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Lifelong student of the game(s). Self-proclaimed Pop Culture enthusiast. Comfort food connoisseur. ID based but mostly tweets in EN.

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@rafiandra21 @f_abdelkareem Yeah my question is pretty much the same, is it a designed run? @overthinkpod_id So people can have large gatherings like a wedding or picking up someone at the airport Covid-free? 🤭It may not be that big, but we’re proud to be reporting about the first woman player in a professional American Foo… listening to @overthinkpod_id’s Halloween Special and it got me thinking, is Pawang Hujan still a thing in big 2020? 🤔
Can’t copy what I can’t see @prastieto Tas rohis yang beli di ace hardware @rafiandra21 @TheAmateursID @nflfansindo Not anytime soon 🤣Mau tidur tp Twitter belum tamat @rafiandra21 @TheAmateursID @nflfansindo I think issa designed visual for plays not gamesA classic. There were times when I blitzed every snap only to learn that conservative play calls like cover-3 actua… @rafiandra21 @pinnn_xD Aye boys stop messing with Muthia 🤣 @zakkiruiner Maklum @Gz_ahmad Peak Indo comedy tbh @prastieto Bruh he’s not taking his chance 😭 @rafiandra21 @Muthia911 I’m nowhere near the volume of three stacks btwSi bunda mulai aktif ya cil @pinnn_xD @Muthia911 Ain’t you already sweet enough? *boys, take notes @thufeilmuhammad My very own, it shall not be named soccer on this poll
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@KickRocksDorks @churchbackyard Indo whenever orang tua topics come up @dindairianti Menikah dengan tuyul @mencitlab @adriantopriyo Giggling 🤭 @attlbasket Tolong cek japriHappy thanksgiving guys 🦃 @mencitlab Kuliner laah @mencitlab Bacot
I am thankful to have you guys 🤗 @rafiandra21 @pinnn_xD @nflfansindo Juliana 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Gz_ahmad Hidup buruh kreatif!Kayak @mencitlab nih bikin kesel taik @jarjirjor Story juga blm jauh ko gw haha @andrynugrahaa Seruuuu gue sukaa @Tyows Lagunya damedayo bangettt boskuuuu 🤣🤣🤣 @chepozzz Langsung add aja Hen itu nama gwHard carry, we mourn the loss of a great football player that brought joy into our lives. May your legacy live on foreve…
Retweeted by Tyrone | #TheAmateurs @Arafuno @magiaconatus @rif_q_i Diliat2 ini era Joseph Stalin yah?
Rest in peace, Diego. 🇦🇷
Retweeted by Tyrone | #TheAmateursFab, innit? @attlbasket @TheAmateursID Check out our 2020 NBA Draft Grade on’t believe I will be working with a man that addresses me like this I am so blessed 😭😭😭 woke Twitter’ one is in da 📖. Huge thanks to @abindragao @adhityaprianda @jules_zb & the whole @attlbasket crew for makin… @GoannyGanda Damn right I am.@FCHWPO showed no mercy Every RT raises $21 for diabetes awareness and prevention #SunLifeDunk4Diabetes
Retweeted by Tyrone | #TheAmateursBest team in New England plays real football @rafiandra21 He’s sleeping with your girl? @edlyfebrian @nflfansindo @SNFonNBC When I see Toyota Agya @rafiandra21 Contextthis stupid ass mf the reason im at work rn
Retweeted by Tyrone | #TheAmateursHi my name is Stephen I’m a kid from Africa i play basketball and would love to study and play for a school in Amer…
Retweeted by Tyrone | #TheAmateurs @rafiandra21 @TheAmateursID @FFToday Whole turkey, au gratin, stuffing, mac & cheese, pecan pie
CHRIS GODWINNNNNNNN alias udh kalah juga fantasy gw @TheAmateursID I don’t even know the guy @TheAmateursID Feels uncannyLike, uh, losing? @txtanakbasket It was okay until the fourth name
Glad to have him manning our goal. True baller. 🔥 is @f_abdelkareem’s first ever article and I am so glad to have him with us. Expect great contents coming from… @TheAmateursID @nflfansindo Exactly! It’s about them being patient, chewing the clock and making every snap counts.… this Raiders team, especially on how can they be patient and methodical on their drive. Great things ahead f…! #StarWars But... The Titans won the game... #KCvsLV matchup promises fun and exhilarating action so give it a watch or stay tune with us for the live upda… since Khalil Mack was reppin’ the famous Silver and Black baybeeee #RaiderNation 🔥
2020 @attlbasket Still an above average defender. Miami dapet pemain bagus.LFGGG ini ketahananku sebagai supir AKAP diuji. Tengs @mencitlab 👌🏾 @mencitlab Pasti ada maunya
@pinnn_xD Shit’s hurt dawgMight not be the best athlete on the court, but definitely one of with the best personality. We’ll miss your funny… to be @mencitlab Agya @mencitlab OtwFootball in higher frame rate 👌🏾 @mencitlab Apa luIt’s been going for years but it feels so fresh in this match. We demand more. @rauladxm Stop @rafiandra21 Ada konteksnya bund @pinnn_xD Sebel bundToyota Agya @KickRocksDorks *fingers crossed*
@rauladxm Taiiii dia mulaino. normalisasi bayaran yang pantas sesuai dengan effort kerjanya. jangan meromantisasi bayaran kecil dengan kata-k…
Retweeted by Tyrone | #TheAmateurs @santonology It’s not even December yet lmaoo how I miss winter 😭 @santonology Welcoming winter szn boi @rzkypra Let’s hope that I am well on track to be one @Gz_ahmad @bittchlasagna You’re so done manImagine blocking off some “friends” because they are toxic only to find out they’re still talking behind my back.… the rafters to the parquet, it’s all about #TheBanner.
Retweeted by Tyrone | #TheAmateursPrediksi taktik untuk pertandingan @SpursOfficial vs @ManCity akhir pekan ini Sikaaaaatttt 💪
Retweeted by Tyrone | #TheAmateurs👀 @sasada_yosep @andrerymnd @dominankiri A value that we hold dear yah frens 🙏🏾 @AAprilliana @danielhutagaol Mini rice cooker can also be a life saver when you’re traveling abroad. It’s a good investment 👍🏾Juggling on THREE different articles and one podcast in a day is... consuming. I am back. @TheAmateursID I said mightWe might have another overtime @TheAmateursID @NoContextZano Ain’t happening any time soon here son @Tazkiasaras Lah kenapa beb @NoContextZano @bittchlasagna @Gz_ahmad Utterly disappointed