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storyboard artist @ Nick | tall, gay, just happy to be here | cohost @swimfanspod

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@PuccaNoodles i used to call Bentley “bingus” @knotabot how can any other organism competehumans: no claws, meager fur, can’t sip ants from the ground anteaters: canbeen looking at photos of anteaters for half an hour because they’re truly nature’s Ideal Shape @thotsune_miku the “i wish all _______ a very _______” meme is one of the biggest of the past year i feel @Matt_Pichette LOCKE’S SOCKS... @mizabitha hey abby, @cardurr So real @hiyaleo @glamdoodle god...
@euthanasian no one lets him just live!!me to every other character in persona 5 strikers: leave Ryuji alone, he’s doing great and trying his best @artdecaderoo the Democrats!There is nowhere — I repeat, NOWHERE — in the United States where a full-time worker being paid the federal minimum…
Retweeted by josh mckenzie @Padlock_music "50 years ago" is eternally the fifties @grantthethief what's wild is I didn't even notice the misspelling joke and just faved cuz I saw various Rs and Zs and I did my duty @dashiellsilva The Final Warning @plentyofalcoves 🎶 yes 🎶 @JimmyWhetzel :O! @itskoob frantically googles this @shanhorandraws I WAS/AM 29 AND IT'S COOL ACTUALLY @dandock sofia coppola @SirGrimmington only if...... i can apply again @americanninjax there was nothing wrong with the old-fashioned way of obtaining a free blade! @Diatron5 the first(?) horror comedy giallo @kyle_deleted the gay wrath month shipments are arriving early this year @ziqqix Finally, my knife possessed by the spirit of a handsome warrior who becomes my partner in battle (and my pa… knife?? free knife!!
@hannahvardit I love this story because i also had a Daria Friend in my senior gym class (and we even went to prom… @grantthethief im going feralyou don’t even have to remaster them or change them at all. just upload them directly onto my switchme, scratching another tally mark into my wall camera adjust to show thousands of thousands of tallies and labeled… @losthiskeysman @ArtofNickRobles absolutely seconded, i have no greater fear @Beavs welcome, fellow bearer of the baba hex @giopota hollering!!! @indiedynamo it's been awesome having you on the TL this past year or so and when the world is normal, we should totally get boba
@thotsune_miku SWIMFANS REAL @Psshaw the locked account is a huge-brained individual @Psshaw we'll get him some press-on talons @Psshaw wow loving this conceptSTAY TUNED!! I got to do something fun with Mick, which will power me for at least another three months @OnePiecePodcast this was actually a harder choice than I expected it to be @kianamaiart Kiana you rock star!!! Congratulations!!!i'm sorry that all of my posts are jokes about drawing but also my relationship to drawing is changing and being glib about it helpswhat's messed up is that you have to sit down and draw to have drawings to show your friends @paperbeatstweet it clears up pretty quick here @cyberpunkwarlok HAHAHA @cardurr just inhuman cruelty lmfao @krismukai i will live my life questing for Golbat Bed @cyberpunkwarlok @jameslucasjones folks, @ghostsjogging good luck!! @drillbot14kv3 feed......,, me.......’ @bhaist good afternoon stevie!!!!
@ziqqix you’re not alone, friend @spacedrugs omg... this fills me with warmth!! i hope it's been fun!! @Double_0_Snake Ohh. this gift
seal me into the Shame Cubei think I've knocked over and/or dropped like 90% of the items I've come into contact with today and I'm about read…
@PiratessUnluck Katakuri and Yamato In: Brother Trouble @PiratessUnluck How long do the people have to ask!!! @S_Bareerah I MISS HIM SO MUCH!! @vicehii you know "swimming" @itskoob this lineup of favorite trainers is just an all-star cast @Aldiir92 the taste-haversI'm currently thriving, as one might expect, because I'm a huge Galar fanOH BABY First game, favorite game, favorite Pokemon, favorite trainer. #PokemonDay
always remember want to draw but also i don't really feel like drawing so I'm kind of just staring into space instead @bhaist I hate this intersection so much @jetgreguar finally, power
@Matt_Pichette 😎 @dandock those gym leader headshots continue to own @Dinolich im likely to buy it and im not interested in being a crank about it but the D/P adaptations seem almost t… @tajmerk this is already so go ahead and drop me off in sinnoh @jayperior Honestly same??at the risk of being the corniest of all time, I got kind of emotional at that Pokémon 25th anniversary presentation video
@euthanasian JUST ARROWS? WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THIS @hey_raybeam wow..... thank u @DrooliaSnott damn u look so cool!! @QuimeraVermelha @dashiellsilva aw shucks!!
your childhood rival who unlocked the Secrets of Darkness and now is unspeakably powerful ... but u can save him… @nicodelort @nephelomancer i was absolutely just thinking the same thingI Am Once Again Telling You that matt is very good and available to do work for you 📡📡 @JustLet_MeLive all of these are so good!!! i want to stare at them foreverrr
@reedicule it absolutely isactually drawing in general is like this tooi'm not taking questions but this is exactly the same energysometimes storyboarding is like trying to remember the words to a song you've forgotten but you can remember the me… @ArtofNickRobles this is what we love to hear @Terios_FSE listen.i absolutely can't wait to drink at a bar with my friends @LaserSinger jet set radio future 😏😏 @jayperior this absolutely owns
@DjJazzyJacob delete this before you start activating people
@atorwulfu 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @MarcyBones64 thanks Marcy!!!an excellent excuse to repost a small tribute to my favorite Zelda game and a building block to my media taste here…
i see that a little creature has visited my car during the night @fayren YOU KEEP KILLING IT