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@rikugoat I retract my statement @krnnguyen_ Fuck dat guy ,And examplezi dnt fuck w riku, all my homies hate riku @rikugoat @AlexExamples Ok unfollowing stupid rikuthinking of Joseph Gordon levittboys w anger issues <
@OfficialAproto and what’s the issue @leaf_cs THERE U R
Retweeted by аничка @nat_bambi No I want the bull terrier :( want a Walter dog SO BADwhat’s joe biden’s plan to make my ass fat?? i didn’t hear a single word about that :/
Retweeted by аничкаLEAF WHERE IS NATHAN LEAF @AlexExamples @rikugoat Fuxking idiotlov boys w the bayang 😳need to hit the emergency call button asap @1017Rev It’s you @1017Rev please I am scarred @nbgee12 Adam,,, @SherlockCS_ fuckhello,, is anyon out theremiss sleepin on a washboard xd
just woke up, does that mean Australians have Christmas in the summer? Wild @scottiyioioioio ... @rikugoat @st9llar A man of agriculture @rikugoat Riku @rikugoat @AlexExamples @foxwounds @tweissCS @giraffley can I b a BFF @foxwounds @tweissCS @rikugoat @AlexExamples @giraffley damn, tweiss rly throwin out a dime piece @NotAdamJW @foxwounds @rikugoat @AlexExamples @tweissCS @giraffley 😳 @tweissCS @foxwounds @rikugoat @AlexExamples @giraffley My good man tweiss here, who makes 6 figures, loves women @rikugoat @AlexExamples @foxwounds @tweissCS @giraffley tf??? @rikugoat @foxwounds @tweissCS @giraffley how r we today @scottiyioioioio I refuse to believe men are genuinely below 5’10 @tweissCS Shut it @rikugoat @foxwounds @tweissCS @giraffley hi rikuBefore you jump in my dm ask yoself “can I see myself giving her all my money”
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if I see another nose hanging out of a mask......
Retweeted by аничка @nat_bambi 🧡school counselors be like “this stays between us” then call the cops
Retweeted by аничка @Kanpeki_XD u r old @Zevroo ur mad @heyitsFlorence Спс ^_* @SherlockCS_ XdAndddd... she’s back see no difference
Retweeted by аничкаI have scared my queen, logging off, don’t know if I’ll ever return after bringing such shame. Billy Joel fan out.…
Retweeted by аничкаi am scared @1017Rev WTFFGUYS PLZZZZZZZ WHAT THE FUCK me a. food.Basterd
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@NotAdamJW @ArktosCS AdamJW Was An Impostor @ariessqc @NotAdamJW @ArktosCS I can back up Quinn, I watched him scan @ArktosCS @NotAdamJW Someone call the emergency vote, get this guy out @NotAdamJW @ArktosCS that’s weird cuz I was in electrical and I was alone unless u vented @ArktosCS @NotAdamJW I believe it @1017Rev This is so out of pocketONE OF YALL NEED TO CONFESS RIGHT TF NOW @ariessqc @scottiyioioioio I wish petey a happy holiday @scottiyioioioio What’s he getting me 🥰 @NotAdamJW @RLINEFPS @nlbil My bad @RLINEFPS @NotAdamJW @nlbil bitches swear theyhe a lil gummi worm 😽BRO IF YOU A GIRL AND HAVE FEET HOW THE FUCK U DONT GOT MONEY RN LMFAOOOOO😂🤣
Retweeted by аничка @nlbil @NotAdamJW then bitches swear they vegan impossible burger @nlbil @NotAdamJW then bitches swear they hamburgerBitches swear they cheeseburger
Retweeted by аничка @AlexExamples Fuck you @1017Rev u r not wrong , @1017Rev u wan die ?hey hi hyd
old ppl be sending “k.” texts not knowing the weight it carries
Retweeted by аничка @Ahmoar Ask petey @tweissCS wingman @floppyCSGO @SherlockCS_ Ызадаьцт взвлцтп вла азжы @amnesia_cs
Retweeted by аничка @ariessqc PETEY COME, COME HERE BOY @SherlockCS_ AAAAAAAAass eaters wya @ariessqc HAVE U ESCAPED @1017Rev maybe, ikl try @1017Rev PLEASE @scottiyioioioio Wanna do my hw
Retweeted by аничка @NotAdamJW @ariessqc THIS IS A TRICK, ITS NOT OETEY ITS QUINN @maazy4PF Ok send @maazy4PF can I do more maths @maazy4PF I leave him alone ? A: No B: A
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my littel bonsai planet ! 🌳LFT this LFT that look for some bitches bro
Retweeted by аничка @mikezJe @ariessqc @ramuelcs @eptimaa @NotAdamJW he stho sthilly @ariessqc @ramuelcs @eptimaa @NotAdamJW Update on the little guy🌀🌀 @NotAdamJW @awhnutss +1