiobooks. Really helps to listen and walk/house clean/com… time with the Fargo Theme Music... (that moment at 1:35” when the symphony orchestra kicks in is ❤️) (1996) // Coen Brothers
Retweeted by Amit BhowmikFinished Book 33 of 2020 - ‘Dream Storeys’ by Clara Chow. Through a collection of stories, the Author talks to loc… @sunainakundapur Not yet picked it up. Wondering if it’s worth it.Never seen a book in recent times get as much pre-sales buzz as Megha Majumdar’s ‘A Burning’ @Shayoneespeaks Loved it! @bbcarts @CoreyBakerDance @ace_national @thespacearts @amitvelo check this out
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How did a nation with the world's highest concentration of millionaires and one of the most expensive housing marke…
Retweeted by Amit BhowmikTempting. Dark Art of German painter Jonas Burgert (
Retweeted by Amit BhowmikMiller’s Crossing The Departed Reservoir Dogs Goodfellas @genesiaalves We outdoorsy folks were hashtag blessed today.Smooth Jazz and Dark Roast Coffee. 🎵☕️ dose of morning sunshine and fresh air on the 4 kms brisk walk. @soniabahl Aye Aye Cap’n @MsRiyaMukherjee Will take your word for it! Getting a pack.
@tysvanessa I’ve just started her book and it’s fascinating.French Designer Creates Exquisite “Wearable Storybook” Dress
Retweeted by Amit BhowmikFinished Book 32 of 2020 - ‘Sliver’ by Ira Levin. An engrossing thriller dealing with the central theme of voyeuris… @Shayoneespeaks Swan Lake is my all time favourite. @Shayoneespeaks Swan Lake, Nutcracker, A Midsummer's Night Dream, The sleeping beauty, Giselle, Don Quixote @PBnrg Yeah. It’s just paranoia. Had green tea. No more talking till tomorrow. Throat needs rest. @Shayoneespeaks @thebelletrista 😁Love these 🙂 @Shayoneespeaks @thebelletrista Yup. Just so easy to get paranoid nowadays! Thanks. @thebelletrista Already better. Throat needs rest from calls. @navdhad ROTFL @javanng Gorgeous @thebelletrista I’m just being paranoid. Just too much vocal chord strain. I don’t usually need to talk this much.Lost my voice due to too many calls. Weather isn’t helping the throat either. It’s nothing alarming but it’s so eas… @oneblackcoffee Don’t torture yourself. We all need mood food now. @oneblackcoffee Please. It’s never too much. Have some more. @rohanbabu Oh!😁 @subamu Yeah!£3000 for an indoor exercise bike! @srini091 Love the script and writing. @rohanbabu I thought it’s raining heavily in Goa!It only rains when I lace up my running shoes 😡. Bright and Sunny now since I’m at work. @MalaSivaprasad Curious about the questions. @mysti That’s safe. I’m a bit alarmed with mine.Info on safe sound levels: I’ll now take to reduce ear strain: 1) No music while running 2) Audiobooks only on iPad Pro speakers 3) R… just noticed that Apple Health tracks the device headphone dB levels over time. I’ve been listening to audiobooks…