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Jaclyn Holland-Strauss @Amphiist I'm in your heart.

Journalist showing ALL perspectives. Right now focusing on men, especially Muslim. Mainstream media is NOT giving you all relevant details!

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@EgalitarianRog1 @Shotokannon Ronald Reagan wouldn't fund AIDS research when he was President based on the reality… @g8sin And he is socialist? @g8sin Is he famous? @g8sin I don't understand? @g8sin Thanks for the recommendation! :) @g8sin You are a good boy. Do you know of any good books defending socialism/communism?Go to bed with a capitalist, wake up broke. Go to bed with a communist, and wake up satisfied. @g8sin Go to bed with a capitalist, wake up broke. Go to bed with a communist, and wake up satisfied. @g8sin PURE evil. @g8sin Preach, brother!The US began as a great country, then became a greedy company, and then became a mere theatre. @g8sin @shafei_d America started out as a country, then became a company, then became a theatre. @g8sin @shafei_d In the sense that they are being taken for mugs. @g8sin @shafei_d And the nominees are the clowns. Or maybe Americans in general are. @shafei_d @g8sin Voting for either one implies either one is worthy of President of anything but a school club. @veryveryshia Your timeline has pleased me. @veryveryshia I will keep an open mind ;) @veryveryshia Fun? @g8sin I think the purpose of sex is for more than just procreation, but I agree that these days people think too m… @veryveryshia Oh, you're a fun one, I can tell. I wasn't making a scientific statement, just expressing a moral opinion. @Shotokannon I am now Doctor Holland-StraussWelcome back, peaceful imam! @veryveryshia Just because you disagree doesn't mean what I tweeted is incorrect. It might be, but it's not for sure. @veryveryshia Just because you disagree doesn't mean you need to be disagreeable. @AndyGibsonTV Someone who bends over backwards to accommodate women, puts them on a pedestal, sacrifices to make th…
Rich people are inherently evil because in order to be rich, you have to be holding onto more money than you need,… a simp more likely to wear boxers or briefs? @MaajidNawaz I think many people are upset at any implication that Trump is worthy of being US President. Biden isn…'s best tweet of all time. well do you know me? How do I feel about most women? @Shotokannon If anal sex were natural, that area would lubricate naturally when aroused. It's suggestive that human… @ahmadyaser99 @OmegaGWolf93 We looking like Nakshawani today @PaliWitDaHoodie #BlackLivesMatter @MaajidNawaz @JoeBiden This doesn't represent any more nuance than the others. I get your concern about the CCP but… @MaajidNawaz I stand by my belief they are all just as bad as each other, just in different areas. I've read all yo… @MaajidNawaz @JoeBiden I'm positive Trump has done stuff just as morally problematic. Maybe you are taking a utilitarian perspective. @PaliWitDaHoodie I know nothing about her. That's a real shame to hear. I guess your only solution is to write in Jaclyn! @PaliWitDaHoodie One should only go to university if they are extremely academic and wealthy, and are interested in… @PaliWitDaHoodie Vote Biden! I know it's two sides of the same coin but at least there won't be an actual Muslim ban. @PaliWitDaHoodie Then you will have great riches, enough for 4 wives!Romantic love does not really exist. When people say 'I love you,' they mean, 'I want to have sex with you,' but th… @PaliWitDaHoodie Community colleges are for jobs. Universities are for critical thinking @PaliWitDaHoodie No, LGBT first then maybe muslims @MaajidNawaz @JoeBiden You act like all politicians don't have these shady deals. I miss your former nuance. I hope it returns. @misterj880 Real love is incredibpy rare. When people say they are in love they are just saying they want to have s… government is declaring war on rough sleepers, a war on refugees and now a war on children. It's like they want…
Retweeted by Jaclyn Holland-Strauss @hazelflag He was yummy in Red-Headed Woman. @MarcLobliner Puritan @OmegaGWolf93 @SudaniIslamist Amphiist Twitter is superior to all other Twitter. @GuyFromTheArea I appear to have one in my mentions. So pathetic. Bye. @GuyFromTheArea There is no need to be rude. Check the ego. @GuyFromTheArea Satire is to be used very sparingly by those who aren't used to it. If you want any tips, please just let me know. @GuyFromTheArea No u are saying the opposite of what u mean in your satire. @GuyFromTheArea That doesn't make sense. @multahy Not healthy to have hate in your heart.
