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storyboard artist @ Nick | comics for myself | cohost @swimfanspod

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we recently took a break from clowning about movies to do a little three-part tabletop game! we're all absolute nov… @OhHeyDJ @Danny8bit follow your heart danny!!! @kristaferanka an all-timer @dashiellsilva you’ve jinxed yourself, you realize @Trungles you’re so good and this is so well-deserved! @bhaist same hat but for also me :’) @ShakiraPressley hi yes yep @JennRavenna ooo happy birthday Jenn!! ♥️‼️👁‼️
@OkPerryOk i hate this for you both @Shnikkles April 2 :3c @Cde_Ampersand ERICCCC 🙏🏻♥️
@Shnikkles its a silly thing to be pleased about maybe but im just happy to be here lol @cardurr hello my animation guild packet and feelin like a pro
@Heroes3Podcast @Diatron5 @swimfanspod damn whatta lineup and whatta movie!! @BEENATHEMISTRY i never will
@PiratessUnluck im the one on the rightwow
@bhaist in addition to the good selfie, we are loving this room too @othatsraspberry AHyou dont have anything else to do so you draw the same cute guy for 9 years. you made itthe trick to being good at drawing is being too stupid and/or stubborn to give up when it gets hard
@Dinolich manifesting for us @e1n if you know, you know
@ghostdiverspod come next time!!
@KodoDrewThis most excellenta piece of my sketch pass for something fun over at @gallerynucleus @grantthethief book us on a podcast together so i can find out @othatsraspberry i hope to be reincarnated as this cat @PiratessUnluck @DarkKingZoro i figure i'll just reach an upper limit and say quietly to myself, "this is it. this is all of them" @DarkKingZoro @PiratessUnluck please do it, and also i want to become the Jill of zoro figs @Shnikkles ah the beetle @othatsraspberry i have JUST the pair of shorts for such an outing @grantthethief what people don't think about enough is that truly powerful narratives echo throughout history @othatsraspberry cant wait to VISIT YOU!!I had a lot of fun talking about one of my favorite animated films of all time! come check it out!!
@Ungapants i am an avid feathery orb supporter @fayren just kill me sarah!!! @dune5and exceptionally good!! @NotFaulty max i feel like it's been awhile since i've cyberbullied you for a post but i think it's time @JaredHarburn @amandaamorris this is in response to the "meat doesn't do it for me anymore" line i assume (and hope) @itskoob get some for me
@BLAHSATAN OMG!!! THIS IS SO COOLwe really do like to play at being enlightened but loli guess, bottom line, is maybe us californians could do to develop a bit more empathy for inequitable policies pass… @S_Bareerah thank you for energizing my last brain cell this morning @BrittSabo MODS!!! @ziqqix proceed @plentyofalcoves yeah i reached a hard walk about an hour ago @breanimator I do not fucking get it @bhaist Absolutely fuck prop 22 @TurboBurpo when i was hunting, i found models that either made me look Very Gay or Very Gay and From the 80s so it… @plentyofalcoves my pearls are absolutely clutched @plentyofalcoves hmmmm think i might join you!!
@mrvn8r im absolutely burying myself in it to get by lol @jayperior T_T7!!♥️ @irisjaycomics zooming in on this tweet is a kaleidoscope of horror @LaserSinger congrats Liza!!!! @jayperior you’re great and also lets still make something together sometimeone of my finest pleasures in this life is getting to chat with pals about media i love on their internet radio sho… @SirGrimmington omg these are so cute... @kevinjaystanton these are so lovelyyyy
@bhaist wow i love the wee melty one @EldritchSky @fayren fucked up!!??this is how it goes at our house @BATHSmusic gonna really climb the rankings this year @cardurr we love the gays @BATHSmusic vibes @Shnikkles man!! lets drink TOGETHER NEXT TIME @TayWishful im in jammies so.... @hEnereyG the finest treat i got this year @TayWishful i thought it was.. just me... @kaseywllms 😩‼️ @hirosemaryhello i heard this in a stunning blend of your AND danny devito’s voice and it was a real treat @dashiellsilva every time i see a still from this film i whisper “me” to myself and scroll on by @jayperior stop spoiling endgame one piece Jay @Zach_Logan i feel like you would be an especially fun person to see this movie with(absolute credit to @Dick_Gumshoe for the dubbing of the Ikea Himbo)’d like to apologize to my good friend, the Ikea Himbo, for the crimes against furniture I committed today trying…
@vintageboyscout HIB APPRECIATION @Coelasquid anyway i’ll live the rest of my days as a punished spirit wandering the earth til i get a film about os… talk about this halloween costume a lot, but its still my crowning Halloween achievement: a Beetlejuice and Lydia… @yoshisquared theres nothing gayer than surviving in the event of an accident @TurboBurpo my mother and ex-stepdad were huge red green fans like... 18 years ago i really had to dust off this memory lol @cyberpunkwarlok me, a closeted gay teenager: Oh @bailierosenlund absolutely one of the most harrowing films ive seen @Beavs i would also like to know @Shnikkles just made matt sit thru me quoting this sucker lol @jendrawscomics ... definitely was parsing it as a bowtie til you mentioned lol @jendrawscomics it is simultaneously nightmarish and also this thumbnail is extremely funny @BrittSabo ill get the petition for ghoulsmas eve filed posthaste @drunkenfix This whole thread is very good 👀 @boycameron how come the keys to feeling somewhat less bad often lay in responsibly dealing with your body in reaso… @othatsraspberry its not even subtext @burgeroise These are so lovely!! @OhHeyDJ @ohnoJustinO look, as a fellow Zoom Crew,,got thru an episode pitch today and now i’m drinking $4 wine because im worth it @grantthethief absolutely! and not only is it a better picture of the overall work but it makes you seem like less… @trisketched 😩‼️