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&y 🐧 @amitypls do i look sad?

23 he/him || blm || ily all, irls leave me alone please

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@sh3riffwoody order wingsi hate being introverted and friendly bc i want to get to know everyone but i get mentally drained why couldn’t i… notice how these gen z vs millennial tiktoks are just white people with way too much time??
@spaghetti_tits HE’S SO HAPPYYYYY❤️❤️❤️❤️ @sergiopolarbear i was so confused bc i forgot my own name on here lmaooogave up today so i am putting on some music, making coffee, lighting my fav candle, and tweetingcan we get vaccines faster? i want to be like this rn @anatheathen this is why i’m afraid to look at my steps @psychic_pussy69 gnnnnn!!should i have another coffee? @justmeaagain YES YES YES YES YES TYYYY @hemiiisss welcome to miguel tweetcast where we talk about today's virals @justmeaagain i love candles, can i be your first customer???? @2NotSoBot idk any of these characters but like go juan go!! @overcoverloon1 i was hoping it was fake oh my goddddd @sh3riffwoody joel it's really cold rn, can we do this once my space heater warms me up?just spent a good 3 hours deciding what to build in valheim wtf @sh3riffwoody hb clavicles?
@Pencil_Dent hopefully rn i'm looking at other merch :////THEY ARE SOLD OUT😭😭😭thinking about this frog coffee mug whore for iced coffee <3
Retweeted by &y 🐧i feel like having an accent would make up for being 5’7 wtf is paramount+ ?? @brainrotem i remember it from a viral tweet and bc i can't have it i want to buy it lmaoo @nicothe420th i did it and can update you, i just followed this: @nicothe420th i found a way to import it from china but i have never done it so i'm on the fence about it rn @brainrotem EMILE TYSM 😭❤️ i wasn’t expecting to get supportive wholesomeness today ilyyyi need 3 more bc i actually really want djungelskog day wishing i had a nice accent and healthcare @nicothe420th 10 likes and i’ll buy djungelskog too
i can’t explain it but this is how i am managing my life @laswagna CUTE DOG CUTE DOG CUTE DOGwatching people who’ve been unsafe during this pandemic get their vaccine before me physically hurts
Retweeted by &y 🐧 @brainrotem wtf i broke down every semester trying to pay tuition with over priced payment plans @amitypls we went outside at work today and the dogs loved it
Retweeted by &y 🐧 @putawaythecrack OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!❤️❤️ glad those angels had some sun time:)))even though today was a bad day, at least the weather was nice
@bethanyebethany just going to fill up my car rq and we’re going bestie!! @femaleredhead you’ve taken a vaccine shot, now take a shot with them❤️me: why is the government so slow at doing things we need??? gov: *filled with old people*anyone want to go? @baddieflora iced coffee >> paying my bills @psychic_pussy69 gooood luck!! hoping it goes great!texas and mississippi are the two people in a group project that leave the gc on read @bhazel_hoops i didn’t go:( i hope you had a nice day bestie 🥰🥰
i’m tired, so tired. i sleep and rest but i’m still tired tired @bhazel_hoops i’m doing good!! hru?? about to go get one😌 @bhazel_hoops omggggg HIIIIIII:) @bhazel_hoops goodnight bestie 🥰🥰 @jackie_of_arc this one is the best one for me tyyy @jackie_of_arc hiiii jackie @itsabigaell an iced coffee, do you have a venmo?i swear emma is the best esa dog mind is still in decemberi’m built like a hematite ring
it’s so uneventful today i hate it @OscarNotMayer @NotCartur LMAOOO this ^^to everyone **? idk i’m tiredfor everyone i haven’t responded to new zombies mode for cold war is kinda making me want to buy cold war but it’s cold war :/ @oilookitsian women are just too cute so true!!🥰
my dog could do this to a hardwood floor @overcoverloon1 @hemiiisss you’re about to frame me for murder 😔 @overcoverloon1 @hemiiisss we’ll see tomorrow i guess :// @hemiiisss this is so threatening coming from adya 😭waking up every day feels like you just lost gulagNo one: my phone’s talk to type as I say ADHD: 80 HD
Retweeted by &y 🐧
if** 🙄*me in a relationship* 🧠: OKAY BUT WHAT YOU SNORE NOW???? @SiriusZach and it lost flavor immediately??????
@anatheathen NOOOOOOOO PLEASE @anatheathen my brain activated fight or flight and said measures😭 @anatheathen i feel like i'm reading meijers wronghow is it almost 2am again these "you just had to be there" tweets are missing that one time when i was happy @FireBeets i had buried ihob's existence @2NotSoBot @toefurchris1 yeah i have had to add more walking days running outside was giving me hella shin splints tooso i'm here right and my ankle said: "want to be in pain instead yo?"so like when are we adding emojis to the alphabetme: *trying to take a selfie to send to my gf* emma: @simpformangos adding on linkedin rnwho wants to motivate me to go to the gym today? i’m like 5lbs down since i changed up my routine!! but i am lazy rn
i may look composed driving on the highway, but on the inside i’m: @psychic_pussy69 goodnight!! ❤️ @jazz_inourpants gn eli🥰❤️❤️❤️
@jazz_inmypants it’s all ethefake @chinesegon me🥺👉👈 @anatheathen capitalism is my husky💔 @anatheathen WAIT WHAT i swear i need their kind of attitude i could accomplish so muchwhen they turn around and look at you like this 😭 be having more hope than i dothese are the ones teachers would print to decorate their room in HS they were honestly the best teachers @NathanLuna18 i am just unlucky 😔i am hanging on to life like a starbucks cup lidi’m officially old, i put my tax refund into my savingshe is fighting with my sister saying andy isn’t my real name “IT’S TIO UNCLE” LMAO @Suurrahhh an alligator will see you later but a crocodile won’t until after a while @nicothe420th captain america showed that he in fact "could do this all day"