One of the reasons, in addition to my distrust of organised religion ever since my experience as a shemale with the… @KolaBoof3 You are a warrior. @flappersnuagee The best, most charismatic actress in screen history @Charbosomething Ohhh, thank you very much! I think I can watch this either late tonight or tomorrow! I really appreciate this. @BabaJaan8888 Don't worry; things are bound to get worse! @OmegaGWolf93 It just should be a general rule!We need to set up a system where I control people's behaviour on Twitter. @mohsin__s1 *breaks her computer on purpose* @hellboy2112 That is such a shame.You wonder how to get her to like you. I wonder how to get her to stop talking. We are not the same.After we die, are we aware of what happens on earth after we die? @misterj880 Yeah, no @MATDADDY2 More things to remember! Thx for sharing :)A balanced, realistic discussion on losing fat and being healthy. Upcoming video: Intermittent Fasting Eat Junk Fo… can't retweet so I have to quote tweet! voters, vote here lol
@aviatortrevor88 @PaliWitDaHoodie Faith doesn't have to be blind. @PaliWitDaHoodie @aviatortrevor88 It woud be like me insisting that you as an individual support mutah, when it's a… @PaliWitDaHoodie @aviatortrevor88 That's why you shouldn't say too much about Christianity lol. There are a lot of nuances. @PaliWitDaHoodie @aviatortrevor88 True, but the Pope represents Catholicism only. There are other sects that have a… @PaliWitDaHoodie @aviatortrevor88 Yes it can be, but it's dependent on repentance. Trust me, I know Christianity. @BasedLAComedian Is Trump the underdog? @millenbrownact Are they in danger of closing in your area? @PaliWitDaHoodie @aviatortrevor88 In Christianity u still need to repent. @PaliWitDaHoodie @aviatortrevor88 Same in Christianity, dear. @aviatortrevor88 @PaliWitDaHoodie We are not to supposed to have evidence. @aviatortrevor88 @PaliWitDaHoodie You don't have an open mind. So you should have a shut mouth. @Shotokannon Many nights we pray With no proof Anyone can hear In our hearts a hopeful song... #WhenYouBelieve @aviatortrevor88 @PaliWitDaHoodie How many eye witnesses do you require to have simple faith? @aviatortrevor88 @PaliWitDaHoodie The power of repentance is one of the miracles for which you're searching.*faints* @Shotokannon It's like not believing in hunger or thirst, although to be fair I see tons of thirst on Twitter. @Shotokannon That just means you add 30 names to your list of people to send to the FBI :) @Shotokannon Your awful time zone. @MasqCrew If someone DMs me, I'll try to remember to let u know. @trispretty But I mean I'm not even attracted to men who are slightly overweight.Online, it's easy to not know what someone really looks like. I have zero dating/sexual interest in any guy, no mat… @MasqCrew I need real-life experience ;)When I moved from the city to the country, two healthy, strong young guy friends agreed to help me. Neither showed… don't feel guilty about having positive feelings about your rapist, abuser, etc. Not your fault, ever. I have any followers knowledgeable in the business world? I have a question. If there are 2 people who have 100… @aviatortrevor88 @PaliWitDaHoodie It's not about evidence. It's about faith. @jeffmoali @Imam_sadiq6 @khodayar313 @BayatalGhadeer @Ahlulbayt1234 @smfaizhaider @SyedAliiShah110 @IslamTvchannel
Retweeted by Jaclyn Holland-Strauss @hahnobutyes @haideralijafry I just read on his timeline that he cursed Aisha, so he is obviously a good boy. @haideralijafry @hahnobutyes Not a funny joke at all. It hurt me.